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March 5, 1963
Filed March 16, 1961
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March 5, 1963
2 Sheets-She'et 2
Filed March 16, 1961
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United States Patent O??ce
Patented Mar. 5, 1963
a pump 14 is provided which comprises a hollow body
having within it a diaphragm 15 coupled by means of an
operating stem 16 to a lever 17 which is pivoted to a
Keith Meredith Oliphant, Westbourue Park, South Aus
tralia, Australia, assignor to Research Laboratories of
Australia Limited, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Filed Mar. 16, 1961, Ser. No. 96,191
bracket 18 at one end and is coupled by means of a con
necting rod 19 at the other end to a crank 20 on a pulley
21 on a shaft 22. The pulley 21 is driven from a motor
23 by a belt 24.
Claims priority, application Australia Mar. 17, 1960
7 Claims. (Cl. 118-637)
Liquid which is moved by the pump 14 is drawn from
the trough 7 through the pipe 25 to a valve housing 26
This invention relates to an electrophotographic de 10 through a non-return valve 27, the pump being connected
to the valve housing 26 by means of the pipe 28.
veloping unit and in particular it relates to a unit which
The valve housing 26 is also connected by means of a
will develop a Xerographic image by use of a liquid
non-return valve 29 to a hose 30 leading to the nozzle
10, the valve housing 26 having in it a strainer 31 so
Liquid development can be carried out in various ways
such as by having a body of the liquid developer in a 15 disposed that as the pump 14 is operated, liquid is drawn
from the trough 7 through the pipe 25 and is then sup
tray and submerging the paper or the like containing the
plied to the hose 30 leading to the nozzle.
electrostatic image thereon, or the liquid can be poured
To control the flow of the developer ?uid to the nozzle
over the image or can be carried over by means of a
10, a branch pipe 33 is provided which leads from the
roller to which the developer liquid is applied.
It is, however, desirable to have a unit which can 20 hose 30 leading to the trough 7 and has a tap 34 on its
end which is normally open so that the pump will supply
effect development in a simple manner without exposing
the liquid back to the trough 7 to keep the liquid in the
trough constantly circulating, but when it is desired to
supply liquid to ‘the nozzle 10, the tap 34 is closed and
The present invention attains this object by providing a 25 the liquid will then flow through the hose 30 to the nozzle.
To control the movement of the nozzle 10 ‘along its
unitzwherein developer is caused to flow over the paper
track 9 a chain 35 passes around idler pulleys 36 and
or the like being developed and the developer is recir
thence around a sprocket 37 on a shaft 38 which can be
culated, the improvements comprising a near vertical
driven in either direction by manipulating a lever 39 pro
sloping support, means to hold the paper or the like on
jecting from the front of the unit, the lever being pivoted
the support, a nozzle at the top of the support movable
on a support 40 and having its end connected to a swing
along the support to direct developer over the support,
ing arm 41 which in turn is pivoted on a support 42, this
a trough at the base of the support to receive developer
large quantities of this liquid and prefer-ably without
wetting the back of the paper or the like which is being
?owing over the support, and means to pump developer
from’ the trough to the nozzle. A bleed system is pref
erably used for the developer to control the quantity
?owing over the support.
Obviously such an invention can be considerably varied
in its constructional details, but to enable the invention
to be fully understood an embodiment ofsarne will now
be ‘described with reference to the accompanying draw
ings, in which:
arm 41 having in it a bearing 43 which carries the shaft
38 on which the sprocket 37 is mounted.
On the shaft 38 is a roller 45 of resilient material which
is adapted to engage either a roller 46 on one side of it
or a roller 47 on the other side of it, these rollers 46 and
47 being connected together by means of gear wheels 48
so that they rotate in opposite direction. The shaft 50
of one of the rollers has a pulley 51 on it which is cou~
pled by means of a belt 52 to a pulley 53 on the afore
said shaft 22 which is driven by the motor 23.
By means of this ‘arrangement when the lever 39 is in
a central position no drive takes place to the nozzle 10,
FIG. 2 is a schematic view showing the operation of
45 but when the lever 39 is moved either to the right or the
the unit, .
left to bring the roller 45 on the movable shaft 38 into
‘FIG. 3 is a rear elevation of the developing unit with
contact with either of the driven rollers 46 or 47, the
the case in section,
chain 35 is appropriately moved and the nozzle 10 is
_ FIG. 4 is a transverse section of the machine on line
‘therefore driven in the required direction.
4-—4 of FIG. 3,
This arrangement allows the nozzle 10 to be moved
FIG. 5 is an enlarged section of-the upper part‘ of the 50
':_ FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the developer unit, the
subject of the embodiment, ~
across the sheet 5 which is being developed or it can
FIG. 6 is an enlarged sectional view showing the drive
forthe nozzle,
FIG. 7 is a transverse section of the pump, and
FIG. 8 is a section of the ?ow control valve.
A case 1 carries a sloping support 2 for the material
to be developed, the support 2 having» at its top a pair‘ ‘
of clips 3 arranged to receive the upper edge of the sheet
of material 5~which is to be developed.
be stopped at any place where more intensive develop
ment is required, or can be moved back and forth any
number of times if the image is to be subjected .to longer
The control of the liquid is of course also a very?ne
one as the tap 34 can be turned to give any required
amount of bleed from the hose 30 going to the nozzle 10
back to the trough 7 and thus the quantities at all times
The support 2 slopes forwardly towards its bottom edge 60 are under full control.
The support 2 on which development takes place has
6 but is in a near vertical position.
as said a pair of clips 3 at its upper edge under which
the paper or the like to be developed is placed to hold
same in position, but this support 2 instead of being
ceived in this trough 7.
Supported on horizontal runways 9 parallel to the up 65 simply fixed to the case 1 is itself movable in a side to
side direction by having on the support short stub shafts
per edge of the support 2 on which development is effected,
55 which have on them grooved wheels 56 which in turn
is a nozzle 10, the actual position of the nozzle 10
At the base of the support 2 is a trough 7 so arranged '
that developer ?owing down the support 2 will be re
being such that liquid ?owing from the nozzle 10 will be
engage horizontally placed bars 57, the arrangement be
ing such that a short movement from side to side may be
projected on to the matter such as the sheet 5 which is
held on the support 2 and will flow over the sheet down 70 given to the support 2.
into the trough 7. The lines 11 in FIG. 2 indicate the
To so move the support 2, a crank pin 60 is provided
path of liquid ?ow. To feed the liquid to the nozzle 10,
on a pulley 61 which is carried on a shaft 62 supported
trough and thereby regulate the quantity of ?uid developer
issuing from the nozzle.
3. An improved xerographic developer unit according
from a frame 63, the pulley being driven by means of
a belt 64 from a motor 65. The pin 60 engages a bracket
66 connected to the support 2.
In this way the support 2 can be oscillated from side,‘
to claim 1, further comprising means to reciprocate said
to side as the motor 65 revolves the pulley 61, this action
support member from side toside during development.
4. An improved xerographic developer unit compris
serving to distribute the developer uniformly over the
face of the support 2 and thus improving the action by
ing: a nearly vertical support member; means to hold an
destroying channelling of the liquid which could other
image sheet,.having a latent charge image thereon, on
wise t'ake place if it were simply allowed to ?ow over a
said support member; a case encompassing said support
stationary surface.
10 member; horizontal runways extending across the top of
As the developers may'have a volatile nature, the unit
j said case; a nozzle, mounted on said runways for dis
is provided with a cover 68 having a glass front '69
charging a ?uid developer onto an image sheet supported
on said support member, said nozzle being movable along
said runways to distribute ?uid developer across the entire
surface of said sheet and develop said image; means,
through which development can be watched, the cover
being carried by hinges 70 along its top and provided with
a pair of telescopic friction arms 71 pivoted to the cover
and to the frame which allow‘ the cover to be moved to
an open or raised position and will hold it in that 10
mounted on said case and connected to said nozzle, for
moving said nozzle back and forth along said runways;
a reservoir trough for storing a supply of a ?uid developer,
The outlet 72 at the top is for the purpose of applying
disposed at the bottom of said support member in position
suction to the inside of the case 1 if such is required 20 to receive and store excess developer ?owing downwardly
to draw o? volatile vapours.
from said support member; pumprmeans having an out
In this way when it is desired to develop an electrostatic
image on a photoconductor surface or other face medium,
let connected through a ?exible tube to said nozzle and
an inlet connected to said trough, for recirculating fluid
the medium is simply clipped or held to the developer
developer from said trough to said nozzle; a branch con
support 2 and the developer is caused to ?ow over it by 25 duit from said tube back to said trough; and ?ow control
moving the nozzle 10 a distance such that the actual
means, in said branch conduit, to ‘regulate the ?ow of
width of the image will be covered by the developer.
As the image is developed immediately in front of the
?uid developer back to said trough and thereby regulate
the ?ow through said nozzle.
operator, and as he can move then‘ozzle 10 back and
5. An improved xerographic developer unit according to
forth across the top of the support 2, it is possible for 30 claim 4, further comprising horizontally extending bars
him to closely watch the development taking place and
mounted on said case, means for slidably mounting said
to regulate the ?ow of any particular locality by ap
support member on said bars, and means for reciprocat~
propriately moving the nozzle, this being found very de
ing said support member from side to side on said bars
sirable in xerographic development.
during development.
The nozzle 10 can, if desired, be ?at in a horizontal 35
6. An improved xerographic developer unit comprising:
plane ‘so that a thin horizontal jet of liquid is projected
a nearly vertical support member; means to hold an image
on to the image, and the distance of the end of the nozzle
10 from the support 2 need only be slight as the pressure ,
sheet, having an electrostatic charge image thereon, on
said support member; horizontal runways ' extending
of the liquid can be quite low, it being necessary only to
across the top of saidrsupport member; a- nozzle, mounted
project it on to the top of the image area and the liquid 40 on said runways for movement therealong, for discharg
will then ?ow down under gravity into the receiving
tion ensuresthat little space is taken in a ‘dark room
or wherever the unit is situated, the invention avoiding
ing a ?uid developer onto an image sheet supported on
‘said, support member; ?exible drive means extending
across ‘said support member in parallel relation to said
runways and engaged with said nozzle; a pair of oppositely
driven rolls; means for alternately connecting said rollers
the use of trays with their bulk, and generally facilitating
in driving relation to said drive means to move said nozzle
xerographic development by giving a full and adequate
across the top of said ‘support member and distribute ?uid
developer across the entire surface of saidrsheet; a reser
trough 7 at the bottom.
The fact that the support 2is in a near vertical posi
control under full view and under exact regulation of the
'What I claim is:
1. An improved xerographic developer u'nit compris
voir trough ‘forjstoring a supply of a ?uid developer, dis
50 posed at the bottomof said support member in position
ing: a nearly vertical supp'ortmember; means to hold ‘an
image sheet, having a latent charge image thereon, on
‘said support member; ‘a nozzle, located at the top of said
support member, for discharging a ?uid developer onto
an image sheet supported on said support member; means
2to receive ‘and store excess developer ?owing downwardly
from said support member; pump means for recirculating
?uid-developer from said trough to said nozzle; and flow
control means to regulate the ?ow of ?uid developer
through'rsaid nozzle.
7. An improved xerographic developer unit according
for moving said nozzle across the top of said ‘support
to claim 6 in which said ‘?exible drive means is a chain,
and in which the means vfor connecting said oppositely;
‘surface of said sheet and develop ‘said image; ‘a reservoir
=driven rollers ‘to "the chain comprises a shaft, a sprocket
"trough for storing "a supply 'of a ?uid developer, disposed 60 mounted on the shaft and-engaging lsaid chain, va driving
at the bottom of said ‘support member vin position "to
roller-mounted ‘on said shaft, and lever-means forenga'g
member to distribute ?uid developer across the ‘entire
receive arid store excess developer ?owing downwardly
from said support member; pump means 'for recirculating
developer from‘ said trough ‘to "said nozzle; and '?ow ‘con
trol'mean's to regulate the flow of developer ‘through ~said 65
2. An improved xerographic developer unit according
ing ‘said driving roller [alternately with said oppositely
driven rollers.
References Cited in the ‘file of this patent
to claim _1,.in which said ?ow control means includes a
branch conduit extending-from .the outlet of the pump 70 12,879,180
means to the trough, vand valve means in the branch con
~duit to control diversion of ?uid developer back to the
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Page et-al. _
Walker -.._
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-“June 2, ‘1959
Glaus ______________ _._ Dec. 6, 1960
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