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Jan. 22, 1963
Filed June 16 , 1961
Patented Jan. 22, 1963
enclosed chamber 12. Arranged within the chamber are
two spools 13 which are supported for rotation on axes
Delmar J. Lasher, Lexington, Ky., assignor to Interna
tional Business Machines Corporation, New York, N.Y.,
opening 16 extends axially through each of the spools
and presents opposite ?at surfaces which may be engaged
a corporation of New York
extending perpendicular to the top and bottom walls. An
by a driving member for e?ecting rotation. Formed in
the top and bottom walls of the cartridge are openings
17 and 18 in axial alignment with the opening 16. At the
This invention relates to containers, and more particu
lower end of each spool is a reduced portion 20 which is
larly to a container for a cartridge enclosing spools on 10 rotatably received within the opening 18. An inked rib
Filed June 16, 1961, Ser. No. 117,668
3 Claims. (Cl. 206-52)
which an inked ribbon is wound.
There is shown in US. Patent 2,986,260, issued May
30, 1961, to W. B. Whippo, a cartridge having a single
chamber in which two spools are rotatably supported at
their ends in top and bottom walls. An inked ribbon ‘is
wound at its ends on the two spools and extends between
bon 21 is wound at one end on one of the spools 13 and
then extends through a slot in the side wall at one end
of the cartridge. It passes along one side of the cartridge,
as shown in FIG. 1, and then enters a slot in the side
wall at the opposite end of the cartridge to be wound on
the other spool 13. When the cartridge is in use on a
typewriter, a driving spindle extends through one or both
of the openings 17 and 18 to engage each of the spools
them through slots in a side wall of the cartridge. The
ends of the spools are in alignment with openings in the
through the sides of the opening 16.
top and bottom walls through which connections may be
made to driving means. For handling and shipping of 20
During handling and shipping of cartridges, it is de
the cartridges, it is necessary that they be enclosed in
sirable that they be held within the containers 1 in posi
containers. Since a section of the inked ribbon extends
tions which provide clearance between the inked ribbon
along the outer side of a wall of the cartridge, it is neces
21 shown in FIG. 1 and the adjacent sides of the con
sary that the latter be held against movement in the con
tainer. It is also desirable that the spools 13 be held
tainer and in a position with clearance between the sec
tion of inked ribbon and the container to prevent ink
from being rubbed off on its walls. It is also necessary
to provide means for holding the spools against rotation
within the cartridge so the ribbon does not become un
against rotation so the ribbon does not become unwound.
This is accomplished herein by forming in the top wall 2
of the container two portions 22 which project down
wardly in such positions that they extend through the
openings 17 and into the openings 16 when the cartridge
30 is properly positioned within the container. A part 24 of
An object of this invention is to provide an improved
each projecting portion is formed to ?t snugly within the
opening 17 for holding the cartridge against transverse
Another object is to provide a container for a cartridge
movements relative to the container, and a lower reduced
part 25 of each projecting portion is received within the
enclosing spools upon which an inked ribbon is wound,
the ribbon extending between the spools through slots in 35 opening 16 for holding the spool 13. It will be noted in
the side of the cartridge, and the spools being freely ro
FIG. 1 that the projecting part 25 is rectangular in cross
wound during shipping.
tatable on axes which are in alignment with openings in
section so ‘it acts on the ?at surfaces at opposite sides of
the cartridge.
the opening 16 for holding the spool both against rotation
and transverse movements.
Still another object is to provide a container having
means for holding a ribbon cartridge in a position with 40
While there has been shown and described in this appli
cation one form which the invention may assume in prac
clearance between it and the walls of the container, and
tice, it will be understood that it may be modi?ed and
also having means for preventing rotation of spools with
in the cartridge.
embodied in various other forms without departing from
its spirit and the scope of the appended claims.
Other objects of the invention will be pointed out in
What is claimed is:
the following description and claims and illustrated in
l. A container for a cartridge enclosing a pair of spools
the accompanying drawings, which disclose, by way of
on which the ends of an inked ribbon are wound, the
example, the principle of the invention and the best mode,
ribbon passing from the spools through slots in a wall
which has been contemplated, of applying that principle.
In the drawings:
of the cartridge and extending along one side of the
latter, said spools having openings extending axially
FIG. 1 is a plan view of an improved container in
which a ribbon cartridge is enclosed.
thereof into communication with ‘openings in said car
FIG. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on the plane
of the line 2—2 in FIG. 1.
Referring to the drawings it will be noted that there is
tridge, said container comprising, in combination, top,
‘bottom and side walls cooperating with each other to
shown an improved container, generally designated 1,
form a single enclosed chamber of such dimensions as to
enclose said cartridge with a clearance around the sides
made of a transparent plastic-like material. If desired, it
thereof, projecting portions extending inwardly from a
wall of said container through said openings in said car
tridge and into said openings in said spools, each of said
is capable of being formed in the manner shown. The
main body of the container comprises a top wall 2 hav 60 projecting portions having a base portion ?tting within
its corresponding opening in said cartridge for holding
ing side walls 3 formed integral therewith. A ?ange 4
the latter against movement transversely of said con
is formed integral with the lower edge of the side walls
tainer and an end portion ?tting within an axial opening
and extends outwardly from the latter in a horizontal
in one of said spools for holding the latter against rotation.
plane at both its ends and sides. The edges of the ?ange
2. The container of claim 1 in which said base por
along the sides of the container are folded under at 5, as 65
tion of each of said inwardly projecting portions is circu
shown in FIG. 2, to form grooves in which the edges of
lar in cross section and said end portion is rectangular in
a plate 6 may be slidably received for closing the bottom
cross section.
of the container.
The cartridge 8 to be enclosed within the container
3. The container of claim 1 in which said top and side
has, as shown in FIG. 2, a top wall 9, a bottom wall 10, 70 walls are formed integral with each other and said pro
and a side wall 11 joined at their edges to form a single
jecting portions are formed in said top wall, a ?ange
could be made as well from an opaque material which
»formed integral with said side walls and extending normal thereto at their lower edges, said ?ange being folded
under at its outer edge to form guide slots extending along
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the sides of said container,~and a plate slidably received
at its edges in said slots for closing said container and 5
ct'lambsfs ——————————— -- 111116 22, 1954
Kingsley ____________ __ July 22,
forming the bottom wall thereof.
Draegef -———. —————————— -- Feb~ 1, 1933
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