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Jan. 22, 1963
Filed Aug. 14, 1961
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Fig. l
6" 4
Jan. 22, 1963
Filed Aug. 14, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
E’atentecl .ian. 22, 1963
Tatsutaka Hayashida, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City, .lapau
(‘70 Hayashida Kikai Kogyo Co. Ltd., 44 Sugimotocho,
Fushimiko, Kyoto City, Japan)
vessel. The shafts 3 of these impellers are rotatably sup
ported by bearings 4 which are ?xed to the external wall
of the washing vessel. The impellers are revolved by
means of pulley wheels 5.
Annular grooves 6 are provided around the circum
Filed Aug. 14, 1961, Ser. No. 131,168
1 Claim. ((31. 68-18)
ference of the impellers and surround the impellers.
over?ow the edge thereof along with the ‘washing water.
impellers. in the conventional type of washing apparatus
In order to prevent this from occurring, the amount or"
which is not provided with a main exhaust pipe the water
intake 1%} at the bottom of the washing vessel will form
These grooves may be formed by deforming the external
surface of the washing vessel outwardly or by cutting a
The present invention relates generally to washing ap
slot into the external wall and welding an annular channel
paratus, and, more particularly, to apparatus for washing 10 to the edges of this cut out portion.
?ltering ?bres such as pieces of cotton or asbestos used
Wire netting 7 is placed at the circumference of the
in ?ltering operations.
impellers and covers the grooves 6. This is as is shown
In the conventional type of washing apparatus for wash
in FIGURES l and 2 whereas in FIGURE 3 annular
ing such ?bres, a pulsator is provided in the bottom of a
channels 6' are formed by ?ltering nettings '7’.
washing vessel and an annular water chamber is provided 15
The main exhaust pipes 8 are provided and communi
about the outer portion of the washing vessel. The en
cate with the channels ‘6. These pipes are provided with
tire surface of the internal wall of the water chamber
exhaust regulating cocks 9. The washing Water intake
in the washing vessel is in the form of ‘wire netting.
ill is provided for adding water to the interior of the vessel
Holes are provided in the external wall of the washing
and a water chamber 11 is formed at the upper outer end
chamber and water which has already washed the ?bres 20 of the washing vessel. Along its entire interior wall 12,
?ows out through these holes.
a wire netting 13 is connected and auxiliary exhaust pipes
In the operation of this type ‘of apparatus, the contami
15 are connected to the external Wall 14 of the water
nated ?bres which are placed into the washing vessel for
chamber 11.
cleaning are agitated by the pulsator and ?oat on top of
The contaminated ?bres to be cleansed are then thrown
the washing water. These ?bres thus clog the wire netting 25 into the washing vessel 1 and water is supplied to the
which is ?xed on the inside wall of the water chamber.
vessel by means of intake pipe ill. The pulsating im
Thus, this causes a rise in the water level in the vessel
pellers 2 are revolved and the ?ltering ?bres are washed
and the ?ltering ?bres which gather on the inside Wall
clean due to the water flow therethrough caused by the
water which was supplied to the washing vessel was re
duced, or'the revolving speed of the pulsator was reduced.
However, when such steps are taken to prevent over?ow,
currents which push and force the ?bres upwardly and
clog the ‘wire netting attached to the internal wall of the
water chamber '11 at the outer portion of the washing
the capacity of the Washing apparatus is thereby reduced.
Accordingly, the conventional type of washing apparatus 35 vessel.
is not su?icient for washing this type of material.
However, in the present invention main exhaust pipes S
With these defects of the prior art in mind, it is a
main object of the present invention to provide washing
apparatus for washing material of the type described
wherein the problem of over?owing of the ?bres with the
washing water is eliminated.
Another object of the invention is to provide washing
apparatus of the character described wherein there is no
need to limit the supply of washing water or to decrease
the revolving speed of the pulsator.
A further object of the present invention is to provide
a washing apparatus which is more efficient than those
known in the prior art for washing the material described
These objects and others ancillary thereto are accom
plished according to preferred embodiments of the in
vention wherein the washing vessel and superstructure
is provided of more or less conventional form. However,
are provided which are connected to annular grooves 6
or 6' in the wall of the washing vessel 1. The water
will ?rst flow through the annular ?ltering net 7 or 7'
instead of flowing out through the ?ltering net at the top.
Filtering ?bres will be carried along with this ?ow of
water and they will flow to and tend to clog the ?ltering
wire netting 7 and 7'. In both embodiments, i.e., in the
convex form of ?ltering netting '7’ or in the ?at form
of ?ltering netting 7, the nettings surround the location
where the impellers are in operation and the ?ltering
?bres which become clogged on the ?ltering netting '7 or
7’ are thus carried away by currents of water which are
‘generated by the impellers. The nettings are cleared of
the clogged condition and allow proper flow of water out
of the vessel.
Therefore, the ?ltering nettiugs '7 and '7' are never
clogged by the ?ltering ?bres and water may be exhausted
the pulsator and the exhaust pipe are so positioned in re
in optimum fashion.
to main exhaust pipes 8 are con
lation to each other that the limitation of the amount of 55 nected to the annular water channels 6 which are installed
washing water which can be supplied and the speed of
below the water level in the washing vessel. The ?lter
revolution of the pulsator are eliminated so that full
ing ?bres in the vessel will float on the surface and will
washing capacity can be attained.
not clog the upper ?ltering net 13 which is located at the
Additional objects and advantages of the present inven
upper end of the washing vessel and at the outer circum~
tion will become apparent upon consideration of the fol
lowing description when taken in conjunction with the ac
companying drawings in which:
FIGURE 1 is a vertical partial sectional view of the
washing apparatus of the present invention.
ference thereof, and a su?icient quantity of washing water
can be supplied and the impellers can be revolved at full
speed and provide high efficiency in washing of the ?lter
ing ?bres.
The particular embodiment illustrated in the drawings
FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional view of the pulsator 65
shows a washing apparatus which is equipped with two
and outlet illustrated in FIGURE 1.
pulsating impellers at opposing positions on the external
FIGURE 3 is a vertical sectional view through the
wall of the washing vessel and there are two annular
pulsator and outlet of another embodiment of the inven
grooves, one surrounding each impeller. Also there are
With more particular reference to the drawings, a wash 70 two main exhaust pipes, one for each groove, and two
regulating cocks and two auxiliary exhaust pipes. It is
ing vessel 1 is provided with pulsating impellers 2 located
not always necessary to provide two of each of the above
closely adjacent to the internal surface of the washing
mentioned elements since one of each may be enough to
inside wall thereof and below thenormal constant water
level in said vessel, said vessel including an indented an
accomplish the objects of the present invention.
It will be understood that the above description of the
present invention is susceptible to various modi?cations,
nular outlet surrounding said impeller, a main water ex
haust pipe connected to said outlet, and a ?at ?ltering net
changes, and adaptations, and the same are intended to 5 ?xed over said annular outlet.
be comprehended within the meaning and range of equiva
lents of the appended claim.
I claim as follows:
A washing apparatus for ‘?ltering ?bers, comprising,
in combination: a Washing vessel; and a pulsatingimpeller
mounted for rotation in said vessel closely adjacent the 10
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