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Feb. 26, 1963
Filed Aug. '17, 1959
FIG. 2
BH yrwéw )0’
a‘1 4%
Patented. Feb. 26, 19%,?»
13 for holding a cup 14. As shown in the drawing, the
tobacco stick 15 is supported by cup 14 while its upper
end is held between metal strips 9, it}.
In the drawing, 21 and 22 indicate the strings coming
from bobbins 4 and S, the lower ends of the strings
being tied in known manner at 23 to the stick 15.
According to the invention, a further sleeve 15 is
provided on bar 1. This sleeve can be adjustable and
Alan Johnstone Council, Rusape, Southern Rhodesia, as
signor to Tobacco Reapers (Pvt) Ltd, Rusape, South
ern Rhodesia
Filed Aug. 17, 1959, Ser. No. 834,318
{Zlaims priority, application Rhodesia July 15, 1959
2 Ciaims. (til. 214-—5.5)
its position can be ?xed by screw 17. To sleeve 16 are
10 ?xed one, two, or more arms 18, the other ends of
This invention relates to tobacco harvesters and more
which are ?xed to a solid or ?exible bent part 19. Part
particularly relates to portable harvesters for securing
19 fits around the front waist of the worker, and it can
be ?xed around his body by means of belts 20‘.
It is understood that after part 2 has been placed
the handling, i.e. reaping, tying and carrying, of tobacco 15 over the shoulder of the worker and belts 20‘ have been
connected around his waist, the pressure by the weight
Another object of this invention is a tobacco harvester
of the apparatus will be distributed to the shoulders and
entirely supported by the body of the operator without
to the front waist. Part 19 consists preferably of solid
tobacco leaves to a tobacco-holding stick.
The object of the invention is a new apparatus for
the use of wheels, skids or the like.
The invention particularly relates to tobacco handling 20
apparatus of such type in which the weight of the same
material covered with a rubber hose or the like.
The main advantages of the above-described apparatus
are as follows: the worker carrying the apparatus can
freely move in any direction and over any type of
is partly supported by the shoulder of the operator. It
is understood that if by eliminating the usual supporting
wheel, skids, etc. resting on the ground, the whole weight
ground. As the apparatus is attached to his body at two
points, the tobacco stick is prevented from swaying. The
would have to be supported by the shoulder of the opera 25 apparatus being of simple construction and not being
tor, the apparatus would be too heavy to carry and not
provided with wheels or skids, as in known devices, is
inexpensive. The belts can be ?xed around or over or
practical in use. Therefore, according to the invention,
means- are provided to distribute the weight of the ap
under the waist of the worker and in that position in
paratus on the body of the worker, in order to enable
which the apparatus is best balanced.
him to carry the apparatus without effort and at the 30
Having described my invention, 1 claim:
same time allowing him free movement in any direction.
1. Portable apparatus for handling tobacco leaves com
Such means consist of one, two, or more arms, the one
prising an elongated frame, forked shoulder-engaging
end or ends of which are ?xed to the apparatus while
hooks secured to one end of the frame and bent trans
their other ends are connected to a belt-like part to be
versely to the axis of the frame, a substantially U-sha-ped'
worn around the waist of the operator. A further feature 35 bracket connecting the hooks and extending from the
of the invention is that the position of said arms in rela
hooks in a direction opposite to that of the frame, bobbin
tion to the body of the worker can be adjusted according
support means mounted on the U-shaped bracket for a
to requirements. It has been found that by this ar
pair of bobbins, thread guides on the U-shaped bracket,
rangement the center of gravity of the weight of the
a further bracket disposed at the other end of the frame
apparatus is efficiently distributed to the shoulders and 40 and adjustable therealong extending transversely to the
to the front Waist of the worker so that the apparatus
frame in a direction opposite to the shoulder-engaging
can be carried without discomfort. The said arms are
hooks, means disposed on said ?rst and second brackets
preferably connected to a bent solid part covered with
for receiving a leaf supporting member therebetween,
rubber or other soft material for the further comfort
an adjustable sleeve member disposed on said frame in
45 termediate said ?rst and second brackets, at least one
of the worker.
An example of the apparatus according to the inven
arm member having one end connected to said adjustable
tion is shown diagrammatically in the drawing, in which
sleeve member and projecting from said frame in the
FIG. 1 shows the apparatus in side elevation; and
same general direction as said hooks, and a waist abut
FIG. 2 is a front view of the apparatus.
ting member having waist engaging means connected to
As shown in the drawing, the apparatus consists es 50 the other end of said arm member.
sentially of a bar 1, or other frame, the upper end 2 of
2. Portable apparatus according to claim 1 in which
which is so formed that it can be placed over the shoul
der of the worker, as indicated in dotted lines in FIG. 2.
To part 2 is welded a bent part 3 of essentially inverted
said waist abutting member has padding thereon.
U-form for holding string bobbins 4 and 5. For this 55
purpose, two bolts or the like 6, 7 are secured to part
3, and the bobbins are held in position by means of nuts,
washers or the like 8. Furthermore, metal strips 9, '10
are welded to the part 3 and are provided with guiding
eyelets for the strings.
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Along the lower part of bar 1, a sleeve 11 can be
shifted and ?xed in the required position by means of
adjustment screws 12.
To sleeve 11 are welded arms
Great Britain _________ .__ July 15, 1915
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