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March 5, 1963
Filed March 23, 1959
Edj-ar-ERa sm ussen
Patented Mar. 5, 1963
above the paint level, thus tending to distribute the paint
Edgar E. Rasmussen, 4950 SW. Barbur Blvd”
more evenly over the surface of the roller. The roller
then is transferred to the surface to be painted.
Filed Mar. 23, 1959, Ser. No. 801,293
5 Claims. (Cl. 15-25106)
invention may be integrated with or used in detachable
connection with any form of tray capable of containing a
Portland 1, Greg.
The paint roller coating apparatus of the present
quantity of paint, the particular tray illustrated being
This invention pertains to paint applicators, and re
shown merely for purposes of description. In the em
lates particularly to apparatus for applying a uniform
bodiment illustrated, the apparatus includes a pair of
coating of paint to a paint applicator of the roller type. 10 laterally spaced frame members 30, 32 arranged to re
The substitution of paint rollers for paint brushes in the
ceive between them a pair of rolls. The forward ap
application of paint to walls and other surfaces, is being
plicator roll 34 is mounted rotatably on a shaft 36, the
made in ever increasing numbers as paint formulations
reduced ends of which extend through aligned openings in
progressively improve. The general mode of operation of
the frame members and are peened or riveted over at
such paint rollers involves the dipping of the roller into 15 their outer ends for securing the frame members ?rmly to
a quantity of paint contained in a paint tray, and then
rotating the roller over an inclined surface of the tray
above the level of paint, to distribute the paint about the
circumference of the roller.
This procedure is not com
the shaft. The rearward leveling roll 38 is mounted on
a shaft 40 for rotation therewith, the shaft extending
through aligned openings in the frame members. One
end of the shaft is extended from the adjacent frame mem
pletely satisfactory, since it does not e?ect uniform coat 20 Iber 30 and is bent in an offset manner to form a hand
ing of the paint roller with a quantity of paint, and thus
crank 42 by which to effect manual rotation of the roll 38.
the irregularity of such coating is transferred to the sur- .
face being painted.
Although the rolls 34, 38 may be integrated permanent
ly with the paint tray, it is preferred that they be re
it is a principal object of the present invention to pro
movable from the tray for ease of cleaning and for use
vide a novel and simpli?ed apparatus by which to achieve 25 with trays of diverse types. Accordingly, the embodiment
uniform coating of a paint roller with a quantity of paint,
illustrated provides means by which the coating apparatus
thereby achieving uniform transfer of paint to the sur- . , is mounted removably on a paint tray.
face being painted. '
This means com
prises aligned depressions or notches 44 adjacent the rear
Another important object of this invention is the pro
ward end of the frame members, adapted to receive there
vision of a paint roller coating apparatus which llS readily 30 in the beaded upper edge of the rear wall 26 of the
adapted for use with a conventional paint roller tray.
.paint tray. In‘ this manner the coating apparatus is
Still another important object of the present invention
is the provision of a paint roller coating apparatus which
includes a minimum number of parts all of which are
readily accessible for cleansing.
A further important object of this invention is to pro—
vide a paint roller coating apparatus which is of simpli- -
tied construction for economical manufacture and which
is operable with maximum facility to apply a uniform
coating of paint to a paint roller.
The foregoing and other objects and advantages of this
invention will appear from the following detailed descrip
tion, taken in connection with the accompanying drawing,
mounted upon the tray and stabilized against displacement
during manipulation of the hand crank.
‘The forward end of the frame members extends into the
tray and rests upon the bottom of the latter.
In this man
ner the applicator roll 34 dips into the paint contained in
the tray and the leveling roll 38 is elevated above the
level of paint, with the crank end of the shaft extending
outwardly over the upper edge of the side wall 20 of the
7 tray.
Means is provided for elevating the applicator roll 34
slightly above the bottom of the tray, to permit its unre
stricted rotation. In the embodiment illustrated, this is
in which:
‘provided by, dimensioning the forward ends of the frame
FIG. 1 is a plan view of a paint roller coating apparatus 45 members so that they extend downward slightly beyond
embodying features of this invention, the same being
'the circumference of the roll.
shown in‘ association with a conventional paint roller and
‘ The operation of the coating apparatus described here
tray, the roller and tray being illustrated in dash lines;
inbefore, is as follows: The apparatus is mounted on a
paint tray, with the notches 44 engaging the rim of the
FIG. 2 is a view in side elevation of the assembly 50 tray and the forward ends of the frame members resting
shown in FIG. 1.
upon the bottom of the tray with a portion of the
The conventional form of paint roller illustrated in the
applicator roll 34 immersed in a quantity of paint 46 con
drawing includes a fabric covered roller 16 mounted for
tained within the tray. The paint roller 10 is positioned
rotation on the elongated shaft section 12 of a rod which
above and in contact with both rolls 34 and 38, and the
is bent intermediate its ends to provide, in addition to said 55 hand crank 42 then manipulated to rotate the leveling roll
shaft section, an elongated handle section 14 which pro
38 in the counterclockwise direction indicated by the ar
jects substantially normal to the shaft section on a line
row in FIG. 2. Because of the physical contact between
substantially midway the ends of the roller. 'Ihe termi
the rolls 34, 38 and the paint roller 10, rotation of the
nal end of the handle section is provided with a hand grip
leveling roll causes simultaneous rotation of the paint
16 to facilitate manipulation of the roller.
60 roller in the clockwise direction indicated by the arrow,
The paint roller normally is used in association with a
and such rotation of the paint roller causes simultaneous
paint tray which includes a bottom 18 upstanding side
rotation of the applicator roll in the counterclockwise
walls 26 and 22, front wall 24 and rear wall 26. The
direction indicated by the arrow.
forward portion 18’ of the bottom slopes upwardly from
As the applicator roll 34 is caused to rotate, it picks
the rearward portion, the front end of the tray being sup 65 up and carries on its surface a quantity of paint in which
ported by a depending bracket 28.
it is immersed, and transfers said quantity of paint to the
In the normal use of the conventional roller and tray,
surface of the paint roller 10. As the paint roller con
a quantity of paint is dispensed into the tray so that a
tinues to rotate, its paint carrying surface engages the
major portion of the inclined forward portion 18' of
leveling roll 38, whereupon the excess paint is removed
the bottom is above the paint level. The roller 10 is 70 from the paint roller and returned by gravity to the paint
dipped into the paint and then rolled in a reciprocative
supply within the tray. In this manner there is applied
motion over the inclined surface of the bottom which is
to the surface of the paint roller 10 a uniform coating
of paint which then may be transferred to a surface to be
to remove excess paint from the paint roller and to return
said excess paint by gravity to the paint supply in the tray
:From the foregoingit is believed to berapparent that
the present invention provides for the application of a
uniform coating of paint to a conventional paint roller,
by means which is of extremelyrsimpli?ed construction
for economical manufacture, which is 'readily'adapted'for
use with conventional paint trays and rollers, which re
quires a minimum of maintenance and repair, and is easily
cleaned after use.
2. A paint roller coating apparatus for use with a
paint tray having a peripheral wall, the apparatus com
prising an elongated frame adapted for mounting within
a tray, a paint applicator roll mounted for rotation on the
frame adjacent one end of the latter and arranged for po
10 sitioning within the tray above the bottom of the latter
for contact with‘paint contained within the tray, a leveling
roll mounted on the frame adjacent the end opposite the
applicator ‘roll and arranged 'for positioning within the
Various modi?cations and changes in the details of
construction described hereinbefore may be made, as de
sired. For example, the hand crankp42 may be replaced
by an electric motor, controlled by a switchiin'itselec
tric circuit. The applicator rollv 3% may be the directly
driven roll, and the leveling roll 38 replaced with av doctor
blade. The roll and frame assembly mayjbe arranged
with the applicator roll 34 adjacent] the rear wall_26 ‘of
the tray, as by offsetting theopposite‘end of the ‘frame
members outwardly forjmounting the grooves 44 ‘on the
side walls of the'tray. Any of these ‘and other modi?ca
tions may be incorporated in the frame assembly illus
positioned freely against said rolls, the leveling roll serving
tray aboverthe paint level of the tray, the leveling roll
being spaced from'the applicator roll for supporting be
tween them‘and above ‘the paintv level of the tray a paint
roller to be‘ coated, and drive meansrengaging the leveling 7'
roll and 'adapt'ed'to project laterally beyond the peripheral
wall of'the paint tray, rotation of the leveling roll causing
simnltaneous'rotation of the paint applicator roll through
the'interengaging paint roller positioned freely against
'said rolls, the leveling roll ‘serving to remove excess paint
:from the paint'roller and adapted to return ‘said excess
trated, vor may be/integrated with aspeoially constructed
‘paint to the paint supply in the tray.
‘tray for permanent or detachable‘ mounting.’ In any
event, it is ‘important ‘that the coating'assembly be ‘ar 25 '3. The apparatus of claim'2 including means on the
ranged for use with a separatev paint roller 10, such
as the conventional roller and handle assembly illustrated,
frame for mounting the latter adjacent the leveling roll
"end on the wall of a tray with the opposite end of the
frame extending into the tray.
,so that the vultimate transferpof'paint to a surface may be
‘4.‘The" apparatus of claim‘ 2 wherein the drive'means
"made simply by conventional manipulation'of the‘paint
30 comprises a‘crank on the leveling roll.
roller per
The'foregoing and other modi?cations and changes may
ibe'made without departing'rfrom the spirit of ‘this inven
_, 5. The apparatus of claim 2 including means on the
frame for mounting the latter adjacent the leveling roll
end ‘on the wall of a tray with the opposite end of the
frame extending into the tray and wherein the drive
_in which the same may be used, what I claim as new and 35 means comprises a crank on the leveling roll._
‘tion'and the, scope of the appended claims.‘ I
‘Having now described my invention and the manner
desire to secure by Letters Patent'is:
1. A paint roller coating apparatus, comprising a paint
References Cited'in the'?le of this patent V
,tray' having a'peripheral wall de?ninga paint reservoir,
a paint applicator roll mounted for rotation onthe tray
above the bottom of the latter for contact with paint con 40
jtained within the tray, a leveling‘ rollv mounted on the
‘trayiabove the paint level of the tray and spaced from‘the
applicator roll ‘for, supporting between them and above
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'the paint level of'the tray, a paint roller to be coated,
said leveling roll ‘being disposcd‘directly vabove thejpaint
‘reservoin'and drive means engaging'one of the leveling
?and applicator rolls and projecting laterally beyond the
peripheral wall of the paint tray, rotation of the ‘roll
engaged by the drive means‘causing' simultaneous rota
tion of the other roll through'the interengaging paint roller
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