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Feb. 26, 1963
Filed March 21, 1960
By Wm WM.
Patented Feb. 26, 1963
The expansion chamber opens on to the forward face
of the cartridge carrier.
Jacques Bumiller, Valence, France, assignor to Societe de
Prospection et d’lnventions Techniques Spit, Bourg
les-Valence, France
Filed Mar. 21, 1960, Ser. No. 16,254
Claims priority, application France Sept. 2, 1959
1 Claim. (Cl. 102-38)
The accompanying drawing shows diagrammatically, on
a large scale, a longitudinal sectional view of an em
bodiment of a cartridge carrier with its cartridge.
In this embodiment, the cartridge case 1, which has
substantially a cylindrical shape, is engaged in the car
tridge carrier 2 of for example plastic material.
The cartridge carrier, having the form of an annular
The present invention relates to munitions and more 10 body open at its two ends, has, towards it front end 2b,
a tapered or conical outer face 2a for use with a gun
particularly to those for use in power actuated tools or
whose loading chamber is tapered or conical.
guns which drive, under the effect of an explosive charge
Further, ‘the cartridge case 1 is only held at its ?anged
contained in a cartridge, a metal pin or the like into
rear part 1a in the cartridge carrier in which it is a
hard compact materials.
There have already been proposed munitions, in par 15 force fit and an annular expansion chamber 3 is formed
in the cartridge carrier around the cartridge case 1, this
ticular for said kind of gun, which comprise a cartridge
expansion chamber being open at its forward end 4, that
whose case is of plastic material or has a uniform and
is to say towards the front end 2b of the cartridge carrier.
not very thick covering of plastic material.
With such an expansion chamber, the cartridge case
The object of the invention is to obtain a perfect seal
ing or ?uid-tightness between the munition and the load 20 is free to expand slightly at the moment of ?ring so as
to ?ll said expansion chamber, which reduces the violence
ing chamber and an easy ejection (automatic or other
wise) of the cartridge case after ?ring, in particular in
of the explosion.
It must be understood that the embodiment of the
guns in which the loading chamber is formed in a barrel
munition described herein before and shown in the ac
carrier relative to which the barrel is capable of under
going a slight rearward movement.
25 companying drawing, has been given merely by way of
a non-limitative example and any modi?cation of its de
To this end, the loading chamber is slightly tapered
tails can be made as do not depart from the scope of
and the munition according to the invention is charac
the invention as de?ned in the appended claim.
terised in that it comprises the usual cartridge case
(adapted to contain at least the powder charge and the
What I claim is:
primer composition) and a throw-away cartridge carrier 30
on the axis of which said case is disposed, said cartridge
In the combination comprising a cartridge casing of
substantially cylindrical shape with a rim portion on one
end thereof, a cartridge carrier surrounding said cartridge
casing, said cartridge carrier having the form of an an
ing a tapered outer shape which ?ts that of the loading
nular body being open at both ends and tapered to
chamber, the forward end of the cartridge case being ad
35 ward the end of the casing opposite said rim portion, said
jacent the smaller end of the taper.
cartridge carrier being of plastic and having an aperture
If the munition is pushed in to the end of the load
extending throughout the length thereof, said aperture
ing chamber of the gun, there is obtained a perfect seal
ing or fluid-tightness, owing to the tapered shape and
at one end of said carrier being of a diameter equal
plasticity of the cartridge carrier. The ejection of the
to that of said cartridge casing, the diameter of the re
latter out of the loading chamber (for example by a 40 mainder of said aperture being substantially greater than
slight rearward movement of the barrel relative to the
the diameter of said cartridge casing, the surface of the
barrel carrier) is effected very easily, again owing to the
larger diameter aperture being substantially greater than
tapered shape.
the surface of the portion of the aperture the diameter
According to another feature of the invention, the
of which is equal to that of the cartridge casing.
housing or cavity provided in the tapered cartridge carrier 45
for the cartridge case comprises at least an expansion
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
chamber arranged to be situated on the periphery of the
cartridge case.
In a preferred embodiment of the munition of the
B'rubaker _____________ __ Dec. 2, 1924
invention, the munition has the following features and 50 1,517,702
Ringdal ______________ __ Dec. 2, 1958
combinations thereof:
Senutovitch __________ __ Aug. 11, 1959
The expansion chamber is annular and arranged to
surround the cartridge case;
The expansion chamber extends along a part of the 55
France ______________ __ May 29, 19,14
length of the cartridge case;
carrier, which is advantageously of plastic material, hav
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