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B. R. LIPE El" Al.
Filed Jan. 9, 1961
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March 5, 1963
Filed Jan. 9, 1961
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Unite States Patent
Bruce R. Lips, Cincinnati, and Earle E. §ehroeder, Nor
wood, Shin, assignors to Allis-Qhulmers Manufacturing
Qompany, Milwaukee, Wis.
h‘iled Jan. 9, 1951, Ser. No. 81,322
3 Claims. (iii. 163-37)
Fatented Mar. 5, 19853
The outer casing 15 of the centrifugal pump 12 is
mounted directly on the base 13. In pumping units of
this type it is desirable to mount the pump casing directly
to the base to improve the stability of the unit and sim
plii'y the hydraulic connections. The centrifugal pump
casing 15 de?nes an impeller chamber 16 having a dis
charge volute 17 extending radially therefrom. The dis
charge volute l7 terminates in an outwardly extending
conduit is that is provided with a ?ange portion 19 at
This application relates generally to pumping units.
More speci?cally this invention relates to vertically 10 its end to provide easy means for connecting it to the
ischarge pipe 25}. A bearing housing 25 is provided
mounted motor pump units.
within the casing 15 for receiving the shaft 24 of the
Vertical pump units comprise a pumping mechanism
pump. The bearing housing 25 is provided with a suit
which is mounted on a base or a pedestal and driving
able bearing such as the sleeve bearing 26. In this par
means, usually an electric motor, mounted above the
pump in such a manner that the axis of the rotating 15 ticular arrangement the sleeve bearing is positioned with
in a cartridge 26a and both the bearing and the cartridge
elements extends in a vertical direction. These units
can be removed from the bottom of the unit by with
are usually very large, heavy and bulky and are mounted
drawing bolts 27 and removing cover plate 23. The
bearing can also be removed from the top after the shaft
frequently requires the dismantling of the entire motor 20 has been removed from the pump casing.
The pump shaft 24 has an impeller 29 mounted there
pump unit in order to inspect and repair the rotating
on and has one end positioned within the bearing 26
parts of the pump which are the parts which are most
and bearing housing 25. A replaceable wear sleeve may
subjected to wear and most frequently in need of inspec
provided on the shaft adjacent the bearing 26. The
tion, repair and/or replacement. For an example, in
the past if an impeller had to be replaced the entire 25 impeller 29 is positioned within the impeller chamber
16 and its iluid impclling passages 38 are aligned with
unit had to be removed from its pedestal or base. This
discharge volute 17 within the casing. The section
means that both the suction and discharge piping had
or portion of the impeller immediately surrounding the
to be disconnected from the unit. This, of course, in
shaft as de?nes the inlet 31 of the impeller 29. The ?uid
volved the expenditure of,- a great deal of time and e?ort
3% extend from the'inlet 31 to the outer pe
in order to replace the impeller.
riphery of the impeller in a manner well known in the
The vertical pump unit of this invention provides easy
hydraulic art. Suitable wear plates 33 are attached to
ccess to the rotating parts of the pump so that they
the casing 15 and positioned adjacent the inlet portion
can be simply removed from the unit without removing
of the impeller.
the pump unit from its base or disconnecting either the
A suction elbow casing 36 is mounted on the pump
inlet or discharge pipes. Speci?cally this is accomplished 35 casing
15 and positioned directly above it to direct ?uid
by dividing the casing that forms the suction part of
inlet 31 of the impeller 29. The pump casing 15
the pumping unit along a plane parallel to the shaft so
and the elbow casing 36 can be rotated relative to each
that it can be removed without disconnecting the inlet
other prior to being bolted together to change the relative
piping. A removable spacer coupling connects the drive
position of the discharge volute and the suction intake oi‘
shaft with the impeller shaft of the pump. in this man
the pump. The suction casing 36 is divided into two
ner when the spacer is removed the rotating elements of
parts. Preferably it is divided along a plane parallel to
the pump can be lifted and removed from the pump cas
the axis of shalt 24 and as shown extends through the axis
ing with a minimum of effort and without removing the
of the pump shaft. One side of this casing 36 de?nes a
unit from its pedestal or disconnecting either the inlet
conduit 37 for receiving ?uid into the inlet of the impeller.
or discharge pipes.
This conduit is provided with a ?ange 38 for connecting
Therefore, it is the object of this invention to provide
to the inlet piping 39 of the hydraulic system. The sec
a new and improved ertically mounted pump unit.
tion 42 of the suction casing 36 opposite the inlet con
Another object of this invention is to provide a new
duit 37 is removably connected to the inlet de?ning por
and improved vertically mounted motor pump unit in
tion 43 of the suction casing to provide a means for
which the rotating elements of the pump can be removed 50 easy access to the rotating elements of the pump. Each
without disconnecting the inlet or discharge pipes of
portion 42, 43 is provided with suitable ?anges 42a, 43::
the unit.
along the vertical and lower parting surfaces. These
Another object of this invention is to provide a new
?anges have spaced apart slots for receiving bolts 40 to
and improved vertically mounted motor pump unit that
connect the portions 42. 43 to each other and to casing
is easier to maintain than similar prior art motor pump
15'. The two portions 42, 43 of the suction casing are
removably connected to the pump casing 15 at the lower
Other objects and advantages of this invention will
end and de?ne an aperture 44 at the upper end through
be apparent from the following description when taken
which the pump shaft 24 extends. This aperture 44 serves
in connection with the accompanying drawings, in which:
as a housing means for containing the packing seals 45
FIG. 1 is a cross sectional view of the vertical pump 60 to prevent leakage from the pump along the shaft to
unit of this invention; and
atmosphere. A gland e6 surrounds the shaft 24 and is
FIG. 2 is a partial cross sectional view taken along the
connected to the casing portion 43 to hold the packing
line ll—ll of FIG. 1.
seals within the aperture 44. The gland is connected to
Refering more speci?cally to the drawings by char 65 the casing 43 by bolts and may be split to facilitate re
aeters of reference, the pump unit it} of this invention
is illustrated as a motor 11 coupled to a centrifugal pump
A support column s7 is mounted on the elbow suction
12 and both being mounted on a base or pedestal 13
casing for supporting a power transmission element illus
trated as an electric motor 11. The motor 11 can be of
in such a manner that their rotating elements revolve
around a vertical axis l-i. Although a motor is shown 70 any suitable design and is mounted on top of the support
column 47. The motor 11 has a drive shaft 49 extend
in the drawing any suitable power transmission device
ing therefrom toward the pump 12.
may be used.
in a vertical direction for the purpose of conserving space.
Maintenance of these units is a di?icult problem and
.Ihesupportcolumnd'l can beconnected to the suction
a shaft extending therefrom, a pump impeller mounted on
said shhaft and axially spaced from said motor, a portion
of said shaft between said motor and said impeller being
elbow 36 in any suitable .way but for convenience a
mounting plate 53 is formed integral with the inlet por~
tion;43:o?.the,suctionselbow. As shown in the drawing
the;support:co1umn< f47_h_as;a ?ange 54 that is bolted. di
rectly'togthe top.:of :the mounting, plate 53. To facilitate
removable, a ?rst casing portion surrounding said impeller
and de?ning an outlet radially spaced from the impeller,
a second casing portion connected to said ?rst casing por
the-removalgof;ther:pump.shaft 24.and impeller 29, the
tppz-portioniof ,themounting plate-53 .is provided with
tion and extending axially from saidiimpeller towardisaid
motor, .saidlsecond. portion of said casing being divided
along its longitudinal axis, one sideof saididivided'por-tion
anxanetture?ifor receiving-theshaft 2-4and a radial slot
SS'JthQtL extends :inwardl-frorn theperiphery to the aper 10 de?ning an inlet for~said ‘pump, the other~ side of said
iurez55. .: Ifidesired, a .bearingrand bearing housing'may
divided portion being removably'mounted to said one side
be mounted .within ‘the aperture‘ 55in the mounting plate
and. said ?rst casing portion tov provide means. for remov
53. :The _slot;56 is. positioned’ on the same side of the
ing said impeller without disconnecting either .inlet or
unit-as :the removable portion-.42 of the suction casing.
outlet piping.
The support, column>.47;,surrounds va removable spacer 15
2. A motor-pump unit comprising: aumotorshaving a
coupling-6.8 that; connects themotor drive shaft49 to the
shaft extending therefrom,.a pump axiallyspaced from
pumpshaft 24' for: transmitting torque, from the motor to
said' motor, said. pump having an. impeller and a shaft
the pump. lThesupportcolumn 47; is provided withan
extending therefrom, a spacer interposed between andcon
opening 61- for- access .to and, removal .of the spacer
“necting said shafts, a ?rst .casing portion-surrounding said
coupling 60, ' The length of the coupling 60'is preferably 20 impeller and. de?ning an. outlet radially spaced from the
slightlyggreaterz than the distance between the end of the
impeller, a second casing portion removably connected to
rPllHJp1Sh-aft'24 andthe top :ofthepump casing 15 so that
.saidj?rst portion and extending axially vfromsaid impeller
when the pump-shaft 24,_is'raised_to_the motor drive shaft
toward said motor, said second portion of: said casingbeing
‘49gjtheibottom; of, the: pump shaft '24 will .clear the pump
‘divided along its longitudinal axis, oneside‘ of said divided
casing," 15fand;it;and rthezimpeller can . be. moved radially 25 jportion de?ning'an inlet for‘ said-pump, ‘the other. sideof '
outuof the-suction casing.
said divided portion being removably mounted to said one
=‘A suitableebearing housing'w65 :is. connected to the tpp
side and said ‘?rst portion to provide means for removing
of-ithtiimounting plate 53. Bearings 66 are mountedin
said impeller without disconnecting either. inlet .or-outlet
thevbe'aring housing: and journal’ the pump shaft ‘24.
~.In operation, when it isdesired to; remove the impeller 30
3. A motor-pump unit comprising: a motor having _a
29_ from the pumping-unit..- 10 the-.~_spacer coupling 60 is
shaft extending therefrom, apump axiallytspacedfrom
initiallytremoved through the .‘access opening 61 in the
said motor, said pump having an impellerand ashaft
supportcolumn 47. .‘Thistopeningol -in"the motor sup
'extending‘therefrom, a spacer‘interposedbetween .and
port/'columnepreferably appears on-the same side of the
connecting said-shafts, .a pedestal, a?rst casing portion
v.unitd-tl ,qas1the. removable portion'42of the suction cas 35 ..mounted on‘ saidvpedestal. and surrounding saidimpeller .
jlggvii?, {Ehe portion~42~ of: the suction-casing'is .thenre
,and .de?ningan outlet radially. spacedfrom' the impeller,
moved from the inlet de?ning portion 43-a-nd. the pump
.a vsecond casing portion connected to.» said ?rstportion and
.casjng :15. The bearing housing vis disconnected from?the ' ' .extending-axially'from said .impellertowardusaid motor,
. mountingjplategiiand the ?anged ring 46 isdisconnected
from-the casing; portion ‘43 to allowavertical movement
,ofthe-pumpshaft 24. When the-spacer coupling 60 and
7a support column interposed-between saidisecond casing
40 .~ and .said motor, said second . portionof. said ‘casing. vbeing
the removable, portion .42 of the suction casing vare. re
idlvidedalong its. longitudinal .axis,'ronerside‘ ofsaid divided
:por‘tion ‘de?ning aninlet ‘for-said.pump,ithe'other side: of .
-said divided portionbeingrremovably mounted to'sa'id
.upwardbysuitablemeansrsuch as:a small lift crane until
.the bottom; part of . the pump shaft clears the upper'rim 45 Zone-side and said ?rst portion to provide means for re
fmoved, theentire pump shaft»24_ may be lifted'vertically
vofttheptlmp. casing ;15. Then the, pump shaft and im
pellertarermoved radially outward until they are clear
‘moving said? impeller vwithout disconnecting ‘either; inlet
‘or outlet piping.
ofltthe casing. The hnpeller. canthen be remove'djfrom ~
the. shaft in, the‘ usual; manner.
.Althoughtbut one embodiment. has; been illustrated and 50
References Cited in the ?leof this patent
_described,,it;_will_be apparent to thoseskilled in.the--art
‘that variouschanges :and .modi?cations ,may
be made
therein without departing from the ,spirit .of: the invention
or from ,thescope vof;theappendedclaims.
.:Having. now; particularly: described :and :ascertaineld :the 5'1)
,nature oftvour v.said invention and the manner in whichit
,is to beperformed, weideclare that what'we, claimis:
_-l. ,A ‘?uid handling device comprising: ;a‘ motorhaving
' -_1 ;,991,'[61
,McHugh ______________ __ Feb. 1.9, 1935
. Jasberg _______________ __-Dec. 5,.1-939
Hornschuch ____________ __-Aug.'2,:1'96O V
Great Britain.;.._______ __’Jan.l19, 1933
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