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Jan. 15, 1963
Filed Dec. 50, 1960
United States Patent
Patented Jan. 15, 1963
Max Berger, 310 Lakeridge Road, San Antonio 29, Tex.
Filed Dec. 30, 1960, Ser. No. 79,789
1 Claim. (Cl. 224-4)
drawings, it is seen that the watch casing 20 includes a
pair of opposite ends 22, 24 from each of which project
laterally spaced, apertured cars 26, 28. Each pair of ears
26, 28 are provided with an elongated pintle bar 30 having
projecting spring biased pintle elements 32 at at least one
of their ends which are received in the apertures in the said
This invention pertains to watch bracelets and straps of
the type utilized in connection with wrist watches, identi
ears 26, 28 thereby to releasably position the pintle bar
36 in spaced relationship to the ends 22, 24 of the casing
?cation bracelets, and the like. Speci?cally, the invention
relates to improvements in the means for connection of the 10
In the form of the invention shown in FIGURES 1
bracelet to the watch, and to the construction of the
through 4, the novel watch strap or bracelet is identi?ed
bracelet or strap per se.
by general reference character 34. The strap is elongated
It is a primary object of the invention to supply wrist
and is composed of a plurality of linkage units 36 (FIG
watch strap constructions which provide for selective vari
URE 4). The linkage units 36 each include a rectangular,
ance in the appearance of the strap. - In this connection,
tubular link element 38, and a generally trapezoidal, tubu
the invention ?nds particular adaptability to bracelets or
straps of the “expansion” variety wherein a series of rec
tangular or trapezoidal lengths are pivotally connected to
one another to form straps possessing a certain degree of
\Another object of the invention is to provide a watch
strap or bracelet having at least two readily changeable
appearances, thereby to permit the wearer to vary the ap
lar link element 40. The rectangular elements 38 are ar
ranged in a row to provide one face F-l of the strap 34,
and the trapezoidal elements 40 form the opposite or re- 1
verse face F-Z thereof. As shown, suitable and different
20 decorative designs are provided on each of the link ele
ments forming the faces F-l and F-‘Z.
FIGURE 3 shows the manner of connection of the vari
ous link elements to one another, which will be recognized
pearance of a strap in accordance With other jewelry or
to those skilled in the art as conventional in the formation
accessories, and to vary the colors thereof to accommodate 25 of expansion type bracelets, headed rivet means 42 being
changes in clothing or the like.
Another object of the invention is to provide a wrist
watch strap construction wherein the strap is provided
utilized in the usual manner to secure the links to one
The ‘strap 34 includes a pair of terminal links 44, each
with two or more opposite, ornamental faces, the said
including a rectangular, tubular main body portion 46
faces being invertible with respect to the watch easing by 30 from one side of which projects an elongated ?ange 48.
means more fully described hereinafter.
In the drawing, it is seen that the ?ange 48 is hollow and
Other and further objects and advantages of the present
of U~shaped cross-section, including a bight portion 50
invention will become apparent upon consideration of the
and a pair of side arms 52, 54, and the ?ange 48 has an
following speci?cation when read in conjunction with the
apertured boss 60 substantially at the center of the bight
35 portion 50.
annexed drawing, in which:
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a ?rst form of watch
Coacting with the flanges 48 of the terminal links 42
strap constructed and assembled in accordance with the
to provide linkage means between the strap 34 and the
teachings of this invention;
case 28 are a pair of generally cylindrical, longitudinally
FIGURE 2 is a second perspective view of the watch
split sleeves 62 having connection ears 64, 66 on one side
and strap of FIGURE 1, showing the strap portion in re’
of the split portion thereof, and having an apertured boss
versed or inverted location;
FIGURE 3 is a fragmentary, enlarged detail cross-sec
tional view taken substantially on the section line 3-—-3 of
68 on one side thereof.
As best seen in FIGURE 3, a
swivel connection between the ?ange 4S and‘the sleeve
62 is effected by means of a swivel pin 70 which has en
FIGURE 1, looking in the direction of the arrows;
larged heads 72, 74 at each of its opposite ends freely
FIGURE 4 is an enlarged, fragmentary perspective 45 rotatable in the bosses 60, 68, respectively. The sleeves
view of a portion of the strap shown in FIGURES 1
62 are secured to the pintle bars 31}, and it will be noted.
through 3, illustrating details of construction of the con
that by reason of the swivel connection described above
nection means thereof;
the strap 34 is capable of being inverted with respect to
FIGURE 5 is an enlarged, fragmentary, disassembled
the case 26, thereby to render either of the faces F-l or
perspective view of a second form of connection means 50 F-2 the outer or visible face thereof, and thus to provide
variance in the appearance of the strap.
within the scope of this invention;
FIGURE 6 is a perspective view of another embodi
As may be readily seen from the drawing, the connec
ment of the invention;
tion means described above may be applied to most of
FIGURE 7- is an enlarged, perspective view showing
details of a third form of connection means; and
the known type of watch straps or bracelets, it being only
55 necessary that there exist a su?icient degree of ?exibility
FIGURE 8 is an enlarged, fragmentary detail sectional
in said strap to permit manipulation thereof during the
inverting operation.
view taken on the vertical plane of sectional line 8-8 of
FIGURE 7, looking in the direction of the arrows.
In the modi?cation of the connection in FIGURE 5, a
As appears from the fact that several forms of this
second means is provided for pivotally securing the distal
invention have been illustrated, watch straps or bracelets 60 ends of the strap 34 to the casing 20. Included in such
of various styles and types may be modi?ed and/ or con
means are a pair of terminal links 42a for the strap 34,
structed in accordance with the novel components de
the links 42 being of rectangular form and having medial '
scribed in more detail hereinafter without departure from
?anges 48a projecting from one side of their main bodies
the spirit and scope of this invention. The illustrated em
46a. The ?anges 48a have ‘apertures formed therein ad
bodiments should be considered as exemplary of the inven 65 jacent their side edges, and a generally U-shaped cover
tion, and not as an exhaustive treatment thereof.
In the several ?gures, the straps shown are applied to
watch bodies or casings of conventional construction and
design, herein generally denoted by reference character
20. Of course, an identi?cation element or any other item
plate 104, having a bight 106 and a pair of spaced apart,
apertured arms I68, 110 is adapted to overlie the ?ange
48a and be secured thereto by rivets 112, or the like. The
bight 106 of the plate 104 has a boss 114, provided with
70 a. central aperture, formed thereon, the boss serving as
support means for the head 72 (not shown in FIGURE
the body could be substituted for the casing 20. In the
5) of the swivel pin 70. - The other head 74 of the pin
desired to be worn about the wrist or other appendage of
a very insigni?cant portion of the stem 228 is visible
when the device is worn.
70 is secured in the boss 68 of the sleeve 62 in the same
manner as that described above.
FIGURE 6 shows another embodiment of the inven
tion incorporating certain ancillary features not shown
in the above described form thereof. In this ?gure, the
elements similar or analogous to those shown in FIG
URES 1 through 5 are designated by the same reference
Having described and illustrated several embodiments
of the invention in somewhat complete detail, it is to be
characters with the letter “12” appended thereto.
understood that these embodiments are offered merely
by way of example, and that the invention is to be limited
only by the scope of the appended claim.
What is claimed is:
The strap 34b of FIGURE 6 will be seen to include a
In a reversible strap for use with a wrist watch which
of rectangular links 38b and trapezoidal links 40b secured
tion ears at its opposite ends and a pintle bar extending
between the ears of each pair:
?rst section 200 and a second section 202, each comprised 10 includes a watch casing having spaced pairs of connec
to one another in the usual manner.
However, each
section 200 and 202 is provided with suitable and distinct
faces inscribed on opposite sides thereof so that a total
of four dilferent faces, A, B, C, and D, are supplied.
Pivotal means, such as that shown in FIGURE 5, is sup
plied for connecting the ‘proximal ends of the sections
200 and 202 to one another. In this form of the inven
tion, it will be noted that a considerable variance in
the appearance of the strap can be effected, by reason
of the fact that any one of several combinations of the
faces A, B, C, and D can be selected. FIGURES 7 and 8
are illustrative of a modi?ed form of connection means
for securing strap sections to one another or to the casing.
In these ?gures, the strap sections are provided with ter
minal links 204 including web portions 206 and a pair
of spaced and substantially parallel arms 208, 210. Each
terminal link 204 further includes end walls 212, 214,
but is open at its front for a purpose described herein
after. A cover plate 216 is adapted to overlie the said
open front of the terminal link 204. The cover plate
216 is also of general U-shape in cross-section, and in
cludes a hat, centrally apertured bight portion 218 from
which project arms 220, 222 having inwardly bent ridges
224, 226 formed medially thereof. The ridges abut
against the outer ends of the arms 208, 210 of the ter
minal link 204, and the overlapping portions are secured
thereto by rivet means 227.
A swivel pin 223 serves to connect the elements pivot
ally to one another. Swivel pin 228 includes a cylin 40
drical stem portion having enlarged heads 230, 232 at
its opposite ends. A tension spring 234 is ?tted about
the stern 228 between the head 230 and the bight 218,
and serves, as shown in FIGURE 8, to bias the head 230
away from the bight 218 of the cover plate 216, thus only
(a) an elongated, substantially rectangular strap ele
ment having a ?rst decorative face and a second,
opposite decorative face;
(.5) the strap element including opposite end portions
having substantially U-shaped cover plate elements,
each of said plate elements including a projecting
boss provided with an aperture therein;
(0) tubular sleeves about the pintle bars each includ
ing a projecting boss having an aperture therein; and
(d) swivel connection means, comprising a swivel pin
extended through the apertures in adjacent bosses
of the respective terminal links and sleeves and hav
ing enlarged heads at the ends thereof, received in
the boss means, securing the terminal link elements
of the strap to the sleeves about the pintle bars such
that the strap is invertible with respect to the casing
to selectively expose either of said decorative faces
as an outer face of the strap.
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