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Jan. 22, 1963 -
Filed Jan. zelo;y 1960
Patented Jan. 22, 1963
ing control head of a circuit breaker which does not add
any weight to the control head.
The foregoing and other objects of the present inven
John J. Dwyer, Jr., Wauwatosa, and William H. Laue,
tion will become clear from the following description and
Milwaukee, Wis., assignors to Allis-Chalmers Manufac 5 accompanying drawing in which:
turing Company, Milwaukee, Wis.
FIG. l is an isometric rear view of the panel door seal;
Filed Jan. 20, 1960, Ser. No. 3,665
FlG. 2 is a side view of the panel door seal with a por
1 Claim. (Cl. 200-168)
tion shown in section which shows the control head of a
circuit breaker protruding through the panel door seal;
The present invention relates to an adjustable seal for
FIG. 3 is a front view of the panel door seal with the
a protruding portion of an enclosed compartment and 10
control head of a circuit breaker protruding therethrough;
more particularly to automatic variable sized panel door
seals for use with an enclosed circuit breaker having a
portion protruding outside of it.
FIG. 4 is an enlarged rear view of the corner of the
panel door seal with the control head of a circuit breaker
The interruption of high power currents is hazardous
and requires exacting conditions for safe interruption. 15 protruding therethrough.
Referring more particularly to the drawing, the seal of
The current interrupting industry has therefore constantly
this invention is illustrated in combination with an en
searched for improved structures for enclosing circuit
closed circuit breaker. It is a variable sized seal that
-breakers to protect them from the outside elements. One
has a plurality of shields disposed around a portion pro
of the problems of enclosing a circuit breaker stems from
the fact that its control head has at least two positions 20 jecting out of an opening of an enclosed compartment.
This seal m.y comprise any number of shields depend
that it must be moved to, these being the inserted and
ing on the size and shape of the object to be sealed. The
withdrawn positions. The end of the control head of
shields are disposed around the periphery of the project
the prior art breakers usually had to project outside of
ing portion and are biased thereagainst so that the sealing
the switch’s enclosure to be in withdrawn position. Con
sequently, most of the prior art circuit breaker enclosing 25 edges of the shields conform to the shape of the project
ing portion to seal the compartment from the atmosphere.
panels had to be opened to enable the switch to be moved
In the preferred embodiment the enclosing compartment
to its withdrawn position. This was disadvantageous
is shown as a circuit breaker cubicle 10 having a panel
since dust and other particles were not prevented from
door 11 with an opening 12, and the projecting portion
going into the circuit breaker cubicle when the circuit
breaker was in its withdrawn position. Also, the opened 30 is shown as a projecting control head 13 of a circuit
breaker 14. The seal 18 preferably has four straight
panel structures obstructed the aisles where the circuit
'shields 19 which correspond to the straight sides of the
breakers were located.
protruding control head. The shields are adjustably con
There therefore existed a need for some type of shield
nected to the cubicle panel door 11 of the circuit breaker
ing and sealing means which could protect the inside of
the enclosure from the outside elements and enable a 35 14 and are disposed aro-und the opening 12 adjacent to
the sides 20 of the control head. The shields 19 are
control head to project through the switchgear panel
biased toward the control head 13, to seal the circuit
without opening a panel compartment door.
breaker 14 from the atmosphere. The sealing portions
The prior art teaches a circuit breaker having this fea
of the shields 19 may be any well known type of sealing
ture. The circuit breaker has a door panel with an open
means such as the heel 17 of bent portion 21 that extends
ing that enables the control head of the breaker to project
longitudinally along the bent line of the shields.
outside of it when the breaker is in its Withdrawn position.
The opening 12 in the cubicle panel door 11 has a
A sealing escutcheon, which is fixedly attached around
vlarger area than the transverse cross section of the pro
the periphery of the control head, is employed in coopera
jecting control head 13 of the circuit breaker 14. The
tion with a movable escutcheon to seal the enclosed >por
four shields 19 are mounted and disposed on the inside
tion of the breaker from the atmosphere. The disadvan
of the panel door 11 over the edges of the opening 12
tage of such a structure is that the size of its opening is
and in their retracted position they define an opening 23
-nonadj'ustable and therefore cannot be interchanged with
large enough for the control head 13 of the circuit breaker
‘different sized control heads. That is, each seal must
14 to protrude therethrough. The shields 19 have a slot
have its opening sized to conform with the control head
22 at each end and are disposed with each slot perpen
which it is to seal. Because of its fixed size, very close
dicular to the surface of the control head engaged by each
tolerances must be held in manufacturing such seals.
shield. The slots overlap and are perpendicular to a
Also, the seals, being fìxedly attached to the control head,
slot in an adjacent shield so that a fastening means 26
are added weight to the control head‘thereby making it
can extend through both shields to hold them together
more ditiicult to move the head.
55 and still enable the shields to have freedom to move to
Therefore the object of this invention is to provide a
;Ward and away from the surface of the protruding control
new and improved automatic seal that conforms to a por
head 13 that they engaged. The heels 17 of the shields
tion which projects outside of an enclosed compartment.
19 come in contact with and form a seal around the
Further, it is an object of »this invention to provide an
improved «means for sealing the opening for a protruding 60 periphery of control head 13 as it protrudes through the
circuit breaker cubicle 10 when the panel door 11 is
control head of a circuit breaker, in order to prevent the
closed. Also, the shields are so disposed that the bent
entrance of dust or the emission of hard gases there
portions Z1 extend inward. When the panel door 11 is
moved to its closed position with the circuit breaker 14
Still further, it is an object of this invention to provide
Ia novel panel door seal for a circuit breaker which will 65 being Withdrawn or inserted, the bent portions 21 act as
va guide to the protruding control head portion 13 of the
_allow movement of a breaker between inserted and with
breaker 14 so that the door seal 18 is automatically
`drawn position when the panel is closed.
:aligned with it.
Also, it is an object to provide a door seal which will
Biasing means such as lock springs 25 are provided to
>enable opening of the panel door while the breaker is in
«the connected or disconnected position with the protrud 70 urge the shields 19 into sealing relationship with the con
trol head 13. As shown in FIGS. l and 4, they can be
?ing portion thereof going through the panel door seal.
connected to the ends of the shields 19 in order that the
Still another object is to provide a seal for the protrud
'heels 1"]1V ofthe bent portions 21 are biased against the
protruding control head 13 of the circuit breaker 14.
From the structural arrangement it is apparent that
the panel door seal 18 may vary in size and the problem
of alignment of 'the opening that Íit deñnes with the pro
said door having an aperture formed therein, a circuit
‘breaker positioned in said enclosure and having a mem
` er of predetermined cross section protruding through
said aperture, a plurality of shields each having a bent
portion and being disposed to form an opening therebe
truding portion 13 of the .circuit breaker 14 is reduced.
tween With the heels of said bent portions, said shields
As ythe `protruding control head portion 13 ofA the circuit
breaker 14 comes in _contactwith the panel door seal 18, ‘
each having slots located at their ends and being disposed
with the slots of adjacent shields overlapping each other,
fastening means inserted through said overlapping slot
the-opening deñned by the shields 19 Will be enlarged
becauseof the shields?. 19 adjustability yet the shields 10 portions and into said `door to connect said Ashields to
will becaused to conformto, the control headlâ due to
the biasing action ofthe lock springs 25’.
Asv said before, fastening, means hold the shields of the
doorv seal together and against the panel. Any well
knownfastening means may berused, however, Weld studs
¿said door, said shields being arranged so that the heels
of said bent portions are disposed around the sides of said
member when >*it extends throughsaid door, said slots
Vbeing located to enable said shields to Vslide relative to
said door and said fastening means to vary the size Vof
and nuts 26 are used in this embodiment. Thus, as long
as .the bent portions 21 ofthe shields 19 are biasedagainst
thecontrol head 13 .of the circuit breaker 14 the portion
said opening, said shields’ bent portions extending toward
said lbreaker and daring out angularly from the opening
ofthe circuit breaker which ris inside of the` cubicle 10 is
sealed fromthe outsidethereby. producing a very safe
opened and closed, and resilient means extending be
Although but one embodiment of the present inven
` tion has’been illustrated and described, it ywill be apparent
formed by said heels to act as a guide when said door is
tween and attached to adjacent shields, said resilient
¿means beingy arranged to apply a uniform, substantially
equal force on adjacent shields to ‘bias said heels intoa
uniform ksealing relationship lwith said member.
to those skilled in the art that Various changes and modi
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
VÍications maybe made therein without departing from the 25
spirit ,of the invention or from the scope of the appended
YHaving now particularly/„described and ascertained the
nature Lof our said inventionxand the manner in which it
.is to >beperforrned, We declare that what weclaim is:
VThe combination of a variable size seal and a circuit
l breaker -comprising: an enclosure having a panel door,
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