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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed April 22, 1959
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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed April 22. 1959
United dtates Patent Of?ce
Daniel I. Leonard, 44 Bay Ridge Ave., Brooklyn 29, Nf'i?.
Filed Apr. 22, V1959, Ser. Na. 8%,167
Z Clairns. (Ci. 273-8Ld)
This invention relates to handles and hand grips for
golf clubs and putters, and particularly to a special hand
Patented Feb. 12, 1963
`is thus at present no club or putter that can be said to
place all players on the same level ofadvantage in ,their
use,'altl1ough there appears to be a de?nite need for such
equalizing means.
Upon considering this problem, it has occurred .to me
`that a golf club or putter hand `grip should be given a
special novel form which lends itself inaparticular man
ner to holding and manipulating the handle so as to aiford
grip for golf putters.
an excellent grip and likewise balancing 'hold which al
The main object of my invention is to provide means 10 lows the player to con?dently gageaproposedstroke and
for improving the balance 'of the grip of a `golf player's
execute it both effectively and accurately in easy and
hands upon the handle of a golf club or putter shaft during
putting action.
An ancillary object of my invention is `to provide the
shaft of a putter with a novel and secure vgrip means
?tting the Semi-closed palms of both of a player's hands
certain manner. As a result, I `propose to alter theshape
of the hand grip ofa club or putter to conformzto a cer
tain degree to the hollow interior ofrthe palms ofboth of
a playefs hands when they are cupped to holdlthe putter
or club involved, which embodiment of my invention will
now be set forth.
in such fashion as to facilitate easy balancing and swing
ing of the `putter for an accurate and effective drive of a
Hence, referring now also again to the `drawing, in the
golf ball at will.
practice of my invention, the shaft of a putter generally
Another object of the invention is to have such a grip 20 indicated at 6 is shown at 7 with a large portion 'of its
means which is capable of being secured upon the shaft
length omitted as super?uous to include in the drawing,
of the putter to form a permanent hand grip thereon to
the uper end 8 being usually considered as the handle or
provide a secure and positive manual hold upon the potter
hand grip, while at its lower tapering end 9, the shaft
hand grip at all times.
terminates in a club or putter club Vhead ítlwhose Shape
A further object of this invention `is to have a golf 25 may vary within wide limits. The shaft may 'have a slight
putter hand grip of such nature and form that it can be
taper from the upper end downwards, which taper be
made of Wood, metal, plastic and the like, and which is
capable of being secured to the putter shaft intended to
comes more pronounced at the lower portion 9, only the
upper end, however being of interest here.
carry it by means of cement, pins, screws or the like, and
Of course, for the purpose of the invention, the putter
`„vhich may be made as an original portion of or upon the 30 shaft may be cylindrical or tapered, as the case may be,
shaft during manufacture of the putter as a whole.
for the novel hand grip for the same can well take any
Yet another object is to have such a hand grip serving
such conditions into consideration. Thus, upon the shaft
as the putter handle so that it may be ?tted on the putter
portion d is mounted a grip body generally indicated at
.ll which along its rear is virtually like a sleeve 12
shaft in the form of a shell or sleeve, if desired, or may
35 enveloping the shaft, but upon the upper front portion
be directly attached to one side of said shaft.
it is, of course a desirable object to have the hand grip
projects forward in the form of a bulbous grip portion
produced from low cost materials and by low cost methods
13 adapted to ?t within the cupped palms of both hands
as by casting of plastic in molds or dies, so that the inven
19 and 2d of a player, while downwardly, this enlarged
tion may be placed on the market in such manner and at
grip 13 slopes inwardly in curved concave form at 14
such reasonable prices as to eucourage wide distribution 40 and then curves outwards to the front at 15 to form a
in the sports world.
thumb abutment for the thumbs 21 and 23 of both hands
Other objects and advantages of my invention will ap
projecting substantially as far out as the grip portion 13.
pear in greater detail as this specification proceeds.
This results in a virutally `?š-shaped front profile when the
In order to facilitate clear comprehension of the inven
hand grip body is viewed from the right side in PIGURE l.
tion for a proper appreciation of the salient features there 45
At the sides, the bulbous enlargement 13 and the thumb
of, it is illustrated on the accornpanying drawing forming
abutment 15 are rounded off at 1.6, 16, but at the bottom,
part hereof, and in which:
the thumb grip or abutment is formed beneath as a finger
FIGURE l is a front elevation of the novel hand grip
hook 17 for receiving the two index ?ngers 22 and 24 of
embodying the invention as applied to the shaft of a golf
the player when the palms cover the knob 13 and his two
50 thumbs abut projection 15. It is to be noted that, as
FIGURE 2 is a side eievation of the same hand grip
shown in FÍGURE 5, the thumb 21 of the right hand 19
and putter as seen from the right side in FEGURE 1;
is so placed as to abut the abutment 15 on grip 11, while
FÍGURE 3 is a rear elevation of the same hand grip
and putter as seen from the rear in FIGURE 1 or the
right side in FIGURE 2;
the index ?nger 22 is hooked under the bottom ?nger
hook 17, and the other ?ngers 25, 26 and 27 are enveloped
55 rearwardly about the sleeve portion 12. Then, as shown
in FIGURE 6, the left hand 20 is so placed that the
thumb 23 is beside thumb 21 of the right hand and the
left index finger 2.4 is hooked beneath the left index ?nger
disclosing details of form and construction;
22, the bulbous projection 13 on the grip being disposed
FIGURE 5 is a side elevation similar to that of FIG
URE 2, with the right hand shown in position on the hand 60 between both hands and partly covered by the thumbs
grip in dotted lines; while
21 and 23. With the grip body li held in this manner,
the putter or club easily swings in the hands: as a pendulum,
FIGURE 6 is a front elevation similar to that of FIG
URE l, with both hands shown in effective gripping posi
and it is a simple matter to direct the drive as desired, for
tion on the hand grip in dotted lines.
the whole suspension of the club is balanced in an un
Throughout the views, the same reference numerals 65 usually facile manner. The hold upon the handle is
indicate the same parts and features.
positive and certain to an unprecedented extent, it being
Golf players are legion and they have their individual
of no seríous consequence of what material the hand grip
fancies regarding favorite putters and clubs which demon
body 11 is made, so long as it is reasonably ?rm, for
strates the fact that their approach to the use of a golf
aside from plastic, Wood or metal being suitable, even
club or putter is often a matter of how well they can hold 70 rubber or resilient material may be used for it.
the handle of the club or putter as modi?ed by the actual
The grip body 11 may be made in varying sizes, as
size and shape of the hands of the player involved. There
found most suitable for the person intending to use it,
FIGURE 4 is a transverse section of the hand grip on
the putter as taken on line 4-4 in FIGURE 1 furthcr
While on the other hand, the rear sleeve-shaped portion
12 may be omitted and the main projeeting portions 13,
15 and the undereut ?nger book 17 being along the hand
`grip or hand hold attached to the club shaft by means
of cement or by pins or screws or even rivets.
Ee that
as it may, the present hand grip body is shown as posi
tively retained in place against longitudinal displacernent
abutment for the thumbs of said player, the lower por
tion of said first front projeetion sloping ?rst inwardly
downwards and then curving outwardly toward the thurnb
abntnrent so that the front of said hand grip body as a
whole presents an E?-shaped pro?le as viewed from one
side of said hand grip body, the lower end of the hand
grip body being up'vw'ardly coneave between the outwardly
prožecting thumb abutrnent and the shaft to form a bottom
by a transverse pin 18 preferably extending through the
iinger hook, and said hand grip body gradually increasing
thickest portion of the hand grip body at 13 and the club
shaft S.
10 Symrnetrically in width downwardly from the ?rst pro
The projection or knob 13 may be redueed or enlarged
still further than as shown, and the same is true of the
jection to the intermediate inwardly sloping portion of said
hand grip body and thereafter eurving inwardly from both
thumb abutinent Iiä, if desired, and the width of the body
sides so as to deerease in width down to the thumb abut
11 may be changed as well, and such variations are within
the scope of my invention without liinit.
Manifestly, other Variations may be resorted to, and
parts and features may be modified or used Without others
within the scope of the appended claims.
Hence, having now fully described my invention and
dísclosed its approved manner of use, i claixn:
1. A hand grip for a golf club shaft having a head
upon its lower end for driving a golf ball, said hand grip
including an elongated hand grip body extending along
the upper portion of at least the front side of the shaft, an
upper rounded ?rst front projection disposed upon the 25
upper end of the hand grip body and of substan'tially the
same general width thereof for engagement by the cupped
palms of a golf player, a second front projection disposed
on the lower end of said hand grip body a predetermined
distance below the ?rst front projection to form a thumb 30
2. A hand grip according to ciairn 1, Wherein the rear
portion of the hand grip body envelopes the shaft so that
the latter extends longitudinally through said hand grip
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