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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed Nov. 9, 1960
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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed Nov. 9, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
BY yéwvzé/m
United States Patent O?ice
Sylvie .l. Maurice, 5'79 Hunt St, Qentral Falls, Rd.
Filed Nov. 9, 1960, Ser. No. 63,299
7 Qlaims. (4C3. 1339-165)
Patented Feb. 12, 1953
parts, will appear from the following detailed description
and will be pointed out in the appended claims.
In the drawings wherein several embodiments of this
invention are shown,
FiGURE l is a plan view looking upward toward the
bottom of the lay beam and slot within which the picker
This invention relates to a picker-stick check for a ?y
shuttle loom, and relates more particularly to the type of
picker-slick check in which an endless, ?exible band or
check strap of leather or other material is arranged to en
circle the path of the picker-stick and automatic means is
provided to cause the check strap to intermittently creep
stick moves,
FIGURE 2 is a view in front elevation of the device
check straps have been mounted so that the check strap
is passed between friction ?ngers to form an elongated
loop, the ends of which loop engage the picker-stick at
opposite ends of its swing and serve to check the momen
tum of the stick by means of sliding friction created by
slot 1?; within which picker~stick 12 shown in cross sec
tion moves, as is welhknown in the art. Brackets 13 and
shown in FIGURE 1;
FIGURE 3 is a partial sectional view taken along line
3-3 of FIGURE 1;
FIGURE 4 is a plan view illustrating another embodi
or rotate to present new surfaces to the action of the
ment of the instant invention;
picker~stick with each stroke, thereby greatly prolonging
FEGURE 5 is a partial sectional view taken along line
the life of the check strap.
15 5-—5 of FIGURE 4; and
More speci?cally, the instant invention is directed to
FIGURE 6 is a sectional view taken along line 6-6
the friction means associated with a picker-stick check
of FIGURE 5.
which will cause the blow of the picker-stick to be ab—
Like reference numerals indicate like parts throughout
sorbed gradually from the time the picker-stick engages
the several views of the drawings.
the check strap until the picker-stick is fully stopped at
Referring now to the drawings for a detailed description
the end of its path of travel.
of this invention, and particularly to FIGURES l, 2 and
Picker-stick checking heretofore has been carried out
3 wherein the preferred embodiment is shown, reference
in various types of mechanisms employing one or more
numeral It} designates the lay beam of a loom, which is
check straps of the endless variety. These endless type
usually made of wood. The lay beam is provided with
the friction ?ngers. In these constructions, the picker 30
stick moves at a high rate of speed and when the opposite
ends of the loop are struck, the blow occurs repeatedly in
the same or substantially the same area of the strap result
ing in excessive strain and undue wear. Also, the check
strap rubs against the friction ?ngers along approximately
the same area of contact which results in excessive wear
also on the contact surfaces.
14 are suitably mounted on the opposite sides of the lay
beam by means of conventional bolts 15 passing through
slots II’ of the brackets.
The bracket 13 is arranged to support and guide a check
strap 16 without any clamping action. To this end the
bracket 13 is provided with a pair of upstanding projec
tions 1'7, 13 for supporting the check strap 16 thereon.
The check strap is preferably formed from leather; how
ever, it may be made from any suitable woven material.
disadvantages but they have all resulted in damage to the
The bracket 14 is provided with spaced ?anges 19 and 2%},
as shown in FIGURES 1 and 3, for additionally support
ing and guiding the check strap.
Bracket 13 is also provided with means for arresting
check strap or failure to properly arrest the picker stick.
Furthermore, it has been necessary to either replace the
check straps frequently or to make them of an unduly
the movement of the strap. Thus said bracket has a por
tion 21 which extends below and ?ts against the bottom
of the lay it), and has a ?ange 22 which extends upwardly
Various attempts have been made to overcome these
heavy construction.
An important object of this invention is to provide an
improved picker-stick check which will be free from the
foregoing and other disadvantages, and which will be
especially simple in construction and efficient in use.
Another object of this invention is to provide a picker
against the side of the lay beam. A forwardly extending
flange 23 on bracket 13 is provided with a suitable aper
ture for receiving a depending spindle 24 for supporting
elements of the device of this invention, said spindle being
secured to flange 23 by means of a suitable washer 25
and nut 26. The nut 25 has an additional function which
the check strap will be eliminated.
Another object of this invention is to provide a picker
will be described more fully hereinafter.
Rotatably mounted on spindle 24 is a bushing 27, said
bushing being held on the spindle by means of a conven
stick check employing novel friction means bearing
against the check strap thus rendering the device thor
oughly practical, durable and very easy for the loom at
tional nut 23 and set screw 29. The check strap arrest
ing means is in the form of a serrated detent member 3'8
stick check wherein excessive wear in localized areas of ,
which bears against the check strap 16. As clearly seen
in FIGURE 3, the detent member 3%) is integral with bush
Still another object of this invention is to provide a
ing 27. The bushing and attached detent member are
picker-stick check wherein the friction means may be
preferably mounted to swing partially about the axis of
conveniently and accurately adjusted.
spindle 21% in such a manner that the serrated portion of
A further object of this invention is to provide an im 60 the detent 3b is constantly bearing against: the check
proved picker-stick check which will enable the check
strap 16. To this end, the rotation of the bushing is
strap to move progressively between the friction means
limited by a tension spring 3?. a?ixed at one end to spin
in such a manner that the strap will move in the same
dle 24 and suitably secured at its other end to a portion
direction a short distance upon each impact of the picker
of bushing 27. The function of the detent is such that
it tends to move into engagement with the strap, and
Still another object of this invention is to provide an
thereby permits the strap to move only in one direction,
arresting means on the picker-stick checking mechanism
movement in the opposite direction being prevented by
to prevent the check strap from moving backwards there—
the detent.
by assuring that the portions of the check strap struck by
The novel friction member of this invention is illustrated
the picker-stick are constantly changing.
70 in FIGURE 2 and includes a hub member 32, rotatably
tendant to care for.
Other objects and advantages of this invention, together
mounted on spindle 24 and seated on a top ?ange 33 of
which certain details of construction and combination of
the bushing 27. A laterally projecting curved portion 34
provided with a vertical, extension 35 is associated with
the left side of the strap 16, will cause the strap to pull
against member 34. Inasmuch as curved portion 34 is
not rigid and pivots with hub member 32 about spindle
241, the said curved portion will give slightly thus per
the hub and bears against the strap 16 in a manner to be
described more fully hereinafter. Inasmuch as the hub
32 is rotatably mounted on the spindle, it is necessary to
control its motion so that the curved portion 34 is con
stantly bearing against the strap. For this purpose a
heavy duty coiled tension spring 315 is employed, said
spring'being suitably secured at one end to spindle 24
and held in place on said spindle by a ?anged member 37.
mitting the strap to creep or move slightly to the left.
Simultaneously, the arresting or detent member 42 mount
ed on bracket 14 on the other side of the strap will pre
vent the strap from moving backwards or counterclock
wise. When the picker-stick moves to the right, the de
As clearly shown in FIGURE 2, the spring 36 is provided 10 tent member 152 pivots slightly about spindle 44}, thereby
with a laterally extending portion 38 having a looped
releasing the strap and a slight slack is apparent on the
end 39. In accordance with this invention, the loop 39
right side of the looped strap, this amount of slack actual
of. the spring is secured about the upstanding projection
ly being the distance the strap 16 moves when the picker
35. The tension of spring 36 causes the curved portion
34 associated with hub 32 to bear against the strap, the
stick again moves to the lett.
Thus it can be seen that
spring permitting slight rotation of the hub 32 but only
by employing the novel friction and arresting means of
this invention, the picker-stick is engaging the strap at
in a counterclockwise direction toward the check strap 16.
different positions or surfaces as the strap is moved clock
Referring now to FIGURE 3, an upstanding spindle so,
wise during each cycle of the oscillating picker-stick,
thereby prolonging the life of the check strap.
similar to spindle 24, is suitably mounted on ?ange 19
of bracket 14. The spindle supports a rotatably mounted 20
The present invention may be embodied in other spe
bushing 41 provided with a serrated detent member 42,
cific forms without departing from the spirit of the in
the said bushing and detent functioning in the same man
ner as the heretofore described members 27, 3d mounted
What is hereby claimed to be new and desired to be
secured by Letters Patent is:
on bracket 13.
It will be obvious that the detents 3%, ‘t2 operated
1. In a ?y shuttle loom wherein a picker-stick operates
alternatively upon opposite sides of the check strap 16,
within and is adapted to strike an endless check strap, a
one holding and the other releasing the check strap when
bracket is attached to said loom, and arresting means is
provided on said bracket for preventing backward move
the picker-stick moves in one direction, and vice versa
on the reverse movement of the picker-stick. The de
ment of the check strap on the rearward movement of
tents also cooperate with the projection 17, 18 and ?anges 30 the picker-stick, the improvement which comprises pro
19, 2d to'prevent improper up and down movement of
the check strap 16. It will be appreciated that as soon
viding said bracket With a friction member for applying
tension to said check strap, means for rotatably support
as the pull of the check strap opposite to the stress of
ing said friction member on said bracket, and spring
means for urging said friction member into contact with
the detent spring is relaxed, the spring 31 acts to return
the detent to normal position in engagement with the 35 said check strap.
check strap.
2. A device in accordance with claim 1 wherein the
The friction member is placed in operative position in
friction member is rotatably mounted on a depending
spindle supported by said bracket and is provided with
the following manner: The curved portion 34, is placed
against the strap 16 and then the desired tension is ap 40 laterally extending curved portion for hearing against said
check strap.
plied to spring 36. To this end, the nut 26 is grasped by
a wrench or pair of pliers and then the spring 36 is tightly
3. A device in accordance with claim 2 wherein the
wound by means of a suitable tool. It will be appreciated
friction member is provided with a vertical upstanding
integral projection on the curved portion adapted to en
that the desired tension will be communicated to curved
portion 34, inasmuch as the loop 39 of the spring is se
cured to the projection 35 of said curved portion. The
amount of humidity in the mill at the time the initial
adjustment of the spring is made determines the amount
of tension necessary for the friction member to operate
properly. Inasmuch as the curved portion 34 is con
gage the spring means.
4. A device in accordance with claim 2 wherein means
are provided to vary the tension of the curved portion of
the friction member on the check strap.
5. A device in accordance with claim 4- wherein said
means for varying the tension includes a depressible han
stantly bearing against the strap 16, it will thereafter
adjust itself to the strap depending upon the amount of
_ 6. A device in accordance with claim 5 wherein the
moisture in the strap.
handle is operatively connected to said spindle.
In the modi?cation shown in FIGURES 4 to 6, the
7. A device in accordance with claim 2 wherein the
tensioning of the spring by means of a tool is eliminated. 55 arresting means is rotatably mounted on the spindle.
In this embodiment a handle 43 is employed to tension
the spring. The same procedure as outlined above is re
peated except that the handle 43 is depressed until the
desired tension is applied to the spring 36 and member 34.
Once the proper tension is applied to the spring as, 6 O
device is in operative position. As the picker-stick 12
moves toward the left in FIGURE 2, its force, as it hits
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