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Jan. 29, 1963
H. P. KAu'rz
Fnèd may s, 1961
United States Patent
Harry Paul Kautz, Broomñeld, Colo., assignor to Mine
and Smelter Supply Co., Denver, Colo., a corporation
of Colorado
Filed May 8, 1961, Ser. No. 108,640
2 Claims. (Cl. 241-2S5)
My invention relates to jaw type crushing machines
Patented Jan. 29, 1963
The closed end or heel of the clevis bears against a
vertical wall of the crusher frame and is secured to such
wall by a stud bolt 13 and nut 14. The axis of such bolt
is perpendicular to the axes of the fitted bolt 12 and pivot
pin 3 for providing another freedom to assure proper
alignment of parts of the assembly.
The links and pins may be apertured, hollow, drilled
or grooved and provided with necessary grease fittings to
insure adequate lubrication of the bearing surfaces. As
shown, they are hollow, and the ends of the pins are
and has particular reference to an improved toggle as 10 plugged by plugs 8 except one end of the pins may be
sembly for stabilizing and guiding a crusher jaw mounted
provided with a grease fitting.
at its lower end on an eccentric in such a machine.
It is common practice to stabilize and guide one end
of a jaw of an ore crusher by a toggle assembly which
causes that end or part of the jaw to which the assembly
is connected to have generally reciprocating motion, but
The complete toggle assembly stabilizes and guides the
upper part of a jaw in -a generally vertical reciprocating
motion as follows: The machined end of hollow pin 2
can rotate only through an arc of several degrees in its
motionless lubricated bearing B, and the hollow connect
ing rod or link 1, which is securely fastened to the hollow
the compression required for the toggle when the machine
pin 2, can only pivot through an arc about the axis of
is idling or during the inactive or retractive portion of
such pin. Consequently pin 2 is guided as indicated for
the crushing cycle, require a rod, which is elastically ten 20 all loads applied to the hollow link 1, whether such loads
sioned between the jaw and crusher frame, to hold the
are compressive, tensile, or torsional. Also, the axis of
ends of the toggle link or plate between the semi-circular
pin 2 is guided in an arc about the stationary axis of
(usually concave) seats provided in the jaw and in such
hollow pin 3, and the radius of this arc can, when de
lframe. The principal object of my invention, therefore,
sired, be adjusted by replacing the existing hollow link
is to eliminate the necessity of using such an elastically 25 by a shorter or longer link, or the link may be made ad
.tensioned rod and thereby save power and permit accurate,
instable for length by telescoping or threading two or
easy assembly of parts for the purpose of inst-allation or
more sections together. Thus, the gap or feed opening
of the crusher can be adjusted `by the substitution of
Another object of my invention is to provide a simple
length links.
and positive means of lubricating all bearing surfaces of 30 variable
While I have described my toggle assembly as being
my invention from a central location.
connected near the top portion of a jaw, it will be under
These and other objects of my invention will become
stood that it could be used in other relationships as by
apparent from the specification and drawings forming a
being connected to a crusher jaf or pitman near the
part of this application in which:
FIG. l is a vertical sectional view of crusher jaws 35 lower end thereof where such jaw or pitman is supported
all of them, insofar as I am aware, in order to maintain
showing my toggle assembly applied thereto, and
FIG. 2 is a top plan view of my toggle assembly.
Referring in detail to such drawings, the mechanism
near its upper end on a hinged pivot or the eccentric
portion of a crankshaft.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim and
comprises crusher jaws designated generally by the letter
desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
1. A toggle assembly for stabilizing and guiding a
I, mounted on eccentrics E, above which is disposed a 40
hopper H. Inasmuch as the jaws and hopper form no
crusher jaw comprising a link, two journals and a clevis,
part of the present invention, they will not be further
the said link being pivoted at each end thereof in one of
described. The toggle assemblies are attached to the
said journals for swinging in a vertical direction, one of
upper end-s of the jaws and the supporting frame of the
said journals being adapted to be rigidly connected to the
45 crusher jaw and the other of said journals being pivoted
machine and comprise the following parts:
Extending laterally from the rear of each jaw is a plate
in said clevis for swinging in a horizontal direction, the
carrying a divided journal designated generally by the
said clevis being adapted to be rigidly secured to a ñxed
letter B. Such journal comprises a half journal 4 in
support, whereby said jaw may have limited guided move
tegral with said plate and a two-part journal cap 6,
ment in two directions at right angles to each other.
which parts are bolted in laterally spaced relationship to
2. The combination as recited in claim 1 wherein said
half journal 4. A pivot pin 2 extends through journal
B between half journal 4 and the parts of the journal
cap, and one end of a toggle link 1 is pivoted on said pin
between the spaced parts of the journal cap. The other
end of said link is likewise pivoted on a pivot pin 3,
which pin extends through a journal of the kind just de
scribed. The half journal 4 on this end of the link, how
ever, is provided with an integral lateral extension 5 which
is pivoted at its free end in a clevis 11 on a fitted bolt 12.
Such bolt is positioned »at a right angle to pivot pin 3, G O
thus affording a degree of freedom for the proper align
ment of parts of the assembly due to the fact that the
link 1 may move about two axes at right angles to each
journals constitute split bearings.
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