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Feb. 5, 1963
Filed Jan. 12, 1961
‘his: ..... J
Fly. 6Gerard Til/FAULT
Patented Feb. 5, 1963
cured to the top or plate 9 and passes freely through an
aperture 12 made in the top 2 to extend over said top in
Trembles, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
ments 13 are loosely mounted on plate 9; said cymbal
elements may consist for instance of a ?anged disc "14
(see FIGURE 6 for a cross-section thereof) loose.y con
nected to sheet metal pieces 15 by connection rod 16
passing through plate 9 and having a head 17 at one end
Gerard Tbiiau t, 12164 Notreullame Fat. EL, Points aux
Filed .lnn. 12, 1961, Ser. No. 82,312
5 Claims. (Qt. 84—418)
The present invention relates to a musical instrument
of the general class of the tambourine, for producing
spaced relationship therewith. A plurality of cymbal ele
and provided with a riveted washer 18 at the other end.
rhythmical sounds or noises in a new manner for the 10 Disc 14 is disposed on top of the plate while pieces 15 are
accompaniment of a new type of dance.
disposed underneath the same. Obviously other types
A more speci?c object of the invention resides in the
provision of a musical instrument of the character de
scribed which is capable of producing two different sets
of rhythmical sounds, one set of sounds being a series of
a quick succession of sharp noises, while the other set
of sounds being produced by cymbal elements so arranged
as to make two beats quickly succeeding each other.
Another object of the invention resides in the provision
of cymbal elements may be provided for mountiu" on
plate 9.
It will be understood that upon a quick depression of
the portion of lever l3. disposed above top 2, plate 9 will
pivot upwardly in a sudden movement to thereby cause
the cymbal elements 13 to produce a sound or noise.
A second plate lit, having curved contour and a straight
transverse edge 1?’ is hung from the ?rst plate it in canti
of an instrument of the character described which is rela 20 lever fashion and extends opposite the said ?rst plate 9
tively inexpensive and simple to manufacture and which
within box It. The outer free portion of said second plate
can be easily played by musicians accustomed to play
39 is provided with cymbal elements 5.3 similar to those
conventional percussion instruments.
just described in relation with ?rst plate 9.
The second plate 19 is suspended from the ?rst plate
9 through the intermediary of connecting rods 2c passing
lowing disclosure and by referring to the drawings, in
through the two plates and provided at their outer ends
with riveted washers 21. A pair of opposed ?anged
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of the instrument of
discs 14, identical with ?anged discs 1d of the cymbal
the invention;
elements 13, are disposed between the second plate and
FIGURE 2 is a top plan view in which the top wall has 30 the lower washer 21. The connecting rods 20 form a
been cut or? to show the inside elements;
loose connection for the second plate on the ?rst plate
FIGURE 3 is a bottom plan section taken through line
and the inner transverse edge 19' of the second plate abuts
3-3 of FIGURE 5;
against the underface ?e’ of the ?rst plate 9. Thus, the
FIGURE 4 is a cross section of ‘a modi?cation;
two plates can pivot upwardly with respect to each other
FIGURE 5 is an enlarged longitudinal section taken
but relative downward pivotal movement is limited to the
along line 5-5 of FEGURE 2;
rest position shown in FEGURE 5. In this position lever
FIGURE. 6 is a partial cross-section taken along line
21 abuts against the inner edge of slot 12.
6-—5 of FIGURE 5; and
A piece 22 of corrugated sheet metal bent into a U or
PEGURE 7 is an exploded perspective view of a cymbal
any other hard element can be used for riding the sam
40 on the corrugated top 2.
Referring now more particularly to the drawings, in
The instrument of the present invention is ‘used as fol‘
which like reference characters indicate like elements
throughout, the instrument of the invention comprises a
The box 1 is held in one hand by handle 6 while piece
closed rectangular box made of corrugated sheet metal
22 is held in the other hand. The piece 22. is slid along
and in which are disposed cymbal elements which are ac
the corrugated top 2 to produce a quick succession of
tuated by a lever projecting from the box to thereby pro
sharp noises and then the hand is turned and the lever 11
duce the main set of rhythmical sounds. The other set
is quickly depressed by the back of the hand so as to pro~
of sounds is produced by slidin0r a hard object such as a
duce a ?rst beat made by the cymbal elements 13 mounted
The foregoing and oh er important objects of the pres»
ent invention will become more apparent during the fol
iece of metal on the corrugations of the box.
The box it is completely closed comprising a top 2,
side walls 3
a bottom Wall 4.
At least the top 2
will be made of corrugated sheet metal. A reinforcing
band 5 is disposed within the center portion of the box
and is applied against the top, bottom and longitudinal
side walls.
A handle 6 is secured to the box l and pro
on the ?rst plate E9 in turn quickly succeeded by a second
eat made by the cymbal elements mounted on the two
plates. The plate 1? pivots downwardly when its inner
edge '19’ is released by the already upwardly moving ?rst
plate 9 and the second beat is produced when edge 19’
strikes plate Q during downward return movement of the
55 latter.
jccts laterally therefrom being preferably directly se
The entire instrument can be shakened by handle 6 to
cured inside the box to band 5. Thus, the box can be
thereby produce a more or less continuous sound made
held in one hand by handle t’r.
by the cymbal elements without the beat characteristic
Alternateiy, the box can be provided with a support or
produced when lever 11 is quickly depressed.
pedestal 7 secured to the bottom 65 of the box at the com 60
When the box it is mounted on pedestal ‘7, then the two
ter thereof, ‘as shown in FlG-URE 4, in which case handle
hands are free to operate lever lit and the striker piece 22.
6 is no longer used and can be dispensed with.
While a preferred embodiment in accordance with the
A transversely extending rod or shaft 8 is secured in
present invention has been illustrated and described, it is
understood that various modi?cations may be resorted to
side the box to the lateral legs ‘5' of the band 5 and is
65 without departing from the spirit and scope of the ap
parallel to the top 2.
pended claims.
A ?rst plate 9 of generally curved contour with a
What i claim is:
straight edge 9’ is disposed within the box 1 and is pro
1. A musical instrument for producing rhythmical
vided near edge %' with downward ears it} having holes
it?’ for the passage oi‘ rod 8 whereby plate 9 is pivoted 70 sounds comprising a box having a top, side walls, and a
bottom wall, a ?rst plate disposed within said box and
on rod 8 near its transverse edge 9'.
pivotally mounted therein adjacent an edge or“ said ?rst
A curved actuating lever it is riveted or otherwise se
plate, a lever rigidly secured to said ?rst plate and ex
' 4
of said second plate abutting against the underside of said
tending away from said plate and through a slot in the
top of said box and above said top, whereby depression of
said lever Will cause pivotal movement of said ?rst plate
within said box,v cymbal elements‘ loosely mounted on
?rst plate and said lever abutting against an edge of saidv
slot in the rest position of said two plates.
4. An instrument as claimed in claim 1, further in
said ?rst‘ plate to produce a sound upon pivotal move 5 eluding a laterally outwardly projecting handle secured
to said box for holding said box.
ment' or“ said ?rst plate, a second plate loosely suspended
5. An instrument as claimedv in claim 1, further in:
from-said ?rstv plate nearv an edge of said second plate and
cluding a pedestal on top of which said box is mounted.
extending away therefrom so as to pivot relative to said
?rstv plate, and cymbal elements loosely mounted on said
second- plate.
2. An instrument as claimed in claim» 1, wherein at
least the top of said box is made of corrugated material
to provide a series of closelyv spaced’ transverse corruga
tions and a hard piece adapted to be slid along said cor
rugations to produce sounds
3. An instrument as claimed in claim 1, wherein said
said second plate is suspended: from ‘said ?rst plate by
connecting rods-passing through said two plates, said edge
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