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Feb. 19, 1963-
' 3,078,01 7
Filed Sept. 14. 1960
United States Patent
>retreated Feb. 1s, Vnass
Y The tube according to the invention has the advantage
that the tube, being ñlled >for example with a protective
3,078,017 ,
. .
Karlheinz Waskönig, Hamburg-Lokstedt, and Friedrich
Kenn, Hamburg-Sarstedt, Germany, assignors to P.
Beiersdorf & Co., A.G., Hamburg, Germany
Filed Sept. 14, 196i), Ser. No. 55,910
Claims priority, application Germany Sept. 21, 1959
5 Ciaims. (Cl. Z22-L81)
skin salve, can be "suspended inthe immediate vicinity
of a water faucet. When utilizing synthetic tubes,’the
tube contents can be easily extracted from the tube while
the latter is in a suspended position, without being taken
off the hook or without the necessity of closing its open
ing outlet after usage.
A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated
The object of this invention is a suspendable tube, the 10 in the accompanying drawing, wherein
FIG. 1 is a side view, in elevation, of the device;
interior of which is intended for use with paste or salve~
like substance.
FIG. 2 is a front elevation of the device;
FIG-_ 3 is a View of another embodiment;
FiG. 4 is an enlarged section of the device.
poses as closely as possible to the place of their use. It 15
The device accord-ing to the invention will now be
is therefore advantageous to use tubes that can be stored
more fully described with reference to the accompany
It has been proved useful to keep tubes intended for
the care and protection of the skin, and for similar pur~
in a suspended manner.
There are already known tubes whose lower bent part-s
are provided with suspension means, thus enabling the
tubes to be hung on a hook or the like.
ing drawing, but it should be understood that this is given
by way of illustration and not of limitation and that
many changes may be made in the details without de~
Special means 20 parting from the spirit of the invention.
FIG. 1 shows a tube l with a tube -groove (notch) 2,
for suspension have to be provided, i.e., a hook, to sus
pend the tubes in this determined manner.
which in the case of synthetic tubes can be replaced by
a longitudinal wel-d of the tube walls and perforated at 3.
and enables the user to suspend the tubes at any given
The tube closure consists of a cap 5 made of synthetic
place without the need of other means and without darn 25 material provided with a soft cap 6 of resilient synthetic
aging the place of suspension. According to the inven
material. Cap 6 has a funnel-like elongation 7 abutting
tion, this is achieved by providing the closure of the tube
against tube shoulder 9. At its opposite end the cap is
with a suction device and with means for suspending such
provided with a hook-like extension 8, adapted to -fìt into
closure at the opposite end of the outlet opening.
perforation 3.
There are also already known tubes provided with suc 30
FIG. 2 is a side View of the -tube as shown in FIG. 1
tion devices, intended to hold in combination with its
with the tube cap detached and serving as a suspension
closure the whole tube or its detached opening respec
means for tube 1.
tively. Thus the tubes can be stored either in an upward
FlG. 3 shows the perforation 3 by using a rivet 4 be
position with their `closed outlet openings directed down~
low the seam weld. This is especially of advantage
wardly, or in a suspended manner, with their closed out 35 when using synthetic tubes in order not to overtake or
let openings directed upwardly. No means have hereto
reinforce the welding seam.
fore been provided to suspend tubes in an open condi
FIG. 4 is a cross-section of a tube weld end with a
tion with outlet opening downward, by means of a suc
hollow-type rivet.
tion device.
We claim as our invention:
According to the present invention, a detached tube 40
l. A suspendable tube for salve-like substances, com
closure is provided with a suction device and can be
prising, in combination, a cylindrical container body,
pressed against a smooth surface, thu-s keeping the clo
having an open neck portion and a closed flat end seam
sure attached due to the -suction effect of the suction de
having an aperture therethrough, a detachable closure
vice, and the tube can be suspended with its opposite end
for said open neck portion, said closure including a re
on the tube closure, thus disposing the tube in a hang 45 silient conical cap adapted to be secured to a ilat surface
ing position with its opening extremity downward.
by suction, and a suspension hook element integral with
In a preferred embodiment of the invention the inner
said closure, adapted to be received in said aperture for
wall of the tube case is provided at the end opposite to
suspending the tube.
its outlet opening with a looplike perforation thus pro
2. The tube according to claim l, further provided
viding for the engagement of a hook provided at the tube 50 with a hollow rivet extending Ithrough said aperture toV
closure. This perforation can be located at the closing
reinforce the latter.
-strip of the tube case, for instance in a tube groove or
3. A suspendable tube for -salve-like substances, com
else along the welding line of the tube wall. It is ad
prising, in combination, a cylindrical container body,
visable to provide the perforation with a rivet, to be used
having an open neck portion and a closed ñat end seam,
as an eye -for the reception of a hook secured to the tube 55 a reinforced section formed with an aperture there
through, adjacent said flat end seam, a detachable clo
Various possibilities of a design of the tube closure
sure for said open neck portion, said closure including
exist. The tube capsule can be provided interiorly with
a resilient conical cap adapted to be secured to a flat
an elastic, ÍunneLshaped, increasing edge attachment
surface by suction, and a suspension hook element in
forming at its inner side a suction cup and provided at 60 tegral with said closure, adapted to be received in said
its outer side with a suspension hook. It is likewise pos
aperture for suspending the tube.
sible to place a suction device in inverted position over
4. The tube according to claim l, wherein said neck
the tube capsule consisting of an elastic synthetic ma
portion is formed with a truste-conical shoulder, extend
terial bulging inwardly over the capsule and being out
ing from said neck portion to said cylindrical container
wardly likewise provided with a suspension hook. In 65 body, said resilient conical cap having the configuration
al-l instances the suction device, rather the rim, has to
of said frusto-conical portion.
be proportionally adjusted to the tube shoulder so that
5. A suspendable tube for salve-like substances, com
the rim wiil be ñrmly connected with the tube shoulder
prising, in combination, a cylindrical container body
when the tube is closed and thus protect it against
having an open neck portion and a closed fiat end seam,
70 said seam having an aperture therethrough, said neck
The present invention dispenses with this disadvantage
portion including a non-resilient mouth part, a detach
able non-resilient closure adapted to ñt over said mouth
part, a resilient frusto-conical cap integral with said clo
sure, said cap being adapted to be held by suction
against a dat surface when said closure is detached from
said neck portion, and a hook elemenî.` extending from
said closure, adapted to be receivedin said aperture for
suspending said tube.
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