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Feb'. 26, '1963
R, E, sMlTH
Filed Oct. 4, 1961
Randall E. Smiíh
Patented Feb. >Z6, 1963
Randall E. Smith, Upper Saddle River, NJ., assigner to
Republic lFastener Products Corp., Saddle Brook, NJ.,
made. The blank 10' comprises an integral piece having
a longitudinally extending central panel-portion 12.l Inte
grally . connected along each longitudinal edge of the
central panel portion 12 is an intermediate panel 13. A'
fold line F1 and F2 is formed at the junction of the cen
Filed tìct. 4, 1961, Ser. No. 142,973
2 Claims. (Cl. 20d-_65)
tral panel 12 and its respective intermediate panel 13. A
substantially co-extensive end panel 14 is connected to the
This invention relates in general to a card package, and
outer edge portion of each intermediate panel 13 along
more particularly to a card package specifically con
fold lines F3 and F4, respectively. In the illustrated em
structed and arranged for packaging hog rings.
10 bodiment fold lines F3 and F4 are scored whereas fold
A hog ring is herein deñned as any open end or “C”
lines F1 and'F2 are split or creased.
shaped ring or clip. Generally such rings or clips are
According to this invention the opposed end portion of
provided with sharp points on the ends thereof. They
the central panel portion 12 extends beyond the ends 13A
a corporation
are usually formed of suitable wire stock and are used as
of the intermediate panels 13. Connected -to the ex
a fastener for securing, for example, seat covers to up 15 tended portion of the central panel 12 are front and rear
holstered seats or chairs. To function as a fastener a
tabs 15 and 16, respectively. These tabs 15 and 16 eX
plier type tool is generally required to press close the open
tend laterally of the extended central panel portion and
ends of the ring or clip.
are integrally connected thereto. As shown, the front
The packaging of these rings for retail sale poses many
tabs 15 have a width substantially equal to that of the in
discerning problems. Packaging such rings in a box is 20 termediate panels 13, and they are connected to the cen
not satisfactory because the rings would tend to interlock
tral panel portion along an extension F5, F6 of fold lines
and tangle, and thus make it necessary for the user to un
F1 and F2. They are also connected to the adjacent end
tangle the rings prior to using. This is not only time
13A of the intermediate panel 13 along perforated or
consuming, but oftentimes aggravating to the user. Fur
readily frangible line F7. The rear tabs 16 are formed
ther, the sharp points of the rings would require that the 25 integral with the central p-anel. Also the portion of the
boxes be made of relatively heavy gauge material. Still
rear tabs 16 adjacent the intermediate panel 13 is free
another disadvantage of box packaging hog rings is that
the particular size of the rings packed therein are not
According to this invention the intermediate panels 13
readily ascertained without opening the box. Con-se
are substantially equal in width and are foldable down
quently prospective purchasers are encouraged to handle 30 wardly and inwardly along fold lines F1 and F2 as shown
such boxes; and expelience h-as shown that such excessive
in FIGS. 2 and 3. Because the front tabs 15 are secured
handling results in damaged goods, and excessive loss or
thereto along lines 1:7, tabs 15 will fold downwardly and
inwardly along fold line extensions F5, FG.
Therefore, an object of this invention is to provide for
With the intermediate panels 13 and front tabs 15 thus
a novel card type package for retailing hog rings and the 35 folded downwardly and inwardly, the end panels 14 are
like which overcomes the above mentioned disadvantages.
folded outwardly relative to their respective intermediate
Another object is to provide a novel card package
panels 13. The rear end tabs 16 in this position lie in the
formed of a blank of sheet material that is preformed and
plane of the Vcentral panel 12. The card holder thus
readily folded to a predetermined configuration particu
formed is readily to receive the clip or hog ring 17.
larly suitable for loosely retaining thereon a plurality of 40 Because the hog rings 17 are generally “C” shaped with
hog rings.
inwardly turned end portions 17A a row of aligned rings
Still another object is to provide a novel card holder for
17 may be readily slipped onto the key shape way defined
retaining hog rings thereon in a neat »and orderly arrange
by the central panel portion 12 and the depending inter
mediate panel 13. The laterally extending rear end tabs
And still another object is to provide a card holder with
16 form a stop to prevent displacement of the rings 17
means for facilitating removal of the rings from the
«from the rear end of holder 11.
holder as desired without entangling or disturbing the
As shown in FIGS. 2 and 3, the outwardly bent end
order of the remaining rings.
panels 14 shield and protect the sharp ends of the rings 17.
A feature of this invention resides in the provision that
When the prescribed number of rings are placed on the
the card package permit the rings to be at all times visible 50 holder described, the front end tabs 16 are separated from
to a prospective purchaser, and thus obviate the need or
the intermediate panels 13 and they are folded upwardly
desire to handle or damage the merchandise.
Another feature resides in the provision that the card
package is relatively simple in construction, relatively in
expensive and positive in operation.
Other features and advantages will be readily apparent
when considered in view of the drawing and description
in which:
lliiG. 1 is a plan view of the preformed blank of sheet
material for forming the card package in `accordance with
this invention.
FlG. 2 is a plan view of the formed card holder with
the hog rings retained therein.
FIG. 3 is a front elevation view of the card package.
FIG. 4 is a left end View of FIG. 2.
FIG. 5 is a left end view of FIG. 2 illustrating the end
tabs folded downward (solid lines) to permit removal of
the hog rings.
FIG. 6 is a right end View of FIG. 2.
so as to be in a plane substantially coincident with the
central panel portion 12. Thus the front tabs 15 form a
front stop and prohibit removal of the rings 17 from the
holder 11.
Because the hog rings 17 are readily stiff, the shape of
the folded card holder 11 is retained, and at the same
time the rings 17 do not become separated therefrom
without effort.
To remove the rings 17 as desired, one need only to
fold the front tabs 15 downwardly and inwardly. The
`adjacent end rings 17 are then free to Ibe slipped off the end
of the holder.
Since the hog rings on any given card holder are formed
of wire having a uniform diameter, the exact number of
rings can be packaged in a given holder simply by regu
lating the distance between end tabs. Thus the predeter
mined length between tabs insures accurate count. Con
sequently shortages which were heretofore prevalent by
Referring to the drawings, there is shown in FIG. 1 the 70 weighing, are eliminated by the instant concept. For this
preformed blank 10 of sheet material, such as cardboard
reason the hog rings can be merchandised and priced ex
or the like, from which the card holder or package 11 is
actly -by count or quantity.
hog ring engages the edge of said end tabs, and the end
tabs connected at one end of said central panel being fold
able downwardly and inwardly to facilitate the removal
of the rings from said one end of said package.
possible on such holder. «Further one or more rings may
2. A card package comprising a sheet of blank material
be removed at will without disturbing the order of the Ul
having a dat central longitudinal extending central panel
remaining rings. Also the card holder forms a neat,
portion, end tabs normally disposed in the plane of said
pleasant, practical and convenient means for retailing,
central panel portion extending laterally to either side of
storing or shipping an article heretofore diñicult to pack
said central panel at each end of said central panel por
tion, an intermediate panel extending between said end
While `the instant invention has been disclosed with
tabs and connected along a fold line on either side of said
reference to a particular embodiment thereof, it is to be
central panel, the tabs at one end being substantially
appreciated that the invention is not to be taken as lim
equal to the width of said intermediate panel and adapted
ited to all of the details thereof as modifications and
to be foldable relative to said central panel portions along
variations thereof may -be made without departing from
15 the fold line between said central panel portion and inter
the spirit or scope of the invention.
mediate panel, a side panel substantially Aco-extensive with
What is claimed is:
each of said intermediate panels and connected along a
1. A card package for a plurality of open end hog rings
second fold line extending along the outer edge of its
comprising a blank of sheet material having a dat central
With this construction it will be apparent that the hog
rings 17 are at all times visible to the prospective buyer,
and that tangling of the rings 17 is rendered virtually im
elongated longitudinally extending panel portion, an inter
mediate panel connected along a fold line to each longi
tudinal edge of said central panel portion, and a substan
tially co-extensive longitudinally extending side panel
respective intermediate panels, said intermediate panels
being foldable inwardly under said central panel portion
along their respective fold lines so that the free end of
said intermediate panels are continuously disposed, and
the connected side panels being folded outwardly relative
connected along a fold line extending along the outer edge
to their respective intermediate side panels along their re
of each intermediate panel, said intermediate panel being
ioldable inwardly under said central panel portion so that 25 spective lines to define with said central panel portion
and connected intermediate panel portions an omega
the free ends of said intermediate panels are continuously
shaped in cross-section, a plurality of open end hog rings
deposited below said central panel portion in spaced rela
retained on said package by straddling the central panel
tionship thereto, and the connected side panels being
of said package between said end tabs whereby the end
tfolded outwardly relative to their respective connected
intermediate panels along their respective fold lines to 30 most rings engage the edges of said tabs, and the end tabs
at one end «of said central panel portion being foldable
shield the points of the hog rings which are adapted to
downwardly and inwardly thereof to permit the removal
straddle the central panel portion, said central, intermedi
of said rings from said end thereof.
straddle the central panel portion, said central, intermedi
ate and side panels defining an omega-shaped card pack
References Cited in the iile of this patent
age in cross-section, and said central panel portion having
laterally extending end tabs disposed in the plane thereof
and connected at each end thereof to form an end stop to
prevent the hog ring stowed thereon from sliding off the
ends of »said central panel portion whereby the endmost
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