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Jan. 29, 1963
Filed May 11, 1961
set out o by;
Fasten-‘ted Jan. 29, i353
Sven Hiikau Wallqvist, Halrnstad, and Bengt A. Blink,
Getinge, Sweden, asslgnors to ?elder; Aktieholag,
Hairnstad, dweden
15 of the pins 13 has a smaller diameter, and these pins
are adapted to cooperate with pairs of apertures 16 in
the disk 9, a plurality of such pairs being arranged in
the disk. By the fact that the end portions 15 of the
pins 13 project each through an aperture 16 in the disk
9, the digit drum 1 and the gear wheel 2 become locked
Filed May 11, 1961, Ser. No. 169,349
Claims priority, application Sweden May 1.1, 196i}
3 Claims. (Cl. 235-1)
relatively to one another against a turning movement.
driving wheels thereof in a calculating apparatus. It is,
particularly in taximeters, desirable to be able readily
IS, 19 of which have pins 2% ?tting into the apertures
16 arranged thereon. The length of the pins equals
the thickness of the disk h. By introducing the pins 20
To permit loosening of the digit drum and the gear
wheel from one another for a relative turning movement,
10 the pins 13 will have to be moved in to an extent such
The present invention refers to a locking device to
that the outer portions 15 will be disengaged from the
bring about a selectable adjustment of the angular posi
apertures 16 in consideration in the disk 9. This may
tion of the digit drum or digit disk relatively to the
be effected by means of a fork-shaped tool 17, the shanks
to shift the setting of the basic amount of the amount
indicating digit Wheels in changing the basic or starting
of the tool 37 (FIG. 2) so that the portions 15 are
fare. The present invention refers to an arrangement,
wherein this may be carried into effect in a simple man
brought out of engagement with the apertures 16, the
digit drum '1 may be turned by a displacement of the
ner and wherein without the aid of a special tool an un 20 tool in the radial plane of the disk 9 in the one or the
authorized adjustment is rendered difficult.
A locking device according to the invention comprises
portions 15 of the pins 13 snap into the adjacent pairs
a digit drum or digit disk and a feeding wheel with
of apertures 36.
a Zeroizing heart coaxially arranged therewith, wherein
apertures is generally so adapted as to correspond to the
displacement by one digit on the digit drum.
The advantages of the present invention are obvious.
the digit drum and the feeding wheel are rotatably
mounted relatively to one another and wherein locking
members are adapted to fix the digit drum and the zero
other direction relatively to the gear wheel 2, until the
The distance between the pairs of
In a taxirneter calculating apparatus, for example, where
izing heart in de?nite angular positions relatively to each
other, and the invention is principally characterized in
the digit wheels are located close to one another, an ad
in perspective.
preferably caused to bear on some guiding means adapted
justrnent to be undertaken with respect to the starting
that the locking members consist of pins which are axi 30 fare. Here, the calculating apparatus is “zeroized,” that
ally displacesble in the hub of the feeding wheel, in
is to say, the gear Wheel '2. or" the digit drums is disen
connection with which a disk carrying the digit drum
gaged from the respective driving member, and adjust
is mounted in the hub and provided with apertures to
ing arms are caused to actuate the cam disks 7, so that the
cooperate with the pins, said apertures being accessible
digit drums l are brought with their gear wheels into
from the outside of the disk.
a de?nite starting position and are retained therein. This
The invention will be explained more closely with
starting position is always the same for each unit with
reference to the accompanying ‘drawing, wherein FIG. 1
respect to the positions of the gear Wheel 2 and the pins
illustrates a digit wheel arrangement according to the
l3, l5, inasmuch as it is determined by the zeroizing
invention viewed in perspective with a tool adapted to
heart 7, which is rigidly arranged relatively to the gear
actuate the locking members, and wherein FIG. 2 shows
wheel 2. After that, the shanks of the tool 17 are intro
the arrangement viewed partly in section and likewise
duced into the space between two divit drums, and are
The contrivance shown consists of a digit drum 1
to center the shanks lit, 1%, whereupon the pins are
of a gear wheel 2 driving the drum and coaxially 45 introduced through a sidewise displacement of the tool
arranged with said digit drum. The gear wheel is pro
toward the digit drum to be adjusted, into that pair of
vided with a hub 3 having an aperture 4 for the shaft of
apertures, in which the portions 15 of the pins 13 are
the calculating apparatus (not shown). The hub 3 is
rigidly connected to a bushing 5, which is secured to
located and move in the same.
After that, a displace
the gear wheel by means of rivets 6. The hub 3 proiects
ment of the tool i7 is undertaken in the desired direc
tion, as indicated above, in connection with which the
somewhat outside of the gear wheel 2 to form a cen
tered support for a zeroizing cam disk or a so-called
digit drum, when the portions 15 snap into the adjacent
pairs of apertures, will assume another angular position
zeroizing heart 7 arranged on the outside of the gear
wheel. The pposite end of the hub 3 is provided with
elatively to the gear Wheel thereof, that is to say, so that
bushing 5. A disk 53 is rotatably mounted about the
hub 3‘ in the space between the flange 3 and the busning
in the “zeroizing” or starting adjustment of the calcu
lating apparatus a digit other than the previous one will
be visible in the indicating opening of the casing of the
calculating apparatus. if an adjustment of the digit
5. Said disk 9 is connected to a ?ange '10 on the digit
drum to a digit, which is not an adjacent one, is desired,
a flange 3 at a distance from the end surface of the
drum fl. The disk 9 consequently carries the digit drum
the above-named procedure will have to be repeated,
1., Through the latter arrangement the digit drum 1 60 until the desired digit has appeared. Through an ar
and the gear wheel 2 are adapted to be rotated relatively
rangement according to the invention, an unauthorized
to each other. At a point of the peripheral edge, the
adjustment of the digit drum is avoided by the fact that
disk it carries members 11 to bring about a so-called
the outer portions 15 of the pins 13 are accessible in
tens transfer to the adjacent digit wheel.
the space between the digit wheels, and that two pins
Provi ed in the bushing 5 are two diametrically ar 65 will have to be pressed in at the same time, by reason
ranged bores 12, through the bottoms of which the rivets
of which an adjustment is very di?icult to undertake
6 are arranged. The bores extend in parallel to the
except by a tool of the type in consideration.
aperture 4 through the bushing. Axially movable in the
The invention is obviously not restricted to drums
bores are pins 13, which are actuated in a direction to
or disks provided with digits, inasmuch as any other
ward the disk 9 by means of coil springs 14 acting be
signs may be considered. The tool described above to
tween the bottom portions of the bores 12 and the inner
eflect the shifting or adjusting operation may of course
lateral surface of the pins 13. The outer, free portion
be varied in different ways within the scope of the inven—
in the bores in said bushing and extending into the open
ings in said disc, spring means in the bores in said
bushing to bias said pins into the openings in said disc,
tion, and may of course, if desired, be built together with
the calculating apparatus.
What is claimed is:
1. A locking device for the adjustment of digit wheels
and means engageable with said disc to disengage said
and'the like comprising a hub adapted to be ?xed on
a shaft of a calculating apparatus, a disc rotatably
pins from the openings therein and operable to eifect
relative rotation between said disc and said gear wheel.
3. A locking device as de?ned in claim 2 wherein said
means engageable with said disc to disengage the said
mounted on said hub, 21 digit drum carried by said disc,
a gear wheel mounted on said hub in spaced relation to
said digit drum, a bushing on said hub between said
pins from the openings therein comprises a fork-shaped
tool having a pair of parallel shanks, a pin extending
perpendicularly from each of said shanks adapted to
disc and said gear Wheel, means securing said gear Wheel
to said bushing, and means releasably engageable with
said disc to prevent rotation thereof relative to said gear
2. A locking device as de?ned in claim 1 wherein
be inserted into the openings in said disc and of a length
equal to the thickness of said disc, said pins spaced a
distance equal to the distance between diametricaliy
opposed pairs of openings in said disc.
said disc includes portions de?ning a plurality of circum
ferentially spaced openings therein in adjacent coaxial
relation to said hub, said bushing having portions de?n
ing a pair of diametrically opposed bores therein adapted
to be aligned with a pair of diametrically opposed open_
ings in said disc, said means to prevent rotation of said
disc relative to said gear wheel comprising a pin disposed
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