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Jan. 22, 1963
Filed 001;- 27, 1961
. rig-1
6201125514 BIB/0656'.
Patented Jan. 22, 1963
between which a back wall portion 13 and a front wall
portion 14 are clamped and secured by means of rivets
George A. Bridges, 1432 Redwood St., Vallejo, Calif.
Filed Get. 27, 1961, Ser. No. 148Ji2§
1 Claim. (Cl. 150—1)
‘15. Attached to the slat 11 of the back supporting bar,
I have shown two rearwardly extending hooks 16 by
which the bag may be supported over the tub enclosing
My present invention relates to a bath room accessory
wall of the shower as above noted. In this connection
it will be noted that one side of the bag it} is completely
closed along a side 17 which will be determined by the
location of the shower head, for example, vas here illus
10 trated, the shower head should be located to the left of the
type shower.
bag 1% as viewed in FIGURE 1. The other side of the
An object of the invention is to provide a utility bag
bag as formed by the back wall 13 and the front wall 14
which can be supported upon the enclosing wall of a tub
is left open and the front wall 14 is provided with a ?exi
type shower as a means for holding articles such as a
ble loop or tab 18 by which the bather may open the
hand brush, soap sponge or washcloth in one compart
ment and an exposed back brush and a bath towel in a 15 bag 10 along this side for the insertion or extraction of
and more particularly to a utility bag for holding various
bath items such as may be required or desired in a tub
dry and protected condition during the showering process.
Another object of the invention is to provide a utility
bag of practical design and inexpensive construction which
may be securely supported upon the wall or a compa
rable portion of a shower installation.
a dry towel therefrom.
Another feature is that the cleat 12 or supporting bar
carries a hook 19 upon which a back brush 2% as shown
is suspended. Intermediate the top and bottom ends of
29 the back wall 13 there is a horizontal stiffening stay 26
to those skilled in the art and in part pointed out herein
against which the lower edge of the front wall 14 of the
bag is secured by rivets 21. At the ends of the stay 20
after in connection with the accompanying drawing
there are two U-shaped clips 22 which serve as a means
Other objects and advantages will be in part evident
for securing an upturned portion of the back wall ‘13
wherein there is shown by Way of illustration and not
of limitation a preferred embodiment of the invention. 25 which as here shown, will ‘form a pocket 23 into which
various articles such as soap, hand brush, sponge or wash
In the drawing:
cloth may be held for convenient use by the bather. As
FIGURE 1 is a front view showing my invention as
noted, the pocket 23 is formed as a continuation of the
constructed in accordance with a preferred embodiment
thereof, and
back wall and is sealed or stitched at its sides to com
FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional view taken along 30 plete the pocket and along its bottom the pocket 23 I also
provide a number of openings 24 for drainage.
line 2~2 of FIGURE 1, looking in direction of arrows.
As indicated and as particularly shown in FIGURE 2 of
In the construction of tub showers it is generally the
the drawing the front Wall 14 is of slightly longer dimen
practice to provide a wall-like enclosure of glass or the
sion than is the encompassed portion of the back wall 14
like with a sliding door through which the tub may be
entered which when closed will provide a shower enclo 35 so that it will bag or sag outwardly and thus allow the
back wall 14 of the bag to retain a ?at surface against
sure. These partitions generally stop short of the ceil
the wall of the shower in which it is used.
ing of the bath room and form a substantially complete
While I have, for the sake of clearness and in order to
shower enclosure about the tub. With this arrangement
disclose my invention so that the same can be readily
the bather is somewhat handicapped because of the inac
cessibility of the various bathing implements such as a 40 understood, described and illustrated a speci?c form and
arrangement I desire to have it understood that this in
hand-brush, soap, washcloth or sponge and it is therefore
vention is not limited to the speci?c form disclosed, but
a primary object of my invention to provide a utility bag
may be embodied in other ways that will suggest them
in which the various accessories may be conveniently lo
selves to persons skilled in the art. It is believed that this
cated within the shower enclosure. This is an important
invention is new and all such changes as come within
consideration, in the case of the tub showers, as the tub
the scope of the appended claim are to be considered as
drain is usually not of a size which will permit the shower
part of this invention.
water to run Off as fast as it is used. Because of this
Having thus described my invention what I claim and
fact the bather generally ?nds himself in a tub with three
desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
or four inches of water and in order to avoid the neces
A water proof stall shower utility bag, comprising a
sity of remaining in the tub until the water has com 50
rectangular bag-like structure of water proof material
pletely drained o?, my utility bag is also designed and
having an open side for the reception of a dry towel,
adapted to provide for a bath towel so that the bather
a rigid horizontally extending supporting bar at the upper
will be able to start the toweling or drying oft operation
end of the open side of said structure, means carried by
without stepping from the tub with wet feet such as would
said supporting bar by which the bag-like structure may
occur should the bather have to step from the shower
be suspended without swinging upon an open top wall of
tub to the bath room proper.
a stall shower, said bag-like structure having a continu
For a more detailed description of the invention, refer
ous back wall portion secured at its upper end to said
ence is now made to the accompanying drawing wherein
the numeral 14} designates generally my improved utility
supporting bar and being folded outwardly and upwardly
bag. The bag 10 will be constructed of a water proof 60 at its lower end and secured at the sides of said fold to
the back wall portion of said bag-like structure and form
material and preferably of a transparent or translucent
ing a pocket extending across the lower end of said struc
plastic material which should possess a certain degree of
The bag 10 is suspended as a whole from a
supporting bar which is composed of two slats 11 and i2
ture, a reinforcing stay spaced below and extending
parallel with said supporting bar and secured to said back
wall portion at the upper edge of the upfolded pocket
forming portion of said back wall for retaining the back
Wall portion spread and against wrinkling when articles
are placed in said pocket, a front wall portion secured
to and extending between said supporting bar and said 5
reinforcing stay and secured in water tight contact with
said back wall portion along one vertical side and form
ing an open sided pocket between said supporting bar
and said reinforcing stay for holding a dry towel during
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a showering operation, and means upon said front wall 10
at the open side of said latter pocket to facilitate the
insertion ‘and removal of a towel therefrom.
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