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Feb- 12, 1963
Original Filed March 10. 1960
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Fig. /
Fig. 2
40 "kg/7
Leo A. Heinfze/man
All” £01,522“.
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Feb. 12, 1963
Original Filed March 10, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Leo A. Heinrze/man
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United States Patent O?ice
Leo A. Heintzelmau, 499i) Burlingame, SW.,
Grandville, Mich.
Continuation of application ?ler. No. 14,114, Mar. 10,
1960. This application July 17, 1%1, Ser. No. 124,686
7 Qlaims. (Cl. 170-16011)
Patented Feb. 12, 1963
FIG. 5 is a detailed sectional view taken substantially
upon a plane passing along section line 5-5 of FIG. 4
illustrating further structural details of the mounting
means for the extensible blades;
FIG. 6 is a detailed sectional view illustrating the guide
mechanism on the extensible blades;
FIG. 7 is an exploded group perspective. view of the
mounting assembly for the extensible blades; and
FIG. 8 is a sectional view similar to FIG. 6 but illus~
This application is a continuation of my co-pending 10 trating the attachment without the guide ?ange for en
United States patent application Serial No. 14,114, ?led
abling the attachment to be used as a weed cutter,
March 10, 1960 and entitled Attachment for Boat Pro
Referring now speci?cally to the drawings, the nu
pellers, now abandoned.
meral 16 generally designates a propeller on which the
The present invention generally relates to an attach
attachment of the present invention is mounted with the
ment for a boat propeller and generally is an improve 15 attachment generally being designated by the numeral
ment on that type of construction disclosed in my prior
12. The propeller 10 includes a central hub 14 there
Patent No. 2,885,012 granted May 5, 1959.
through for receiving the tapered end of a propeller
Engines which are employed in boats produce maxi
shaft. Suitable means may be provided in the hub 14
mum horsepower at a relatively high rotational speed.
for locking the propeller 10 onto the propeller shaft or
In view of the resistance of the Water to rotation of a 20 onto the drive shaft.
propeller driven by a boat engine, it requires an extended
Radiating outwardly from the hub 14 is a pair of
period of time for the boat engine to reach its optimum
blades 16 which are of identical construction and which
operating speed. It is the primary object of the present
are set at a desired angle depending upon the particu
invention to provide an attachment for a propeller for
lar type of motor or engine with which the propeller is
a boat, the attachment generally including a pair of mov 25 to be associated. The propeller structure as far as the
able blades mounted on the propeller which are extended
hub and the orientation of the blades 16 is concerned
under the in?uence of centrifugal force as the propeller
is conventional. Each blade 16 is provided with a lead
reaches a predetermined rotational speed thereby main
ing edge 18 and a trailing edge 21) and also an outer
taining the initial resistance to rotation of the propeller
curved edge 22.
at a minimum so that the engine may reach optimum 30
operating speed more easily with the extensible blade
being automatically operated by centrifugal force to in
crease the propulsion qualities of the propeller after the
engine has reached optimum operating speed.
The attachment 12 is the same for each of the blades
16 and only one attachment will be described and this
includes an extensible plate 24 generally conforming in
curvature to the outer edge 22 and a portion of the lead
ing edge 18 of the blade 20. The extensible plate 24
A further object of the present invention is to provide 35 is provided with a curved outer edge 26 and a concave
inner edge 28 lying alongside one surface of the blade
16. The edges 26 and 28 generally converge towards
the trailing end and terminate in a point 30. The
propeller but which is automatically extended by centri
curved edge 26 is actually a reverse bend with. there being
fugal force when the propeller reaches a predetermined 40 a ?ange 32 integral therewith which extends alongside
rotational speed.
and engages the opposite surface of the blade 16 in rela
Still another object of the present invention is to pro
tion to the extensible plate 24- thereby forming a guide
vide an attachment for propellers in accordance with the
for movement of the extensible plate 24 between a re
preceding objects in which the extensible blades are
tracted position as illustrated in FIG. 1 and an‘extended
spring biased to a retracted position with the tension on
position as illustrated in FIG. 3. The guide ?ange 32
an attachment for a propeller in the form of an exten
sion for each blade of the propeller that is normally re- ‘
tracted to a position alongside of the blades of the
the spring being adjustable for varying the speed at which
the extensible blades are actuated.
A still further object of the present invention is to
provide an attachment for propeller blades of the charac
ter described in which the extensible blades are provided
with guides for retaining the extensible blades rigidly
in relation to the propeller blades during the movement
between the extended and retracted position.
Yet another important feature of the present invention
serves to stabilize the extensible blade 24 and retain it in
alignment with the propeller blades 16. In certain in
stallations, the guide ?ange 32 may be omitted with the
curved edge 26 still extending across the outer edge 22
of the blade 16 for limiting the inward movement of the
extension blade 24.
The propeller blade 16 is provided with an opening or
aperture 34 therein which has a square counterbore or
recess 36 communicating therewith which receives a
is to provide an attachment for a boat propeller which
55 square shoulder 38 on a fastening pin 40 which is also
is simple in construction, easy to attach, efficient in
operation and generally inexpensive to manufacture.
These together with other objects and advantages which
will become subsequently apparent reside in the details
provided with an enlarged rather ?at rounded head 42.
The round fastener 40 extends through the aperture 34
and the square shoulder 38 is received within the recess
36 thereby preventing rotation of the fastener 40‘.
of construction and operation as more fully hereinafter
The fastener 40 is provided with a longitudinally ex
described and claimed, reference being had to the accom 60 tending slot 44 therein and the outer end of the legs formed
panying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like
by the slot '44 are provided with aligned apertures 46.
The propeller blade 24 is provided with an enlarged
aperture 48 having a pair of outwardly extending notches
with the attachment of the present invention installed
65 50 in the Wall thereof with the notches 5t) being circum
ferentially spaced. Disposed in the opening 48 is a spiral
FIG. 2 is a side elevational view of the construction
?at spring 52 having the outer end thereof offset or extend
of FIG. 1;
ing radially outwardly as indicated by the numeral 54 for
FIG. 3 is a view similar to FIG. 1 but with the ex
reception in one of the notches 50‘. The inner end is
tensible blades in partially extended position;
offset inwardly or extends inwardly as designated by the
FIG. 4 is a detailed view of the mounting means for
numeral 66 for positioning in the slot 44 of the fastener
the extensible blades with the cover removed;
40. Thus, the spring 50 is disposed in the aperture 48
numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:
FIG. 1 is an end elevational view of a boat propeller
and the shoulder 38 is received in the recess 36 in the
propeller blade 16.
The fastener 40 also extends into a socket or hollow
interior 58 of a closure cap 60 having a depending or in
wardly extending or peripheral edge 62. Extending
through apertures 64 in the cap 60‘ is a cotter key 66 which
also extends through the apertures 46 in the fastener 40
tion of said extension blade adjacent said pivotal mounting
means, said resilient means being adapted to engage said
extension blade and said pivotal mounting means to re
siliently urge the extension blade to a retracted position
alongside of the propeller blade.
2. The structure as de?ned in claim 1 wherein each
extension blade is provided with an inwardly extending
guide ?ange adapted to engage the opposite side of the
propeller blade from the extension blade thereby guiding
detachment thereof for replacement of parts or adjust
ment of the spring by placing the tine or ?nger 54 in se 10 the extension blade during pivotal movement thereof.
thereby anchoring the assembly together and permitting
3. In combination with a propeller having a plu
rality of propeller blades, an extension plate for each of
said propeller vblades, said extension plate having an outer
edge conforming to the outer edge of the propeller blade,
surface of the propeller blade 16. However, when the
speed of rotation of the propeller increases so that the 15 a fastener extending through and rigidly attached to ‘the
propeller blade, said fastener pivotally supporting one end
centrifugal force overcomes the tension of the spring 52,
of said extension plate, a pivotally resilient spring extend
the extensible blades 24‘ will pivot outwardly about an
ing between said fastener and said extension plate, said
axis formed by the fastener 40‘ either with or without the
spring having one end held'by the fastener and the other
guide ?ange and the increased size of the propeller caused
end held by the extension plate for biasing the extension
by the extensible plates or blades will increase the e?i
plate to a retracted position.
ciency of the propeller and cause a boat or the like to be
4. The combination of claim 3 wherein said fastener
propelled through the water or the like. The present
is provided with a removable cap detachably secured there
invention requires only very little modi?cation of an exist
to, said cap having a hollow interior surface for enclos
ing boat propeller with the attachment being readily in
25 ing- and concealing said pivotally resilient spring.
stalled by substantially anyone.
lected notches 50.
When the extensible blades 24 are in normal position,
the spring will retain the extensible blade alongside the
In FIG. 8, there is illustrated a modi?ed form of the
invention in which the attachment 24’ that is secured to the
blade 16’ is provided with a straight and generally tapered
edge 26' rather than the reverse bend 26.
This construc
5. The combination of claim 3 wherein said extension
plate is provided with a‘ reversely curved ?ange on the
outer edge thereof forming a guide for straddling the
propeller blade thereby guiding the extension plate during
tion will enable the attachment 24' to be used to cut 30 pivotal movement thereof.
6. The combination of claim 5 wherein said pivotally
weeds when this function is needed which is especially de
sirable in areas having considerable Weed growth.
The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the
principles of the invention. Further, since numerous
resilient spring is a spiral spring and said spiral spring in
the exact construction and operation shown and described,
and accordingly, all suitable modi?cations and equivalents
the spiral spring.
cludes an outwardly extending ?nger on the outer end
thereof, said extension plate having an enlarged opening
modi?cations and changes will readily occur to those 35 receiving the spiral spring with the periphery of the open
ing having a plurality of circumferentially spaced notches
skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to
may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the ‘inven
tion as claimed.
for receiving the ?nger thereby adjusting the tension on
7. The'structure as de?ned in claim 1 wherein each ex
40 tension blade is provided with a tapered straight outer’
edge adapted to cut weeds growing in the water.
I claim:
1. An attachment ‘for a boat propeller comprising an
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extension blade for each blade of the propeller, each of
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