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Jan. 29, 1963
3,075,526 '
Filed Nov. 7, 1960
Raymond Albert Morris
Patented Jan. 29, 1963
length of the front and rear straps, in a well known
Raymond Albert Morris, 127 S. 10th St, Reading, Pa.
Filed Nov. 7, 1960, Ser- No. 67,641
1 Claim. (or. 128-227)
vin operation, therefore, when a person desires to
rinse out or irrigate his anal section, such as in the case
particularly, to a device for spraying and cleaning the
of persons suffering from piles, or other anal disturbances,
the ?exible anal cup 1 is placed underneath his crotch
with the pointed end rearwardly as shown in FIG. 3,
and the rounded part immediately below the sexual or
anus while the device is being worn.
This invention relates to an anal irrigato-r and, more
The suspenders are worn'about the shoulder as
An outstanding disadvantage of commonly used sy 10 shown in FIG. 3 and are adjusted so as to tightly hold
the cup in such position as to form a perfect water-tight
ringes and the like is that they are generally messy
seal with the buttocks and with the front body portion
since water tends to leak in the process of syringing or
of the wearer. Then the bag 4 is ?lled with an irrigating
cleaning, therefore makes it extremely di?icult to effect
solution or, if desired, with just plain water. The con
syringing or cleaning of the anus except in the bathroom
over a tub or, possibly, on a toilet seat.
15 centrate may be introduced through cap 4a, if desired,
or in some cases when water irrigation is desired, a con
An object of my invention is to provide an anal irriga
tor which is devoid of the above named disadvantages of
commonly used devices and which enables irrigation or
cleaning of the anus while the device is being worn and
without loss or leakage of the irrigating water or solu 20
tion and which can be used either while in bed or out
of bed, or while seated on a toilet, or in any desired
position whatsoever, without loss or leakage of the irri
gating liquid.
Other objects and advantages will become more ap
nector, such as shown in FIG. 2, may be substituted for
the bag 4, thus providing continuous flow of the liquid
for irrigating purposes. The liquid fed from hose 5, re
gardless of whether bag 4 or connector 6 is used, is
squirted out through the nozzle 2 toward the anus and
will thoroughly irrigate or clean the anus and surround
ing region of the body. If the cap 3a is removed, the
dirty liquid will ?ow outwardly of the cup through tube
25 3, into a toilet, if a person is seated on a toilet seat.
In situations wherein the person prefers not to spill
any of the irrigating liquid while irrigating the anus, the
cap 3a is placed on the outlet out?ow tube 3 and irriga
parent from a study of the following description taken
with the accompanying drawing wherein:
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an anal irrigator em
bodying the principles of my invention;
tion of the anus is completed such as while the person is
to take place of the bag shown in FIG. 1, in some in
or in any other position. However, if the person is
seated on a toilet, the cap 3a may be readily removed
so as to permit continuous ?ow of irrigating liquid through
FIG. 2 is a connector for attachment to a water faucet 30 in bed, or perhaps in a squatted position in the room,
stance; and,
FIG. ,3 shows, in dot and dash outline, a person wearing
the nozzle 2, which liquid is continuously discharged
an irrigator such as shown in FIG. 1.
‘Referring more particularly to FIG. 1 of the drawing, 35 through outlet tube 3.
Thus it will be seen that I have provided an anal irri
numeral 1 denotes an anal cup of rubber, ?exible plastic
gator which ‘may be easily worn by the user and easily
or other suitable ?exible material and which has a mouth
held tightly in place so as to form a water-tight seal with
the body of the user; furthermore, I have provided an
end is adapted to be placed at the rear of a person’s body
above the anus, as shown in FIG. 3, and the front por 40 anal irrigator which makes it possible to irrigate or rinse
the anal region without loss of liquid which might be
tion, below the anus and between the buttocks. Inte
nauseating to others in the room; furthermore, I have
grally formed with and extending through the front por
provided an anal irrigator which may be used in any
tion of the cup ‘1 is a nozzle 2 which is immediately ad
desired location, such as in bed, out of bed on the floor,
jacent and points in the direction of the anus of the
in a toilet seat or bath tub, etc. and wherein none of the
wearer. The opposite end of nozzle 2 emerges from the
irrigating ?uid is lost during the irrigation.
outside of cup 1 and is supplied by water or an irrigating
While I have illustrated and described a single speci?c
solution contained in a bag, such as an ordinary douche
embodiment of my invention, it will be understood that
bag, which, if desired, may be closed at the top and pro
this is by way of illustration only, and that various
vided with a cap in. A ?exible hose 5 interconnects the
changes and modi?cations may be made within the con
bag 4 and the nozzle 2. In order to restrict or constrict
templation of my invention and within the scope of the
the flow to hose 5, a clamp 7 is provided or, in fact, any
following claim.
other suitable means for selective pinching the hose 5
I claim:
to reduce the cross-section of the opening thereat.
An anal irrigator comprising an anal ?exible cup
In some instances, in place of the bag 4, a connector 55 having
a substantially pear shaped marginal portion of
6, as shown in FIG. 2, may be used for attachment to
?exible material adapted to form a water-tight seal with
portion of substantially pear shaped outline. The pointed
a faucet so as to supply the cup 1 by a continuous flow
the buttocks and the body portion of the wearer sur~
of water from the faucet.
rounding the anus, said cup having an out?ow tube
The anal cup 1 is provided with a drain hole in the
emerging from the bottom thereof adjacent the pointed
bottom which connects to the discharge outlet or out?ow 60 portion of the pear shape, a closure cap slip-?tted to the
tube 3. A detachable, slip-?tted cap 3a may be provided
end of said tube, said cup having an inlet tube extend
to close the opening at the bottom end of tube 3.
ing through the rounded front portion thereof, a ?exible
integrally formed at the front and rear portion of the
tube detachably connected to the outlet of said tube,
anal cup 1 are holes through which extend rings 8, 9,
10, which are connected to a pair of suspenders 11, more
speci?cally, to the bottom ends of the front ?exible
means for introducing liquid through said ?exible tube,
and a pair or" suspenders having a pair of flexible front
strap portions, the lower ends of which have rings which
are connected to holes in the lobes of the rounded front
straps of the suspenders and to the bottom end of the
portion of the cup on opposite sides of said tube outlet,
rear ?exible strap. The shoulder straps 11a and 11b
of the suspenders are adapted to be worn about the 70 and having a ?exible rear strap, the end of which is con
nected to the pointed rear end of the cup, said inlet tube
shoulders of the user in the manner shown in FIG. 3.
The suspenders have adjustable means for adjusting the
being pointed angularly upwardly toward the anus so
that when liquid is flowing therethrough the anal region
will be thoroughly irrigated Without loss of liquid.
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