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Jam: 8,‘ 1963
' 3,072,395
Filed April 13, 1959
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Jan. 8, 1963
Filed April 15, 1959
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
I H64
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ited States Patent 0 "
Patented Jan. 8, 1963
pin 24 is connected to the usual coil counterbalance spring
a portion of which is indicated at 33. The arm 30 is con
Joseph Pickles, Dearborn, Mich, assignor to Form Stamp
ing Company, Detroit, Mich., a corporation of Michi
nected to the sector 28 by rivets 34. As a result of this
construction the pin is retained in position in the opening
Filed Apr. 13, 1959, Ser. No. 805,909
3 Claims. (Cl. 268—126)
by engagement of its ?ange 26 at one side of the opening
and by engagement of an annular zone of the sector 28
with the embossment 20 at the other side of the plate.
Adjacent its one edge the plate 10 is provided with an
enlarged opening 36. The opening is formed by striking
The present invention relates to a window regulator.
It is an object of the present invention to provide a 10 out and simultaneously extruding and shaping a punched
out shaft support portion 38. A domed cover 40‘ is pro
window regulator characterized by its effectiveness in mov
vided and riveted or welded to the plate 10, as indicated
ing the window to fully closed position with a minimum
at 42, and together with the punched out portion 38 forms
It is a further object of the present invention to provide
-window regulator mechanism comprising movable ele
ments mounted for swinging movement on panel struc
ture including embossed bearing areas on the panel struc
a housing for transmission means.
Speci?cally, the transmission means comprises a shaft
44 having a squared end portion 46 for engagement with
an operating handle or other driving means. The shaft 46
includes a ?ange 48 bearing against the inner surface of
ture providing support for the movable elements.
the cover 40' adjacent an opening 50 therein. Rigidly
It is a feature of the present invention to provide win
dow regulator mechanism comprising a pair of window 20 connected to the portion of the shaft 44 within the hous
ing is a driving pinion 56. As best seen by comparing
adjusting arms mounted for rocking movement about ?xed
FIGURES 1 and 3, the shaft 44 and hence the pinion 56
pivots and interconnected to provide timing of the move~
extends at a small angle, as for example about 8 degrees,
to the plane of the intermediate offset portion 18 of the
adjusting arms, and arranged to provide a maximum 25 plate 10. Accordingly, for cooperation with spur teeth
58 on the sector 28, the teeth of the pinion 56 will be 8
torque when the window adjusting arms are moving the
degrees helical teeth. 7
window to fully closed position.
From the foregoing it will be observed that rotation
Other objects and features of the invention will become
of the shaft 44 by suitable means such as an operator
apparent as the description proceeds, especially when
ment thereof, in combination with an actuating arm having
a driving connection with an arm on one of said window
taken in conjunction with the‘ accompanying drawings, 30 actuated crank results in swinging movement of the arm
30‘ about the axis of the pin 24.
illustrating preferred embodiments of the invention,
The sector 28 is provided with an abutment formed
FIGURE 1 is a front elevational view of the window
regulator mechanism, with parts broken away.
by a washer 60 carried by a rivet 62 and is engageable
with an adjustable abutment element 64 carried by the
FIGURE 2 is a plan view of the structure shown in 35 plate 10 andclamped in adjusted position by a clamp-.
ing nut 66 carried by a threaded portion of the adjust
able abutment.
The mounting plate 12 which is also of generally
rectangular form, comprises a pair of ?anges 70 and
on the line
40 72 and a laterally offset intermediate portion 74 pro
vided with‘ a pair of pivot mountings which may be sub
on the line
stantially identical. One of the pivot mountings com
prises an opening 76 formed in the intermediate offset
on the line
portion 74 of the plate surrounded by an annular bear
on the line 45 ings embossment 78. Riveted or otherwise ?xedly se
FIGURE 1, with the parts in a slightly different position.
FIGURE 3 is a fragmentary sectional view on the line
3-—3, FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary sectional view
4—4, FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary sectional view
5-—-5, FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 6 is a fragmentary sectional view
6—-6, FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 7 is a fragmentary sectional view
‘7-7, FIGURE
FIGURE 8 is a fragmentary sectional view on the line
8--8, FIGURE 1.
FIGURE 9 is a fragmentary‘ sectional view'on the line
9-9, FIGURE 1.
cured in the opening 76 is a pivot mount 80 which in
cludes an annular ?ange 82 beneath which is received a
spring washer 84 which resiliently presses a window reg
ulating arm 86 against the annular bearing embossment
Referring now to the drawings, the window regulator
mechanism comprises a pair of mounting plates 10 and
7-8.‘ _.At one end the arm 86 includes a pin 88 movable
in a‘ horizontally elongated slot provided at the lower
edge of a_ window frame. The arm 86 includes an op
12 adapted to be attached to the interior of a hollow door
or body panel on an automotive vehicle. The particular
slot 90 which receives a bearing 92 carried by a rivet
positely extending portion provided with an elongated
window regulator mechanism illustrated herein is designed 55 connection 94 to the actuating arm 30.
A second pivot connection is indicated generally at
for manual operation but it will of.course be apparent that
certain features of it are equally applicable for use in
power window regulators.
The plate 10, as best seen in FIGURE 7, includes lateral
mounting ?anges 14 and 16 and ‘an intermediate offset 60
96 and mounts the second window actuating arm 98 also
having a pin 100 at its outer end movable in a slot 102
provided in the bottom of the window frame (not
Means are provided for insuring properly timed move
ment of the window regulating arms 86 and 98 and com
rounding an opening 22 for receiving a pivot mounting
prises a pin connector 104 on the arm 86 slidably re
element subsequently to be described.
ceived in an elongated curved slot [106 provided in the
As best seen in FIGURE 2, the pivot mounting means
referred to comprises a pin 24 extending through the 65 arm 98. It will thus be seen that swinging movement of
the arm 86, as occasioned by movement of the actuat
opening 22 having a ?ange 26 bearing against the annular
ing arm 30*, results in properly timed swinging move
area of the plate 10 surrounding the opening. The plate
ment of the arm 98, due to the coaction between the pin
10 as previously described, is provided with the annular
104 and the slot 106.
embossment 20 surrounding the opening 22. Fixedly se
The intermediate offset portion 18 of the plate 10 is
cured to the pin 24 is a gear sector 28 and the sector 70
provided with special bearing means comprising elon
is rigidly connected to the pin 24, together with an actuat
gated embossments or gear engaging guide projections
ing arm 30 by a rivet head 32 provided on the pin. The
portion 18 provided with a circular embossment 20 sur
108 and 110, which as best seen in FIGURES 4 and 5
are engageable with a side of the sector 28 at opposite
sides of its zone of engagement with the driving pinion
56. At the same time the punched out portion 38 in
cludes an inwardly extending bearing portion or gear en
post of said gear member, a pin-and-slot connection be
tween said actuating arm and the opposite end of said
second regulator arm, the slot of said connection ex
tending nearly parallel to the direction of instantaneous
movement of said pin when said regulator arms are in
gaging guide area 112 which is normally slightly spaced
the position in which the window actuated thereby is
‘from or may engage the side of the sector 28 opposite
closed to provide maximum mechanical advantage in
completing closure or initiating opening movement of
to the side engaged by the guide projections 108 and
110. Thus, the sector is supported by limited area bear
the window, said toothed driving member being effective
, ing portions at opposite sides thereof in the zone of its 10 to rotate said gear member and swing said actuating arm
meshed engagement with the driving pinion 56.
Attention is drawn to the fact that with the parts in
about said ?xed pivot post.
2. The window regulator mechanism de?ne-d in claim
1 wherein said ?xed pivots lie on a line which is paral
lel to the opening and closing movement of the window.
3. Window regulator mechanism comprising a sheet
so that the window is closed. It is a matter of common 15
metal plate structure, a relatively large sheet metal gear
knowledge that the greatest effort in moving Windows
member pivotally mounted on a ?xed pivot post on said
in automotive vehicles is encountered in the upper por
structure, a toothed driving member pivoted to said plate
tion of the range of movement, when the upper edge
structure and meshed with said gear member, said plate
of the window is engaging into the slot provided in the
structure having a pair of gear engaging guide projec
window frame. The present construction provides for
tions adjacent the periphery of the gear member close
greatest mechanical advantage at this time. This will
to and at opposite sides of a line joining the axes of said
be apparent when it is observed that the actuating arm
gear member and said driving member, means carried
30 extends nearly perpendicular to the portion of the
by said plate structure including a gear engaging guide
regulating arm 86. Under these circumstances move
ment of the pin 94 in the slot 90 is initially at a very 25 area located adjacent the periphery of said gear mem
ber between said guide projections and at the opposite
small angle to the slot so that a maximum effort is
side of said gear member, pivot means on said plate
structure for supporting a pair of regulating arm mem
The drawings and the foregoing speci?cation consti
bers, said regulating arm members being crossed and
tute a description of the improved window regulator in
such full, clear, concise and exact terms as to enable any 30 having interacting cam means therebetween to control
relative movement between said regulating arm mem
person skilled in the art to practice the invention, the
bers, means mounting an actuating arm member on said
scope of which ‘is indicated by the appended claims.
?xed pivot post, said pivot means comprising pins ex
What I claim as my invention is:
the position illustrated in FIGURE 1, the window regu
lating arms 86 and 98 are in their uppermost position
tending through registering openings in said plate struc
1. Window regulator mechanism ‘for raising and
lowering a window comprising a pair of mounting plates, 35 ture and in said regulating arm members, embossments
in said plate structure at least partly surrounding and
a relatively large gear member pivotally mounted on a
closely adjacent to the aforesaid openings, said pins in
?xed pivot post on one of said plates, a toothed driving
cluding spaced abutments connecting said plate struc
member pivoted to said one plate and meshed with said
ture and regulating arm members together with said reg
gear member, said one plate having a pair of gear en
gaging guide projections adjacent the periphery of the
40 ulating arm members in limited area contact with said
embossments, a pin-and-slot connection between said
actuating arm member and one of said regulating arm
joining the axes of said gear member and said driving
members, the slot of said connection extending nearly
member, means carried by said one plate including a
parallel to the direction of instantaneous movement of
gear engaging guide area located adjacent the periphery
of said gear member between said guide projections and 45 the pin of said connection when said regulating arm
members are in the position in which a window actuated
at the opposite side of said gear member, a ?rst regula
thereby is closed to provide maximum mechanical ad
tor arm pivotally connected at one end on a ?xed pivot
vantage ‘in completing closure or initiating opening move
on the other of said plates and adapted to be connected
ment of the window, said toothed driving member being
on its opposite end to the window, a second regulator
arm having an intermediate part pivotally connected to 50 effective to rotate said gear member and swing said
actuating arm member about said ?xed pivot post.
another ?xed pivot on said other plate and adapted to
gear member close to and at opposite sides of a line
be connected on one end to the Window, said ?xed pivots
being separate from said gear member, ,said ?rst and
second regulator arms being crossed and having inter
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
acting cam means therebetween to control the relative 55 2,331,260
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movement between said regulator arms, said interacting
cam means including a pin connector on one of said
regulator arms and a groove in the other of said regula
tor arms, an actuating arm mounted on the ?xed pivot
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