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Jall- 15, 1963
Filed Sept. 25, 1959
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Vs/kko l/. Fume/Mm
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Jan. 15, 1963
Filed Sept. 25, 1959
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United States ‘Patent O?lice
Veikko V. Tiikkainen, 4604 29th Ave. S.,
Minneapolis, Minn.
Filed Sept. 25, 1959, Ser. No. 842,304
5 Claims. (Cl. 273-95)
Patented Jan. 15, 1963
FIG. 9 is a view similar to FIG. 8 showing a modi?
cation in structure;
FIG. 10 is a view in side elevation showing a modi?
cation of a playing member of applicant’s game apparatus;
FIG. 11 is a view in side elevation showing another
modi?cation of a playing member of applicant’s game
This invention relates to a game apparatus, and par
ticularly to one which has some similarity to a golf game
FIG. 12 is a view in end elevation of the structure
It is an object of this invention therefore to provide a
here shown to have a perforate body structure having a
shown in FIG. 11; and
in that it comprises a playing piece to be projected in 10
FIG. 13 is a view in central vertical section of the
?ight, a member to project said playing piece, and a desig
structure shown in FIG. 11.
nated goal for said projected member.
With reference to the drawings, like characters are used
It is desirable to have such a game which may be played
in connection with identical parts throughout the several
by practically all age groups from the time ability to walk
views. Referring to FIGS. 1-8, a playing piece It} is in
is acquired and in which no particular skill is a requisite 15 dicated. Said playing piece may be variously formed to
for an enjoyable playing of the game. It is also desirable
carry out the functions which are performed with it in
to have such a game which may be played by the young
connection with applicant’s game apparatus. Said play
and old together, or respectively by either one of such
ing piece 10 is here indicated as being substantially spheri
groups among themselves with equal enjoyment and in
cal in form having a hollow interior and having a casing
20 formed of a tough resilient material such as of plastic and
which a competitive interest is excited.
game ‘apparatus comprising a playing piece adapted to be
projected, a member for projecting said playing piece,
and a goal to be reached by said projected member.
multiplicity of perforations 12 therein. Disposed dia~
metrically through said playing piece 10 is a cylindrical
member 13 having end portions 14 and 15 projecting out
It is another object of this invention to provide a game 25 wardly of said playing piece 10. Said cylindrical mem
apparatus comprised of a few parts which are light in
ber 13 may be initially formed integrally with the casing
weight and easily contained in a relatively small package
of said member 10 or may be separately formed and dis
to be carried about and which may be positioned for
posed therethrough and secured thereto as by heat seal
playing in practically any play area either indoors or
ing. Disposed in said cylindrical member 13 is a weight
30 16 here shown to be freely movable from one end of said
_ It is a further object of this invention to provide a game
cylinder 13 to its other end. Normally said weight 16
apparatus comprising a rounded member or playing piece
having projections at opposite sides thereof and adapted
to be tipped to have one of said projections extending up
will move to one end of said cylindrical member 13 to
wardly, an elongated rod-like member for striking a pro 35
jecting portion of said playing piece to project the same
weight this end downwardly and lift the other projecting
end to a raised position.
Applicant’s playing piece is particularly adapted for
relatively short flights in being projected in the play of
in ?ight, and a goal such as may be in the form of a ring
the game, as will be described. The travel distance of the
like member supported in a raised position for said pro
playing piece may be readily increased by forming the
jected playing .piece to be projected into. '
casing of the playing piece of imperforate material al
It is more speci?cally an object of this invention to 40 though in the embodiment of the invention here disclosed
provide a game apparatus comprising a substantially
it is shown as having a perforate body structure.
rounded playing piece having projections at opposite sides
Adapted to support the playing piece 10 in a playing
thereof and adapted to have one of said projections eX
position is a supporting or base member 13 which may
tending upwardly normally, a base member adapted to
be suitably formed in various ways, and in the embodi
support said playing piece in a position elevated from the 45 ment of the invention here disclosed is shown having a
ground, an elongated rod-like member adapted to strike
circular rim portion 19 of a short height provided with
said projecting portion of said playing piece to project
the same in ?ight, and a goal member formed as a ring
supported in a raised position adapted to have said play
ing piece projected thereinto.v
a peripheral annular groove or channel 20 thereabove
and having a substantially convex upper portion 21.
The surface of said upper portion 21 will be formed to
50 enable said playing piece to be positioned at any desir—
These and other objects and advantages of the inven
able point thereon. Said surface may be variously
tion will be fully set forth in the following description
formed, as by being roughened or by having an endless
made in connection with the accompanying drawings in
spiral rib thereon. Said upper portion however, as in
dicated in FIG. 2, is here shown having formed in the
FIG. 1 is a fragmentary top plan view of a portion 55 surface thereof a multiplicity of adjacent rounded pro
of applicant’s game apparatus;
jections 22 of suitable size and height for having the
FIG. 2 is a view in side elevation and partially in ver
perforate body of said playing piece positioned thereon.
tical section showing a portion of applicant’s game appa
With reference to FIGS. 3 and 4, a target member 25
ratus in alternate position in dotted line;
is provided of sufficient size to have said playing piece
FIG. 3 is a top plan view of a portion of applicant’s 60 10 disposed therethrough. Said member 25 comprises
game apparatus;
a ring portion 26 supported in raised position a short
FIG. 4 is aview in side elevation of the structure shown
distance above ground or ?oor level by a plurality of
in FIG. 3;
legs 27 here shown to be three in number and indicia
FIG. 5 is a view in perspective of a portion of appli
~28 bearing the character “4” appears on one of the legs
65 to identify said member. A plurality of said members
cant’s game apparatus;
FIG. 6 is a view in side elevation of a playing member
will be used in the playing of the game.
of applicant’s game apparatus;
Applicant’s game apparatus is adapted to simulate a
FIG. 7 is a view in end elevation of the structure shown
golf game with said member 25 representing what would
- a
be the holes in connection with a golf game and said
FIG. 8 is a view in central vertical section of the struc 70 member 18 representing what would be the tees used
ture shown in FIG..6;
in connection with a golf game.
in FIG. 6;
Referring to FIG. 5, a member 30 is shown used for
projecting into space said playing piece 10. Said mem
ber 30 may be variously formed and is here shown
formed as an elongated rod-like member 39 preferably
having a small degree of ,?exibility and having ‘a hand
gripping portion 31 and a plurality of forwardly ex
tending offset portions 32, 33 and 34 of increasing
transverse dimension. Said member 30 will be used to
the‘ manner in which said playing piece would travel
under like conditions.
Referring to FIGS. 11-13, a playing piece 45 is shown
representing another modi?cation of applicant‘s playing
piece and is here indicated as being substantially ellipti
cal in form having ‘a rib 46 extending centrally trans
versely thereabout and having a cylindrical portion 47
extending axially therethrough and having projecting end
portions 48 and 49 extending outwardly at either end
strike the upwardly extending projecting portion of said
playing piece 10 to project said playing piece into ?ight. 10 ‘thereof with a movable weight 50 being disposed‘within
said cylindrical member 47. The casing of said play
A different degree of striking effect is secured in strik
ing piece 45 is shown here as being imperforate in struc~
ing said playing piece 10 with different of said offset
portions of said member 39. Thus the greatest strik
Thus it is seen that I have provided a very simply
ing effect is secured by striking a playing piece with the
outer end portion 34 of said member 30‘ which portion 15 constructed and highly interesting game apparatus in
the play of which competitive skills may be developed
is indicated as being the “drive” portion. The central
offset portion 33 is used as indicated for “approach”
between various age groups and in which various num
purposes and the innermost offset portion 32 is used
for projecting the playing piece 10 but a very short
distance such as for “putting” purposes.
In operation, a number of the ring-like members 25
willbe spaced apart at desired distances upon the play
ing area. Applicant’s game is well adapted for play
either indoors or out-of-doors and is conveniently adapt
bers of persons may engage in play at any given time,
and which game apparatus is readily carried about and
set up for play either indoors or out-of-doors in various
sized areas.
‘may be used and they may be spaced any desired dis
tances apart. The starting position in the play of the
‘above set forth, in the parts and combination of parts
disclosed and de?ned in the appended claims.
It will of course be understood that various changes
may be made in the ‘form, details, arrangement, and
proportions of the parts without departing from the
able for use in connection with any size ‘of a playing 25 scope of applicant’s invention, which, generally stated,
consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects
areainasmuch as more or less of said ring members 25
game will be some distance from the ?rst of said
ring members 25 ‘at which point the base member 18 30
What _is claimed is:
1. A game apparatus comprising a substantially el
liptical member having an upstanding rib disposed cen
trally transversely thereabout forming a tilting point, a
tioned on said base member 18 and may be positioned
cylindrical member disposed through said elliptical mem
at certain different points thereon depending on the dis
ber lengthwise thereof and having cylindrical portions
tance which it maybe desired to project said playing
piece. With reference to FIG.-2, theplaying piece at 35 projecting outwardly at either end thereof, a member
forming a weight disposed for free movement in said
the left will have a higher trajectory than will be the
cylindrical member whereby one projecting end of said
playing‘piece indicated to the right.
cylindrical member is weighted downwardly in a ground
The striking member 30 is then taken in hand by the
engaging position with said tilting point as a central
player and the outwardly extending projecting end por
tion 14 of the playing piece 170 will be struck byjsaid 40 raised support and the other end thereof is elevated
when said elliptical member is at rest, and a rod-like
striking member to project said playing piece in the
member of some length having cylindrical offset por
direction of the ?rst of said ring members 25.
will be positioned. The playing‘piece 10 will be posi
It is obvious that more striking power is obtainable
tions of increasing transverse dimension in a direction
by striking with the end portion of said member 30
than by striking with an inner portion. In playing this
away from the handle thereof for striking the elevated
projecting end of said cylindrical member to cause said
elliptical member to be projected into flight.
2. A game apparatus comprising a substantially spheri
cal member, a cylindrical member of small transverse
game, skill will be readily acquired in using the member
30 and in positioning said playing piece 10 to project
said playing piece certain different desired distances.
dimension disposed diametrally through said spherical
When said playing piece 10 has been projected into the
?rst of said ring members 25 the player will proceed to 50 member having cylindrical projecting end portions at
either side thereof, a movable weight in said cylindrical
the next such ring-like member until all have been
member holding one of the ends of said cylindrical mem
successfully reached.
ber in a ground engaging position and holding said other
The applicant’s game apparatus is well adapted for
end in a raised position when said member is at rest, a
use by players of all ages and it is well adapted for
competitive interest to be developed between players 55 ring-like frame member supported by spaced legs to have
said spherical member disposable therein, a substantially
of various ages.
semi-spherical supporting member having a non-smooth
With reference to FIG. 9, a playing piece 35 is in
surface thereon to support said spherical member at
dicated identical in form to said playing piece 1_(l‘~but
various elevations thereon, and a rod-like member for
formed of halves 36 and 37 each having a different
total weight or different weight distribution. This may 60 striking the upwardly raised projecting end portion of
be variously accomplished.
said cylindrical member to put said spherical member
In the embodiment of the invention here illustrated,
into ?ight whereby said spherical member may be pro
said member 35 is indicated as having a perforate shell
jected from said supporting member in the direction of
having oppositely projecting cylindrical portions 36a and
said frame-like member to be disposed therein.
37a with projection 37a having a Weight 38 perma
3. A game apparatus having in combination, a play
nently ?xed therein. Thus projection 35a will nor
ing piece comprising a substantially spherical body por
mally be in an upwardiy raised position.
tion, a cylindrical portion disposed diametrally through
With reference to FIG. 10, a playing piece 39 is indi
said spherical portion and having cylindrical end por
cated identical in construction with said playing piece
10 with the exception that instead of being spherical 70 tions extending outwardly of said spherical portion, a
Weight in said cylindrical. portion movable. freely there
it is provided with a somewhat cylindricalcentiral body
through. to weight one end portion thereof‘ into a ground
portion 40 having somewhat ?attened‘end portions 41
engaging position and elevating the other end portion
which will provide some difference in the way. that said
thereof, and a rod-like member increasing in transverse
playing piece will travel when projected in ?ight and
when rolling on moving in contact with .a surface from 75 dimension in a direction away from. the handle thereof
for striking said elevated end portion to project said
playing piece into ?ight.
4. The structure set forth in ‘claim 3, said rod-like
member comprising a plurality of cylindrical offset por
tions each of increasing transverse dimension in a di 5
rection away ‘from the handle thereof, with each of said
offset portions being of a length for projecting said
playing piece diiferent distances into ?ight.
5. The structure set forth in claim 3, and a base mem
ber comprising a spherical segment having a vertically
disposed rim portion, a substantially convex upper sur
face portion, and a multiplicity of rounded convex pro
jections formed on said surface for supporting said play
ing piece in diiferent positions for different elevations for
the projection of said playing piece into ?ight.
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