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Jan. 22, 1963
Original Filed Oct. 15, 1959
Mum/VIA 575a”
Patented Jan. 22, 1963
William H. Bisch, deceased, late of Garden Grove, Calif"
by Charlotte
Bisch, administratrix, Anaheim, Qalif.
(1674 St. Lawrence Way, Pleasant Hill, Calif.)
Continuation of application Ser. No. 846,138, Get. 13,
1959. This application Dec. 19, 1969, Ser. No. 76,866
2 Claims. (Cl. 9-347)
This invention relates to a ?oat, and more particularly
to a swimming pool or beach ?oat having an opening
therethrough and incorporating head rest and seat ele
ments. This application is a continuation of co-pending
application Serial No. 846,138, ?led October 13, 1959,
now abandoned for a Float for Use in Swimming Pools
and at Beaches, inventor William H. Bisch.
An object of the present invention is to provide a ?oat
having resilient and adjustable head rest means, such
‘Referring to FIGURE 3, the entire chamber 21 may
be ?lled with a suitable plastic foam, indicated at 22,
thereby making the body completely unsinkable. It is
also possible to form the body completely of a plastic
foam, such as expanded polystyrene, without employing
the solid plastic shells.
The seat 11 is illustrated to comprise a wide ?exible
strap which is bent into U-shape and suspended from the
center portions of arms 18. The strap is su?iciently long
that, when the occupant is seated thereon, his arms will
be at the proper elevation for support by the arms 18,
and his head and upper back will be at the proper eleva
tion for support by the upper portion of the head rest 13.
It is a feature of the inventIon that the seat strap 11 is
so secured to arms 18 that it may pivot about an axis
perp.ndicular to the major axis of the generally elliptical
body 10, and furthermore may be slid forward and back
ward on the arms. The seat may be readily mounted and
demounted without the necessity of tying and untying
means being simple and inexpensive, long lasting and 20 knots.
water resistant.
The above results are achieved by providing at each end
of the strap a keyhole slot 23, the narrow portion of each
slot being disposed adjac nt the extreme ends of the strap.
At a po nt spaced inwardly from keyhole slot 23, each
in the water much as he would in an arm chair or chaise 25 end of seat strap 11 is provided with a round opening
Another object is to provide a ?oat adapted to be used
by a single bather and incorporating both a seat element
and a head rest element, so that the bather may lounge
24 (FIGURE 4). The strap end portions are suitably
A further object is to provide a novel swimming pool
reinforced by means of an additional layer of the sub
?oat which may be constructed entirely of plastic of a
of which the seat strap is formed, such layer being
single gauge, which may be readily and economically
indicated at 26.
vacuum-formed, and which will last for many years.
A short section 27 of rope is inserted through each
These and other objects and advantages of the inven
opening 24 and then knotted to prevent withdrawal. The
tion will be more fully set forth in the following s;eci?
remaining end of the section 27 is also knotted, the knot
cation and claims, considered in connection with the at
being sufficiently small to be inserted through the large
tached drawing to which they relate.
diameter portion of the keyhole slot 23.
In the drawing:
To mount the ends of seat strap 11 onto arms 18, it is
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view illustrating a swim
mere'y nec:ssary to wrap the sections of rope around the
ming pool ?oat constructed in accordance with the present
arms 18, insert the knots through the wide portions of the
keyhole slots, and then shift the rope up into the narrow
FIGURE 2 is a longitudinal vertical section taken on
portions of the keyhole slots as shown in FIGURES 1
line 2—2 of FIGURE 1;
40 and 3. Mounting and demounting may be accomplished
FIGURE 3 is a section taken on line 3-3 of FIGURE
wIthout tying or untying knots, it being understcod that
2, but illustrating a second embodiment in which the ?oat
the sections of rope are permanently secured to the ends
is ?lled with foam plastic in order to make it completely
of strap 11 at openings 24. The rope is su?iciently loose
unsinkable; and
to permit sliding and pivoting of the seat strap on the
FIGURE 4 is a fragmentary plan view illustrating one 45 arms 18, as indicated above.
end portion of the seat strap.
Referring to the drawing, the ?oat may be seen to
comprise a buoyant body 10, a seat 11 suspended from
body 10 beneath an opening 12 therein, and a head rest
13 mounted on the body adjacent opening 12.
Proceeding next to a description of head rest means
13. this comprises a relatively long and wide band 29 of
?exible resilient sheet material having substantial stiff
ness. The ends of band 2§ are squared, and slots 30 are
provided in the band 29 adjacent and parallel to the
ends. Fixedly secured to the center portion of band 29,
and extending longitudinally thereof, is a tongue element
ing a somewhat pointed nose portion 14 and a blunt or
31 which is substantially narrower than the band and is
?attened tail portion 15. The opening 12 in the body
adapted at its end portions to be inserted through the
10 is sufficiently large to readily receive the trunk of an 55 slots 30. The end portions of tongue 31 are provided
adult human. The portions 16 and 17 of body 19, which
with corresponding series of keyhole slots 32, there being
form the front and rear sides of opening 12, are rela
three slots illustrated in each series, each slot having its
tively straight and generally parallel to each other and to
narrow portion relatively adjacent the extreme end of
tail portion 15, being perpendicular to the major axis of
the tongue.
the body. The portions of body 10 on both sides of
A short section 33 of rope is provided with knots at
opening 12 are numbered 18, and may be termed arms
both ends, each knot being adapted to be inserted through
since they provide support for the arms of the occupant.
the wide portion of one of the keyhole slots 32. The
The body 10 is illustrated to comprise upper and lower
distance between the knots is such that the rope will be
vacuum-formed plastic shell portions, one male and one
relatively taut when the knots are extended through the
female, which are adhesively and sealingly secured to
center keyhole slot 32 in each tongue end portion. Since
gether at a joint indicated at 19. The shells de?ne a
the slots 32 at both ends of the tongue are corresponding
sealed chamber 21 (FIGURE 2) around opening 12,
ly spaced, it follows that the rope section 33 will also be
which gives the body su?icient buoyancy to support a
taut when one end thereof is in the innermost slot in one
bather without causing the body 10 to be submerged com
tongue end portion and the other knot is in the outermost
pletely. It is pointed out, however, that the bather thus 70 slot in the other tongue end portion, and vice versa.
supported is largely submerged, and thus weighs much
The above-indicated variations in the locations of the
less than his normal weight in air.
knots, while still maintaining the rope section 33 taut so
Proceeding ?rst with a description of the body 10, this
is illustrated as being shaped generally as an ellipse, hav
that it provides ef?cient mounting of the head rest means
13, result in adjustment of the resilience and elevations of
the upper and lower portions of the means 13. This is
because the slots 35) are only ‘sufficiently wide to receive
the tongue ends, and are not ‘su?iciently wide to receive
the knots extended therethrough. Thus, the knots serve
as stops which prevent outward shifting of the ends of
ciently small that the sides of the chest or trunk of the
adult bather are close to arms 18. Such dimension is
sufficiently small, and arms 18 are sufficiently narrow,
that the bather may readily extend his forearms down
into the water and paddle. During such paddling, the
When a knot is extended through an innermost keyhole
slot 32, as- shown at the upper-right portion of FIGURE
arms of the bather are bent at the elbow, at right angles.
it ‘is further emphasized that the seat 11 and head rest
13 are readily and quickly removable, so that the device
may be employed as a paddle board, kick board, surf
board, life preserver, etc.
2, the corresponding portion (U-shaped) of the means
13 is relatively high and ‘thin. On the other hand, when
the knot is extended through the outermost keyhole slot,
tion to what has been illustrated and described in detail,
may be employed without departing from the scope of
the band 29.
Various embodiments of the present invention, in addi
the accompanying claims.
as shown at the lower-right portion ofFIGURE 2, the
it is claimed:
corresponding portion of means 13 is relatively thick and 15
1. A ?oat for use in swimming pools and at the beach,
does not extend far below the body. Such adjustments
comprising a buoyant body having a relatively large open
affect not only the elevation but also the resilience of the
ing therethrough adapted to receive freely the trunk of an
head rest means.
adult human bather; seat means mounted on said body
With the described'construction of means 13, various
and adapted to support said bather in sitting position in
adjustments may be achieved by merely inserting the
said opening; and head rest means mounted on said body
knots through various ones of slots 30. Furthermore, to
adjacent said opening to support the head of said bather,
shift from the relatively high and resilient setting shown
said head rest means comprising an elongated wide band
at the top in FIGURE 2, to the relatively short and less
of relatively stiff resilient material, an elongated and
resilient setting shown at the bottom in FIGURE 2, it is
substantially narrow tongue extended parallel to said
merely necessary to turn the body it} over in the water.
band, the center portion of said tongue being secured to
The seat 11 may then be positioned either by demounting
the center portion of said band, the ends of said band
it and then remounting it as previously described, or by
having slots therethrough adapted to receive the end per
inverting it through the opening 12. The latter operation
tions of said tongue, and connector means to connect the
causes the elevation of the bottom portion of the seat
to be lowered, so that this provides an adjustment in seat 30 ends of said tongue to each other, said connector means
elevation. It is also within the scope of the invention to
extending around a peripheral portion of said body, said
center portions of said band and of said tongue being dis
posed adjacent the inner wall of said body at said open
ing, said connector means comprising a series of keyhole
In using the pool ?oat, the bather steps into the open
ing 12 and sits on the center portion ‘of seat strap 11. 35 slots formed in each end of said tongue, a section of rope
having knotted portions extended through selected ones
.When the seat strap is appropriately adjusted, the action
of said keyhole slots, the knots at the ends of said rope
of the water tends to supporter ?oat the lower leg por
serving as stops to prevent sliding of the slotted ends of
tions of the bather. Accordingly, when the bather re
said band more than predetermined distances away from
clines his head and upper back against the upper portion
of the head rest'means 13, the action-is much like that of 40 said opening.
2. A swimming pool ?oat, comprising an elongated
a reclining chair or a chaise longue. As previously de
provide additional'keyhole slots 23 adapted to adjust the
elevation of the seat 11. '
scribed in detail, the head rest means 13 may be readily
adjusted to give it various elevations and degrees of re
It is a feature of the invention that the wide band 2%,
tongue element 31, seat strap l1~and reinforcing means
26 may be formed of the same material employed to
form the shell portion of body 10. An example of such
material is butyrate plastic, 80 gauge; The body may
be, for example, ‘approximately four feet long, 28'inches
wide, and about 6 inches thick. The diameter of the
opening 12 may be on the order of 20 inches. These
dimensions are given by vway of illustration, and not
hollow body having a large opening therethr'ough adapted
to receive the trunk of a bather, said body being formed
of male and female sections of vacuum-formed plastic
jointed together and de?ning a sealed chamber therein
around said opening, seat means comprising an elongated
wide strap formed of ?exible plastic, means to movably
connect the end portions of said seat means to the sides of
said body adjacent said opening, thereby suspending said
seat means beneath said body in movable relationship,
and head rest means mounted on said body behind said
seat means and comprising'an elongated wide band of stiff
?exible plastic having a center portion disposed in said
opening adjacent said body, said band having upwardly
55 and downwardlysextending U-shaped portions the ends of
which are disposed adjacent the upper and lower sur
?oat device is employed, it is emphasized that the length
To describe further the manner
which'the present
of seat 11 is such that when a normal adult human is
sitting thereon his upper back (in the vicinity of the
shoulder blades) is adjacent and‘ supported by the portion
'17 of body It}. suchfportioni 17 is rounded, as‘ illustrated
in FIGURE 2, and is‘ free? of regions or attachments
which might bite uncomfortably into the back. The
faces of said body in spaced relation from said opening,
tongue means having; a center portion connected to said
center portion of said band and having end portions
extended through slots in said ends of said band, and
means connected between the'ends of said tongue and
around said body remote from said opening to mount said
head'rest means on said body.
head of the person sitting on seat 11 may then rest on
head rest 29.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
When the device is thus occupied, the arms of the occu
pant rest comfortably on the arm portions 18 of body 10.
‘ 1,764,852
Phillips __- ____ _; ______ __ June 17, 1930
Furthermore, the seat 11 pivots to such an angle that
l-lowland'_; __________ __ Nov. 27, 1945
the bather is supported in a highly comfortable and re
Stephens ____________ __ Sept. 13, 1949
laxing position, much as in an arm chair or a contour 70 ‘ 2,482,074
Allenbach ____________ __ July 30, 1957
It is emphasized that the dimension of opening 12
transverse to the longitudinal axis of the device is sul?
Mosley ______________ __ Aug. 27, 1957
Jasper _______________ __ July 267, 1960
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