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Jan. 8, 1963
Filed June 17, 1960
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BY //'
l", äb
"i @rates
Leonard E.. Phillips, West Hartford, Conn., assigner to
Arnemostat Corporation of America, New Yorin Nìlf.,
a corporation of Deiaware
Filed .ilune 17, 1960, Ser. No. 36,976
1i? Cieirns. (Cl. 98-4t9)
This invention relates to air diffusers for supplying air
to a room or other enclosure for heating, cooling, ventilat
ing, or other purposes. More particularly, the invention
relates to air diffusers of the type which are particularly
adapted to be substantially concealed in a ceiling of a
room so as to discharge air through a narrow elongated
Patented dan.. ë, 1953
18 and the gas glow tubes 16, 16 mounted in its hous
ing in a conventional manner.
When the light fixture 14 is secured in the ceiling open
ing 12 as shown, the housing side walls 22 and 24 have
their lower edges substantially hush with the lower sur
face of the ceiling 10, or, it may be said that said lower
edges lie substantially in the plane of the lower surface
of the ceiling. The lower edges of the end walls 26, 26
of the housing of the light fixture are similarly situated
with respect to the lower surface of the ceiling 10. Thus,
a cover plate as indicated generally at 32 may be placed
over the bottom of the light fixture housing to close the
same and to provide for an attractive appearance. The
cover plate 32 is shown as including a transparent cen
slot in the ceiling.
It is the general object of the invention to provide a
ceiling mounted air diffuser which provides for the dis
charge of air in a wide flat stream along and closely ad
jacent the surface of the ceiling in which it is mounted,
the said shape and location of the air stream being main~ 20
trai portion 374i, for the downward passage of light from
the illuminating means 16, 16, and a marginal fiange
portion 36 which overlays a marginal portion of the lower
surface of the ceiling 11i adjacent and around the opening
tained at a location remote from the point or line of air
Still referring to FIG. l, an air diffuser indicated gen
erally at 3S is shown connected along one side wall 24
of the light fixture housing. The diffuser 3E has elon
gated opposing side walls 48 and 50 and short. connecting
end walls 52, 52, one shown. Said side and end walls
are adapted to be entered vertically downwardly in the
ceiling slot 12 so that the lower edges thereof are sub
discharge to the end that objectionable air drafts are
A more specific object of the invention is to provide an
air diffuser of the type mentioned and which is particu
larly adapted for ready connection with a ceiling mounted
light ñxture.
12. 'I he cover plate 32 may be secured in place by con
ventional means not shown.
The drawing shows a preferred embodiment of the in
stantially íiush with, or lie substantially in the plane of,
vention and such embodiment will be described, but it
the lower surface of the ceiling 1t). The diffuser 38 also
will be understood that various changes may be made 30 has a top wall 54 which is connected with upper edges
from the construction disclosed, and that the drawing and
of said side walls 4S and Sti and said end walls 52, 52
description are not to be construed as deming or limiting
and which cooperates therewith to define an air chamber
the scope of the invention, the claims forming a part
56. While the detailed construction of the diffuser may
of this specification being relied upon for that purpose.
vary widely, it is shown as being formed of sheet metal
Of the drawing:
with Ithe side wall 5d and the top wall 54 thereof formed
FIG. 1 is a vertical transverse section through an air
integrally. The side wall ¿i3 and the end walls 52, 52,
diffuser embodying the present invention and a light fix
on the other hand, are shown as being formed separately
and connected together and connected with the top Wall
FiG. 2 is a side view of the air diffuser of PIG. 1
54 and the side wall Sti by suitable means such as weld
40 ing. The diffuser is connectible with a supply of air and
with one side wall thereof partially broken away.
FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical transverse
preferably the side wall 50 thereof is provided with an
section of the air diffuser of FlG. 1 showing a portion
air inlet opening S8 as shown. An annular flange or
of the diffuser' adjacent an air discharge slot therein.
collar d@ may be provided adjacent said inlet opening 58
An air diffuser embodying the present invention is
as shown for attachment to an air supply conduit.
shown in the drawing in association with a concealed or
When the air diffuser 38 is particularly adapted for
flush light fixture mounted within a ceiling and the diffuser
connection with the light fixture 14, the side wall 48 there
will be so described as its advantages are thereby par
of is preferably substantially fiat as shown and is dis
ticularly well illustrated. 1t is to be understood, how
posed in a vertical plane so as to lie adjacent the side wall
ever, that air diffusers constructed in accordance with the
24€» of the light fixture. The opposite side wall Sil of the
invention have a wide variety of other uses in association ì
diffuser 3S is also generally vertical but has a longitudi
with ceilings or other room walls. For example, an air
nal portion 68 which projects inwardly above the lower
diffuser embodying the invention may be mounted in a
edge of said wall. Said wall also has a longitudinal p0r
ceiling of the type referred to as a “hung ceiling” and the
tion 72 between said longitudinal portion 63 and said lower
diffuser may be situated so as to discharge air from a
narrow elongated slot between adjacent but spaced beams
or other structural elements. in such event, the diffuser
can be entirely separate from and independent of any light '
fixture in or on the ceiling.
edge thereof and the portion 72 curves gradually down
wardly and outwardly. Formed integrally with the side
wall 5t) and along its lower edge is a narrow vertically
extending flange 70 which engages the edge of the ceiling
within the slot 12.
Referring particularly to HG. 1 of the drawing, a
In their presently preferred form, means for connect
ceiling 10 of a room or other enclosure is provided with
ing the diffuser 33 to the light fixture 14 comprise a nar
an elongated opening 12 for receiving an elongated light
row elongated vertical flange 7d which extends longi
fixture indicated generally at 1d. The light fixture 14 is
tudinally along the upper edge of the side wall 48 of
shown as including illuminating means comprising a pair
the diffuser, a corresponding narrow elongated longitudi
of parallel elongated gas glow tubes 16, 16, a support
nal flange 76 on the housing of the light iixture #14, and
means for said tubes indicated generally at 1S, and a
suitable connecting bolts 7S, 73, one shown.
housing. The housing includes an elongated horizontal
In accordance with the present invention and as best
top wall 2d, similar opposing elongated vertical side walls
shown in FIG. 2, the side wall d8 of the air diffuser
22 and 211 and similar short vertical end walls 26, 26, one
38 is provided along its lower edge with an air deflecting
shown. The top wall 2i) of the housing is or may be
means comprising an integral narrow elongated longitudi
secured to a beam 23 or the like as by means of screws
3f), 30, one shown. Thus, the light ñxture may be sup 70 nai flange 8@ which extends throughout the length of
said side wall. The fiange 811 has an upper surface 82
ported within the opening 12 with the support means 18,
which is generally flat and substantially parallel with
of said smaller air streams flowing along the ceiling 1t)
the lower surface of the ceiling llfl in which the diffuser
is mounted. As best shown in FEGS. 1 and 3, said flange
Si) cooperates with the lower edge of the side wall Sti
and the lower edges of the end walls 52, 52 of the diffuser
may of course tend to bunch or take on a circular cross
to define a narrow elongated air discharge slot 8d.
sectional shape, but it will be apparent that the resulting
increase in vertical dimension of each of said streams
will be substantially less than the increase in vertical di
mension of a single large air stream as is provided with
out now dividers.
»discharge slot S4 receives air from the air chamber 56
Another advantage is also obtained with the provision
of the ñow dividers comprising the offsets 86, S6. As
and discharges the same through a narrow elongated open
ing 85 in the aforementioned cover plate 36, the opening
85 being substantially coextensive with the discharge slot
is weil known, the induction of room or enclosure air
into a stream of heating or cooling air is highly desir
Air discharged from the slot 8d and through the open
ing 85 flows in a wide flat stream laterally and sub
able. Substantial quantities of room or enclosure air
are drawn into the spaces between the several small air
streams created by the dividers 86, £6 as indicated by
stantially at right angles with respect to the discharge
slot horizontally along and closely adjacent the surface
of the ceiling ld. Such air flow is provided for by
the broken line arrow in FIG. 3. Thus, the amount
or degree of induction of room air is substantially in
creased when the flow dividers 56, 36 are provided.
the aforementioned upper surface 82 of the air deñecting
flange 80; the longitudinal inwardly projecting portion
in the preferred embodiment of the invention shown,
68 of the diffuser side wall 5ft, and the gradually down
wardly and outwardly Curved portion ’72 of said side
wall. Air flowing vertically downwardly in the air cham
ber 56 adjacent the side wall 48 of the diffuser is turned
there is also provided bafñe means serving to direct air
ñow angularly outwardly from the ends of the air dis»
charge siot
As shown, said means comprise two
similar baffie plates 37, 37 which are secured within and
at opposite ends of the diffuser as by welding. The baffle
through approximately 90° to the horizontal by the de
plates S7, d? are inclined downwardly and outwardly
flecting flan-ge rear surface 82 for lateral and horizontal
discharge from the slot 84. The inwardly projecting lon 25 from the top wall 54 of the diffuser to their adjacent
end walls ‘52, SZ so as to direct air flowing longitudinally
gitudinal portion 68 of the side wall 5f) extends partially
across the width of the air discharge slot 84 upwardly
therefrom and prevents significant air flow in a vertical
toward the ends of the air chamber 56 in corresponding
directions. As a result of the provision of the bafñe
downward direction from the chamber 56 through the
plates 87, S7, air emitted from the discharge slot 84 tends
said slot into the room or other enclosure.
to fan out as it flows along the ceiling and this further
reduces the aforementioned tendency of the air to bunch
The vertical
air stream which does pass downwardly in the vertical
path which is open between the inwardly projecting wall
portion 68 and the inner edge of the flange 8@ is de
and take on a circular cross section.
ñected laterally and horizontally by the aforementioned
air diffuser 38 is also provided and, as shown, said means
includes a flat platelike damper 96. The damper 90 is
generally rectangular in shape as best illustrated in FIG.
2 and is disposed in the air chamber 56 adjacent the in
Preferably a means for regulating air flow through the
air stream which flows downwardly along the side wall
48, horizontally across the flange Sti and off the inner
edge thereof. The gradually outwardly and downwardly
curved portion 72 of the side wall 5d also induces the
let opening 58 and supported by vertically spaced upper
lateral and horizontal discharge of air from the slot S4
as air flowing downwardly thereover tends to adhere
and lower mounting rods 92 and 94 for movement toward
and away from the said inlet opening. The mounting
rods 92 and 94 are similar and each of said rods is
generally U-shaped. Body portions 96 and 98 of the
thereto and to turn through 90° from a vertical to a
horizontal path.
As thus far described, the air diffuser 38 provides for
the discharge of a wide dat air stream along and closely
adjacent the lower surface of the ceiling ld and said
air stream will retain its shape and will remain closely
adjacent the ceiling for a substantial distance along the
ceiling from the discharge slot S4. At a given distance
from said discharge slot, however, the air stream will
have a tendency to bunch together and to take on a gen
erally circular cross-sectional shape. This phenomena is
well known and is due at least in part to cohesive forces
in the air stream. Obviously, as the air stream bunches
or tends to become circular in cross section, its vertical
dimension is increased and this may result in objection
able and even harmful air drafts on occupants of the
room or enclosure.
In accordance with another aspect of the present in
vention, a means is provided for substantially reducing
rods extend horizontally along and adjacent the damper
9d on the side thereof opposite the inlet opening 58 and
said body portions are journaled at opposite ends in suit~
able openings in bearing plates lltlt) and 102 mounted
on the damper. At the free ends of the arms of each of
the generally U-shaped mounting rods 92 and 94, integral
laterally extending pivot pins 104, 104 are entered in
suitable bearing apertures in bearing plates 166 and 10S
secured to the side wall d8 or” the diffuser 38.
It will be apparent that the mounting rods 92 and 94
may be swung upwardly and downwardly or in countern
clockwise and clockwise directions respectively in the air
chamber 56 to move the damper 90 toward and away
‘from the inlet opening 58. An actuating lever 110 is
supported by a pivot pin 112 secured in the side wall
48 of the air diffuser for generally vertical swinging
movement. In the upper end portion of the said actuat
the increase in the vertical dimension of an air stream 60 ing lever, an arcuate slot 114 slidably receives a drive
discharged from the slot 84 and objectionable air drafts
are thus greatly reduced if not completely eliminated.
Said means includes iiow dividers adapted to separate
an air stream discharged from said slot into a plurality
of smaller parallel air streams and, in the preferred em
bodiment of the invention shown, the flow dividers take
the form of upwardly offset portions 86, S6 on the air
pin 116 which is formed integrally with one of the pivot
pins 104 on the mounting rod 94. Thus, a lower end
portion 113 of the actuating lever may be moved angu
larly to pivot the lever about the pin 112Í whereby tov
urne the drive pin Ille upwardly and downwardly and to
swing the mounting rods 92 and 94 as required to move
the damper 9@ toward and away from the inlet opening
deñecting ñange 8f?. The offset portions 86, 86 are spaced
58. It will be observed that the said lower end portion
longitudinally along the ñange 8d and, as best illustrated
118 of the lever lift is accessible through the air dis
in FIG. 3, they have inwardly and upwardly inclined 70 charge slot Se and is movable generally in a longitudinal
upper surfaces 88. Said surfaces 88, 8S serve to split
plane along and within said slot. Thus, the said lever`
or separate the air stream as it passes over the defiect
is substantially concealed from view but may be con
ing flange whereby to provide the aforesaid plurality of
smaller air streams for discharge from the slot 34.
veniently manipulated to adjust the position of the damper
Each 75 90 and to regulate air ñow through the inlet opening 58,
and thence through the discharge slot 84 of the air dif
The invention claimed is:
cally in an elongated slot in a ceiling wall so that their
lower edges lie substantially in the plane of the lower
surface of the ceiling, short opposing generally vertical
1. An air diffuser for discharging air through a nar
end walls connected between said side walls and having
row elongated opening in a ceiling of a room or other
lower edges substantially in the plane of the lower edges
enclosure, said diffuser comprising elongated opposing
of said side walls, a generally horizontal top wall con
nected to upper edges of said side and end walls and
cooperating therewith the define a downwardly open air
chamber, and a longitudinal air dellecting flange extend
ing along the inner side and from end to end of one of
said side walls at its lower edge and cooperating with
the lower edge of the opposite side wall and with the
side walls and short connecting end walls one of which
walls has an opening therein connectible lwith an air sup
ply duct and each of which side walls is adapted to be
entered vertically in a narrow elongated ceiling open 10
ing so that its lower edge lies substantially in the plane
of the lower surface of the ceiling, a top wall connected
with said side and end walls and cooperating therewith
lower edges of said end walls to define a narrow elon
to define a downwardly open air chamber, and a sub
gated downwardly open air discharge slot communicat~
stantially horizontal air deflecting flange extending along
15 ing with said air chamber, said flange having an upper
and projecting from the inner surface of one of said side
surface =which is generally flat and parallel to the plane
of the lower surface of the ceiling but which is provided
walls at its lower edge and cooperating with the lower
edge portion of the opposite side wall and with the
with a series of longitudinally spaced flow dividers com
lower edges of the end walls to define a narrow elon
prising upwardly offset portions of the flange having in
gated and downwardly open air discharge slot communi 20 wardly .and upwardly inclined upper surfaces, said op
eating with said air chamber, a longitudinally extending
posite side wall having an inlet opening therein con
portion of said opposite side wall spaced upwardly from
nectible with an air supply conduit and communicating
said air deflecting flange being formed to project inwardly
and toward said flange, said projecting longitudinal side
with said air chamber and also having an inwardly pro
jecting longitudinal portion spaced upwardly from said
wall portion and the upper surface of said air deflect 25 air discharge slot and which extends partially across the
width of said slot, and another portion of said opposite
from said slot in a direction substantially parallel with
side wall between said projecting longitudinal portion and
the ceiling and in a wide flat stream closely adjacent the
said lower edge thereof being curved gradually down
lower surface of the ceiling.
wardly and outwardly and cooperating with said project
2. An air diffuser as set forth in claim 1 and including 30 ing longitudinal wall portion and with the aforesaid de
a series of flow dividers formed on and spaced longitudi
llecting flange and its flow dividers to provide for the
nally along said air deflecting flange, said flow dividers
emission of air from said discharge slot substantially
serving to separate a stream of air flowing over the upper
in a plurality `of small parallel streams which flow along
surface of said flange into a plurality of parallel smaller
and closely adjacent the lower surface of the ceiling in
air streams as said stream is emitted from said air dis 35 which the diffuser is mounted.
charge slot.
8. An air diffuser as set forth in claim 7 and including
3. An air diffuser as set forth in claim l wherein said
.a flat platelike damper disposed in said air chamber ad
opposite side wall curves gradually downwardly and out
jacent said inlet opening, swingable mounting rods for
wardly from its said projecting longitudinal portion to its
said damper pivotally supported at said one side wall and
said lower edge portion so as to further induce air flow
adapted to move said damper toward and ,away from
from said discharge slot in a direction parallel to and in
said inlet opening, and an actuating level for said mount
closely adjacent relationship with the lower surface of
ing rods with one end movable generally in a longitudinal
ing flange serving cooperatively to effect air discharge
the ceiling.
4. -An air diffuser as set forth in claim 3 and including
a series of flow dividers spaced longitudinally along said 45
air deflecting flange and projecting upwardly therefrom
and serving to separate an air stream into a plurality of
parallel smaller air streams as it passes over said flange
plane and accessible through said air discharge slot for
manual manipulation.
9. An air diffuser as set forth in claim l wherein said
opposite side wall is inclined gradually downwardly and
inwardly above and toward said projecting longitudinal
portion thereof.
prior to discharge from said air discharge slot.
10. An air diffuser as set forth in claim 3 wherein said
5. An `air diffuser as set forth in claim 4 and including 50 opposite side wall is substantially flat above said project
a damper in said air chamber movable in one and au 0p
ing longitudinal portion and is inclined gradually down
posite direction to regulate air ilow through the chamber
and through said air discharge slot.
6. An air diffuser as set forth in claim 1 and including
baille means in said air chamber serving to direct air
angularly outwardly from opposite ends of said air dis~
charge slot whereby to provide for a `fan shaped wide ñat
air stream along the ceiling.
7. An air diffuser for discharging air through a nar
row elongated slot in -a ceiling of a room or other en 60
closure, said diffuser comprising elongated opposing
generally vertical side ‘walls adapted to be entered verti
wardly and inwardly toward said portion and generally
toward said upper surface of said air deflecting flange.
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Patent Non 3„O72„O38
January 8v 1963
Leonard Ro, Phillips
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