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Feb. 19, 1963
Filed May '7, 1958
’i e
Patented Feb. 19, ‘i963
provided with a semi-circular aperture l2. bounded by the
confronting curved or arcuate portion 14 and straight por
= iled May 7, 1958, Ser. No. 733,683
gated aperture Ztì bounded by portion 16, straight por
tions 22, and side portions 24 and 26, respectively. The
Russel K. Horne, Lititz, Pa., assignor to Singing Needles,
lne., Leela, Pa., a corporation of Pennsyivania
1 Claim. (Si. 2li-200)
rl`his invention relates generally to improvements in ad
justable shoulder straps and, more particularly, to im
provements in adjustable shoulder straps for garments.
One object of the present invention is the provision of
an improved connector means for an adjustable shoulder
strap of a garment which is adapted for association with
tion 16, having a transverse slot 18 therethrough. Con
nector element 1i) is also provided with a lower elon
longitudinal extent of aperture 20, may if desired, and as
shown in FIG. 1, be less than the longitudinal extent of
aperture 12.
Refering now, more particularly, to FlG. 2 of the draw
ings, there is shown a portion of garment 30, which, in
the illustrated embodiment, is a lady’s or child’s slip hav
ing a pair of laterally spaced adjustable shoulder straps
32, 32 secured thereto. Each of the adjustable shoulder
shoulder strap portions varying through a range of widths.
Another object of the present invention is the provision 15 straps 32 of garment Sil is of identical structure and com
prises a longitudinally adjustable strap portion 34, a non
of an improved connector means for connecting a pair of
adjustable strap portion 36 and said connector element
unequal width strap portions of »an adjustable shoulder
16. The longitudinally adjustable strap portion 34, which
is conventional in all respects, has one end 4@ thereof
Another object of the present invention is the provision
of an improved connector means for connecting a pair of 20 secured to a rear portion of the garment 30 by means
of the lines of stitching 4t2, as best illustrated in FIG. 3,
unequal width strap portions of an adjustable shoulder
and the opposite end 44 of said strap portion is constituted
strap, said connector having means for preventing the
by a single strap length which is doubled over as clearly
tilting thereof.
Another object of the present invention is the provision
shown in FlGS. 2 and 3. The longitudinally adjustable
acter which is readily separable from the associated strap
looped adjuster element 46, it being apparent that said
looped element is adapted to be moved longitudinally of
of an improved connector means of the above char 25 strap portion 34- is adjusted by the manipulation of the
portion so as to provide for the facile detachment of as
sociated strap portions from the aforesaid connector
means in order to facilitate the laundering and the press
ing of said strap portions.
Yet another object of the present invention is the pro
vision of an improved connector means of the above char
acter which is of simple design and construction, eco
nomical to manufacture, and highly efficient in the ac
complishment of its intended purposes.
The above and other objects, features and advantages
of the present invention will be more fully understood
from the following description considered in connection
with the accompanying illustrative drawings.
In the drawings:
FlG. 1 is an enlarged elevational view illustrating the
preferred embodiment of the novel connector means, ac
cording to the invention;
FlG. 2 is a fragmentary perspective View of a garment
employing adjustable shoulder straps embodying the con
nector means of FIG. 1;
FIG. 3 is a sectional View taken on line 3~-3 of FIG. 2;
FlG. 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4_4 of
FIG. 2;
FIG. 5 is a fragmentary perspective view, on an en
larged scale showing the connector means of FIG. 1
with the associated strap portions of the adjustable shoul
der strap;
FlG. 6 is an enlarged elevational view illustrating
another embodiment of the novel connector means ac
cording to the invention; and
said strap portion in a conventional manner for adjusting
the length thereof. The end portion 44 of strap portion
30 343- is thus constituted by a doubled over length of strap
whereby to define the loop 4S. It will be understood
that end 44 is inserted through aperture 20 of connector
ll@` before said end is passed through element 46» prior
to its securement as by stitching 49. In this way loop
4S is in itnerengagement with connector element 10, as
best shown in FIG. 3.
The non-adjustable vstrap portion 36 has one end 50
thereof secured to the front of the garment 30 by means
of the line of stitching 52 as best shown in FIG. 4. The
40 strap portion 36 may be formed of any suitable material
and may be ornamented in any desired fashion, the end
portion Sli- of said strap portion being looped and adapt
ed for interengagement with the arcuate portion 14 of
connector element 1t). More particularly, the end 56
of strap portion 36 is doubled over said strap portion
so as to define the transversely extending loop 5S, said
end being secured to said strap portion in any conven
tional manner, for example, by means of the line of
stitching 60.
As best seen in FIG. 5, connector element 10 is pro
vided for the interconnection of the strap portions 34
and 36 so as to form the shoulder strap 32, said strap
portions 3d- and 36 being connected to portions 22 and
14, respectively, of the connector element 10.
Due to the arcuate or circular con-figuration of portion
14 of the connector element 1% a non-adjustable strap
portion 36 of a wide range of widths may be readily
secured to said element in a neatly gathered condition, as
associated strap portions of the adjustable shoulder strap. 60 shown in FlGS. 2 and 5. Thus7 the shoulder strap por
tion 36 may be of a Width greater than the diameter
yReferring to the drawings and, more particularly, to
of the arcuate surface portion 14 of semi-circular con
FIG. l thereof, which illustrates the preferred embodi
figuration and may be secured to connector element 10
ment of the invention, connector means 10, which may be
FIG. 7 is a fragmentary perspective View, on an en
larged scale showing the connector of FIG. 6 with the
formed of metal, plastic or any other ysuitable material is
»in a neatly gathered condition. VAlthough in the illus
trated embodiment the connector element 10 has a por
When it is desired to separate strap portions 34 and 36
tion of semi-circular configuration, it is to be understood
that various other arcuate formations approximating a
from the connector element l0", strap portion 34 is dis
engaged from one portion, Isuch as 64', of the L-shaped
element 23’ after which said strap portion can be easily
circular or an eliptical configuration may be utilized.
From the above, it will be apparent that the strap por
and facilely passed through the confronting portions 26',
tion 34 and the associated connector element 161 may be
utilized with the non-adjustable strap portions 36 varying
through a wide range of Widths, with the latter secured
26’ defining longitudinal slot 24’ for affecting disengage
ment of the connector element 16' from strap 34.
In a
like manner, strap portion 34 may be disengaged from
to the connector element in a neatly gathered condition
portion 66’ whereby the strap portion 34 can then be
for providing an aesthetically attractive appearance.
10 passed through longitudinal slot 24', for effecting separa
In practice, the strap portion 34 and associated con
tion of said strap portion and connector element. It is
nector element 1G will be standardized and said connec
to be noted that the rai-sed portions 2S', provided at the
tor element may have associated therewith non-adjustable
ends of portions 64' and 66' projecting from the confront
strap portion 36 of a very great range of widths without
ing portions 26,', 26', are effective to aid in preventing
materially effecting the aesthetically desirable appearance
strap portion 34 from being inadvertently disengaged from
of the shoulder strap 32. Furthermore, the edge por
connector element 10', whereby deliberate manual ma
tions 62, 62 of strap portion 36 may be highly ornamented
nipulation is required in order to affect disengage
and portions of such ornamentation in the regionv of
ment of the strap portion 34 and connector element 10'
connectorelement 10 will not be adversely affected there.
in order to effect disengagement or separation of one from
by. It is also to be noted that the strap portions 34 20 the other. Strap portion 36 which is interengaged with
and 36. may be of dissimilar widths and such dissimilarity
the arcuateportion 14’ ofconnector element 10’ canbe
of widths Will in no wise impair theV connection of the
facilely detached from connector element 10’ by moving
strap, portions through‘the intermediation ofthe connec
the transversely extending loop 58 along thearcuate por
tor element 10,. Althoughstrong tension forces are not
ordinarily appliedto the strap portions. 34 and 36, said
strap portions will nevertheless maintain their neatly
gathered condition and aesthetically attractive appearance
even when relatively strong tension forces are applied.
It will be notedthat no matter how much wider adjust
tion 14’ over portion70" to portion 68 of the straight
confronting portion 16', after which edge 62 can be made
to pass through confronting portions 192,19" deiining the
longitudinally extending slot 18T and then through the
longitudinally extending’slot 24’ for effecting disengage
ment of strap portion 36 from the connector element
able strap portion 36 may be as compared to the diameter 30 10'. In asimilar` manner, strap portion 36 can be dis
of arcuate portion 14 is can be readily secured to connector
engaged frorn the connector element 10 by moving edge
element 10, forming loop 58 around arcuate portion 14,
and said loop will automatically dispose itself sym
metrically about said arcuate portion in a neatly gathered
condition. As best shown in FIG. 5, non-adjustable strap
34 is >`of a width substantially equal to the longitudinal
extent of aperture 20, and in that way connector element
10 will have no tilting tendency whatsoever.
Itwill be apparent that the shoulder straps. 32 of gar
62 along portiong7tl'y of straight confronting portion 16.
In a, similar manner slots 13’ and y24' are used for engag
ing strap portions 34 and 36 with portions‘ZZ’ and 14',
respectively. Therefore, it is readilyv apparent that strap
portions 34. and 36 may be readilyv and facilely engaged
and disengaged from connector element 10', and when so
engaged with said connector element, are prevented from
becoming inadvertently disengaged therefrom. Also, said
ment Sil may be readily longitudinally adjusted by sliding 40 connector elementlilß’ is readily adaptable for use with a
thev adjuster elements 46 of the strap portions 34 longi
shoulder strap having Widely variable widths and yet
tudinally of the latter. It will be noted that since the ad
noty causeany injury or damage to the highly ornamented
juster element 46v is associated with strap portion 34 which
edge portions 62, 62 both when strap portion 36 is en
is of a width substantially equal to the longitudinal ex
with connector` element wand when it is being
tent of aperture 20, when said element 46 is moved 45 disengaged therefrom.
longitudinally of strap portion 34 in order to adjust
It will be apparent that element 10' is provided with
shoulder strap 32, strap portion 34 will be moved rela
portions defining apertures 12’ and 20', one of which, 12',
tive tov portion 22 of connector element 10, and said rela
is provided with a portion 14' having »an arcuate con
tive motion is easily elfectuated inasmuch as strap por
50 figuration. Slots 1S’ and 24' are provided in element 10'
tion 34 is smooth with respect to `said portion 22.
in order to provide> for the lateral entry of the looped
`Referring now to FIGS. 6 and 7, there is shown an
ends 4.8 and 58 of strap portions 34 and 36, respectively,
other embodiment 10’ of a connector means laccording to
for engagement with> apertured portions 20’ and 12',
the invention.
Connector 10I is provided with a semi
circular aperture 12’ bounded by the confronting curved
This application is continuation-impart of my applica
Aarcuate portion 14’ and straight portion 16,', having a trans 55 tion Serial No. 420,809, filed April 5, 1954.
verse 4slot 1S’ therethrough, for providing the confronting
While I have shown and described the preferred embodi
portions 19219’. Connector element 10' is also provided
ments of my invention, it will be understood that various
with a lower elongated aperture 20’ bounded by portion
changes may be made in the idea or principles of the in
16' and a pair of L-shaped portions 22', 22' defining a
vention within the scope of the appended claim.
transverse slot 24’ therethrough, for providing confronting 60 Having thus described my invention, what I claim and
>portions 26', 26' and inturned portions 28', 28’. Trans
desire to secure by Letters Patent is:
verse slotsîS' and 24’ are in registry, the purpose for
Means for interconnecting a` pair of unequal width
which will be hereinafter further explained.
strap> portions of an adjustable shoulder strap for a gar
It is thus seen that the connector element 16", except
ment, each of which strap portions is fixedly secured to
for the provision therein of slot 24', is in all respects
identical to the connector element 1€), previously de
scribed, and is accordingly adapted to perform the identi
cal functions previously set forth >in connection with the
descriptionof FIGS. 1 through-5.
In addition, the provision of aligned slots 1S' and 24'
in connector element 16’ enables the companion lstrap por
tions 34 and 36 to be readily detached from said con
nector element so as to facilitate the laundering and
pressing of said strap portions.
said garment at one end thereof and is »provided` With a
looped portion at the other end thereof, comprising a con
nector element having three laterally spaced bars extending
between the opposite ends of said element, one end bar
and the intermediate bar deñning a first aperture which is
closed at its opposite ends and is adapted to receive the
looped portion of the wider one of said straps, the longi
tudinal extent of said first aperture being smaller than the
width of said one strap whereby said looped portion there
75 of Yis adapted to be disposed in neatly gathered condition
transversely of said one strap about said one end bar, the
other end bar and the intermediate bar deñning a second
aperture which is closed at its opposite ends and is adapted
to receive the looped portion of the other of said straps,
the longitudinal extent of said second aperture being sub 5
stantially equal to the width of the other of said straps
whereby to prevent the tilting of said connector element,
said one end bar being arcuate and uninterrupted and said
intermediate and other end bar each being straight and
Barney ______________ -_ Nov. 29,
Garceau ______________ __ Oct. 18,
Darling _____________ __ Sept. 30,
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Motîatt ______________ _„ Dec. 13,
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Reinberger __________ __ Aug. 28,
Grishman ____________ __ Feb. 19,
Hart ________________ _.- Apr. 29,
interrupted a substantially equal and ñxed amount along 10 2,817,844
the longitudinal extent thereof to provide a pair of aligned
Komar ______________ __ Dec. 31,
openings therethrough.
References Cited in the file of this patent
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