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Jan. 29, 1963
Filed Feb. 16', 1961
V ‘
Patented Jan. 2%, 1 53
3 $75
Eoseph Wilhelm Brandi, i2 dchurhungert,
Zurich, dwitzerland
Filed Feb. 15, rest,
No. tliwlitl
Claims priority, application Switzerland Feb. 19, 196%
ll tjiaims. (Cl. gun-$31)
The present invention relates to a domestic hot beverage
matting appliance, for example a coiiee percolator or tea
't is the primary object of the invention to provide an
appliance of the ldnd referred to which is automatically
safeguarded against overheating by running dry.
it is another object of the invention to provide an ap
pliance which prevents lube-warm water from coming
into contact with the ground co?ee or the tea leaves and
bore 131') in order to establish communication therebe
tween whereby the upward stream of hot water in tube
13 ?ows through the bore 13b into the tube 12 and thence
through the holes of the spray 9 into the ?lter insert iii.
At the highest point or" the yoke 4 there is moreover ar
ranged a clamping device in the iorm of a rocker lever
15 pivotally mounted about an axle 14. This lever has
an eccentric lid acting on the tube 13. The end of the
tube 13 mounted resiliently movable in the yoke 4. When
the rocker lever 15 is in the horizontal position shown in
dotted lines, the end of the tube is biased by a leaf spring
2''? arranged in the yoke upwards into the position shown
in dotted lines. In this position the beverage vessel 5
with the ?lter and lid put on may be readily inserted.
Thereafter the rocker lever 15 is turned into the position
shown in full lines.
The eccentric it? then forces the tube 3.3 against the
from spoiling the aroma of the beverage, and which al
connector piece ‘ii. in such a manner that the bore 13b
lows the preparing of small quantities, for example of one
cup only, of a hot beverage, by ensuring that boiling Water 20 is pressed on to the small tube 12. In the connector piece
and bet veen the id 3 and ?lter it) seals 18, 19 are
only comes into contact with the ground coffee or the
provided. Moreover between the water container 2 and
tea leaves from the outset.
the beverage container 5 a sealing ring 29 is arranged,
On the other hand it is an object of the invention to
which has a sealing lip Eda, tightly contacting the glass
prevent overheating the ground coffee or tea leaves, which
is lisewise detrimental to the aroma of the beverage.
25 or" the contai er 5 under the effect of the pressure in the
water container. The water container is thus connected
It is also an object of the invention to speed up the
by the tube 13 in a pressurc~proof manner to the ?lter
operation of brewing the beverage.
insert it‘, while the beverage container 5 is in communica
With these and other objects in view which will become
tion with the ambient atmosphere through the discharge
apparent later from this speci?cation and the accompany
ing drawing, provide a domestic hot beverage making 30 spout 6.
in the wall of the lower part of tube 13, a small bore
appliance comprising in combination: a water container
provided at the ,oint where it passes from the
having a ?lling aperture, a beverage container in opera
water container into the yoke 4 which bore is covered
tion superimposed on the said aperture, a lid of the said
leaf spring 21 acting as a valve.
beverage container having a ?lter insert, a heating element
heating up the water container in the water con
aving a sealed vessel in operation evacuated and partly
tainer 2 an electric heating element 22 is provided. The
lied with a liquid, said vessel having an upper wall
latter consists in a sealed vessel partly ?lled with water,
'orming at the same time the bottom of said water con
and evacuated. it contains moreover an electric heating
ainer, and a pressure-sensitive diaphragm forming the
coil 23. The upper wall 24 of the vessel forms the bottom
" ottorn or" said vessel, an electric heating coil arranged in
said vessel in operation submerged in said liquid therein 40 of the water container 2, while the lower wall of the vessel
is designed as a pressure-sensitive diaphragm 25. The
and a pressure responsive switch within operative range
latter co-operates with an electric switch 26, which switch
of said diaphragm and electrically connected to the said
es the heating current on and oil.
heating coil and automatically switching the same off in
The manner of functioning of the appliance is as fol
esponse to a predetermined pressure from said diaphragm.
lows: the water container 2 is ?lled with water of a
These and other features or" my invention will be clearly
predetermined amount according to the desired volume of
uni erstood from the following description of a preferred
water (however the water level should not be above the
'mbo-diment thereof given by way of example with ref
bore 33c), and the ?lter insert it) is ?lled for example
erence to the accompanying drawing showing a vertical
with coffee powder. The empty beverage container 5
section of a coiiee percolator according to the present
is inserted on top of the water container and is clamped
fast by turning the rocker lever 15'. Then the electric
On a base El the sheet metal shell of a water container
cable 27 is connected to a current source. The heating
2 is attached which has on top an aperture 3. A U-shaped
coil 23 heats up the water container in the heating ele
hollow yoke 4 is arranged on the shell of the water con
ment 2?; which water evaporates immediately since the
tainer. Between the arms of the yolce a beverage con
vessel of the heating element 22 is evacuated. The heat
tainer 5 of glass or the like is superimposed on the water
passes through the upper wall 24 of the vessel and heats
container. The beverage container 5 is provided with a
the water in the vessel 2. in the heating element 22 pres
discharge spout 6 and a handle (not shown) which allows
sure is generated corresponding to the temperature and
its easy insertion between the arms of the yoke 4. On
the beverage container 5, a ?lter insert it} and a lid (cov 60 acting on the diaphragm 25 forcing the same downward.
The switch 26 is adiusted by means of a screw 28 in such
er) 8 are mounted. Lid 3 includes a distributor spray
a manner that the diaphragm when reaching a temperature
9 in the form of a perforated sheet insertion. Filter insert
of about 105° C. bears so strongly on the button 29 of
it} serves to receive the co?ee powder or the tea leaves.
the switch 2% that the heating current is interrupted.
in the middle of
lid 3 a connector piece 11 having a
As soon as the water in the vessel 2 begins to boil and
short tube 12 is arranged. The hollow yoke 41 moreover
evaporation begins, it is forced through the tube 13 on
contains a tube 13, one open end of which reaches almost
to the small tube 12 into the ?lter insert it}. The coffee
to the bottom of the water container 2, while its other,
closed, end 13:: extends in the yoke 4 beyond the central
then ?ows out of the same into the beverage vessel 5.
axis of the appliance. At the point where the upper part
The bore 13c with leaf spring 21 is a venting device
of tube 13 intersects the central axis of the appliance, the
and has the object or" preventing forcing luke warm water
tube 13 is drilled to provide an opening or bore 13b; the
into the ?lter insert by the ertpandincy air before the water
upper end of short tube 12 is disposed in alignment with
reaches the boiling point since this would be detrimental
to the aroma of the co?ee. The leaf spring 21 constitutes
a spring biased valve which is not airtight but which pre~
vents the release of large amounts of water through the
tube 13. During the initial warming up of the water in
container 2, the air above the water level becomes heated
and thus expands. This air can then pass into the sur
3. A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
claimed in claim 1, comprising a sealing gasket disposed
on said water container around the said aperture and
being contacted by the superimposed beverage container
to sealingly close the said aperture.
4. A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
claimed in claim 1, comprising in addition:
a U-shaped yoke mounted on said water container and
embracing the said beverage container, and a clamp
ing device mounted on said yoke and being opera
rounding air by way of a path traced from bore 130
through tube 13, bore 13b, tube 12, holes 31 and the un
sealed outlet 6. inasmuch as the water in container 2
is rapidly boiling, the aperture 13c is too small to release
tive to clamp the said beverage container on the said
all the pressure; the hot water will then be forced through
the lower open end of tube 13 into the ?lter insert it).
' 5. A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
The bore 136 obtains the desired result of preventing the
claimedin claim 4, wherein the said U-shaped yoke is hol
water from being forced into the ?lter insert by the in
low and contains on over?ow tube extending towards the
creased pressure of the expanding air during ‘the heating
bottom‘ into the said water container.
operation before the water commences to boil. Accord
6. A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
ingly a pressure equilibrium is established between the
claimed in claim 5, wherein the said clamping device com
interior of the tube 13 and the vessel 2. In practical op
prises a rocker lever pivotally mounted on said yoke, and
eration it has been found, that this venting device operates
20 an eccentric operatively connected to the said rocker
faultlessly even without a leaf spring 23.
lever for movement thereby into engagement with said
Moreover it has been found convenient to arrange pas
over?ow tube.
sages for the emergence of steam in the portion of the
7. A- domestic hot beverage making appliance as
appliance downstream of this venting device. Preferably
claimed in claim 6, comprising a tubular connector piece
these passages are provided in the ?lter in such a manner 25 connecting the said lid to a bore provided on the under
that they are designed as perforations 31 in the side walls
side of said over?ow tube in the axis of the said ap
or the ?lter. Thereby it is attained that the water, as
pliance, a pressure-tight connection being established be
intended, ?ows over the coffee powder contained in the
tween said over?ow tube and the said ?lter insert through
?lter, but the steam is discharged. In spite of the steam
the said tubular connector piece by the said over?ow tube
discharge passages 3i, some pressure—~albeit low-is
maintained in the region of the ?lter so that the ?ltering
is yet carried out more quickly than in the known open
?lter system. Thereby a substantial improvement in the
quality of the coifee is attained.
being pressed against it by the said eccentric.
’ 8. Av domestic hot beverage making appliance as
claimed in claim 6, comprising a heat insulating carrier
grip arranged on the free end of the said rocker lever.
9. A domestic beverage making appliance comprising
The coffee percolator described has the advantage of 35 in combination: a water container having a ?lling aper
safety against running dry. Since the heating element
ture,v a'beverage container superimposed on said aperture,
switches itself oil automatically at a predetermined tem
perature or predetermined pressure, respectively, no over
a lid for said beverage container having a ?lter insert,
an over?ow tube leading from the interior of said water
heating can occur when there is no more water in the
container to the said ?lter insert, a venting device ar
vessel '2. The appliance therefore does not require any 4.0 ranged in the upper part of said water container on the
supervision and operates fully automatically.
The arrangement has moreover the advantage that the
beverage container is preheated by the water warming up
in the container 2, before itself being ?lled.
said over?ow tube for balancing the pressure within said
overflow tube and the said water container, a heating ele
ment having a sealed vessel evacuated of air and partly
?lled with a liquid, said vessel having an upper wall
The rocker lever 15 may be provided with a heat-in 45 forming at the same time the bottom of the said water
sulting handle 3% which allows the hot appliance readily
container and a pressure-sensitive draphragm forming
the bottom of the said vessel, an electric heating coil
arranged in said vessel and being submerged in said liquid,
While I have herein described and illustrated in the
and a pressure responsive switch electrically connected
accompanying drawing what may be considered a typical
and particularly useful embodiment of my said invention 50 to said heating coil and within operative range of the
said. diaphragm, the said switch switching the said heat
1- wish'it to be understood that I do not limit myself to
ing element oil? in response to a predetermined pressure
the particular details and dimensions described and il-_
applied to said switch by the said diaphragm.
lustrated; for obvious modi?cations will occur to a person
- 10. A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
skilled in the art.
Whatl claim asmy invention and desire to secure by 55 claimed'in claim 9, wherein discharge passages for steam
are arranged in the part ofthe said appliance downstream
Letters Patent, is:
of the said venting device.
l.‘ A domestic hot beverage making appliance com
11. A domestic hot’ beverage making appliance as
prising-incombination: a water container having a ?lling
claimed in claim 10, wherein the said passages are de
aperture, a beverage container superimposedon said water
container to close the said aperture, a lid for the said 60 signed- as perforations in the said ?lter insert.
beverage container having a ?lter insert,a heating ele
‘References (?tted in the ?le of this patent
ment having a sealed vessel evacuated ofair and partly
?lled with a liquid, said vessel having an upper wall form
ing at the same time the bottom of said water container,
‘Ask'e __________________ __ Jan. 6, 1942
and a pressure-sensitive diaphragm forming the bottom of 65 2,983,217
Gill __________________ .~ May 9, 1961
said vessel, an electric heating coil submerged in the
, 2,987,605.
Brandi _______________ __'_ June 6, 1961
liquid in said vessel and a pressurefresponsive switch with
in operative range of said diaphragm.
to be carried.
2.,A domestic hot beverage making appliance as
claimed in claim 1, comprising a sealing gasket inserted 70 Y
etween the said lid and the said ?lter insert.
Italy ________________ __ Oct. 24, 1939
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