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Jan. 8, 1963
Filed July 31, 1961
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Jan. 8, 1963
Filed July 31, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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United States Patent O?iice
Takeo Nojima, 542 Kosngi-cho l-cliorne, Kawasaki City,
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Filed .l'uly 31, 1961, Ser. No. 128,133
Claims priority, application Japan Dec. 22, 196i}
3 Claims. (Cl. 1tl5--15tl)
Patented .llan. 8, 1963
with a nut 19 to be fastened to base 5.
The external
diameter of lower race 17 is substantially larger than
the inner diameter of upper race 14. Thus, the wheel
7 is positively held against the base 5, and is unable to
de?ect laterally.
The lower end of wheel 7 is closed by a bottom plate
20 which is secured to the lower portion 13 of wheel
7 by means of a plurality of screw bolts 21. The periph
This invention relates to ropeway gondolas, and more
particularly to runner devices of ropeway gondolas.
eral edge portion of bottom plate 20 extends beyond
An object of the present invention is the provide runner 10 the lower end periphery of wheel 7 and is chamfered to
provide an upper concave peripheral face substantially in
devices of the kind speci?ed which will not get out of
continuation with the concave peripheral face of the lower
ropeway cables even under abnormal oscillating or bounc
ing movements that might be caused by strong wind or
portion 13 of wheel 7. Thus, the lower portion 13 of
some other forces.
wheel 7 rides on the cable 22, while the bottom plate 2%)
Another object of the present invention is to provide 15 embraces the cable from underside. The plate periphery
may, when necessary, engage that portion of surface of
runner devices of the kind speci?ed having least frictional
resistance in their rotating parts.
cable 22 which is below the horizontal central plane
of cable 22.
There are other objects and particularlities of the
As is clearly shown in FIG. 2, two adjacent rollers 4 present invention, which will be made obvious from the
following detailed description of a preferred embodiment 20 ride on the cable 22 with their wheels 7 axially oriented
in mutually perpendicular directions and their bottom
of the invention with reference to the accompanying
drawings, in which;
plates 20 positioned to engage the cable from opposite
FIG. 1 is a general side view of a ropeway gondola
undersides. Thus, in effect, the set of two rollers 4 cm
braces the cable 22, and a runner device is provided
FIG. 2 is an end view of the runner device shown in 25 which cannot get out of the cable 22.
The peculiar construction of roller wheel 7 affords
FIG. 1, with the ropeway cable shown in cross-section;
minimum friction between relatively rotating parts, and
positively prevents the running device from getting oif of
FIG. 3 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view of a
the cable 22.
roller forming part of the runner device shown in FIG. 2.
I claim:
Referring to FIG. 1, a ropeway gondola 1 is provided 30
1. A runner device of a ropeway gondola running on
with a conventional hanger 2 having an L-bent arm at
a cable, comprising a hanger arm for movably hanging
the upper end. A mounting plate 3 is secured to the arm.
said gondola from said cable, a mounting member secured
A plurality of rollers 4 are carried by the mounting plate
to said hanger arm and positioned directly above said
3 with their bases secured to the underside of the plate.
The rollers are divided into a least two sets, each set con 35 cable, and multiple sets of rollers, each set consisting of
at least two rollers, and each roller comprising a base
sisting of two or more rollers. In FIG. 1, there are pro~
secured to said mounting member and having a tubular
vided two sets, and each set consists of two rollers
sleeve extending downwardly from said base in a di
oriented in opposite senses as shown in FIG. 2. When
rection inclined with respect to said member, a hollow
each set consists of three or more rollers, alternate rollers
are to be oriented in opposite senses. Thus, each set of 40 roller wheel having a concave peripheral surface for
engaging said cable from above, ball bearing means
rollers rides on the ropeway cable 22. The rollers in each
associated with said sleeve and said roller wheel for
set substantially embrace the cable from opposite sides.
rotatably holding said roller wheel against said base, and a
Each roller is constructed as shown in FIG. 3. It
plate secured to said roller wheel for engaging said cable
comprises a tubular base 5 of substantially triangular
longitudinal crossasection. The base is provided with a 45 at its surface portion that lies below a horizontal plane
including the axial centre line of said cable, two ad
slanted bottom wall 51 having a tubular sleeve 6 formed
embodying the invention;
jacent roller wheels of the two rollers being axially
integral and extending downward in the direction perp
oriented in different directions on the cable.
endicular to the plane of bottom wall 51.
2. The runner device according to claim 1, in which
A roller wheel 7 has a speci?c sectional con?guration
consisting of a downwardly ?aring upper portion and 50 said ball bearing means comprises a ?rst pair of annular
a downwardly convergent and concave lower portion 13.
The wheel 7 has a central bore whose upper portion is
races, one of said races being secured to said base while
the other race is secured concentrically to said roller
particularly enlarged and provides and annular shoulder
wheel, a circular series of substantially ellipsoidal balls
disposed between said races, a second pair of annular
is secured thereto for bearing a circular series of sub 55 races, one race of the second pair being secured to said
sleeve at one end thereof, while the other race of the sec
stantially ellipsoidal balls 12. The upper race member
ond pair is secured to said roller wheel concentrically
111 for balls 12 encircles the sleeves 6 and is secured to
therewith, a circular series of spherical balls disposed be
the base 5. The bore of wheel 7 may be ?lled with
tween the races of said second pair, said one race of said
suitable lubricant.
second pair having an external diameter larger than the
The top circumferential face of the Wheel 7 is formed
internal diameter of the other race of said second pair.
with an annular recess 8 in which a plurality of springs
3. The running device according to claim 1, in which
are received to urge an annular sealing ring 9 against
the plate secured to the roller wheel is located at and
the peripheral face of the base 5.
closes a lower end of said wheel, said plate having a
In order to hold the wheel 7 in position and also to
prevent lateral de?ection of the wheel, an auxiliary ball 65 peripheral portion extending beyond the lower end of
said wheel and being chamfered to provide a concave
bearing device is provided which consists of an upper
10 on which an annular lower race member 11 ?ts and
annular race 14, a lower annular race 17 and a circular
series of spherical balls 18, disposed therebetween. The
lower race 17 is secured to the base sleeve 6 by means
of a bolt 15 passing through the bore of sleeve 6. The
bolt 15 has an enlarged head 16 for holding the race 70
17 against the end periphery of sleeve 6 and cooperates
peripheral surface for engaging said cable.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
Kron-Holm ____________ __ June 7, 1960
Nojima ______________ __ Apr. 11, 1961
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