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Feb. 19, 1963
Fiied Aug. 51, 1959
“United grates arena
Further details of the invention are explained in the
examples of embodiments illustrated in the accompany
ing drawing.
Heinrich Kiehl, Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 55, Kieinorrotzcn
burg, Kreis Oifenbach (Main), Germany
Filed Aug. 31, 1959, Ser. No. 837,194
Claims priority, application Germany Sept. 5, 1953
FIGURE 1 shows two possibilities of constructing
1 Claim. (Cl. 15t}—29)
The invention relates to a frame particularly for ladies’
handbags. In contrast to the metal frames with closing
means provided separately thereon, and particularly sol
dered thereto, hitherto commonly used for such purposes,
the frame of the present invention is produced with such
closing means and receiving means adapted to secure or 15
apply the bag material, from one piece of thermoplastic
Patented Feb. 19, 19%3
frames with decorations shown on the left without the
bag material and on the right with the bag added;
FlGURE 2 is a cross-section on the line 2-2 of FIG
URE 1;
FIGURE 3 is a modi?ed frame construction in cross
section shown in
FIGURE 4 in side elevation;
FIGURE 5 is a further frame construction in cross
section shown in
FIGURE 6 in side elevation, and
FIGURE 7 is a modi?ed frame construction in cross~
In all the examples, the ends of the frames are pro
vided with eyes and consist of a thermoplastic synthetic
jection-moulded involves considerable technical advan
tages which either cannot be achieved at all with metal 20 substance which can be injection-moulded, for example
a cellulose-ester injection-moulding composition sold un
frames or only at a considerably greater expense.
der the trademark “Cellidor.”
A particular advantage of the present invention is the
In the example shown in FIGURE 1, the left side of
fact that the whole frame is unitary, including the groove
the frame of synthetic material is provided with a leaf
intended to receive the bag material and the closing means,
which closing means may be constructed in any desired 25 like decoration 1. It is possible, of course, to provide
any other type of ornament. There are practically no
form, for example as a snap fastener or clasp.
limits to the three-dimensional shapes which can be ob
A further advantage is the appreciable resilience of the
tained with injection moulding. Thus the frames them
whole frame construction which is so great that there is
selves may be of any desired shape including irregularly
no danger of breakage even under severe stress.
curved shapes.
In addition, the frame according to the invention is
In the portion of the frame illustrated on the right
relatively light in weight.
hand side in FEGURE l, a decoration comprising metal
The connecting hinge for two frames may likewise con
‘balls 2 is provided at the edge of the frame. These
sist of synthetic material, and may for example, be con
balls are introduced into the injection mould and
structed in the form of a synthetic rivet. The eyes to
with the frame during the iniection-moulding.
receive the connecting pins may also be injection-moulded 35 combined
The retaining means between the metal balls and the
in one operation during the manufacture of the frame.
frame are indicated by retaining feet shown in broken
The use of thermoplastic synthetic substances which
. The clip fastener consisting of two projections 3
can be injection-moulded further renders it possible to
and 4 is moulded on. For opening or closing this clip
give the frames any desired color instead of being re
fastener, it is merely necessary to move the overlapping
stricted to the usual lacquer coatings on metal frames.
projections past one another, utilizing the resilience of
Furthermore, it is possible to provide very diiferent
the frame. After these projections clear one another the
mouldings and decorations on the frame directly, dur
frame automatically returns to its initial position.
ing the injection-moulding operation which, with metal
FIGURE 2 shows the assembly grooves in the frame
frames, is either impossible or capable of achievement
FIGURE 1, with the open groove on the left and the
only at a disproportionate expense.
bag material 5 pressed in on the right typifying the type
It is further possible to provide the frame with metal
of securing usual in metal frames. The bag material
synthetic material which can be injection-moulded. The
use of thermoplastic synthetic materials which can be in
decorations of any desired shape incorporated during the
injection-moulding of the frame without any significant
additional expense being involved.
it is further of particular importance that, with suita
ble bag materials, it is possible to use a simpli?ed and
more permanent means of securing them to the frame,
namely by welding. Thus the former method of secur
ing is simpli?ed by folding the bag material along its
edges and pressing this fold, with the interposition of a
cord, into t e assembly groove in the frame.
5' is folded over at the upper edge and a cord s is in
serted in the fold. The bag material is then pressed
into the groove.
FIGURE 3 shows a frame construction with an as
sembly groove by means of which an improved holding
action is obtained in comparison with that in FIGURE
2. This groove is widened out to one side at the base
'7 and of undercut construction so that the cord insert 6
affording the connection between the frame and the bag
material 5 can expand again to its initial volume in the
base of the groove after being pressed in, so that the
gripping action between tr e bag material and the frame
is improved. The widened portion 7 in the base of the
and the bag material inserted in the groove. Although
groove may also be of a different shape and may, for
it is possible to provide such an undercut groove on metal
example, be widened out on both sides. In this example,
frames, it involves considerable expense which cannot be
the sides 8 and 9 of the groove are of different length
justified on such articles.
and may be of any desired cross-section and shape.
In the frame according to the invention it is further
Here the lower side 9 of the groove is considerably wider
possible to make the two arms of the groove of different 65
than the upper side 8. in this manner, the effect is
lengths. This affords the possibility of subsequently sup
achieved that the bag material 5 is supported by the
porting the bag material on the frame over a certain
lower side 9 of the groove over a desired width. Thus
width. The result is a certain minimum width for the
there is a certain minimum width for the bag.
added bag without its being necessary to include suitable
Vious frames, a fixed bag width could only be obtained
inserts of cardboard or the like in the actual bag to
by incorporating supplemental aids such as strips of
achieve a desired bag width.
cardboard and the like. With the sides of the grooves
A particular advantage of frames having an assembly
groove is the fact that the groove can be enlarged at
the base so as to improve the joint between the frame
on the frames of such different lengths, wide bags can be
produced in a simple and economical manner.
As a closure, a projection 10 is moulded onto one
frame and engages over a saddle 11 moulded on the
other. The closed position is indicated in broken lines
in FIGURE 3. Such a closure is stable, safe and easily
In the embodiment shown in FIGURES 5 and 6 each
frame is open at the bottom and provided with a surface
12 which, when a weldable bag material 5 is used, per
mits its connection to the frame by welding. This
possibility provides a considerable simpli?cation in com
parison with the use of metal frames and affords a per
to said frame ‘parts, means for ?rmly securing said mar
ginal mouth portion of said bag in engagement with said
frame parts to form a unitary structure therewith com
prising an elongated body for reinforcing the edge of said
marginal mouth portion of said bag, each of said frame
parts having a substantially horizontal slot formed there
in extending intermediate the ends thereof, said substan
tially horizontal slots opening in opposite directions
whereby such frame parts are U~shaped in transverse
cross section with the bights of the U-shaped parts proxi
mate to one another, each of said slots being relatively
deep compared with its width and de?ned by two gen
erally parallel extending relatively wide walls of appre
ciable resilience, the lower of said walls ‘being wider
fectly permanent connection between the bag material
than the upper, said slots each terminating in a widened
and the frame. As a closure, a clip 13' moulded on one 15 portion forming a continuous channel at the base thereof,
frame engages the other frame which is provided with a
said marginal mouth portion of said bag being inserted
suitably rounded surface without any additional means
into the slots in the respective frame parts in a direction
perpendicular to the longitudinal direction thereof with
13 is again indicated in broken lines in FIGURE 5.
said relatively wide walls resiliently engaging the rein
The embodiment shown in FIGURE 7 corresponds 20 forced marginal mouth portion of said bag so as to
substantially to that illustrated in FIGURE 3. The only
anchor the latter in the respective channels and the wider
difference is that the assembly groove with the widened
of said walls supporting said bag.
portion 7 at the base is turned through about 90° and
References Cited in the file of this patent
so no longer runs substantially horizontal but substan
tially vertical.
I claim:
Hiering -._. ____________ __. July 10, 1934
being provided thereon. The closed position of the clip
In a purse having a frame comprising two generally
Freeman ____________ __ May 31, 1949
Sanders _____________ __ Aug. 15, 1950
connected at their ends for opening and closing move 30 2,637,194
ment relative to each other, and including a bag having
a marginal portion forming the mouth thereof secured
Pietri __________ __,____ .... May 5, 1953
Fisher ______________ _.. Nov. 16, 1954
Solomon ____________ __ Nov. 4, 1958
U-shaped parts formed from a thermoplastic synthetic
material having appreciable resilience, and hingedly inter
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