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Jan- 22, 1963
Filed June 4. 1957
James QMe/fon ""4
kWh/M Ca/perlfer
Patented Jan. 22, tees
capsule 292 will be had by reference to FIGURE 2. The
capsule 202 consists of an enlarged cap portion 220
threadedly engaged with a sleeve 221. An O-ring 222
James 9. Melton, Norman, and Irvin M. Carpenter, Okla
homo Qity, 0km, assignors, by mesne assignments, to
The Geolograph Company, Oklahoma City, Okla., a
corporation of @hlahoma
Filed June 4, 1957, Ser. No. 663,509
1 Claim. (Cl. 73-141)
serves as a seal means in the connection.
The sleeve 221,
at its lower end, is threadedly engaged with a plug member
223 de?ning a coaxial bore 224. The line 261 is con
nected by means of a suitable ?tting 225 to communicate
with an axial bore 226 de?ned in the plug member 223.
The bore 226 opens into the space de?ned below plug
This space is ‘designated by the numeral
10 member 223.
This invention relates to a device ‘for compensating for
temperature changes in a closed hydraulic system. More
particularly, this invention relates to compensating a
Weight indicating system for a drill rig or derrick for
Further objects and advantages will become apparent
from the description of the invention in the speci?cation
taken in conjunction with the annexed drawings, and from
the appended claim.
in the drawings:
connected to piston 25d and the top of cap 224}. .
The line 203 is connected by means of a suitable
?tting 231 to the plug member 223 and communicates with
an axial bore 232 de?ned by plug member 223 that also
opens into space 236‘. A sleeve 235 is threadedly engaged
temperature changes to render the system more accurate. 15 with the lower end of plug member 223 and a suitable
This invention constitutes an improvement to the weight
seal is provided. A further plug member 236 is thread
indicating apparatus disclosed in co-pending application
edly engaged with the lower end of sleeve 235 and de?nes
S.N. 551,004, ?led December 5, 1955.
a coaxial bore 237. A lower cap 238 is threadedly en
In a closed hydraulic system for any measuring device,
gaged with the lower end of plug member 236. A drain‘
the expansion and contraction of fluid due to temperature
hole 239 is de?ned in the bottom of the lower cap 238.
changes can produce a serious error. It is a well recog
The line 208 is connected by a suitable ?tting 240 to
nized fact that ?uid in the system changes with variations
the top of the cap 229 and is in communication with space
of atmospheric temperature.
241 de?ned within the- cap 220.
An object of the invention is to provide, in a closed
A piston 25%} provided with a sealing ring 251 is
fluid system, equipment for compensating for changes in 25 slidably housed within sleeve 221. Piston 25d de?nes the
the volume of fluid in the system due to changes in at
lower boundary of the space 24-1. A second piston 252,
mospheric temperature whereby the system will be com
likewise provided with a sealing ring 253 is slidably housed
pensated and will not give erroneous results.
within the sleeve 235. A rod 255 is threadedly attached
Another object of the invention is to provide a mechan
in one end to the piston 25d and extends through the bore
ism for use in conjunction with a closed hydraulic servo 30 224- in plug member 223 and is threadedly connected to
system which will automatically and continuously indi
the piston 252. A second rod 255 is threadedly connected
cate with high accuracy the load maintained on the system
to the piston 252 and extends downwardly through bore
regardless of ?uctuations in temperature.
237 in plug member 236 and terminates in the space de
Another object of the invention is to provide a closed
?ned in the lower cap 238. its lower end is threaded and
hydraulic servo system mechanism, in combination with 35 receives nuts 257. A compression spring 260, serving as
a means for detecting the weight or stress placed upon a
a bias means, is located between the piston 252 and the
derrick, drill rig or part thereof, which maintains its
plug 236. Whereas a compression spring 26% is shown,
accuracy despite changes in temperature and which at the
it will be appreciated that a tension spring could just as
same time is of simple construction and may be readily
well be employed for this purpose. In this case, the
installed and serviced in the ?eld.
tension spring would be positioned in space 241 and
The space 241 is equal in volume to the spaces within
the sensing and indicating units and space 230.
When the system experiences a temperature increase,
the ?uid in the closed system comprised of units 2% and
FIGURE 1 shows a temperature compensator con
204, lines 201 and 203 and space 239 will expand re
structed in accordance with the present invention used in
quiring additional volume. At the same time, the ?uid
combination with a sensing means and an indicating
in the temperature line 208 and 241 will expand since it
means; and
experiences the same temperature increase. Expansion
FIGURE 2 is a view in section, and on an enlarged 50 of ?uid in space 241 creates a downward force on piston
scale, of the temperature compensator shown in FIGURE
256? to move same downward by overcoming the bias of
spring 269. This increases the volume of space 241.
Referring to the drawings in detail, in‘ FIGURE 1,
Since the pistons 250 and 252 are interconnected by rod
there is shown a sensing unit 2%, consisting of a piston
255, the piston 252 will follow the movement of piston
and cylinder assembly functioning as the input end of a 55 25% and the volume of space 23% will be increased, com
closed hydraulic system. The sensing unit 2% is con
pensating for the increase in ?uid volume due to the
nected via a conduit 201 to a capsule designated as 202.
temperature increase. When the temperature drops, the
A further conduit 2033 leads from the capsule 202 to an
?uid in the temperature line 2% and space 241 will con
indicating unit 204, consisting of a piston and cylinder
tract and spring 264) will raise the piston system thereby
assembly and functioning as the output end of the closed
reducing the volume of space 239. The increase and
hydraulic system. The indicating unit 264 is connected
decrease in the volume of space 230 compensates the
by a link 265 to an indicating means consisting of a
closed hydraulic system for expansion and contraction of
pivotally mounted pointer 2G6 and a calibrated scale 207.
the hydraulic ?uid due to temperature variations.
A ?uid ?lled temperature line 268 is connected to the cap
From the foregoing description, it should be apparent
sule 292 and extends for a length equal to the combined
that the invention provides a closed hydraulic system in
lengths or" lines Zill and 2%3. The line 203 extends with
which means are provided for automatically compen
the line 203, as indicated, and the two are enclosed together
sating for the thermo expansion and contraction of the
in a suitable covering, as indicated by 210, which may be
?uid. It is of interest that the device illustrated herein
a rubber covering. A ?ll and bleeder device 211 is con
70 may vbe further modi?ed in the construction and arrange~
nected to the end of line 2138.
A better understanding of the structure and function of
ment of several parts and still obtain the desired com
pensation or corrected action within the teachings of the
invention and without departing from the scope of the
appended claim and that the unit may ?nd use as a control
in numerous devices.
What is claimed is:
in‘ said second sleeve and de?ning a boundary of said
second chamber, a temperature line connected to said
second chamber and extending therefrom for a predeter
mined distance, said temperature line and said second
chamber being ?lled with vhydraulic fluid and constituting
A temperature compensator for the closed hydraulic
servo system where the entire system is subject to changes
in ambient temperature, said system comprising an input
‘a second closed hydraulic circuit, and a piston rod inter~
end having a sensing unit, an output end having an‘ in~
being mounted on said piston rod such that the effective
volumes of their respective chambers will vary in a direct
connecting said ?rst and second pistons, said pistons
dicating unit adapted to indicate changes in pressure
Within the system due to the diiferential application of 10 relationship.
pressure to said input end, said input and output ends being
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
interconnected by means of a hydraulic fluid line, a ?rst
variable volume chamber connected to said line, a ?rst
sleeve connected to said ?rst chamber, a ?rst piston
Re. 21,482
Martin _______________ .__ June 11, 1940
slidably mounted in said ?rst sleeve and de?ning a boun 15 2,088,032
Noble ________________ __ July 27, 1937
dary of said ?rst chamber, said hydraulic ?uid line and
said ?rst chamber being ?lled with hydraulic ?uid and
constituting a ?rst closed hydraulic circuit, a second
variable volume chamber, a second sleeve connected to
said second chamber, a second piston slidably mounted
Rophael ______________ __ Oct. 28,
Woodward ____________ __ July 1,
Scott ________________ _- July 14,
Conner _______________ __ Dec. 7,
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