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Jlm- 22, 1963
Filed April 5, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
3743?. l
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MAM/mm ARM/1'
Jan- 22, 1963
Filed April 5, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
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Patented Jan. 22,,19$3¢_.
Seisakn Haneda, Nishinomiya, and MasahikoAriga, Ama
gasmti, Japan, assignors to‘O-‘M Ltd, Osaka, Japan, a
company of Japan
Filed Apr: 5; 1%9‘,‘ Ser. No;2t},074
1'Clain1; (til. 19-241}
38, or vice versa.
As the other cndsof- the push rods 1
23, 29 and‘Stl are kept in contact-withthe additional
pieces_21 on levers 18, movements of the levers 18:.
are transmitted to the supporting rod 25, atthe same
The guide frame 24 is mounted on atvertically movable ,
block 31 which has a rack 32 having .teeththereon slight-.
1y inclined to the horizontal. meshed .withv corresponding.
inclined teeth 33 onahorizontally slidable beam 34', and
This invention relates to sliver-measuring and correct 10 rack 32 is urged upwardly byaspringSS. The slidable..
ing apparatus for-use .inha .drawingtframerand the object
beam 34 is slidable along .aguide rod v36 ?xed to the ma
of the invention is to provide meansfor automatically
chine frame (not shown) bythe rotation and adjusting.
making slivers even in thickness during delivery.
screw 37 engagedwith'beam 34 (FIG. 3.). Thetsupport
With this-object-in-view,-the present "invention provides
tingrod '25Iis'supported against-an .arm. 3830f a bell-1
a sliver measuring and correcting apparatus, wherein a 15 crank '39,’ of "which'th'e other arm is connected to a pin
41 of a servo motor 42 to amplify the leverage of the
is attached to a bent lever and is pressed against a top
bell-crank 39'. The comparatively small force on the pin
measuring roller, lever means is provided to combine
41 operates a piston valve (not shown), causing a much
vertically movable bottom measuring roller for each sliver
the displacements of a plurality of bottom measuring
greater force to act on the piston 43 of the servo motor
rollers in one average displacement, and an ampli?er 20 412, whereby the end of an arm 44 of a bell-crank 45
device is provided for operating a speed change device
pivoted on ?xed shaft 55 is moved vertically with greater
which changes the speed of rotation of the top measuring
force than that necessary to move the pin 41. On a rod
46 are ?xed a lever 47 and a large right angled lever 48
According to the present invention, the speed of rota
connected to a shifting fork 4-9. Due to the action of
tion of a top measuring roller can be immediately and 25 the bell-crank 44 and the lever 47 on shaft 46, the lower
automatically adjusted to the average variation of thick
end of the lever 48 moves laterally so as to shift a belt
ness of slivers in a delivery so that they can be locally
50 on a conical drive pulley 51 and a conical driven
made even in their thickness and delivered to a spinning
pulley 52, the former of which is driven by a motor, and
machine without a complicated structure being required.
the latter of which drives the top measuring roller 15.
Other and further objects of the present invention will 30 Thus, the speed of rotation of the top measuring roller 15
become apparent from the following speci?cation and
is changed. An indicator 53 attached to the other arm
claim taken together with the accompanying drawings in
of lever 48 indicates the displacement of the supporting
which there is shown the preferred embodiment of the
rod 25 or of the bottom measuring roller 17.
sliver measuring and correcting apparatus according to
Slivers a sent from a can (not shown) are delivered
the present invention.
35 through trumpets 54 and between the guide grooves 14
FIG. 1 is a schematic elevation view of a sliver meas
in the top measuring roller 15 and the annular projections
uring and correcting apparatus embodying the present
16 on the bottom measuring rollers 17, and then are
FIG. 2 is a right side elevation view of a part of FIG.
drawn out to the third rollers 13.
When the slivers a
have an uneven thickness, the bottom measuring rollers
1; and
40 17 are moved vertically, and the motions thereof are
FIGS. 3, 4 and 5 are detailed plan views of parts of
transmitted by the levers 18 to push the push rods 28,
FIG. 2.
29 and?li. The motions of these rods are combined at
In FIG. 1 numerals 11, 12 and 13 indicate the ?rst, the
second and the third rollers in a drawing machine, respec
the same ratio in the guide frame 24, and push rod 25
moves the bell-crank 39' and changes the speed of rotation
tively. A delivery consisting, for example, of three 45 of the driven pulley 52 through the agency of the servo
slivers as seen in FIG. 2, is fed by a delivery roller (not
motor 42, the bell-crank 45, the levers 47 and 48, and
shown) through annular grooves 14 formed in a top
the shifting fork 49. Thus when the thickness of slivers
measuring roller 15 and corresponding projections 16 on
a is greater than that prescribed, the speed of rotation
a plurality of bottom measuring rollers 17 and then
of the top measuring roller 15 decreases, and increases
drawn into the third, the second and the ?rst rollers 13,
when the situation is the reverse, thereby regulating the
12 and 11 in order. Each roller of the plurality of bot
local drawing rate to make the slivers even in their
tom measuring rollers 17 is mounted on the end of one
thickness. When the general thickness of the slivers
of three bent levers 18 respectively, which levers are sepa—
varies, the height of the slidable block 31 must be ad
rately pivotally mounted on a fixed rod 19 at the lever
justed to it in order to balance the leverage of the bell
knee, with the annular projections 16 being pressed into 55 cra-nk \39' with that of the levers 18, which is varied ac
the grooves 14‘ by springs 20 one of which bears against
cording to the variation of the gap between the measur
each lever 18.
ing rollers 15 and 17. The lower end of the additional
To the lower part of each lever 18 is attached an addi
piece 21 is at an angle to accommodate to this adjustment.
tional piece 21, hinging on a pin 22 and pressed by a
It is thought that the invention and its advantages will
spring 23 against the lever 18 so as to lie in a straight 60 be understood from the foregoing description and it is
line therewith. In a guide frame 24» having a top and
apparent that various changes may be made in the form,
bottom plate (FIG 4), a supporting rod 25 bears on the
construction and arrangement of the parts without de
center of a main lever ‘26 having thereon a second lever
parting from the spirit and scope of the form hereinbe
27, against which lever 27 bear push rods 28 and 29
fore described and illustrated in the drawings, said form
point twice the distance away from the supporting rod
A ‘sliver measuring and correcting apparatus for use
each at the same length away from the fulcrum of lever 65 being merely a preferred embodiment thereof.
We claim:
27. A push rod 3% bears against the main lever 26 at a
with a drawing frame, comprising a driven measuring
25 as the fulcrum of the second lever. The levers 26 and
27 are guided between the top and bottom plates of frame 70 roller, a movable measuring roller mounted for move
ment toward and away from said driven roller, one of
24». Rods ‘25 and 28-3t} can be secured to the respec
said rollers having at least one groove therein and the
tive levers and slidably contacted with elements 2.1 and
other of said rollers having at least one projection there
on which engages in said groove, a variable driven means
said rack, and a beam slidably transversely of said rack
and having teeth thereon inclined to the direction of the
length of said beam and meshing with the teeth on said
connected to said driven roller and driving said driven
roller, and an ampli?er means connected to said movable
rack, whereby movement of said beam causes movement
roller for amplifying the movement of said movable
of said rack and housing and causes said rod to slide
roller and to said variable driving means and the speed
along the slanted surface of said lever.
of which variable driving means is varied by said ampli
?er means according to the movement of said movable
References ?red in the ?le of this patent
roller, said amplifier means being adjustable and com
prising a lever on which said movable roller is mounted,
the free end of said lever having a slanted surface there-> 10
Westcott et al _________ __ Mar. 28, 1905
on, a motion transmitting rod slidably engaged with said
Westcott et a1. ______ __ Apr. 14, 1908
slanting surface, servo means to which said rod is con
nected for actuating said servo means, said servo means
being connected to said variable driving means, a mov
able housing in which said motion transmitting rod is 15
slidable, a rack on said housing projecting away from
said housing at an angle to said slanted surface, said rack
having teeth thereon inclined at an angle to the length of
Smith ______________ .._ May 12, 1908
Smith ______________ __. May 12, 1908
Raper ______________ .._ June 23, 1959
Great Britain __________ __. July 7, 1954
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