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Feb. 19, 1963
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Filed March 5, 1960
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Feb. 19, 1963
Filed March 3, 1960
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United States Patent
Patented Feb. 19, 1963
Eugene A. Wahl, 294 Forest Ave, Glen Ridge, NJ.
Filed Mar. 3, 1960, Ser. No. 12,639
3 Claims. (Ci. 222-161)
a hopper 19, which may be of any shape, size or weight.
in the drawings, a generally hollow cylindrical hopper
is shown having a vertically-disposed axis and a flat and
slightly inclined bottom 11.
A discharge opening 12,
which may be of any size, is located in the side wall of
the hopper at the lower end of the inclined bottom.
In accordance with my invention, the hopper is sus
This invention relates to a hopper, or storage bin, for
pended, or supported, adjacent its upper end by resilient
material and more particularly to a suspended vibrated
mounting means. In the illustratedembodiment of my
hopper or storage bin from which even material that is
ordinarily very di?icult to hopper may be handled.
10 invention, an annular ?ange 13 is shown formed on the
hopper adjacent the intake end. Resilient mounts i4\.
A common problem encountered in the handling of
are secured at spaced distances apart to the ?ange l3
powdered, granular, pulverized, or the like material, is the
and extend downwardly therefrom. In the drawings, the
feeding of such material from overhead supply or storage
mounts 14 are shown comprising rubber vibration isola
bins or hoppers since material being handled often sticks
and bridges within the hopper. Conventional means for 15 tors. It ‘will be understood that other solid or pneumatic
isolators may be employed, such as coil springs, or the
inducing ?ow of material from such hoppers includes pul
like. The mounts are secured to an annular supporting
sating air pads lining the walls of the hopper, rotating
frame 16 which surrounds the hopper it? at a spaced dis
agitators, vibrated shaker plates, and the like.. Rotating
tance therefrom. In the drawings, the supporting frame
size because of the dimculty of ‘agitating large masses of 20 *16 is shown mounted upon supporting legs 17 suitably
secured thereto. It will be apparent that the hopper it)
powdered material. The small amount of vibration pro
is suspended by the ‘resilient mounts l4 and is free to
vided by shaker plates, and the like, often is not trans
vibrate, with the mounts isolating the vibrations of the
mitted to the entire mass of material within the hopper
hopper from the supporting structure which includes the
whereby bridging and sticking is not eliminated. '
The present invention overcomes the above shortcom 25 frame 16 and legs 17.
In accordance with my invention, t-.e entire suspended
ings of such prior art arrangements by means of a hop
hopper is made to vibrate in order to insure the ?ow
per suspension and vibration system whereby the entire
of material (not shown) therefrom. For purposes of il
bin, or hopper, is sharply and rapidly oscillated with a
lustration, an electric motor 18 is shown secured by
minimum of power required. With my arrangement, the
threaded fastening means 19 to one of the supporting legs
bin contents become highly fluidized and ?ow readily
.17. The rotatable motor shaft, which extends axially of
out of the bottom. Every particle of material in the bin
the hopper, that is, parallel to the hopper axis (or lon
is subjected to the movement and, therefore, there are no
gitudinally thereof) is connected by ?exible coupling
dead zones. Since the material ?ows readily, the bottom
agitators are generally impractical on hoppers of large
of the bin need slope only slightly. Thus, although the
means 22, 22 to a drive shaft 23, here shown coaxial
hopper, or bin, may be provided with a conical or pyram~
with the motor shaft 22, which is rotatably supported in
idal shaped bottom, a ?at bottomed bin may be used with
a resultant increase in storage capacity of the bin. The
vibrating mechanism may be mounted outside of the bin
sealed, ?anged bearings 24, 24 secured by fastening means
26 to a thrust bracket 27. The thrust bracket 27 is se
cured, as by welding, to the hopper lb adjacent the lower,
or discharge, end thereof. A pair of weights 28, 28 is
with no encumbrances within the bin. A smooth walled
bin is maintained cleaner for increased sanitation.
40 secured to the drive shaft \23 by set screws 29, 29; with
the weights being located on opposite sides of the thrust
An object of this invention is the provision of a
bracket adjacent the said bearings 24, 24 so that they
vibrated hopper, or bin, from which material ilows with
are balanced thereabout. The center of mass of each
out sticking or bridging.
of the weights 28, 28 is displaced from the shaft axis
An object of this invention is the provision of a vibrated
bin, or hopper, arrangement which is of extremely sim 45 (each in the same direction) whereby rotation of the
shaft by the motor 13 produces transverse vibration of
ple construction.
the shaft. Vibration of the shaft is transmitted through
An object of this invention is the provision of a stor
the bearings 24, 24 and the thrust bracket 27 to the
age bin, or hopper, which is suspended adjacent the upper
lower end of the hopper iii. The entire hopper, especial
open end thereof by means of resilient supporting means,
and which is vibrated by means attached adjacent the 50 ly the lower end portion thereof, is thereby vibrated with
a rotary vibratory motion of high amplitude in a horizon
lower end thereof.
An object of this invention is the provision of a stor
tal, or transverse, plane. That is, the hopper is made
to move in a generally circular path in a plane which ex
age bin, or hopper, which is vibrated with a generally
tends transversely thereof after orbital displacement ‘from
circular motion in a generally horzontal plane.
These and other objects and advantages will become ap 55 its normal axis.
Any size or weight of bin 10 may be mounted in the
pearent from the following description when taken with
the accompanying drawings. It will be understood that
above-described manner.
the drawings are for purposes of illustration, and are
chosen and properly proportioned with respect to the
The resilient mounts 14 are
bin size and weight such that only a relatively small
invention, reference being had for the latter purpose to 60 amount of power is needed to sharply and rapidly rotate
the bin in a horizontal plane. The amplitude of oscilla~
the appended claims.
tion is on the order of 1A” that is, at least 132" from the
In the drawings wherein like reference characters
normal median position, in all directions. The power
denote like parts in the several views:
required to displace the hopper is returned to the system
FIGURE 1 is a side elevational view of a vibrated hop
per embodying my invention, with portions of the draw 65 by the resilient mounting means 14 whereby little power
is consumed, even for the vibration of very large hoppers.
ing shown broken away for clarity; and
With the apparatus of my invention, the material in
FIGURE 2 is a top view, with parts broken away for
the hopper becomes highly ?uidized, and readily ?ows
clarity, of the hopper shown in FIGURE 1.
out at the bottom. Even long asbestos ?bers, wood chips,
The storage hopper, or bin, contemplated by this
wet sawdust, greasy pie crust mixes, and the like, are
invention, is of general utility as a material storage or
easily hoppered with my arrangement.
supply hopper ‘from which material is intended to ?ow.
Included among the advantages of the bin activator of
The arrangement, as illustrated in the drawings, comprises
not to be construed as de?ning the scope or limits of the
my invention are: (1) Every particle of material in the
bin is subjected to movement and, therefore, no dead
per side wall; a hopper support; resilient supporting means
connecting the hopper to the support; a motor having a
zones exist therein; (2) There are no encumbrances in
shaft; a thrust bracket secured to the hopper at the lower
end thereof and carrying a bearing; a drive shaft extend
side the hopper, for maximum sanitation; (3) The con
struction is extremely simple; and (4) The arrangement
permits the use of ?at-bottomed bins with the resultant
ing parallel to the hopper axis and passing through the
said bearing, said drive shaft being mechanically coupled
to the motor shaft; and a weight eccentrically secured to
the drive shaft proximate to said bearing, the arrange
Having now described my‘ invention in detail in accord
ment being such that rotation of the said weight results
ance with the requirements of the patent statutes, various
modi?cations and changes will suggest themselves to 10 in a lateral, orbital displacement of the hopper in all di
rections away from its normal axis.
those skilled in this art. For example, vibrators of other
2. The. invention as recited. in claim 1 wherein the
types than the illustrated eccentric weight system may be
lateral displacement of the hopper from its normal axis.
used. The vibrator may be attached inside the bin at
increased storage capacity.
any desired location on or adjacent the bottom thereof.
Further, the bin may be made to vibrate in a vertical, or
other plane, rather than the illustrated horizontal plane.
Any shaped bin may be employed, with any shaped bot
tom, although a ?at-bottomed bin maximizes‘ the vol
ume thereof, as mentioned above. It is intended that
these and other changes and modi?cations shall fall within
the spirit and scope of the invention as recited in the fol
lowing claims.
I claim:
1. Hoppering apparatus for di?icult to handle materials
comprising a hopper with a vertically-disposed axis, said
hopper having a substantially uniform horizontal cross
section throughout its height and having an inclined bot
tom terminating in a discharge opening formed in the hop
is. atv least V32 inch.
3. The invention as recited in claim 1, includingv a
second weighteccentrically secured to the said driveshaft
but onv the opposite side ofv said bearing, the center of
mass of the two weights beingdisplaced from the drive
shaft. axis in the same direction.
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