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Feb. 12, 1963
c. F. BALL
Filed Dec. 23, 1959
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Feb. l2, 1963
c.1=. BALL
Filed Dec. 23, 1959
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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed Dec. 25, 1959
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Feb. 12, 1963
c. F. BALL
Filed Dec. 23, 1959
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Feb. l2, 1963
c. F. BALL
Filed Dec. 25, 1959
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Feb. 12, 1963
c. F. BALL
Filed Deo. 25, 1959
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United States arent @time
Charles F. Ball, Franklin, Pa., assigner to Joy Manu
facturing Company, Pittsburgh, Pa., a corporation of
Patented Feb. l2, 1953
FiGURE 6 is a section on the line 6--6 of FiGURE 5;
FIGURE 7 is a sectional view of the universal coupling
on an enlarged scale; and
FIGURE 8 is a fragmentary View on an enlarged scale
of the arrangement for pivoting the hinge plates.
The improved machine is provided with a fabricated
Filed Dec. 23, 1959, Ser. No. 861,549
Claims priority, application Great Britain June 26, 1959
7 Claims. (Cl. 262-26)
frame structure 11 which is mounted on endless tracks
and, at one or both ends thereof, a mineral cutting or
anchored to the base structure.
i2, said frame structure and its tracks constituting a
mobile base.
This invention has reference to mineral mining ma 10
Supported by said structure are two clutch housings
chines for cutting down mineral from an exposed buttock
13 and 14, one housing being positioned near each end
on a longwall mineral face and relates particularly to
of the base structure. The housings are provided with
such machines of the kind provided with a mobile base
brackets 13a and 14a respectively by which they are
disintegrating head for cutting down the mineral face as
the mobile base is advanced.
The present invention has for its primary object to
provide improvements in mining machines of the kind
set forth by which the cutting or disintegrating head, or
Between the clutch housings and supported thereby is
a motor casing 15.
As the parts constituting the supporting structure, the
transmission gear and the mine disintegrating head .mech
anism are duplicated at each end of the mobile base only
heads, can be raised and lowered and the power trans 20 one end of the machine will be described with reference
mitted thereto irrespective of the tilted position thereof,
to the drawings.
and by which the head is supported so that it can be
The motor shaft 5a has fast on both ends thereof a
raised and lowered while being driven.
hub 16, see FIGURE 5, to which is splined the driving
Another object of the invention is to provide improve
member 17 of an overload slip clutch, the driven mem
ments in such machines whereby the head, or heads, can 25 ber 18 of which is adapted to be engaged by a manually
be tilted in a plane transverse to its line of travel.
According to the present invention a mining machine
operated clutch member 19 splined and axially slidable
on a shaft 20.
On the end of this shaft is splined a
comprises a mobile base movable over the tloor of a mine,
member 21 having an annular flange 22 with internal
a supportingstructure mounted on and projecting from
teeth which mesh with the external teeth of a universal
said' mobile base and tiltable about a horizontal trans 30 coupling of known construction but herein shown as be
verse axis relative to the mobile base, mine disintegrating
ing generally similar to the universal coupling that is
-head mechanism carried by said supporting structure for
shown associated with the drive for the wheels in United
dislodging and disintegrating the mineral of a mine vein
States `Patent 2,317,623, the drive to the substantially
to for-m a passage for receiving the mobile base as mining
spherical driven member 27 being transmitted through
progresses, means for tilting said supporting structure 35 balls 25 housed in transversely extending grooves in the
about said transverse horizontal axis to vary the elevation
driving and driven members of the said coupling. The
of the mine disintegrating head mechanism, a motor car
driven member 27 is splined on one end of a shaft 28
`tied by said mobile base, and a power transmission drive
on the other end of which is splined a hub 29 which
between the motor and the mine disintegrating head
carries an external coupling member 30 having internal
mechanism, said transmission drive including a universal 40 teeth which meshes with the external teeth of an internal
coupling having its center cca-incident with said transverse
coupling member 31 integral with one end of a shaft 32.
axis so that the drive can be transmitted irrespective of the
On this shaft ís splined a pinion wheel A which forms the
tilted position of the supporting structure.
first gear wheel of a train of gear wheels.Á This pinion
`The invention further consists in a mining machine as
wheel meshes with and drives a gear wheel B fast on a
set forth in the preceding paragraph wherein the mine 45 shaft 33 on which is a pinion Wheel C which meshes
disintegrating head is mounted on the supporting struc
with a gear wheel D. Meshing with gear wheel D is a
ture so that it can partake of a rocking movement about
gear wheel E fast on a shaft F2 having a pinion wheel F.
a longitudinal axis intersecting the center of the universal
This latter pinion wheel meshes with a gear wheel G fast
coupling and wherein means are provided to tilt the mine
on a boring shaft X carrying cutters X1.
Gear wheel D
disintegrating head mechanism about said longitudinal 50 is fast on a shaft F3 having a pinion wheel F1 which
The invention still further consists in a mining machine
` as set forth in either of the preceding paragraphs wherein
meshes with gear wheel G1 fast on a second boring shaft
Y carrying cutters Y1.
Fast to the clutch housing i3 is secured by means of
the mine disintegrating head mechanism embodying at
bolts 34 an annulus 35 to which is bolted a iianged ring
' least two cutter shafts is driven by a single motor which 55 36. Encircling the annulus is a yoke 37 provided with
drives said mechanism through a line of shafting includ
opposed laterally projecting trunnion pins 38. The axial
ïing a universal coupling and gearing, the mining head
mechanism together with said gearing and shafts being
center line of the pins passes through the center of the
. capable of tilting about the transverse horizontal axis of
hinge plates 39 between which is rigidly secured a gear
universal coupling.
Mounted to rotate on the pins are
the universal coupling.
60 casing 40. This casing is provided with bearings 41 in
A preferred construction of mining machine in accord
which is journaled the shaft 32 and also bearings for the
ance with the invention will now be described with ref
erence to the accompanying drawings wherein:
FIGURE 1 is a plan View of the improved machine;
FIGURE 2 is an elevation thereof, the near side end
shafts or axles of the pinion wheel C and gear wheels
D and E.
The end of the gear casing 40 remote from the motor
is closed by a mining head back plate 42 to which is
less track beîng removed;
secured the smaller gear cases 43 and 445.
being through part of gearing being on the line 5--~5 of
extending vertical plate 45. Each plate towards each end
thereof has secured thereto lugs 46 and the hinge plates
In gear case
FIGURE 3 is a section on the line 3_3 of FIGURE l;
43 are housed the bearings of pinion wheel F, gear wheel
FIGURE 4 is a section on the line 4-4 of FÍGURE l;
G and boring shaft X. In gear case 44 are the bearings
FIGURE 5 is a sectional plan view to a larger scale
of pinion wheel F1, gear wheel Gl and boring shaft Y.
of 'a cutter head and its power transmission, the section 70
Secured to each side of the motor is a longitudinally
39 in line therewith have likewise secured thereto lugs 47.
Extending between each pair of lugs 46 and 47 and con
nected thereto by universal pivotal connection is a double
acting hydraulic jack 48 to which hydraulic fluid can be
driven member of the coupling drives a train of gearing
by which both shafts are driven, the said gearing forming
part of the mine disintegrating head mechanism and being
selectively admitted and exhausted by means of manually
controlled Valve means, not s-hown. By the operation of
While there is in this application specifically described
tilted and rocked therewith.
one form which the invention may assume in practice, it
will be understood that this form is shown for purposes
the valve means said jacks can be controlled to tilt the
of illustration and that the invention may be modilied
hinge plates 39, moving heads upwards and downwards
and embodied in various other forms without departing
as may be required.
It will be noted that each trunnion pin 38 has an axial 10 from its spirit or the scope of the appended claims.
What l claim as new and desire to secure by Letters
extension 33a and positioned immediately below each ex
Patent is:
tension is a single acting hydraulic jack 49 supported on
l. A mining apparatus having mineral disintegrating
the mobile base. Manually operable Valve means, not
elements mounted on a support which is movable relative
shown, are provided to control the admission and exhaust
of hydraulic fluid to and from said jacks so that the yoke 15 to a mobile base, said mobile base comprising concentric
37 can be given a small rotary movement in either direc
tion and then locked. Such rotary movement is trans
mitted through the hinge plates 39 and gear case 40 to the
annular members having the outer surface of the inner
member and the inner surface of the outer member rotat
ably engaged, oppositely extending trunnion portions in
mining head.
tegral with the outer surface of the outer annular mem
The mining machine head embodies a framework com
prising a rear wall formed by the plate 42, a forwardly
positioned three sided structure which constitutes a chain
guide and means interconnecting said three sided struc
ber and having respective portions thereof extending be
yond said trunnion portions, means rotatably connected
ture to the rear wall comprising a horizontal plate 50 and
to said trunnion portions respectively and secured to the
rearward portion of said support for permitting pivotal
movement of said support about said trunnio-ns, power
side plates l51 and 52. The horizontal plate 50 forms the 25 means secured to such mobile base and said last men
tioned means for pivoting said last mentioned means
floor of a transverse conveyor 53 and the side plate 52
about said trunnion portions, and additional power means
has an opening 53a through which the mineral on the con~
operatively connected to said respective portions forro
veyor is discharged.
tating the outer annular member relative to said'inner
The front face of the cover plate 42 has secured thereto
a centrally positioned vertical guide 54 having a T-slot 30 annular member.
in which is a slide 55 with forwardly extending overhang
ing arm 56 which, at its forward end, carries a chain
guide 57 for the upper run of the cutter chain. This slide,
and therefore also the chain guide 57, can be raised and
lowered by means of an hydraulic jack 58 incorporated 35
in the bottom of the slide and supported by the head.
The cutter chain is driven by a sprocket wheel 59 fast on
the shaft Y.
Apart from the centrally positioned jack and slide the
chain cutter, its guides and the means for driving the
cutter chain is substantially similar to that which is shown
in United States Patent No. 3,026,097 issued March 20,
1962 and therefore this part of the mining machine mech
2. A mobile mining apparatus comprising a main frame
having a longitudinally extending axis, disintegrating
means mounted on a support which is mounted on the
forward portion of said main frame on a horizontal
transversely extending axis which intersects the longi
tudinally extending axis and swingable in a vertical plane
about such transversely extending axis and about the
locus of intersection of such longitudinally extending
axis with such transversely extending axis, means for per
mitting such swingable movement of said support com
prising an inner annular member secured to said main
frame having its axis coincident with said longitudinally
extending axis, an outer annular member concentric with
anism need be no further described.
said inner member, oppositely extending trunnion ele
The improved machine is provided with electric motor
driven pumps and hydraulic motors together with suitable
ments integral with the outer surface of the outer annu
lar member having the axes thereof coincident with said
controls and by which the endless tracks are driven.
Further it is provided with means to drive the conveyor.
transversely extending axis, spaced pivotal means carried
by said support and having portions concentric with said
trunnion elements for pivotally mounting said spaced
As such driving means do not constitute part of the present
invention and are set forth in the aforesaid patent specifi- 50 pivotal means on said trunnion elements, transmission
means coupled to a source of power for transmitting mocation they are not illustrated and described herein.
tion to an element having the center thereof located at
When operating in mining coal one mining head 1s
such locus of intersection of said transversely extending
expanded to its desired height while the opposite head is
axis and said longitudinally extending axis, first means
collapsed to permit its free passage along the coal face.
for swinging such support about said trunnion elements
The mining heads may be so constructed that they can
be expanded and contracted laterally, the head which is 55 and said transversely extending axis comprising power
to operate being expanded and the other contracted.
The appropriate clutch member 19 is engaged so that
the motor 15 transmits its drive to the corresponding uni
means operatively connected between said spaced pivotal
means and said main frame, second means for rotating
said outer annular member, trunnion elements and said
support about said inner annular member and said lon
versal coupling through which the drive is transmitted to
the aforesaid gearing by which the shafts X and Y and 60 gitudinally extending axis comprising power means opera
tively connected between said main frame and extension
the cutter chain is driven.
portions on said trunnion elements, and means on said
The machine is advanced on its tracks into the buttock
support being operatively connected to said element for
to eut and disintegrate the mineral vein. The mining
actuating said disintegrating means irrespective of the ad
>‘head mechanism can be raised and lowered as may be
65 justed position of said support.
required while being driven.
3. A mining machine comprising a mobile base mov
By means of the hydraulic jacks 48 the mining head
:mechanism can be tilted as required about the trunnion
pins 38 and, by means of the hydraulic jacks 49, said
mechanism may be rocked in a transverse plane about a 70
-longitudinal axis intersecting the center of the universal
¿coupling through which the drive is transmitted.
It will be noted that the two `shafts X and Y and cutter
able over the ñoor of a mine, a supporting structure piv
otally mounted on and projecting from said mobile base
and having spaced pivotal means located on a transverse
' ly extending axis so that said supporting structure can
be moved in a vertical plane about the axis of said spaced
pivotal means, means for moving said supporting struc
ture about the axis of said spaced pivotal means, mine
chain are driven by `a single motor through a single line
of shafting which includes the universal coupling and the 75 disintegrating head mechanism carried by said supporting
structure, an annular member secured to said mobile base
said support elements have extensions thereon which ex
and having its axis extending longitudinally and inter
tend outwardly beyond said pivotal means for providing
secting the axis of said spaced pivotal means, a yoke
an operative connection with said means for rotating said
mounted on said annular member, support elements in
supporting structure, yoke and trunnion pins around the
the form of trunnion pins, extending laterally from said
yoke and located coaxially with the axis of said spaced
pivotal means for supporting said spaced pivotal means,
outer surface of said annular member and about its lon
gitudinally extending axis.
6. A mining machine as claimed in claim 3 wherein
a universal coupling member having its center coincident
the mine disintegrating head mechanism embodies at least
with the intersection of the axis of said spaced pivotal
two cutter shafts driven by a single motorl which drives
means and the axis of said annular member, means for
said mechanism through a line of shafting and gearing in
rotating said supporting structure around the outer sur 10 cluding said universal coupling, the head mechanism to
face of said annular member and about its longitudinally
gether with the shar’ting and gearing located on the out
extending axis into a tilted position relative to said base
put side of said universal coupling being capable of
including said spaced pivotal means said yoke and said
movement in a vertical plane relative to said base about
trunrlion pins, a motor carried by said mobile base, and
the transversely extending axis of said spaced pivotal
a power transmission drive between the motor and the
means, said trunnio-n pins `and about the center of said
disintegrating head mechanism, said transmission drive
including said universal coupling to permit driving of said
disintegrating head mechanism irrespective of the tilted
universal coupling.
7. A mining machine as claimed in claim 6 wherein
the mining head mechanism together with the shaíting
position or" `the supporting structure relative to said mobile
and gearing which is located on the output side of said
universal coupling is also capable of a rotative movement
4. A mining machine as claimed in claim 3 wherein
about the longitudinally extending axis of said annular
the mine disintegrating head mechanism is rigidly se
member and about the center of said universal coupling.
cured to the supporting structure so that said disintegrat
ing head mechanism partakes of the same rotative move
References Cited in the tile of this patent
ment relative to the base that is imparted to the support 25
ing structure about the longitudinally extending axis of
said annular member and about the center of said uni
versal coupling.
5. A mining machine as claimed in claim 3 wherein
Dansereau ___________ -_ July 10, 1951
Cartledge et al. _______ __ Feb. 14, 1956
Alspaugh et al. _______ __ lune 17, 1958
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