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Feb. 26, 1963
Filed May 11, 1959
W.M.1,I V%my. RM
Patented Feb. 25, 1963
Henrie Wilhelm Thyiefors, Stockholm, Sweden, assignor
to Akiieholaget Separator, Stockholm, Sweden, a cor
poration of Sweden
Filed May 11, 1959, See. No. 812,272
(Ilaians priority, application Sweden May 16, 1958
1 Claim. (Cl. 233-420)
The present invention relates to centrifugal separators
of ‘the type having a controllable sludge discharge sys
tem, and more particularly to such separators in which
the rotating bowl has a slide-valve movable axially of
the bowl so as to alternately cover and uncover sludge
In ‘the drawing, the centrifugal bowl 1 is adapted for
rotation about its central vertical axis A. The bowl
cover 2 is locked to the bowl by means of a locking ring
3. A set of conical discs, indicated at 4, rests on a dis
tributor 5 forming a central feed passage 5:2. for the
material to be separated. On its lower surface, the dis
tributor 5 carries radial impeller vanes 6 ‘for imparting.
rotation ‘to the feed material entering the separating
chamber in which the discs 4 are located.
A slide-valve '7 is mounted in the bowl 1 for slid
ing movements axially of the bowl, the slide-valve sur
rounding the central nave 1a of the bowl. The axial slid
ing movements of the valve 7 may be effected hydrau
lically by any of the arrangements disclosed in said
discharge openings in the peripheral portion of the bowl. 15 Bjornstjerna Patent No. 2,178,547. As shown, the bowl
Centrifuges of this type are well known in the art,
as shown, for example, in Bjornstjerna Patent No.
2,178,547, dated November 7, 1939.
In centrifuges of this type, it is customary to organize
spindle 15 has an axial passage 16 for feeding hydraulic
liquid to the space 17 between valve 7 and ‘the bottom
of bowl 1, and the space 17 has peripheral outlets 18
which discharge the hydraulic ?uid at a lower rate than
the parts so that an annular sealing ?ange of the con 20 it is fed through passage 16. Thus, when the space 17
trollable slide-valve member disengages an 'O-ring seal
is completely ?lled with hydraulic ?uid, the valve 7 is
to permit discharge of sludge through the bowl periphery.
held in its raised position as illustrated, but when the
Under that arrangement, repeated discharge of sludge
feed through passage 16 is interrupted, the liquid drains
from space 17 through outlets 18, whereby the liquid
the sealing ?ange of the slide-valve. Erosion of the ring 25 pressure in the separating chamber of the bowl forces
seal is no major problem, since it is readily replaceable;
valve 7 to its lower position. Upon resumption of the
but erosion of the slide~valve ?ange is a serious problem
feed through passage 16, hydraulic liquid again accumu~
due to the necessity of re-facin-g it from time to time,
lates in space 17 and lifts valve 7 to its raised position.
which is expensive and involves lost of productivity of the
At its outer portion, valve 7 has an annular, radially
30 ex-tending, sealing ?ange 8 which, by coaction with a seal
centrifuge while the re-facing is being effected.
It has been attempted to overcome this objection by
ing ring 9 secured in the bowl cover 2, serves to open
installing on the ?ange of the slide-valve a packing ring
and close sludge discharge openings 10 spaced along the
which can be replaced as necessary without disassem
peripheral wall of bowl 1.
biing the machine. With this arrangement, however,
The upper surface of slide-valve 7 is covered by a
sludge is occasionally forced into the space between the
liner 11 of erosion-resistant material, such as sheet metal
slide-valve ?ange and its replaceable packing ring, caus
or plastic reinforced with ?ber-glass. At its outer edge,
ing an imperfect sealing when the sludge discharge is sup
the liner 11 has a radially-directed ?ange 12 covering
particles causes erosion of the '0-ring seal as well as of
posed to be cut off. Also, continued operation of this
the ?ange or sealing surface 8 of the slide-valve 7. The
type of sealing arrangement causes erosion of the heads
11 has a shape conforming to the annular concave
of the screws securing the packing ring to the slide-valve, 40 shape of the upper surface of slide-valve 7. The cir
thus making replacement difficult if not impossible.
cular inner edge of liner 1]; is provided with a ?ange 13
The principal object of my invention is to provide a
extending radially inward and seated on a step of valve
centrifuge of the type described which overcomes the
7, to which it is secured by relasable means in the form
above-noted di?iculties.
According to the invention, the slide-valveis provided
within the bowl with a detachable liner which serves as
45 of a clamping ring or nut 14 screwed on the central up»
per portion of valve 7.
It will be understood that when the slide-valve 7 is
in its raised position, the outer ?ange 12 of the liner
protection against erosion; and this liner, in turn, is
provided with a generally radially directed outer sealing
is pressed against the sealing ring 9 to effect tight closure
flange covering what would otherwise be the sealing sur
of sludge outlets 11}. Upon downward movement of
face of the slide-valve ?ange. The liner is preferably 50 valve 7 to open these outlets, the liner ?ange 12 e?ec
secured to the slide-valve by releasable means located
tively protects the sealing ?ange 8 of the slide-valve
radially inward from the outer sealing ?ange of the liner,
from erosion by the sludge discharging through outlets
that is, at an inner region where the effect of erosion
do. The central clamping nut 14 permits ready replace
from sludge is substantially reduced or non-existent. 55 ment of the liner 11 and is located at a region where
With this arrangement, those surfaces of the slide-valve
which are most subject to erosion (the surface near the
bowl periphery) are protected by the liner against ero
sion. Also, by extending the liner to the central por
erosive action by the sludge is at a minimum.
I claim:
In a rotatable centrifugal bowl of the type having a
separating chamber provided at its outer periphery with
tion of the slide-valve (at the region of the bowl axis), 60 an outlet for discharge of separated sludge, the outer
as in the preferred construction, not only is the slide
portion of said chamber forming an annular sludge ac
valve entirely protected from erosion but it is impossi
cumulating zone, the combination of a slide-valve mova
ble for sludge to become lodged between the slide-valve
ble in the bowl axially thereof in opposite directions and
and its liner. The liner can be readily replaced without
having a surface extending inwardly from said periphery
any considerable interruption of the centrifuge operation,
toward the rotation axis of the bowl, the slide-valve also
and the replacement cost is a small fraction of the cost
having an outer ?ange adjacent said outlet and forming
of re-facing the slide-valve or replacing it.
a sealing surface operable to open and close said outlet
For a better understanding of the invention, reference
upon sliding of the valve in opposite directions, a central
may be had to the accompanying drawing, in which the
distributor in the bowl for distributing feed material
single illustration is a vertical sectional view of part of 70 to said chamber and having a hollow lower portion over
a centrifuge bowl embodying a preferred form of my
lying said inwardly extending surface of the valve, a
detachable liner on the slide-valve partially de?ning the
separating chamber and having at its outer portion a
generally radially-extending ?ange covering said sealing
surface of the ‘slide-valve ?ange, said liner having an in
ner portion engaging, said valve surfacebelow the dis
tributor and de?ning with said distributor a feed passag
and releasable means carried by the rvalve and engag
ing said inner portion of the liner for securing the liner
to said valve surface.
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