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Feb. 5, 1963
Filed NOV- 2, 1960
United States Patent 0
Patented Feb. 5, 1963
of the chamber is a ?anged vent pipe 3, by means of the
?ange 4 of which a compressible container 5 in the form
Kai Ottung, 8 Askebyvej, Virum, Denmark
Filed Nov. 2, 1960, Ser. No. 66,827
1 Claim. (Cl. 138-30)
of a ball or bladder is ?xed in position within chamber
1 so that the interior of said ball or bladder is cut oil i.e.
inaccessibly to the liquid in the chamber 1 but is in direct
communication with the ambient air. The chamber 1
also contains a second compressible container 6 which is
completely closed and ?lled with a gas or air, for in
The present invention relates to an expansion device for
self-contained liquid circulating systems, particularly for
use in the water cooling system of a motor vehicle.
Circulating systems, in which an expansion vessel is
incorporated, are already known, this vessel being either
included in the actual path of circulation or connected
thereto by a communicating pipe. The expansion of a
liquid due to increase in temperature is accompanied 15
stance atmospheric air.
FIGURE 1 shows the expansion means as it appears
when the liquid in the system is cold, whereas FIGURE
2 shows the manner in which on a rise in temperature
of the liquid in the system the shape of container 5 is
caused to change, container 6 continuing to remain com
pletely taut.
Any further rise in temperature causes expansion to
continue until the container 5 is completely compressed
simultaneously in such a system by a rise in pressure with
the result that the material of the components of the cir
culating system and of the associated expansion tank are
as shown in FIGURE 3. The manner in which the con
subjected to not inconsiderable extra stress.
6 now begins to be compressed as the pressure in
The present invention eliminates this drawback by in 20 tainer
rises above the outside atmospheric pressure
cluding in the circulating system, or in a chamber in com
at more elevated temperatures can also be seen.
munication therewith, a readily compressible container
In the embodiment shown in FIGURE 4 the chamber
enclosing a space which is inaccessible to liquid but which
of rubber or similar material and is externally
is in communication with the ambient air. In this ar
rangement, on expansion of the liquid, the container can 25 reinforced and stiffened by a rigid tube 8. At one end
the chamber 7 is provided with a connection pipe 9: at its
be compressed without any resistance so that expansion
other end it is formed with an opening 10 to which a
will not cause a rise in the pressure head, or raise it only
?exible bellows 11 is ?xed in such a way as to enclose the
to a slight amount depending upon whatever slight resist
opening, the other end of the bellows being sealed by an
ance is offered by the container.
plate 12. The bellows 11 is subdivided into two
Should the liquid continue to expand after the container 30 separate
compartments 14 and 15 by a partition wall
has been compressed completely, then a considerable
13, the operation and function of these chambers being
pressure rise will naturally occur.
same as that of the two containers 5 and 6 in FIG
In one embodiment of the invention this rise in pres
URES 1 to 3.
sure is controlled to a desirable extent by the inclusion
The invention is particularly adapted for use in the
in the circulating system, or inside the chamber, of a 35
second, likewise compressible but closed, air-?lled con
tainer. When the ?rst container which communicates
with the outside atmosphere has been compressed com
pletely, should further expansion of the liquid occur, it
water cooling systems of internal combustion engines of
rise will be uniform.
The location of one of the two compressible containers
placing container surrounded at least partly by said cool
ing liquid, said container communicating with the atmos
motor vehicles and may be housed in the radiator.
I claim:
A thermal expansion compensating device for a closed
will entail a considerable or slight amount of compres 40 cooling liquid circulation system of an internal combus
tion engine, comprising, in combination, a ?rst liquid dis
sion of the closed container so that the ensuing pressure
in a special chamber is an advantage because any con
phere and having a ?exible wall so as to be operative to
taminating impurity carried into the chamber by the ex 45 compensate for limited thermal expansion of said cooling
liquid without substantial increase of the pressure thereof,
panding liquid will readily settle since the liquid in the
and a second liquid displacing container surrounded at
chamber is relatively stagnant. Impurities can thus pro
gressively be removed from the circulating system proper.
least partly by said cooling liquid, said second container
The invention is illustrated in the accompanying draw
being a closed gas ?lled container having a ?exible wall
50 so as to be compressible by the pressure of said liquid
ings in which:
FIGURES 1, 2 and 3 are sectional views showing an
when the thermal expansion thereof exceeds said limited
expansion device in accordance with one embodiment of
thermal expansion.
the invention and illustrating three stages in the expansion
of the liquid in the system, and
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
FIGURE 4 is an alternative embodiment of the expan 55
sion device.
Referring to FIGURE 1 the expansion device comprises
Whitney _____________ _- Apr. 30, 1907
a chamber 1 having a connection 2 to enable it to be
connected to a circulating system (not shown) such as
Hewitt ______________ __ Oct. 11, 1938
Singer ________________ .. Feb. 7, 1950
the water cooling system of a motor vehicle. In one wall 60 2,638,932
Alexander ____________ .._ May 19, 1953
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