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Jan. 22, 1963
Filed Aug. 22. 1960
?lia- I.
E60 30
~ ’
Patented Jan. 22, 19158
is bent forwardly and upwardly from the web 13 at an
angle of about 90° to form a lower ?ange 19.
Donald L. Mapson, La Habra Heights, Calif” assignor to
M 8; 1) Store Fixtures, Inc., a corporation of California
Filed Aug. 22, 1969, Ser. No. 59308
2 (Ilainrs. (till. 40-16)
This invention relates to store ?xtures and particularly
to shelves on which merchandise is displayed for sale.
The rigid reinforcement formed by the aforesaid bends
from the material of the shelf body 11 along its front
edge 14 not only thus reinforces the shelf body 11 but
comprises a price tag moulding 20 having the lower flange
19 and an upper ?ange 21 formed between the bends l5
and 16, these ?anges converging forwardly and being
spaced apart just the distance necessary to retain price
10 tags 22 of a standard rectangular size in a bowed con
dition when inserted between said ?anges.
he shelf it) of the invention is adapted to perform
its function of displaying merchandise and presenting
price tags 22 at selected points along the front edge of
tags inclined to render them more readily visible to the 15 the shelf by use of the price tag moulding 20 as aforesaid.
When the shelf 1% is thus used, opposite ends of the
customer. Heretofore such mouldings have been secured
moulding 2d are adapted to be ?nished by two ?nish clips
to shelves, both wood and sheet metal, by fasteners or by
27 each of which includes a ?at “ear” shaped plate 23
special ?xtures secured to the shelves by fasteners.
from which two tongues 29 are bent inwardly so that said
‘in some stores, the management prefers price tag mould
ings having a streamlined decorative appearance. T-hus 20 tongues lie in a plane disposed at right angles to the
plate 28. The two tongues 29 are shaped so as to curve
food stores generally like to have their shelves equipped
away from each other starting at the line where they are
with artistically shaped mouldings of extruded aluminum.
‘formed integral with the plate 28 and then terminate in
Heretofore, fasteners or special clips fastened to the shelf
parallel end portions 3%} having sharp outer edges 31.
have been required for securing such decorative mould
While thus complete in itself as above described, the
ings to the front edge of merchandise display shelves.
It has long been common practice to equip the front
edges of merchandise display shelves with price tag mould
ings for securely holding conventional celluloid price tags
placed therein at various points along the shelf, with the
It is yet another object of the invention to provide a
sheet-metal merchandise display shelf which is adapted to
be equipped with a price tag moulding of extruded alu
minum without the necessity of fasteners or special ?t
present invention is designed so that it may be optionally
equipped with a relatively decorative price tag moulding
32 without the necessity of employing conventional fas
teners such as screws or bolts to secure the same to said
tings on the shelf for use in mounting said moulding on 30 shelf. The moulding 32 is preierably formed by ex
trusion from aluminum and includes an obtuse angled
said shelf.
body 33 having a decoratively ?uted front surface 34 and
terminating at its upper and lower edges respectively in
streamlined price tag holding ?anges 35 and 36. EX
sheet steel price tag moulding formed integrally therewith
which may optionally be used as the instrument for mount 35 truded with the body 33 are rearwardly extending upper
and lower bosses (it? and 41 which are adapted to be slid
ing a price tag moulding of extruded aluminum on said
ably received between the ?anges 2i and 19 when inserted
Still another ‘object of the invention is to provide a
merchandise display shelf formed of sheet steel having a
The manner of accomplishing the foregoing objects as
Well as furLher objects and advantages will be made mani—
fest in the following description taken in connection with
endwise therebetween until opposite ends of the orna
mental moulding 32 are ?ush with those of sheet metal
the accompanying drawings in which
An alternative and sometimes preferable mode of as
sembly of the ornamental extruded moulding 3-2 on the
sheet metal moulding 2% is to insert the bosses 4-0 and 41
FIG. 1 is a fragmentary perspective View of the front
edge portion of a merchandise display shelf equipped with
moulding 2%.
broadside between the sheet metal price tag holding ?anges
a preferred embodiment of the extruded aluminum ticket
strip of the present invention and with the ends of said 45 l9 and 21. It is to be noted that external corners C and
C’ of the bosses 4t} and n are sharp angled and these
ticket strip covered by a protective ?nish clip.
corners have clearance above and below these corners,
FIG. 2 is an enlarged elevation of the left end of the
respectively, so as to continue in engagement with the
front edge of the shelf shown in FIG. 1 and is taken in the
converging inner faces of the ?at ?anges 19 and 21 until
direction of the arrow 2 in said ?gure.
the bosses are pushed entirely into the space between
FIG. 3 is a front elevational view of FIG. 2.
these ?anges. The corners C and C’ being spaced slightly
FIG. 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken on the line
further apart than the base portions of ?anges l9 and 21,
4-4 of FIG. 1 and illustrates the manner in which the
the spring bias of the latter, when these flanges are re
knife edges of the tongues of the ?nish clip maintain this
leased after bosses (it? and 4?. are inserted therebetween,
clip in place after it has been applied to one end of said
continues to hold said bosses in said deeply assembled
extruded aluminum ticket strip.
relation with said ?anges, as shown in FIG. 4.
FIG. 5 is a perspective view of the aforesaid ?nish clip.
When the shelf it? is thus equipped with the ornamental
Referring speci?cally to the drawings, the invention is
moulding 32 the ends of the latter may be given a trim
there disclosed as embracing a sheet metal shelf 10 com
?nished appearance by application of a pair of the clips
prising a ?at sheet metal body 11 which in normal use is
supported in a horizontal position. These shelves are 60 27 as clearly shown in FIGS. 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the drawings.
When the clips 27 are thus applied, the parallel end por
provided in various lengths for displaying merchandise in
tions 30 of the spring tongues 29 of these clips extend
stores, a common size being 3 feet long. Opposite ends
beneath the ?anges 35 and 36 of ornamental moulding 32
of each shelf 10 are reinforced by sheet metal angles 12
so that the sharpened edges 31 of these tongues bite into
which are placed just beneath the ends 13 of the sheet 65 the metal of the moulding 32 thereby increasing the re
metal ‘body 11 and spot welded thereto.
sistance made by the clips 27 to withdrawal from this
The front edge 14 of the sheet metal body 11 is rein
association with the moulding 32. The ear-shaped plates
forced by a downward and rearward bend 15 of 180° and
28 of these clips, when so applied, cover the ends of both
then a downward bend 16 of 90° to form a reinforcing
the ornamental moulding 32 and the sheet metal mould
angle with a substantial vertical web 17. Bent forwardly 70 ing 20 in which it rests.
from a ‘lower edge of the web 17 at an angle of about
The drawings show the ornamental moulding 32 ap
135° is a lower web 18 a lower edge portion of which
plied so that the boss 4% engages the ?ange 2i and the
boss d1‘ engages the ?ange 19. When the moulding 32
ing forwardly converging tag-gripping ?anges at upper
is so applied, the ?ange 35 thereof forms a ?ush con
and lower edges thereof; and a pair of upper and lower
rearwardly extending externally sharp cornered bosses
tinuation of the upper surface of the shelf front edge 14.
In most instances, such a ?ush relationship of the upper
formed on said ornamental moulding coextensively there
with, the external corners of said pair of bosses Ibeing
spaced apart a distance slightly in. excess of the opening
edge of the moulding 32 with theshelf liilis preferable.
In some instances, ‘however, it is‘ desired that the shelf '
between outer edges of said sheet metal moulding ?anges.
whereby said ?anges must be temporarily sprung apart to
admit said bosses broadside between said ?anges, the lat
ter then resuming their original spacing to trap said bosses
between said ?anges, said sharp boss corners having clear
10 be provided with a slight upwardly extending lip along
its front edge.
Wherever this is the case, the assembly
of the ornamental moulding 32 with the shelf 10 is effected ,
by an inversion of the moulding 32 from the position‘
in which it is shown in the drawings before thebosses
40 and 41 are inserted between the ?anges 21 and 19
of the sheet metal moulding 21% Thus the boss 41; en
ance to engage internal faces of said ?anges deep within
tions of a merchandise display shelf.
formed integral with‘ said ornamental moulding rearward’
1y therefrom and inwardly from upper and lower edges
the space between said ?anges, the spring ‘bias of said
?anges thus ?rmly mounting ,said: ornamental moulding
gages the ?ange 21 and the boss 40 engagesthe ?ange
19, and when the assembly is thus completed of the ornas 15 on said sheet metal moulding.
2. In a sheet metal shelf, the combinationv of: athin
mental moulding 32 on the shelf 10 the ?ange .36 of the
sheet metal horizintal shelf body; a sheet metal price tag»
moulding 32~and the adjacent portion 412 of the latter
moulding made coextensive and integral with the front
extends upwardly about one-half inch above the'front- edge I
edge of said body by bending the material of said edge
14 of the shelf 18.
There are thus seen to be three distinctly different op 20 downwardly’ and rearwardly 180° to provide an upper.
horizontal price tag holding ?ange, then bending said
tional modes'of assembling the structural elements of the
material 90° downwardly’ to form a vertical upper portion
novel merchandise display shelf 10 of the invention. In
of a moulding back wall, then bending said material 45°
each of these modes of assembly the shelf fully performs
forwardly. to form a forwardly inclined lower portion of
its functions of a support for merchandise on display and.
a-means for supporting price tags at any point along a 25 said wall, and ?nally bending said material 90° upwardly
to form the lower price tag holding ?ange of‘said mould»
front edge of the shelf to which they may be'applied.
irig; an extruded ornamental price tag mouldingscoexten
Where economy of investment is a prime consideration,
sive with said shelf body and having forwardly converging 7
the shelf 18 of the invention may be purchased initially
price tagholding ?anges along its upper and lower- edges;
without including either the moulding 32 or the clips 27
and when thus bought will perform all the essential funce 30 and a pair of parallel externally sharp cornered bosses
As the customer‘
desires or can afford equipment having a more ornamental .
respectively of. said ornamental moulding, said external
sharp corners of said bosses being spaced slightly farther
apart than said sheet metal moulding ?anges, whereby-a
slight springing of said back wall is requisite to introduc
ing said bosses broadside between'said sheet metal ?anges,
said sharp. boss cornersthereupon extending snugly into
the angles between said sheet metal moulding ?anges and
aspect it is unnecessary for him to purchase new shelves
but by merely buying ornamental mouldings 32' and clips
27 for his shelves, may accomplish the desired end by ‘
assembling these with the original shelves, without the
assistance of any tools and without using any conventional.
While only a single embodiment of the invention, is
disclosed herein, it is to be Understood that‘various. 40 said back wall so as to ?rmly mount said ornamental ex
truded moulding on said sheet metal moulding.
changes and modi?cations may be made inthis without
departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of f
References Cited in the?le of this patent
the appended claims.
The claims are:
1. In a sheet metal shelf, the combination of: a thin
sheet metal shelf body; a sheet metal price tag moulding
formed integrally with the shelf by bending the sheet
metal of the shelf body downwardly .coextensively with
the front edge of the shelf to form ?at tag-gripping ?anges
at upper and lower edges of said moulding, said ?anges. 50
converging forwardly at an angle of approximately 45 °;.
an ornamental price tag moulding formed of extruded alu
minum and coextensive in length with said shelf and hav
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