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Jan. 29, 1963
Filed Feb. 1, 1960
United States Patent O race
Patented Jan. 29, 1963
opening of a machine housing 7 by an intervening round
Ehrhard Mayer, Palmyra, N.Y., assignor to Garlock Inc.,
rubber ring 6. Forwardly of the backing ring, the machine
a corporation of New York
Filed Feb. 1, 1960, Ser. No. 5,740
Claims priority, application Germany Mar. 28, 1959
1 Claim. (Cl. 277--59)
housing is sealed off by a sealing ring 9, a skirt or sealing
?ange 9:1 of which is in sliding engagement with the shaft.
An annular member 10, suitably ?xed to the housing 7,
holds the sealing ring 9 in ?xed, sealing association with
the housing.
This invention relates to a slide ring packing compris
A eompressed helical spring 12 is of such character and
ing an elastic bellows connecting the slide ring to a related
shaft and a spring, which closely surrounds the bellows 10 so arranged that its back end turn 14 rests against shoulder
15 of the shaft and preferably is in contractile gripping
to prevent bursting of the latter from internal pressure,
relation to the underlying cylindrical surface of the shaft;
and has opposite ends in engagement with the shaft and
and this spring's front end turn 13 engages within recess
slide ring to cause the latter to turn with the shaft.
of slide ring 4. Thus, the spring 12 serves to keep
In the radial and axial sealing of shafts, it is known
that slide ring packings may be used wherein the slide 15 the slide ring in continuous, sliding, sealing contact with
backing ring 5 and serves also to transmit torque from
ring is sealingly held against an annular backing surface
the shaft to the slide ring to constrain the latter to turn
by axial spring action. Also, torque was transmitted by
with the shaft. Moreover, the turns of the spring 12,
a rubber bellows having an adhering portion of heavier
closely encirclíng the bellows 1 and being su?iciently close
cross-section mounted on the shaft and tightly gripping
to each other for the purpose, prevent excessive dilation
the latter. Packings having the just-stated character
istics have proved especially suitable for sealing pump
shafts. It is also known that a space between the shaft
and bellows may be ?lled with a lubricant, so that a per
and/or bursting of the bellows from internal pressure
such as may be present in grease or other lubricant which
may be introduced through passage 11 (as indicated by
manent ?lm of lubricant is maintained between the slide
arrow) into annular space 16 inside of the bellows.
ring and the menttioned backing surface. This arrange
ment has proved advantageous for sealing shafts of
bellows, back end portion 2 and the contractile effect of
pumps for thick media.
It will be understood that, despite the thickness of the
the garter spring 8, and in the absence o-f further means,
excessive dilation of the bellows may occur from internal
pressure and cause the bellows, back end portion 2 to
when the lubricant pressure is too high, the bellows may
easily burst and/ or the excessive dilation of the bellows 30 ease up its grip on the shaft and permit lubricant to leak,
along the shaft, from the back end of Space 16. A turn
may cause the lubricant to leak between the shaft and
Disadvantages, however, have been fo-und to be that
the shaft-adhering portion of the bellows. These disad
vantages have hitherto been remedied by providing aux
iliary metal hoops to enclose the bellows and thus pre
or turns of the spring 12, closely encirclíng said back end
portion 2, are very effective to prevent such dilation of
the latter.
I claim:
vent bursting thereof. Such separate hoops, however, 35
A slide ring packing for sealing a shaft relatively to a
engender difficulties in manufacture and in providing
related machine housing, said packing comprising a slide
against material shifting of the hoops when the seal is
?n use.
ring surrounding said shaft, a resilient, annular bellows
of relatively soft rubber-like material, having a substan
According to the present invention, the spring which
holds the slide ring axially against the backing surface 40 tially cylindrical front end portion sealingly ?xed at its for
ward end to said slide ring and extending substantíally
is arranged to closely surround the elastic bellows; one
rearwardly of said slide ring, and said bellows having a
end of the spring engaging a recess in the slide ring and
rear end portion in ?uid-tight engagement with said shaft,
and the packing further comprising a coil spring, sepa
rate from said bellows, axially compressed between said
mitted from the shaft through the spring to the slide ring;
the rubber bellows being at the same time protected against 45 shaft and said slide ring to urge the latter continuously
into sliding, sealing association with an opposed, annular
bursting or excessive in?ation by the turns of the spring.
surface of the machine housing; and spring closely en
Such a spring arrangement alîords the additional advan
circling said bellows throughout the latters length to limit
tage that the outside diameter of the seal becomes sub
dilation of the bellows from fluid pressure therewithin
stantially constant, and the elastic bellows is prevented
from making sliding contact with a surrounding machine 50 and to hold said rear end in such ?uid-tight engagement
with the shaft, and said spring having .its forward end
part and thereby becoming rapidly worn and weakened.
in driving association with said slide ring and its rear
This disposition of the spring, in close surrounding rela
Ward end in contractile, gripping engagement with said
tion to the bellows, makes the seal of simpler construc
shaft, rearwardly of the rear end portion of the bellows,
tion, more economical to produce, and more dependable
in operation than prior seals possessing similar qualities. 55 to constrain the slide ring to turn With the shaft; said
packing further including a sealing ring, forwardly of
An illustrative embodiment of this invention is shown
and spaced from said slide ring, eifecting a seal between
in the accompanying drawing without, however, limiting
the housing and shaft, and, with said bellows and slide
the invention to that particular embodiment.
ring, de?ning an annular lubricant space between the shaft
-In the drawing:
FIG. 1 is an axial sectional view of a preferred em 60 and said bellows; said housing having a lubricant passage
therein opening into said lubricant space between said
bodiment of the invention; and
the other end ?rmly embracing the shaft or a sleeve
mounted upon it. This ensures that the torque is trans
sealing ring and said slide ring.
FIG. 2 is a transverse sectional view substantially on
the line 2-2 of FIG. l.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
The illustrated seal includes a resilient bellows 1 having
a reduced but thickened back end portion 2 Which en 65
circles and tightly grips shaft 3, this gripping elfect being
enhanced by a contractile garter spring 8. Slide ring 4
is ?xedly secured to the front end of the bellows by vul
canization or other suitable means. The slide ring is
in sliding, sealing contact with non-rotating backing ring 70
5 which is somewhat resiliently supported at the shaft
Blackmore et al _________ _.. July 9, 1940
Tceple ______________ __ Nov. 12, 1940
Marvin ______________ __ Oct. 20, 1942
Payne ________________ __ July 2, 1946
Endebak _____________ _.. Nov. 26, 1946
Vlach _______________ __ Feb. 14, 1950
Amirault ____________ __ Apr. 28, 1959
Patent No. síove??oj
January 29, 1963
E'hrhard Mayer
It is hereby certified that error appears in the above numbered pat
ent requiring correction and that the said Letters Patent should read as
column 2, line-'an for "and" read ~- said -».
signed and sealed this ethday of August 1963.,
Attesting Officer
Commissioner of Patents
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