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Feb; 5, 1963
Filed July 27, 1959
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Feb. 5, 1963
Filed July 27, 1959
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Feb. 5, 1963
Filed July 2'7, 1959
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Feb.’ 5, 1963
Filed July 27, 1959
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m. Whig/a
United States PatentG
Patented Feb. 5, 1963
Maurice A. Nye and Jess C. Bittman, Cuyahoga Falls,
Ohio, assignors to The Vaughn Machinery Company,
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio
Filed July 27, 1.959, Ser. No. 829,607
1 Claim. (Cl. 242-84)
The present invention relates generally as indicated to
a wire packaging machine and more particularly to a
?rst to FIG. 1, the machine 1 herein comprises an upper
head 2 secured at its ends to beams 3, the beams 3 being
supported on the upper ends of posts 4. In FIG. 1 only
one beam and post 4 has been shown but it is to be under
stood that there may be provided a long line of heads 2
each provided with a pair of takeup blocks or capstans 5
driven by a line shaft 6, and with accumulator 7 associ
ated coaxially with the respective capstans 5 driven by a
line shaft 8. Beneath each capstan 5 is a turntable 9
10 driven by line shaft 10 upon which a wire-receiving drum
D is adapted to be supported.
live block-live coil machine.
In such live block-live coil machine there is provided
At one end of the line of packaging machines 1 there
will be an electric drive motor for the shaft 6 which
a take-up block or capstan, around whichwire is wrapped
when the capstan is rotated and thus drawn through a die
drives the line of capstans 5 and similarly there will be
for example, the convolutions of the wire being fed from 15 another electric drive motor for both the accumulator
the capstan into a rotating wire-receiving drum or the
drive shaft 8 and the turntable drive shaft 10 for driving
like that is supported on a rotating turntable disposed be
the line of accumulators 7 and the line of turntables 9.
neath the capstan. In order that a machine of this type
As best shown in FIGS. 2, 3, and 4, the upper head 2
may be continuously operated there is usually provided
has cartridge bearings 11 mounted therein in which the
an accumulator which is adapted to be inserted between 20 vertical tubular shaft 12 is journalled. Fixed to the
the capstan and the wire-receiving drum to hold’ an ac
lower end of the shaft 12 is the hub of the take-up block
cumulation of wire convolutions coming off the capstan
or capstan 5, and ?xed to the upper end of shaft 12 is a
during the interval of time that the drum and the com
worm wheel 14 with which is meshed a driving worm 15
pleted coil therein is removed from the turntable and the
on shaft 6.
next empty drum put in its place.
The capstan 5 has an upwardly and inwardly beveled
‘It is one principal object of this invention to provide a
shoulder 16 ‘which is engaged by the incoming wire W
live block-live coil wire packaging machine in which an
and when the capstan 5 is driven in the direction indi
accumulator and a drum-supporting turntable are driven
cated by the arrow, the wire W wrapped thereabout forms
alternately and automatically, according to the-number
convolutions that are progressively shoved upwardly by
30 the action of the wire W against the beveled shoulder 16.
of convolutions of the wire in the receiving drum.
It is another object of this invention to provide a ma
chine of the character indicated in which the capstan and
turntable may be driven at different speeds to package the
wire in coil form of desired diameter.
Preferably, there is mounted on the head 2 a depending
pressure roller 17 which holds the convolutions against
the tapered periphery of the capstan 5. When the top
convolution of wire W has been shoved above the pres
It is [another object of this invention to provide a ma 35 sure roller 17 it is free to drop down by gravity in coil
chine in which the capstan is of the inverted type wherein
form, asshown in FIG. 1, into a wire-receiving drum D
the wire is wrapped around an upwardly facing beveled
that is adapted to be supported on the turntable 9. As
shoulder of the capstan and the convolutions are shoved
apparent, when the turntable 9 is driven at the same speed
up progressively with the top convolution coming off the
as the capstan 5, the wire convolutions will be accumu
capstan and dropping down by gravity into a receiving
lated in the drum D to form a coil of about the same di
drum, or onto the accumulator, as the case may be.
ameter as the capstan 5. However, if a package or coil of
Other objects and advantages of the present invention
larger diameter is desired the turntable 9 will be driven at
will become apparent as the following description pro
a slower speed than the capstan 5. A coil of varying di
ameter for neatness and compactness may be formed by
To the accomplishment of the foregoing and related 45 driving the turntable 9 at varying'speeds.
ends, the invention, then, comprises the features herein
Referring further to FIG. 1, ‘and also to FIGS. 2 to
after fully desecribed and particularly pointed out in the
claims, the following description and the annexed draw
4 there is journal in the aforesaid tubular capstan drive
shaft 12 another tubular shaft 20, as in the sleeve bearing
ings setting forth in detail a certain illustrative embodi
21 and ball bearing 22. Keyed on the lower end of said
ment ofthe invention, this being indicative, however, of 50 inner ‘tubular shaft 20 is the accumulator plate 23 from
but one of the various ways in Which the principle of
which several lugs depend downwardly, four, for ex
the invention may be employed.
In said annexed drawings:
FIG. 1 is a front elevation view, showing one of a line
ample, to which accumulator ?ngers 24tare pivotally con
nected. The shaft 20 is driven as by a worm wheel 25
af?xed to the upper end thereof which meshes with ‘a
of live block-live coil machines, the accumulator between
the draw block and the wire-receiving drum being shown
in its inactive or inoperative position, permitting the con
worm 26 on drive shaft 8‘. Axial-1y reciprocable in the
inner tubular shaft 20 is the accumulator actuating rod
27 which has its upper end connected to the piston rod 28
volutions of wire to be fed from the draw block into the
of a pneumatic cylinder 29‘, and which has rotatably
connected to its lower end a cross-head 30 which, by way
FIG. 2 is a vertical cross-section view taken substan 60 of the links 31, are connected with the inner and upper
tially along the line 2—~2, FIG. 1;
FIG. 3 is a cross-section view taken substantially along
the line 3--3, FIG. 2;
FIG. 4 is a fragmentary cross-section view taken sub
stantially along the line 4-4, FIG. 3;
FIG. 5 is a cross-section view of the turntable drive
ends of the accumulator ?ngers 24 in a manner such
that when the piston in the cylinder 29‘ is moved down
wardly, ‘the accumulator ?ngers 24 are swung outwardly
to horizontal position to intercept the descent of the
convolutions of wire W coming off from ‘the top of the
capstan 5 above the pressure roller 17. The reference
numeral 32 in FIGS. 2 and 3 denotes a solenoid operated
four-way valve which actuates the cylinder 29 to move
FIGS. 6 and 7 are cross-section views taken substan 70 the piston down or up according to whether the accumu
lator ?ngers 24 are to be swung out to active horizontal
tially along the lines 6-6 and 7-—7, FIG. 5.
position or swung in to inactive vertical position.
Referring now more particularly to the drawings and
mechanism, such section having been taken substantially
along the line 5——5, FIG. 1; and
The drive for the capstan 5 includes the worm shaft
15 driven by the drive shaft 6 throu an electromagnetic
or like clutch 35 which, when energized, causes power
‘to be transmitted from the drive shaft 6 to the worm shaft
15, the drive shaft 6 being suitably coupled, as aforesaid,
to an electric drive motor or the like.
Similarly, the worm shaft 26 for the accumulator 7
makes possible the continuous operation of the wire
packaging machine.
Other modes of applying the principle of the invention
may be employed, change being made as regards the de
tails described, provided the features stated in any of the
following claims, or the equivalent of such, be employed.
We therefore particularly point out ‘and distinctly claim
drive is driven by the drive shaft 8 through a suitable
as our invention:
clutch such as an electromagnetic clutch 36. Preferably,
In a wire packaging machine, the combination of a
a predetermining counter 33 is mounted on the head 2 of 10 vertical rotary takeup block and drive means therefor
the machine to energize the accumulator clutch 36 when
operative to wrap Wire therearound to form convolutions
a predetermined number of convolutions of the wire W
that descend continuously by gravity from said block;
have accumulated in the receiving drum D; to deenergize
a rotary turntable and drive means therefor, said turntable
a similar clutch on the turntable drive shaft 10; and to
being disposed beneath said block and adapted to support
energize the solenoid valve 32 to cause ‘the rod 27 to
a wire-receiving drum ‘thereon into which the convolutions
move downwardly and thereby swing the ?ngers 24 to
descend to form an upwardly growing package; an ac
horizontal position. The Wire W may be cut and the
cumulator disposed between said block and turntable and
drum D may be removed from the turntable 9‘ and an
drive means ‘operative to rotate said accumulator in the
empty drum D substituted. ‘In the meantime, the con
same direction as said turntable; an actuator operative
volutions of wire W will build up On the accumulator
to move said accumulator from an inactive position
?ngers 24 as a hank which will drop down into the empty
whereat such convolutions descend therepast to an active
dmm D when the ?ngers 24 are swung down to vertical
position whereat the descent of the convolutions is ar
rested; means responsive to a predetermined number of
The counter 38 is driven by a gear 39 on the worm
convolutions built up on said turntable operative to render
shaft 15, the gear 39' being meshed with a gear 40 on
said drive means for said turntable ineffective to drive
jack shaft 41. In turn, the rotation of the jack shaft 41
The entire machine 1 may be stopped by actuating the
the latter whereby the completed package may be re
moved therefrom, to energize said actuator to move said
accumulator ‘to active position, and to render said drive
means for said accumulator effective to drive the latter
emergency stop ‘lever 43 which through a suitable cable
for accumulating the descending convolutions thereon,
is transmitted to the counter 38 through a cog belt 42 or
the like.
deenergizes the capstan drive clutch 315.
The arrangement is preferably such that when the tum
table 9 and rotation is discontinued, the clutch 36 for
the accumulator 7 is automatically engaged to thus drive
the shaft 20 for the accumulator 7. This may be accom
plished by the counter 38 through the circuits C ‘and C’
for the clutches 60 and 36 respectively, as shown in
FIGS. 1 and 3.
The turntable 9, as best shown in FIGS. 5, 6, and 7
is keyed on a vertical shaft 50 which is journalled in a
cartridge-type bearing 51 secured on a housing 52 dis
posed in a tunnel 53 in the ?oor F. The lower end of
said drive means for said turntable and said accumulator
being coupled thereto respectively by electromagnetic
clutches, said means responsive to a predetermined num
ber of convolutions built up on said turntable controlling
energization of said clutches alternately to drive said turn
table and said accumulator, said accumulator comprising
a rotary shaft, accumulator ?ngers pivotally connected be
tween their ends to said shaft for swinging movement
from downwardly extending inactive position to generally
horizontally extending active position, said actuator com
prising a vertically reciprocable piston rod of a piston
cylinder assembly extending through said shaft and pivot
ally connected to the upper ends of said ?ngers, actuation
the shaft 50 is supported in an antifriction bearing 54,
of said assembly being controlled by a solenoid operated
and above that bearing, the shaft 50 has keyed thereon a 45 valve, said valve, in turn, being operated by said means
worm wheel 55 driven by a worm shaft 56 and the worm
shaft 56, in turn, is provided ‘with a gear 57 meshing
with a gear 58 on the drive shaft 10.
responsive to a predetermined number of convolutions
built up on said turntable.
Again, as in
connection with the other drives, there is provided a
suitable clutch, such as an electromagnetic clutch 60, '
which, when energized, effects transmission of power
from drive shaft 10 to the ‘turntable 9. As previously
mentioned, the same motor that drives the turntable 9
may be used to drive the accumulator 7 through the
shaft 8.
Thus, it can be seen that we have provided a simple and
novel form of drive for a live block-live coil wire packag
ing machine 1, and a simple form of accumulator 7 which
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