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Feb. 12, 1963
Filed Feb. 15, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Feb. 12, 1963
Filed Feb. 15, 1961
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
United States Patent 0
Patented Feb. 12, 1963
tiaily maintenance'free and is not subject. to failure due
to parts wearing or breaking in service. The present de
Harold V. Ettore, Yorktown Heights, and Frederick Rich
ard Ashby, Carmel, N.Y., assignors to United States
Plywood Corporation, New York, N.Y., a corporation
of New York
sign, in essence, consists of only four moving parts.
Also, the present invention permitsthe positive locking of
the door by means of. a privacy bolt, which bolt can be
released when necessary by means of an emergency un
locking slide. Furthermore, the hardware of the present
Filed Feb. 15, 1961, Ser. No. 89,506
1 Claim. (Cl. 292-3)
invention does not require a key‘to open the lock and the
The present invention is broadly concerned with a
unique method and apparatus for mounting and latching
doors to openings such as closets, wardrobes, cabinets,
storage spaces of various kinds, and openings between ad~
design permits positive closure, positive locking, and an
emergency opening slide.
The present invention maybe readily understood by
reference to the drawings illustrating embodiments of the
FIGURE I is a front view of a lock set assembly.
joining rooms, and the like. The invention is more specif
FIGURE II is a rear view of the lock set assembly with the
ically concerned with a particular type of door hardware 15 back plate removed, illustrating elements of the same.
for positively controlling the opening and‘ closing of a
FIGURE III illustrates thelock set assembly attached to.
door, which door is a surface mounted door and is char
the wall in relationship to the escutcheon plate attached to
acterized in that the door overlaps the sides of the open
the door, while FIGURE IV is a top view of FIGURE
ing. The hardware of the present invention is speci?cally
III taken through A—A.
characterized in that the escutcheon plate is U-type in 20 Referring speci?cally to FIGURE I, the lock set as
structure, permitting the same to be positioned about the
sembly 1 comprises a housing 2, fastening holes 6 extend
edge of the surface mounted door. An emergency un
ing. through the assembly for the purpose of rigidly
locking slide ?ts into the escutcheon plate permitting ready
affixing the assembly to the surface of the wall by means
of fastening screws. A bolt actuating means 3, which
A recent development in the art in the hanging and 25 may comprise a thumb turner or screw, rotates and causes
positioning of doors to openings such as closets, passage
bolt 5 to protrude beyond housing 2 or to be recessed
ways between rooms, and the like, is that a stock door is
within housing 2. The precise mechanism of the lock set
applied over the door opening in standard sizes as it is
assembly 1 will be further described in FIGURE II.
milled whereby the door overlaps the opening. This
Spring loaded fasteners 4 are caused to protrude beyond
eliminates planing, ?tting, and mortising of the door in. 30 housing 2 by the thrust of the springs and are adapted to
order to provide the tolerances for the door to operate
be engaged in aligned recesses in the escutcheon plate,
properly. Furthermore, there is no mortising required
which is mounted on the door.
for the hinges, nor are wood jambs, stops, or face trimming
Referring speci?cally to FIGURE II, similar elements
necessary. The extent to which the door overlaps the
of FIGURE I are similarly numbered. Fasteners 4 are
opening may vary appreciably and may vary from 1A” 35 spring loaded by means of springs 7 which are designed to
to 3" or more; however, a preferred overlapping is about
2". These doors are shaped in various sizes and designs.
For example, one type of surface mounted door may con
exert suf?cient force on the fasteners to hold the door in
position, but are adapted to allow fastener-s 4 to be
recessed when an opening thrust is applied to the es
sist of two 8' high 3/16" hardwood plywood “skins” which
cutcheon plate so as to open the door as hereinafter de
are bonded on the outside long edges. These units are 40 scribed. Bolt actuating means 3 extending through the
shipped to the job site in multiple units and may be com—
front plate of the lock set assembly housing is adapted
pletely pre-?nished. The respective skins of the door may
to rotate a circular element or wheel Swhich is positioned
be opened by the insertion of an 8' long parting member
adjacent the inner surface of the face or front plate of
housing 2. This circular actuating element or wheel 8
multiple units generally are 4' by 8’ panels which are 45 has an inwardly rigidly a?ixed and extending cam 9 at the
stripped from top to bottom at the various widths. From
outer periphery thereof and is substantially perpendicular
this, the completely pre-?nished 8' panel which is shipped
to the‘surface of the wheel. Bolt 5 comprises an integral
flat and at any number to a package, can be cut to a
part of a bolt extension ‘10, which extension comprises‘
variety of door sizes depending upon need. These doors
shoulders 11 and a curved slot 12.
are particularly desirable in matching various wall panel 50 The bolt extension 10 has walls 12a which extend up~
ing and thereby offer an unbroken sweep of attractive
wardly to substantially the distance between the far-Pv
hardwood. These doors, as pointed out heretofore, re
plate and the back plate of the housing 2. This permits
quire no jamb or trim and, thus, lend themselves to ap
free lateral movement of the bolt and bolt extension so
preciable saving in construction cost.
as to extend and recess bolt 5 with respect to the housing
However, one disadvantage of these types of surface 55 without undue vertical play. Thus, as thumb screw 3
mounted doors is that no adequate and satisfactory type
is rotated, circular member 8 is rotated causing cam 9
of hardware for latching and securing the door is presently
to move upwardly and downwardly within curved slot
available. Thus, the present invention provides a unique,
12 thereby causing the bolt extension 10 and the bolt
effective latching assembly. The hardware of the present
5 to move backwards and forwards within housing 2.
invention may be readily installed by a builder with a
As pointed out heretofore, bolt 5 in its recessed position
minimum of labor. For example, one hole may be
is within the housing. The extent to which the bolt can
drilled through the door at the selected height for locating
move outwardly is controlled by shoulders 11 and one
the escutcheon plate. The escutcheon plate is then
side of the housing. The extent to which the bolt can
anchored to the door by assembling the door pulls. The
move inwardly is controlled by the back edge 13 of the
lock set assembly is easily installed by locating the same 65 bolt and the other side of the housing. For reasons here
at the proper position with respect to the escutcheon plate
inafter given, cam 9 should never lie in the horizontal
and then fastening with two or more screws. The lock
line extending transversely of the rotatable axis of the
set assembly is so positioned that the spring loaded fas
circular wheel 8 since, under these conditions, the back
teners in the lock set assembly will engage in the re
thrust of the slide in the escutcheon plate would not func
cesses of the escutcheon plate.
70 tion to release the bolt to its recessed position.
The hardware of the present invention permits the me
FIGURE III illustrates the lock set assembly 1 rigidly
chanical closing action of the hardware and is substan
a?ixed to wall 14, and the escutcheon plate 15 affixed
after it has been cut to size as a sheet of plywood.
latches or fasteners which may be of any suitable mate
to door 16 in alignment with the lock set assembly. It
is to be noted that door 16 overlaps wall 14. Spring
loaded fasteners 4 of the lock set assembly are seated
within aligned recesses 17 of the escutcheon plate. These
rial, but are preferably of nylon or other equivalent ma
terial. Upon closing the door, these spring latches set
in alignment with the holes in the escutcheon plate, thus
fasteners may comprise any suitable material as, for ex
providing positive closure. When additional privacy is
ample, nylon type fasteners and the like.
desired, the bolt in the lock set assembly will slide with
vertical type pressure into the third hole in the door han—
dle edge. This action of the bolt is controlled by an
inner turning means or slide or equivalent means, mounted
on the lock set assembly. Also, as pointed out hereto
fore, an emergency external opening element is a pre
ferred embodiment of the invention which functions to
The outward
thrust exerted on the fasteners 4 by means of the springs
7 and the alignment of the fasteners with respect to re
cesses 17 are such that, under normal conditions, the door
will be‘ securely held in alignment with the lock set as 10
sembly until an opening thrust of a predetermined magni—
tude is exerted on the door by means of the inner knob
18 or the outer knob 19. When an opening thrust of a
recess the bolt-when an emergency exists.
What is claimed is:
predetermined magnitude is exerted by either knob, it
will be suf?cient to cause fasteners 4 to move backward 15
' Improved apparatus for latching a surface mounted
against the thrust of the springs and thus permit the door
to be readily opened. These fasteners, in turn, will be
recessed when the door is again closed until they are in
alignment with recesses 17 of the plate when they will
protrude into these recesses, thus securely holding the 20
door to an opening in a Wall structure which comprises
a lock set assembly, including a housing, adapted to be
surface mounted on said wall structure, said lock set as
sembly comprising at least one protruding fastener adapt
ed to be recessed against the outward thrust of a spring,
a bolt adapted to be protruded without and retracted
within said housing by bolt actuating means, and a U
The escutcheon plate 15 is U-shaped in design and
shaped escutcheon plate adapted to be a?‘lxed to said
wraps around the door as illustrated in FIGURE IV.
surface mounted door in alignment with said lock set
The escutcheon plate is rigidly affixed to the door by
means of knobs 18 and 19 and connector 29 extending 25 assembly wherein said protruding fastener will seat in
a recess of said escutcheon plate, said escutcheon plate
through the door 16. Under certain conditions, it may
door in a closed position.
be desirable to secure additional privacy within the room
and, therefore, bolt actuating means 3 is turned so as
having a face and an inner and an outer side and is adapt
ed to be positioned about the edge of said door, a fur
and into a recess
plate on the outer side of said door having in combina
tion therewith an L-shaped slide actuated by slide means
ther recess in said escutcheon plate adapted to receive
to cause bolt 5 to protrude from the lock set assembly
and to enter into a bolt slot 21 of the escutcheon plate 30 said bolt when said bolt is protruded, said escutcheon
in door
16 and thus prevent the
opening of the door by a thrust on either knob.
extending through a slot in said outer side, said slide
The escutcheon plate is further provided with an emer
being in relationship with the end of said bolt so that
gency slide 22 which extends along the inner side of
the outside of the escutcheon plate. This L-shaped emer 35 when a thrust is exerted in one direction on said slide
means, said bolt will retract under the thrust of said slide,
gency slide 22 has a head section 23 which is positioned
knob means on each side of said door connected by means
along the end of the bolt. Thus, emergency slide 22
extending through said escutcheon plate whereby an
is actuated by emergency slide knob 24 movable within
opening or closing thrust can be applied to said door
an emergency slide knob slot 25. Thus, as emergency
slide knob 24 is moved forward or outwardly within slot 40 thereby causing said fastener to be recessed so as to per
mit said door to be opened and closed.
25, head 23 functions‘to exert a thrust against the end
of bolt 5 causing the same to be recessed Within the
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
housing assembly 2. This then permits the door to be
opened by a thrust on the knob causing fastener 4 to
be recessed as hereinbefore described.
Thus, the present invention is particularly adapted for
use in conjunction with all types of surface mounted
doors. It is particularly desirable for use in conjunction
with surface mounted bellied doors wherein the middle is 50
bellied and wherein both sides have relatively thin edges.
Jacobus ____________ __ Jan. 24, 1893
P?eghar ____________ __ Apr. 26, 1904
Butterworth __________ __ Apr. 14, 1925
France _______________ __ Nov. 3, 1937
As pointed out heretofore, the escutcheon platewhich
Germany ____________ __ Feb. 6, 1888
wraps around the door edge has three holes in its edge,
two of these holes are seats for the two spring loaded
Great Britain ________________ __ 1886
Great Britain _________________ __ 1902
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