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Jan. 8, 1963
Filed Nov. 28, 1960
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United States Patent 0 " ICC?
Patented Jam. 8, l 9623
Referring ?rst to FIGURE 6, the carton is formed of
a single sheet of paper board or the like cut and scored
Francis ‘W. Fielding, New Orleans, La., assignor to Longs
lield Brothers, Inc, New Orleans, La., a corporation
to de?ne various panels, flaps and webs. The carton
blank, as shown, is generally rectangular and is formed
of Louisiana
Filed Nov. 28, 1960, Ser. No. 72,169
3 lClairns. (Cl. 206-=—45.3i)
This invention relates to cartons and more particularly
adjacent to one end with a base panel 1-9 extending the
full width of the carton and de?ned at is ends by fold
lines 11 and '12. The base panel ill is of a width sub
stantially greater than the width of the article to be pack
aged and is of a length substantially equal to the length
to folded paper board cartons for packaging one or more 10 of the ‘article.
relatively small articles.
In packaging single or multiple articles, such as toilet
ries of various kinds, condiments, ?ashlight batteries, and
It is preferably formed in its central por
tion with an opening 13 through which the article is vis
ible and which may, if desired, be covered by a trans
parent sheet 14 of cellophane, or the like.
loose articles such as candies, nails, screws and the like,
At one end the base panel is joined to a short gluing
it is desirable to provide a pack-age having extended areas 15 ?ap 15 through the ‘fold line 11 and at its other end is
at one or more sides for graphic display material. Such
joined to an end panel 16 through the fold. line 12. The
articles are commonly sold through counter racks or dis
end panel 16 is of a frusto wedge shape with a central
plays and attractive packaging is of extreme importance.
rectangular portion of a size to overlie the end of the
Cartons for such purposes must also be inexpensive to
article and with side extensions terminating in fold lines
manufacture, easy to assemble and ?ll and capable of 20 17 at acute angles to the fold line 12 and to the edges of
being shipped ?at before ?lling. The principal object of
the blank. The central portion of the end panel 16 is
the present invention is to provide a carton satisfying all
foldably joined through a fold line 18 to an upper panel
of these various requirements.
19 of the same length as the base panel and of a Width
Another object is to provide a carton which can be
su?icient to overlie the article completely. The opposite
shipped ?at in pre-glued condition and can be ?lled and 25 end of the upper panel is joined through a fold line 21 to
completed by a simple ?lling operation either by hand
‘a second panel 22 similar to the end panel 16 and having
or by automatic machinery without the necessity of any
side extensions de?ned by fold lines 17. Side panels 24
further gluing or fastening.
are foldably joined to the opposite sides of the upper
According to a feature of the invention, the carton has
panel 19 by fold lines 2.5’ and are adapted to fold down
a relatively large flat base panel supporting the article or 30 Ward from the ‘upper panel toward the base panel in the
articles in its central portion and projecting beyond the
completed carton to overlie the opposite sides of the ar
article or articles to provide a relatively large display
ticle and retain it in place. In the construction shown,
surface. The base panel may be formed with an opening
the side panels 2d are of a width to reach substantially
therein through which the articles are visible, which open
completely to the base panel so that the article will be
ing may be covered if desired by a transparent sheet.
35 substantially completely enclosed although they could,
A further object is to provide a carton in which the
if desired, be made narrower to terminate spaces from‘the
article or articles are retained by foldable side panels
base panel.
held in assembled position by triangular Webs foldably
In order to hold the side panels 24 in properly assem
connected to the side panels and to extensions of end
bled position, triangular webs 26 are provided each fold
panels Without gluing or other fastening.
40 ably joined to one of the end panel extensions through the
The above and other objects and features of the in
fold lines 17. The triangular Webs 26 are respectively
vention will be more readily apparent from the following
foldably connected to the ends of the side panels 24 and
description when read in connection with the accompany
are adapted to fold in against the extensions of the end
ing drawings, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a carton embodying
panels in the completed carton to hold the side panels in
the desired erected position.
Where the carton is to be
the invention containing a single article looking from the 45 ?lled before gluing, the webs 2.6 may be foldably con
nected directly to the ends of the side panels by means
of fold lines forming extensions of the fold lines 18 and
21. However, where the carton is pro-glued before erect
ing and ?lling, additional triangular webs 27 are provided
4—4, respectively, of FIGURE 2;
foldably connected to the webs 26 along fold lines which
FIGURE 5 is a section on the line 5-5 of FIGURE 1;
are extensions of the fold lines
and Z1 and foldably
FIGURE 6 is a view of the blank from which the
connected to the ends of the side walls by angular fold
carton of FIGURES l to 5 is formed;
lines 23 which lie at acute angles to the fold lines 18 and
FIGURES 7, 8 and 9 are perspective views looking
25, as shown. The angles of the fold lines 28 are not
from dillerent angles of an alternative form of cartons;
critical, but are so selected as to enable the side panels to
be folded in to their erected position, as described herein
FIGURE 10 is a view of the blank ‘from which the
after, without creating interference between the several
carton of FIGURES 7, 8 and 9 is formed.
panel portions. It will be noted that the several fold lines
The carton of the present invention in either of the
13, 21, 17, 25 and 28 all meet at common points, indi
embodiments shown, or in other modi?cations thereof, is 60 cated at 29, at the corners of the erected carton.
intended to contain one or more relatively small articles
With the blank cut and scored, as described, it may be
of the type which are commonly sold by display type
completed by folding glue ?ap 15 under the base panel
selling, although the same construction could, of course,
Ill, as seen in FIGURE 6, and folding the blank upon
be used for larger articles of di?erent types. ‘It is also
itself about the fold line 18 so that the outer edge of the
contemplated that in some cases the carton will contain
end panel 22 will overlie and be secured to the glue ?ap
a single article and in others it will contain a plurality
18. In this condition, the glued carton is flat and can be
of similar articles held in side-by-side position or in a
shipped ?at to the desired point of ?lling.
loose random relationship. Where an article is referred
For ?lling the carton, the ends of the ?at pre-glued
to hereafter in the description and claims it is therefore
blank may be pressed together to cause the end panels
intended that this term‘ shall include within its scope either
16 and 22 to move upward at right angles to the base
one article or a plurality of articles.
panel 10 and upper panel 19. In this condition of the
FIGURE 2 is a perspective view of the carton of FIG
URE 1 looking from the rear;
FIGURES 3 and 4 ‘are sections on the lines 3-3 and
tained by overlapping the opening and engaging portions
carton, the side walls 24 and the webs 27 lie in the plane
of the base panel.
Either of the carton constructions as described can also
URE 5, while the webs 26 lie in the planes of the end pan
be used to package \a plurality of ‘small articles held in
els. In this condition of the carton, the article to be pack
random relationship with each other. For this purpose
aged may easily be loaded therein and the ?nal erecting
the opening in the base panel may be omitted but is pref
operation is now ready to be performed.
erably provided and is covered by ‘a transparent sheet, as
To complete erection of the carton the extensions of
shown at 14 in FIGURES l to 6. The ?lling procedure
the fold lines 13 and 21 beyond the upper panel 19 are
is similar to that described above except that one of the
pressed inwardly toward the base panel so that the webs
26 and 27 approach a position in the same plane with each 10 side panels is folded in to its erected position before ?ll~
ing and the desired number of ‘articles are then poured
other and at angles to the planes of the end and side pan
into the carton from its other side, after which the other
els. As the fold lines are continued to be pushed inward
side panel is folded in to its erected position.
and toward the base panel, the webs 26 will fold in ?at
While two embodiments of the invention have been
against the extensions of the end panels and the side panels
will move to a position approximately at right angles to 15 shown and described in detail, it Will be understood that
they are for the purpose of illustration only and are not
the base panel and upper panel 19. As the side panels
to be taken as a de?nition of the scope of the invention,
reach this position, the webs 27, which have been swung
reference being had for this purpose to the appended
out of the planes of the side panels, will move back into
the planes of the side panels, as shown in FIGURES l
What is claimed is:
to 5. In this position of the parts the assembly is com
1. A carton in combination with at least one article
pleted without the necessity of any further fastening or
comprising a flat base panel longer and wider than the
gluing steps and the article is substantially completely en
article to be packaged, an end panel foldably joined to
closed by the central portion of the base panel and end
' of the upper panel 19, as shown in dotted lines in FIG
one end of the base panel having a central portion over
It will be seen that in the complete package, as best seen 25 lying one end of the article and side projections termi
nating in edges at acute angles to the base panel end, an
in FIGURES 1 and 2, there are flat extensions of substan
panel foldably joined at one end to the central
tial area on the base panel which are exposed to receive
portion of the end panel, a second end panel similar to
graphic printed matter so that an extremely attractive dis
panels and by the upper panel and the side panels.
the ?rst named end panel having its central portion fold
ably ‘secured to the other end of the outer panel, a ?ap
fold'ably secured to the second end panel to the base
play package is produced. It will furthermore be appar
ent that the carton of the invention can be manufactured
simply and inexpensively and is readily adapted to either
panel ‘and adhesively secured along a transverse fold line
spaced from the other end of the base panel to leave a
machine or hand ?lling in an extremely simple process in
volving only simple folding operations. When completely
erected the carton retains the article securely against any
portion of the base panel projecting beyond the second
accidental removal, but is relatively easy to open simply 35 end panel, side panels foldably secured to the sides of
the outer panel, triangular webs foldably joined to said
by lifting one or both of the side panels to enable the
edges ‘of the end panel side projections and folded in
article to be slipped out of the carton.
against the side panel extension, and triangular webs ‘fold
ably joined to other edges of the ?rst named webs and to
the ends of the side panels.
The carton of FIGURES 7 to 10 is generally similar to
that of FIGURES l to 6, but is peculiarly adapted for a
hanging type display of articles in which a series of car
2. A carton in combination with at least one elon
tons are supported on rods on a display unit. Parts in the
carton of FIGURES 7 to 10 corresponding to like parts
in FIGURES 1 to 5, are indicated by the same reference
numerals, plus 100, for brevity of description.
The blank, as shown in FIGURE 10, is similar to the
blank of FIGURE 6 with the exception that the base panel
110 is of substantially greater length than the article to
gated article comprising an elongated rectangular base
panel overlying one side of the article to be packaged
at its central portion widthwise and having side extensions
projecting beyond the sides of the article, end panels
foldably joined to the base panel each having a central
portion overlying one end of the article and side exten
sions terminating in edges at acute angles to the plane
the base panel, an outer panel foldably joined at its
to the end panel 122 remote from the base panel rather 50
ends to the central portions of the end panels and held
than to the base panel itself. The upper panel, side
thereby in spaced parallel relationship to the base panel
panels and webs are of substantially the same construction
overlying the other side of the article, side panels fold
as shown in FIGURES 1 to 5 and cooperate with each
be packaged and the glue ?ap 115 is foldably connected
other in the same manner.
ably joined to the sides of the outer panel and folded
To complete the carton of FIGURES 7 to 10, the blank 55 toward the base panel ‘and overlying opposite sides of the
article, a triangular web foldably joined to each of said
is folded on itself about the fold line 113 with the glue ?ap
edges of the end panel extensions and folded in against
115 engaging and securing itself to the base panel 116* ‘at
the end panel extensions respectively, and means foldably
a point spaced from the outer end thereof. This leaves a
connecting other edges of the webs respectively to the ad
portion of the base panel projecting beyond the end wall
jacent ends of the side panels.
122 of the carton to provide a greater display area for
3. The carton of claim 2 in which the base panel is
graphic material. In addition, the outer edge portion of
formed with a central opening therein smaller than the
the base panel may be formed with an opening 131 therein
article but through which at least a portion of the article
for supporting the carton on a rod on a display rack.
The carton, as shown in FIGURES 7 to 10, is adapted
to vcontain two similar relatively small cylindrical articles 65
vliiefereutes Cited in the ?le of this patent
132 in side~by-side relationship with the ends of the articles
supported by the end walls 116 and 122 with the side por
tions of the articles engaging and supported by the base
panel, the upper panel 119 and the side panels 124. The
base panel may be formed with a display opening 113 of 70
smaller size than the overall projecting area of the articles
so that the articles are visible in the package but are re
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