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March 5, 1963
Filed April 28. 1960
United States Patent O
Patented lidar. 5, 'ÈQSB
portion of the structure for securing the popper to a
grill or other support in greater detail;
FÍG. 5 is a further enlarged fragmentary sectional view
showing details of a lower portion of a basket member of
@harias E. Shepherd, Hometown, lli.
(26734 S. Greenwood Brive, Glyrnpia Fields, iii.)
Filed Apr. 2d, i966, Ser. No. 25,237
(Si. ‘Jig-2331)
the popper;
FIG. 6 is a fragmentary sectional view showing a'slight
ly modilied form of the present invention;
The present invention relates to a novel food prepara
tion utensil and more specifically to a novel popcorn
FlG. 7 is a fragmentary sectional view showing another
embodiment of the present invention; and
FlG. 8 is a perspective view showing an element of the
While popcorn popper structures are of the type con 10
structure shown in FIG. 7.
templated herein may utilize various heat sources, they
Referring now more specifically to the drawings where
are especially suitable for use in association with char
in like parts are designated by the same numerals through
coal grills and will be described herein with emphasis on
out the various figures, a popcorn popper it) incorporating
such use so as to facilitate the disclosure. Numerous at
features of the present invention is shown in FIG. l
tempts have been made to provide a popcorn popper
mounted on a charcoal grill 12. The grill l2 may be of
structure suitable for use with charcoal grills and the
any known construction and usually includes a bowl or
container 1d having a circular or any other desired con
like. ln general, such prior efforts have met with failure
for one or more reasons.
For example, in certain pro
figuration and in which charcoal 15 or other fuel may
heat so that it may be burned. In other proposals the 20 be burned. Any suitable means such as legs 1S are pro
vided for supporting the bowl.
possibility of burning may be reduced, but the corn is
The popcorn popper l0 comprises a container Ztl for
not heated enough to assure rapid and generally uniform
the popcorn and support means 22 for mounting the con~
tainer 2d on the bowl 14 of the grill, or any other suit
it is an important object of the present invention to
able base.
provide a novel popcorn popper structure particularly suit
posals the corn after being popped is exposed to too much
As shown best in FIGS. 2 and 5, the container portion
2d of the popcorn popper comprises a perforated basket
able for use in association with a charcoal grill or other
fire heat source and constructed so as to promote rapid
and uniform popping of the corn and also so as to mini
2d and a lid member 26 therefor. A handle member
of heat insulating material is secured to the lid mem
mize any possibility of burning of the popped corn.
A further important object of the present invention is to 30 ber. While it will be appreciated that the basket mem
ber Zd may be formed from various suitable materials,
provide a novel popcorn popping structure which may
is preferably formed from screening or wire cloth. By
be mounted on a charcoal grill or suitable support and
which is adapted to agitate the corn during a popping
operation without any eed for manual manipulation.
A further important object of the present invention is
to provide a novel popcorn popper which is constructed
for presenting unpopped kernels relatively directly to the
heat source to promote rapid heating and popping thereof
which structure is also adapted to direct popped corn
away from the heat source so as to minimize any pos
sibility of burning thereof.
Still another object of the present invention is to pro
vide a novel popcorn popping structure which is con
structed so that unpopped kernels are relatively directly
exposed to a heat source while popped kernels are rela 45
tively shielded and insulated from the heat source where
by rapid popping of the kernels is prompted and any
possibility of burning of the popped corn is minimized.
S 'll anot' er object of the present invention is to pro
vide a novel popcorn popping structure of the above de
scribed type which may ‘oe selectively adapted for pop
ping the corn either with or without the use of oil and
the like.
A more specific object of the present invention is to
provide a popcorn popper of the above described type
which is of simple and rugged construction.
A further specilic object of the present invention is to
provide a novel popcorn popper structure of the above
way of example only it may be stated that 1G mesh, 30
gauge wire cloth has been found to be particularly suit
Preferably the wire cloth is nickel plated or the
like, so as to facilitate washing and cleaning and to mini
mize any possibility of rustinv.
In accordance with an important feature of the present
invention it is to be noted that the basket member 24
is formed so that it has a relatively small lower end por
tion for coniining kernels 3@ of unpopped corn, as indi
cated in FIG. 2, and side walls which diverge upwardly
from the lower end portion for providing an enlarged
chamber for receiving popped corn 32, also as indicated
in FiG. 2. Preferably the basket member is provided
with a substantially inverted frusto-conical configuration
for facilitating uniform heating and processing of the
corn in the manner described more in detail below.
configuration also simplifies production of the basket
lmember and provides a rounded or cornerless construc
tion which facilitates cleaning. Preferably an upper mari
gin of the basket member is welded or otherwise fixed
to a relatively heavy gauge annular re-enforcing wire 34.
As indicated above, the construction of the basket
member 2d is such as to promote rapid heating of un
popped kernels Sti at the lower end of the basket member
while reducing any possibility of overheating and burn
ing of the popped corn 32. More specifically, it will be
noted that, as shown best in FIG. 5, the wire cloth is
formed from crossed wires 3d and 38 which define aper
described type which may be easily cleaned and main
60 tures or openings 49 therebetween. The extreme lower
Other objects of the present invention will become ap
end portion of the basket member is formed so that the
parent from the following descr'ption and the accom
wire cloth extends substantially transversely of the ver
panying `drawings wherein:
"cal axis of the basket member or, in other words, this
FIG. l is a perspective view showing a popcorn popper
of the wire cloth has its outer surface facing
incorporating features of the present 4invention mounted 65 portion
the heat source most directly so that the openings 49
on a charcoal grill;
therein are substantially fully exposed to the heat source,
PEG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary vertical sectional
view of the popcorn popper structure shown in FIG. l;
FÍG. 3 is a further enlarged fragmentary exploded per
as indicated by the spacing of the lines in FIG. 5 which
show the effective widths of the various openings el). At
the same time the effective widths of the openings ¿il
spective view showing a portion of the structure in further 70
of the portions of the wire cloth forming the sharply
inclined sides of the basket member are greatly reduced.
HG. 4 is >a fragmentary perspective View showing a
As a result, the unpopped kernels 30 in the lower end
of the basket may be subjected to a relatively high and
rapid heating action since there is a greater substantially .
direct exposure tothe heat source through the effectively
wider openings 4i? in the lower end of the basket, and
the sharply inclined side portionsl of the basket which
present openings which are in effect relatively small or
substantially closed; serve to deflect a greater portion of
the heat received from the ñre whereby the popped corn
32 is insulated from such deflected heat and any pos
sibility of burning is minimized.
bracket 52. The upwardly extending portion of the arm
merges with another portion which not only extends
laterally but is also curved or arched.
While the mem
ber 4Z is preferably formed from a relatively heavy
gauge resilient wire, it may be formed from any suitable
resilient or spring material.
A feature of the present invention which it is important
to note, is that the arm member 42 described in detail
above, provides a resiliently yieldable or spring support
for the basket member 24. With this support it has been
found that the force of the explosions from the popping
corn will cause the basket member to bounce, which
_ The ,sharply inclined and diverging side portions of
bouncing action is promoted by the spring action of the
the basket member not only tend to shield and insulate
arm 42._ AIn other words, the spring support for the
the popped corn fromthe heat source or ñre as indi
cated above, but they also cause the popped corn to rise 15 basket member enables the basket member to be auto
to a greater height above> the heat'source further to _aid
in reducing the heat to which the popped corny _is sub
matically agitated in response to the forces produced by
jectedand thereby reducing anytpossibility of burning.
is further promoted and any possibility of burning is fur
As a result of the inclination of the side portions, which
ther minimized.
inclination is obtained by forming _ the truste-conical 20
FIG. 6 shows a slight modification of the present in
vention which is similar to the above described structure
basket member with an rincluded angle which prefer
ably approaches about 45,°, corn which has been popped
the popping' corn whereby _uniform processing of the corn
as indicated by the >application of identical Y reference
rapidly fills the relatively smalllower end of the basket
numerals with the suf‘íix a added to corresponding parts.
member so that the poppedkernels are relatively quickly
In this embodiment the basket structure and the support
pushed upwardly toward the larger- end of the basket 25 therefor may be identical to the parts previously described
and at the same time to a greater. heightabove the heat
and the vembodiment dilîers only in that a small cup 68 is
source. Furthermore the force of the explosions of the
provided for litting within the lower end portion of the
basket memben As will be understood, it is sometimes
popping corn tends to agitate the _unpopped vkernels which,
being considerably smaller and >smoother than the popped
desired to use roil and the like _while popping the corn,
Vcorn, tend to gravitate to the lowest point _in the basket 30 and the container or cup 68 is adapted to receive a supply
of oil along with a supply of corn to be popped.
member and thereby slide beneath any popped kernel so
Vthat substantially‘all vof the popped kernels are forced
upwardly either as_aresult of their own explosion or of
_ Claims 7y and 8 show another modification of the pres
ent invention which is similar to the structures described
above as indicated by application `of identical reference
or standard 35 l*numerals with the suñjlx b added to corresponding parts.
This embodiment shows an additional feature which may
'42 having a suitable ñtting 44 secnred _to an upper end
be added to either of the embodiments described above.
thereof and adapted to enter the socket member 46 se
the action of the unpopped kernels; _ - _
, The support means 22 comprises a ,wire
More speciiically, a bai-lle _member 70 is provided for fur
ther shielding the popped corn in the upper portion of
and economicalinvertedTfshaped sheet metal member 40 the basket member from the heat source. ln the embodi
ment shown, the baille member 70 is in the form of an
welded to the end oit the var11_1,4_2- H_The socket member
cured to a sidel of the basket member 24. _ _In _the embodi
ment shown, the ñtting 44 Ais inthe Aform of a simple
(46Y isalso formed of sheet metalandis weldedto _the
Yside of _the lbasket member adjacent _the upper margin
of the basket. Flange _elements 48 _andi-'ttl are lstruck
Qutwardly frQm the .body O_f ,the Seeketmembsrf which
flanges _have portions` extending laterally outwardly _and
then towardeach other_for_ deñning a socket adapted '
to accommodate the upwardly extending stem portion Íof
the inverted T_-shaped fitting 44.____
_ _
annular sheet _metal member having an internal liange
portion 72 adapted to ñt around and to be 'secured to
a lower end portiouof _thebasket member. The member
'7d may be permanently secured to the basket member as
by _welding or merely Aforced on and thereby removably
secured to the _basket member.
v__While the preferred embodiments of ‘the> present in
obvious thatmanystructural details may be changed
vention have _been shown _ and described herein, it is
_ A bracket member 52 as shownin FIGS. vl and 4, vis 50
_without departing from the spirit and lscope of the ap
provided forv securing ,a.lower__end portion of the arm
42 to the bowl of the grill, or any _other suitable support.
pended claims. _
_ _
’_I'he bracket member which _may beeconomically formed
The invention is claimed a-s follows: Y
l.l A corn popping attachment for a charcoal grill fue
from sheet metal includesan upstanding section _5_4 hav
ing flanges 56 and 58 extending generally horizontally 55 y’bowl having an upstanding marginal flange, said attach
from upper and lower margins thereof. _ _The _iiange 56
ment comprising a flexible arm adapted to be mounted on
terminates in _a relatively short downwardly projecting
flange 60 which is adapted to be hooked _over an edge
o_f the bowl 15 of Athe grill for connecting the bracket
said _ñange so as to extend upwardly from said ñange and
end portion of the _wire arm or standard 42, and a thumb
screw 66 is threaded through a suitable aperture formed
_in the upstanding section 54 _and is adapted to engage
the lower end portion of the wire arm 42 to lock releas 65
mounted over the top of said container whereby ex
ploding cornkernels contact the sides and cover of the
containerl and cause it to move up and down thereby
shaking the -unpopped kernels to the bottom of the con
inwardly over the ñre bowl, means for securing one
en_d o_f said arm to the flange, an inverted, conical wire
_to the grill. Aligned apertures 62 _and 64 are formed 60 -cloth container mounted on the opposite end of said arm
inthe ñanges 56 and S8 for slidably receiving a lower
vfor _receiving kernels of corn to be popped, and a cover
ably the arm in any desired adjusted position. How
ever, the locking action of the screw 66 isv such that the
_2. In combination a charcoal grill including Ia fire bowl
having an upstanding marginal ñange adapted to contain
arm or standard 42 may bepivoted around the common
axis _ot the apertures Y6_2 _and 64 for adjusting or swing
_a charcoal lire, a ñexible arm extending upwardly from
ing the upper end portion of_ theI arm and the basket 70 vsaid ñange and inwardly over the lire bowl, means mount
member 24 either over the grill during a popping oper
ed on said ñange for securing one end of said arm to
ation or laterallytou'twa'rdly from ,the bowl of the grill YtheHarige, _an inverted conical wire cloth container
after all of the corn has been popped.
,. . _
Asshown in FIG. l and partly in FIGS. 2 and `_3,
mounted on the opposite end of said arm for receiving
kernels of _corn to be popped, and a cover mounted over
the wire arm 'or standard 42 extends upwardly from the 75 the top ‘of ‘said container whereby exploding corn kernels
Contact the sides and cover of the container 4and cause
it to move up and down thereby shaking the unpspped
kernels to the bottom of the container.
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