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Jan. 22, 1963
Filed sept. 21, 1961
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FIG. l
FIG. ó’
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Frederzck N'. Zimmerman/*z
Jan. 22, 1963
Filed sept. 21, 1961
2 sheets-sheet 2
.Frederzck N. Zimmermann
United States
Frederick N. Zimmermann, Bannoclrburn, till., `assignor
»to ~March -`-lt/Ianuîacturing Co., Skokie, Ill., -a-corpora
tion ‘of AIllinois
:Filed: Sept. 21, :19.61, Ser. TNO. 140,65I
4 tClaims. Y(til. ’w3-_87)
.Patented Jan. 22, `1 SSS
arrangedaboutthe motorbearings of the pump'assembly,
the coating providing heat dissipating means to cool'the
motor during full load operation for long periods of time
without-injury orloss of eliiciency due todeleterious in
crease in temperature, the coating providing “breathe-in”
meanswhereby the motor is completely sealed against
moisture and the like; the coating actually increasing .the
heat radiating area of the unit.
Ibis invention relates to electric, immersion, liquid
pumps, .and inparticular to anfimproved >construction of
.liquid-tight resin sheathed portable .electric -,immersion
l,Submersible.electricliquid pumps usually> are partially
,exposed to the liquid _being pumped and therefore protec
A still furtherobject of the invention is to provide fer
the rapidand .secure assembly Vof the motor and pump
parts .and rapid and »eiñcient closing and sealing of the
partsfrom which liquid to be .pumpedis to be excluded.
Another object >of the invention is to provide a- method
.of making and assembling a pump for carrying out some
~or..all of thepreceding objects, Vand more particularly .to
provide a method ofcenteringlocating and aligning the
tion of the pumps, vandin particular the electrical connec
tionsto the „pump from the moisture and corrosiveeiiects
_of such liquids .presents a serieus problem in themainte
motor and impeller parts of a pump with respect to co
`nance of such pumps, said undesirable effects causing the
actingparts and instrumentalities and the method of en
pumps to operate unusually ,high temperatures.
capsulating the stator -coils with epoxy resin, wherebyit
The object ofthis invention is to provide an electric, 20 is completely Asealed against liquid-moisture and thelike.
.liquidpumpwherein the stator, the coil, and the armature
.Other objects include providing method and means
of the Apump motor Ais >completely encapsulated »in resin,
for making an eilicient,-compact, longlived, rugged water
and which `has novel means to transfer the heat ¿generated
`pump economically and effectively.
within the motor to the outer surface, thus adapting it
`Other objects and avfuller understanding of the inven
to situations where .the surrounding liquidbeing thereby
pumped ,changes its -level, one timecovering‘the motor
,and later leaving the motor >surrounded by hot fair, or to
situations where -a high percentagevof overload must be
Ation maybe had by referringto the-following description
.talten in conjunction with‘the accompanying drawings in
FIGURE >l is a fragmentary view in side elevation of
the pumping unit of-this invention, illustrating >the Vunit
Another object of this invention -is to _provide means 30 .in operative relation in -a reservoir, or other container,
»whichcan be ,applied vin liquid _form to ¿encapsulate the
shown in cross-section, from which .liquid is‘to‘be'pumped
.pump motor and which will guard the outer heated sur
.and in which the unit is immersed;
"facesof the motor yand assist in the'dissipation of heat.
-FIGURE 2 is a side elevational view >of the pumping
A further object kof ,thisinvention is to provide a pump
unit with rthe motor totally encapsulated by resin sealant
with an electric motor, having assembled therewith a 35 material;
pair of end caps, or .bearing :cap >shieldsf?or preventing ¿the
FIGURE 3 is a top vplan view of the ‘pumping unit
>iluid being .pumped .from seeping into a `compartment
illustrated in FIGURE 2;
formed »around the motor Vrotor and motor bearings Yand
yFIGURE 4 >is an enlarged vertical central sectional
suitableto fenclose land seal oil »within said compartment;
view of the pumping unit illustrated in .FIGURE 2, >show
one kof saidcaps having an integral ñange therewith 'for
ing the preferred embodiment of the invention;
attaching the pump housing thereto.
FIGURE 5 is a fragmentary view inside elevation
lEarlier inventions embodying pump assemblies adapted
illustrating -the motor and its stator coils assembled to
to be submerged in water, each having their stator and
gether, Áthe bearing cap shields being removed, and yprior
:stator .coils arranged within an-oil coolant ñlled .sealed
to being >encapsulated by the sheathing material;
.chamber where the oil-was the sole means‘toxtransmitlthe 45
FIGURE `6 is a top ¿plan view of the motor kand its
heatdevelopedby the pump while in use to apump shell,
stator coils assembled together as illustrated by 4FIG
the shell ,being of highly heat conductive‘ma-terialin direct
URE 5;
.contact with the liquid in which the pump'unit is im
.FIGURE 7 is a fragmentary view in side elevation of
mersed and vcooled thereby. However, lwhen all lof-the
the motor unit'shown by FIG. 5, having a'bearing 'cap
liquid has been pumped out from .aroundthe pump, and
shield assembled over the top bearing and shown in cross
the pump allowedvto continue running, the Ashellbecame
very hot, thefoil became «very hot and stayed hot, and
FIGURE 8 Yis a top plan view of the “.Zytel Nylon”
`soon `thepump was damaged due to excessive heat. The
impeller shown-by FIGURE 4 within the pump housing;
present invention vdoes not embody :a shellr as stated above
FIGURE 9 is a side elevational view of the impeller
55 shown
and _eliminates this undesirable excessive heattrouble.
Another object of this invention is `to provide a sub
FIGURE l0 is ’a perspective View of the end capas
mersible electricpurnping unit in which the motor rotor
sembled over the-top bearing of the motor, rwhen larranged
and motor-bearings are rcontained within „an oil coolant
vertically, the `cap being assembled yin liquid tight engage
hlledchamberformed with the use of a pair ofend caps,
ment with the upper surface of themotor laminations;
or bearing cap shields, said caps andthe stator coils being
FIGURE ll is a reduced size, ‘side elevation of the
encapsulated with sealant material which iscast and ywhich
end cap assembled over the bottom `bearing of the motor,
solidiíies at normal room temperature, `or suitable low
When arranged vertically as shown in FIG. 4; and
temperatures, thereby providing a liquid proof Vjunction
FIGURE l2 is a reduced size, `bottom plan view of the
so that the entire pumping unit may be immersed directly
endcap illustrated by FIG. ll.
into a liquid to be _pumped without causing any damage 65 The present liquid pump is ‘adapted for use in a very
to the unit from moisture or liquid when immersed, or
from -lack of cooling air when operated outside of total
humid atmosphere, and, ‘more or less «submerged com
pletely in water. Asbest »shown in FIGS. 3 and 6, 'the
present pump is V'substantially rectangular in top plan
A further object of the _invention is to provide -a'water
form. However, it is to 'be understood Ithat the pump
proof coating to the stator coils, and the electrical leads 70 may take any othersuita'ble shape fas requiredby its vspe
to the 'drivingmoton and to portions of 4metal end caps
cific applica-tion.
Referring now to` the drawings of the pump assembly
and in accordance with my invention, the reference nu
meral 2@ designates a suitable conventionally illustrated
reservoir, fountain or the like, in which a quantity of
liquid 22 is contained, said liquid to be pumped by the
and motor bearing cap shields 33 and 4l are assembled
pumping unit which is generally indicated by the reference
numeral 25.
Referring, to FIGS. 4 and 5, wherein details of the
construction are illustrated, the pump unit 25 consists of
together as a motor unit. The motor uni-t is then sub
stantially covered by an epoxy resin coating, as for ex
ample a coating similar to “Scotchast” resins produced
by Minnesota Nining Co. Such an epoxy resin will cure
without pressure of any kind during the curing process.
After applying the coating, and/ or dipping the motor into
the coating material, and allowing the motor to be ex
posed to the air for a period of time, at room temperature,
a motor 3l having a rotor 312 rotatable on a vertical axis 10 or relatively low temperatures much below 350 degrees,
and driving a shaft 33. lt will be noted that the motor
31 has
the ileld
3l is34provided
to one
a pair
side of
of plate
the rotor
bolts 26, an upper bearing cap 3d and a lower bearing
the resin becomes completely hardened and encapsulates
the entire electric motor, including the motor coil, motor
laminations, top bearing cap shield, the bottom bearing
cap shield and the lead end wires. Due to the nature of
cap 37, said caps mounted over said bolts 26 and secured 15 the epoxy resin, it encapsulates the motor, leaving the
ilanged portion of the lower bearing cap shield free for
therewith by nuts 2'7; also a motor hollow upper bearing
assembly and securement of the base plate and pump
cap shield 3S, with depending side and end walls and its
lower end open, having a pair of holes 35 in its top
housing with the motor, whereby the impeller will be
end wall, and placed over the upper ends of said bolts 26
driven by the free .and exposed end of the shaft 33. The
and secured thereto by a pair of nuts 23. A motor hol 20 coating covers the non-insulated parts preventing moisture
low lower bearing (cap shield 4l having upwardly extend
and liquid from contacting vital metal and moving parts,
ing side and end walls and a llanged bottom extension 42,
or entering any cavity thereof. No outside shell is needed
having a pair of holes 43 in the bottom end wall thereof
as a form of protection or as a heat conductive medium.
lThe thickness of the epoxy resin coating is clearly shown
placed over the lower endsrof bolts 2.6 and secured there
to by a pair of nuts, similar to nuts 23. Said upper bear* 25 by FIG. 4. lt is well known that the use of epoxy resins
ing cap shield and said lower bearing cap shield when
involves the mixing of two components, a resin and a
assembled over said bolts 26 and secured thereto, com
hardener; no chemical action takes place until the two
pletely seal and form a chamber over and around said
.are mixed. Once the two components are mixed, the
bearing caps 36 .and 37. The lowerbearing cap shield
mixture is poured into a holder, or container, and the
41 is provided with a counter bore forming a grommet 30 motor unit is coated by dipping it into the mixture, or the
mixture is sprayed or poured thereon and the coating type
cavity 44 to retain a grommet 45, or shaft seal therein,
the grominet having a venturi-shaped bore therein to re
hardens without the addition of heat. The sealant forms
a water-tight bond with the entire exterior of the motor
ceive the shaft 33 therein, the grommet 45 being made
of seal-forming resilient material and enclosed within a
and the lead wire associated therewith.
metal shell 4o which lits tightly within counter bore, or 35
The electric motor embodying an armature, a stator, of
cavity 44. The lower bearing cap shield 4l, as well as
magnetic material, a motor coil, bearings, bearing caps
bearing cap shield 3S, being made of metal. The bearing
and associated parts, with novel motor bearing cap shields
cap shield 41 has a horizontal metal flange portion 42
over the bearings, being so constructed and assembled
with a plurality of protuberant parts vertically arranged
to leave only a flange portion extending from the lower
about its peripheral edge portion having interior thread 40 kbearing cap shield to which the pump housing is attached,
ed bores 4’7 to receive threaded bolts 4d therein. A
‘the motor is encapsulated with resin before the housing
nylon type base plate `(i9, having a peripheral configura
is attached, providing a waterproof pumping unit.
tion similar to said ñange portion 4Z, with holes aligned
The necessity of such a totally insulated motor unit for
with bores 47, is assembled below said iiange 42 and in
use in liquids or where used in moist atmospheres, is
contact therewith.
45 well known. Because it was difficult to provide a com
A pump housing Se is constructed from a suitable ma
pletely waterproof electric pump, many previous pumps
terial, such as nylon. - Said housing 54 embodies a base
were forced to be completely enclosed in oil, Ithe oil ab
portion 5S with a central liquid inlet opening S6, side
sorbing the heat from the pump and motor parts, and
Walls with an outlet 57, a circular pump chamber 53, said
the outer shell being of highly heat conductive material
pump chamber being closed at its top by said base plate 50 conveyed the heat to the water in which it is submerged.
49. The threaded bolts 4S extend upwardly through
However, when the water level becomes low, or the res~
bores in the protuberant parts of the pump housing,
ervoir becomes dry of water to be pumped, the shell stays
through aligned openings in base plate 49 and threaded
hot 'and cannot cool the oil; whereby the running or
into the internal threaded bores 47 in flange 42 of lower
moving parts become overheated, the gaskets become dam
end cap 4l; the pump chamber 53 sometimes referred
aged by the heat and then when water, or a liquid, again
to as an impeller cavity. The bottom of the impeller
returns tothe reservoir to be pumped, the water leaks into
cavity is of interior concave configuration, with the exte
the bearings or becomes mixed with the oil providing
rior being of convex configuration. Since the pump will
poor lubrication, resulting in complete ruination of the
operate in any position, the inlet opening 5d is always ex
pump. My coated unit provides a completely sealed
posed to the liquid. The outlet 57 consists of Áa cylindrical 60 motor chamber with oil therein; the heat of the moving
extension extending horizontally, as shown by FIG. 4.
parts 1s conducted by the oil to the .associated metal walls
A hose dit is secured to the end of said outlet 57 and se
cured thereto by clamp 59.
nThe shaft 33 becomes the driving shaft for the impeller
6a, consisting of four radial blades, secured to the lower
end thereof and within said inipeller cavity 58. The
space surrounding the shaft 33, the rotor 32, and be
tween the upper and lower motor bearing cap shields 3S
and'dl and inside motor wall, will be considered the
and parts, through the resin coating and to the liquid in
which the pump is immersed. Should the water become
pumped out, the 'air conducts the heat from the coated
unit;- and when water again returns to the reservoir the
coating will not allow any water to leak into the m’otor
chamber past the gaskets and grommets about moving
parts. It is well known that moving parts free of rust, or
dirt, there is less friction and less heat produced. There
motor ychamber 65. It is clearly seen that the pump rotor 70 fore, if no moisture can come in contact with heated or
and the bearings are enclosed in an oil coolant poured
worn grommets, due to a complete coating of the parts
into the motor chamber 65 simply by momentarily re
by a breathing type resin, my pump will run and excessive
moving the grommet 45 and thereafter sealing it again in
heat of the motor unit is never encountered.
grommet cavity 44 and about shaft 33.
In my invention, a portable immersion type electric
As shown by FlGURE 4, the motor 3l with field 34 75 pump 1s obtained and is free of elevated temperatures
which effect parts, resulting in a damaged, Worn-out pump
unit. The epoxy resin, or other suitable materials such
as “Scotchast” resin sealout, is cast and no pressure is
required during the curing process; the resin becomes
completely hardened and encapsulates the electrically
impeller cavity, said impeller cavity having a liquid inlet
and a liquid outlet embodied therewith, said electro
motor unit energized by a source of electric current from
a flexible cord set attached thereto, and a layer of epoxy
resin encapsulating said motor unit thereby the exterior
surfaces of said field, said coil, said bearing cap shields
and said ends of said flexible cord set are coated by said
epoxy resin leaving said bearing caps and rotor in an
of making a waterproof, motor unit suitable for use and
uncoated condition, said improvement providing a water
assembly to `form an electrically driven pump suitable to 10 proof junction so that the entire liquid pump assembly
be immersed in the Iliquid being pumped. It is important
can be `immersed directly in a liquid without causing a
to remember that this pump can be used with the pump
potential danger to the motor unit and a potential shock
housing at the bottom, or the unit can be turned in any
>to the user.
position; the location »of the pump housing need be only
3. in a motor-driven pump adapted to be immersed
with the liquid inlet thereof under water during use by
in a body of water »to be pumped, comprising an elec~
an operator.
tric motor unit and a liquid pump housing rigidly assem~
Although I have `described my invention with a certain
bled together, said motor unit having a rotor, a iield of
degree of particularity, it is understood that the present
magnetic material, a coil mounted on said field, an im
energized, non-insulated parts, in a waterproof, high tem
perature resistant, totally-insulated motor unit. This proc
ess lends itself to a low~cost, easily adaptable method
disclosure has been made only by way of example, and
peller shaft extending vertically through said rotor and
that changes in details of construction »and the combina- 20 rigidly secured therewith and adapted to rota-te therewith,
tion and arrangement of parts may be resorted to without
an upper bearing cap, a lower bearing cap, said bearing
departing from the spirit and scope of the invention here
caps supporting said impeller shaft, an upper bearing cap
What I claim is:
shield enclosing said upper bearing cap and secured in
sealing contact with said iield, a lower bearing cap shield
l. An electric actuated liquid pump assembly compris 25 enclosing said lower bearing cap and secured in sealing
ing an electric motor unit and a liquid pump housing
contact with said field, said lower bearing cap shield
rigidly secured together, said motor unit having a drive
having upwardly extending side walls and a ñanged bota
shaft, -a rotor, a lield `of magnetic material, a coil mounted
tom extension, said extension having a plurality of pro
on said field, said rotor mounted on said drive shaft and
truberant parts vertically arranged about its peripheral
rotatable therewith, an upper bearing cap mounted upon 30 edge portion and having internally threaded vertical
said field and supporting the upper end portion of said
bores therein, a base plate having a peripheral configuradrive shaft, a lower bearing cap mounted upon the lower
tion similar to said flanged bottom extension with ver
surface of said field and supporting the lower end portion
tical holes therein, said pump housing having an impeller
of said drive shaft, an upper bearing cap shield enclosing
cavity with an open top portion and a concave interior
said upper Ibearing cap and secured in intimate contact 35
bottom wall, a liquid inlet, a liquid outlet, and pro
with the upper surface of said íield, a lower bearing cap
tuberant parts with vertical bores therein, said base
shield enclosing said lower bearing cap `and secured in
plate having a .central opening and arranged between said
intimate contact with the lower surface of said field, a
lower bearing cap shield and said pump housing form
pump housing7 attached solely to said lower bearing cap
ing an upper closure wall for said impeller cavity, said
shield, said pump housing embodying an impeller cavity, 40 ,threaded
bores in said flanged bottom and said vertical
the lower end of said drive shaft extending into said
holes in said base plate and said vertical bores in said
impeller cavity «and arranged to rotate therein, an im
protuberant parts of said pump housing being in ver
peller aiiìxed to the lower end of said drive shaft within
ticai alignment with those above and below each other,
said impeller cavity and arranged to rotate with said drive
bolt means extending through said vertical bores and
shaft, said impeller cavity having a liquid inlet and a
holes in vertical alignment thereby securing said pump
liquid outlet embodied therewith, and a layer of epoxy
housing rigidly with said lower bearing cap shield, the
resin encapsulating said motor unit thereby coating the
lower end of said impeiler shaft extending through said
external surfaces of said field, said coil, and said bearing
opening in said central base plate and into said impeller
cap shields whereby said rotor and bearing caps remain
cavity, an impeller lahixed to the lower end of said im
in an uncoated condition and the said epoxy resin acts 50
peller shaft and rotatabie therewith, said electric motor
as a heat transfer lmedium for heat generated by said
electric motor unit.
2. In a portable electrically actuated liquid pump as~
unit energized by a source of electrical current from
a flexible .cord set attached thereto, and a layer of epoxy
resin encapsulating said unit whereby the exterior of
sembly comprising, in combination, an epoxy resin
said field, said coil and bearing cap shields are covered
sheathed motor unit and a removable unsheathed liquid 55 therewith so that the entire water pump can be im
pump housing, said motor unit embodying an impeller
mersed directly in a liquid without causing a potential
shaft, a rotor assembled upon said impeller shaft inter
danger to the electric motor unit and a potential shock
mediate its ends, a field, a coil, an upper bearing cap
to the user.
mounted upon said field and supporting the upper end
4. An electric liquid pump device, comprising an elec
portion of said impeller shaft, a lower bearing cap 60 tric motor unit including a rotor, a field and a coil
secured to said field, a pair of hearing caps supporting
porting the lower end portion of said impeller shaft, an
said rotor by means of an impeller shaft mounted within
upper «bearing cap shield enclosing said upper bearing
said rotor, an upper bearing cap shield, a lower bearing
and secured in intimate contact with said field, a lower
shield, said shields enclosing said bearing caps, and
bearing cap shield enclosing said lower bearing cap and 65
a separate pumping unit including a pump housing with
secured in intimate Contact with the lower surface of said
an impeller cavity therein, a liquid inlet opening, a iiquid
field, said pump housing atiixed solely to the lower bear
outlet opening, a base plate covering said impeller cavity
ing cap shield, said pump housing having an opening
and having a central bore therein, said pump housing
in the upper wall portion thereof, said pump housing
embodying an impeller cavity therein, said impeller shaft 70 and base plate secured solely with lthe lower bearing cap
shield, the said impeller shaft extending from said rotor
extending «through said opening in the upper wall por
tion of said housing, said impeller shaft actuated by said
and its lower free end thereof extending through said
rotor and the lower end thereof extending into said im
opening in said base plate and into said impeller cavity,
peller cavity, an impeller atiixed to the lower end of said
an impeller mounted on the lower free end of said im
impeller shaft and rota-table ltherewith and within said 75 peller shaft, a lead wire electrically connected to the coil
mounted upon the lower surface of said field and sup
Aand extending therefromior connection tofa source of
.elecîrical energy, said lower bearing cap shieldy provided
with .a central bore »forming a grommet cavity, a metal
.shell tightly secured in said grommet cavity, aA grommet
arranged in said shell, said `grummel; having :a venturi- ._
shaped bore thereinthrough which said impeller shaft
extends, and a protective epoxycoating enveloping the
entire Outersurface .of said ñeld, said coil, said bearing
44cap shields and lead wires, leaving said rotor and bearing
caps uncoated Within said motor unit, said epoxy resin l10
coating being iluidized substance when applied and a
«hard substance after being cured at room temperature.
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