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Jan. 1, 1963
‘Filed March 17, 1960
llnited States Patent O??ce
Lester 'l‘hotle, Box 27, Dnndurn, Saskatchewan, Canada
Filed Mar. 17, 1960, Ser. No. 15,752
Claims priority, application Canada June 9, 1959
2 (Ilaims. (Cl. 29-565)
Patented Jan. 1, 1963
opening. A strip of caulking cement 8 is applied to the
outer faces of limbs 3 and 4 and sheets of glass 9 and 10
are pressed against the limbs 3 and 4, respectively, so as
to be secured thereto by the cement 8. Mouldings l1 and
12 are secured by screws 13 to the outside and the inside
of the wall, respectively, and engage the window panes 9
and lit) to hold same in position and to press the limbs 3
This invention relates to closure means for an opening
in a structure and more particularly to a liner for such an
and 4 of the liner 1 tightly against the wall '7.
The space enclosed by the panes 9 and 1t} and the liner
opening which is readily insertable in the opening even
though the opening is preformed.
phere by the cement strip 8 and capable of expansion and
In its broadest aspects the invention provides, for an
opening in a structure, a liner comprising a member de?n
ing a closed area and made of ?exible material of chan
nel section with the limbs of the channel extending out 15
wardly, said member being prefabricated for the particular
size and shape of the opening for which it is intended, and
being of such dimensions that the limbs of the channel
1 acts as an insulating air space sealed off from the atmos
contraction in response to variation in the surrounding
conditions by virtue of the ?exibility of the liner 1 and
the spacing of channel base 5 slightly inwards of the edges
of opening 6.
It will be manifest that various modi?cations may be
envisaged without departing from the scope of the present
invention. For example, where only a single window con
will overlap the structure around the opening and the base
struction is necessary the liner may be positioned as de
of the channel will be spaced inwardly of the edges of the 20 scribed above and the cement may be applied to only one
opening, the ?exibility of said material rendering the liner
or" the limbs for securing a window pane thereto, the other
readily insertable in a preformed opening.
limb simply being stapled to the wall. Moreover, in the
Window panes may be secured to the opposite faces of
case of an ordinary Wooden sash window the wooden sash
the liner to form a double window pane construction hav
may be secured to one limb of the liner and the assembly
ing a heat insulating air space between the panes. The 25 secured to the wall by screws passing through the Wooden
expansion and contraction of the insulating air as a re
sash and the limb into the well.
sult of varying conditions is allowed for by the ?exibility
What I claim as my invention is:
of the liner material and the spacing of the base of the
l. A structure having closure means for an opening
channel inwardly of the edges of the opening.
in said structure, said closure means comprising a liner
An embodiment of the invention will now be described, 30 de?ning a closed area within said opening and made of
by Way of example, with reference to the accompanying
?exible material oftchannel section with the limbs of the
drawings, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a liner according to
the invention.
channel facing outwardly and overlapping the structure
around said opening, the base of the channel being nor
mally spaced inwardly from the edges of said opening, and
FIGURE 2 is a diagrammatic elevational view of a 35 two sheets of transparent material secured one to each
double window pane construction mounted in a wall, With
side of said liner to completely seal said closed area.
parts broken away for clarity; and
2. A structure as claimed in claim 1, including mould
FIGURE 3 is a sectional detail taken on the line
ings secured to the structure and embracing the edges of
said sheets of transparent material.
III—III through the lower end of the double window
pane construction shown in FIGURE 2.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Referring to FIGURE 1 the liner comprises a member 1
de?ning a closed area 2 and made of ?exible material
of channel section with the limbs 3 and 4 of the channel
extending outwardly, the base of the channel being desig
nated by reference numeral 5. The limbs 3 and 4 extend
outwardly preferably about two inches from the base 5 and 45
the liner may be made of a ?exible plastic material or
Smith _______________ __ Aug. 28, 1945
Haas ________________ __ Mar. 17, 1959
France ______________ __ Sept. 1, 1937
other suitable material.
Referring now to FIGURES 2 and 3 it will be seen
that the liner 1 is ?tted into an opening 6 in a wall 7
France, Principal 980,146, 2nd addn. 60,912, Apr. 11,
so that the limbs a and 4 overlap the wall around the 50 1954.
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