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March 5, 1963
Filed June 21, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
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March 5, 1963
Filed June 21, 1960
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
22220412 I 0265072,
Unite States
Patented Mar. 5, 1963
tion will be apparent from a consideration of the forms
of the carton which are shown by way of illustration in
the accompanying drawings wherein:
Edwin L. Arneson, Morris, Ill., asslgnor to Federal Paper
Board Company, Inc., Bogota, N.J., a corporation of
FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a unit package
which includes a can and an associated carton embody
New York
ing therein the principal features of the invention;
Filed June 21, 1960, Ser. No. 37,648
3 Claims. (Cl. 206-47)
FIGURE 2 is a plan view, to an enlarged scale, of the
package of FIGURE 1;
This invention relates to packaging and is more par
FIGURE 3 is a cross section taken on the line 3-3
ticularly concerned with improvemetns in a carton which 10 of FIGURE 1, to an enlarged scale;
is designed to contain a product and which has provision
FIGURE 4 is a plan view of a blank of foldable sheet
for attachment to another product container so as to form
material which is cut and scored preliminary to forming
a unit package.
the carton shown in FIGURE 1;
In the marketing of many products which are normally
FIGURE 5 is a plan view of the blank in partially
sold as a single item, it is frequently desirable to provide 15 folded condition;
for attachment to the container in which the product is
FIGURE 6 is a plan view of the blank when it is
normally packaged, a package containing another product
completely folded into ?nal collapsed carton forming
such as a premium item or a supplemental product which
may be used in conjunction with the main product. Also,
FIGURE 7 is an elevation of a combination package
it is often desirable to sell as a unit a combination of 20 illustrating a modi?ed form of the invention;
separately packaged items which are adapted to be used
FIGURE 8 is a plan view, to an enlarged scale, of the
together. In this type of package, convenience in handling
and selling make it desirable to enclose the premium arti
package of FIGURE 7;
container for the supplemental article or product be of
shown in FIGURE 7;
FIGURE 9 is a cross section taken on the line 9—9
cle or the like in a carton which may be readily attached
of FIGURE 7, to an enlarged scale;
to the container for the other product so that the two 25
FGIURE 10 is a plan view of a blank of foldable sheet
containers are held together. 'It is also desirable that the
material cut and scored preparatory to forming the carton
such a character that it will not detract from the appear~
FIGURE 11 is a plan view, with portions broken away,‘
ance of the container for the main article and that no
of the blank of FIGURE 10in partially folded condition;
alteration of the main container is necessary so that the 30 and
use of the supplemental container may be purely optional.
7 FIGURE 12 is a plan view, with portions broken away,
It is a general object of the present invention to provide
of the completed carton in ?nal collapsed condition.
a carton for containing a product wherein the carton has
Referring ?rst to FIGURES 1 to 6, the invention is il
provision for attachment to a container for another prod
lustrated as embodied in a combination or unit package
uct without requiring any alteration of the main container 35 comprising the carton 10 and a can 11 wt-ih the carton
while enclosing a minimum portion of the main container
10 being especially designed for association with the can
so that it does not detract from the appearance of the same
11 and being of an appropraite size and shape to contain
and permits display of printed material on the main con<
a particular product or article. In the form shown, the
tainer such as the name of the product, directions for use,
can 11 is adapted to contain a liquid, for example, a ?oor
wax and the carton 10 is of a size and shape to enclose
It is a more speci?c object of the invention to provide
n applicator device 12, the latter being adapted to have
a carton for packaging a product, such as a premium
item, wherein the carton is designed so that it may be
attached, in a readily detachable fashion, to a can or
a handle attached thereto and to ‘be used in applying the
like container which is adapted to contain another prod
wax to a ?oor or other surface.
The can 11, as illustrated in FIGURE 1, is cylindrical
with a recessed bottom having a peripheral ?ange 13.
The top of the can 11 also has a peripheral ?ange 14 and
It is a still more speci?c object of the invention to pro
is provided with a centrally located capped pouring
vide a carton which is in the form of a tray with ?anges
spout 15. The walls of the can may, of course, be im
or cover panels on the side Walls for sti?ening the same
printed with the name of the product and any other de
and for retaining a product in the carton and the carton
sired information such as vdirections for its use and the
end walls having extensions which are adapted to be
interlocked with portions of the end of a can to which
The form of the carton 10 will be best understood by
the carton is adapted to be attached so as to form there
reference to ‘the cut and scored or creased blank 16 for
with a unit package.
forming the same which is shown in FIGURE 4. The
It is another object of the invention to provide a car
blank 16, which is preferably .of paperboard stock, is
ton for association with a product containing can of the
divided into a plurality of connected wall forming panels
type having a recessed bottom end and a capped pouring
spout at the top end wherein the carton is in the form
of a tray with one of the end walls having a flap ex
tension which is adapted to be bent back and seated in
by transversely spaced, longitudinally extending score
lines 17, 18, 19 and 20 and longitudinally spaced, trans;
versely extending score lines 21 and 22. The score lines
21 and 22 de?ne the top and bottom or end edges of the
the recessed bottom end of the can and with the other 60
carton 10 when it is erected while the score lines I17, 18, 19
end wall having an apertured extension for receiving the
and 20 de?ne the side edges thereof. The main portion
of the blank is divided by the score lines 17, 18, 19
connected relation and thereby form a combination pack—
and 20 into a back or bot-tom wall forming panel 23
and two adjoining side Wall forming panels 24 and 25
It is still another ob'ect of the invention to provide a 65 with the latter having relatively narrow reinforcing edge
carton of the type described which is formed from a cut
flaps 26 and 27 extending late-rally of the side wall panels
and creased paperboard blank, with the blank being glued
24 and 25 and adapted to hinge about the longitudinal
and folded so as to form the completed carton in ini
score lines 17 and 20, respectively.
tially ?attened and collapsed condition for convenient de
The portion of the blank at one end thereof beyond the
livery to the user.
transverse score line 21 is divided into end wall panel
These and other objects and advantages of the inven
28 and connecting ?ap forming panels 29 ‘and 30 for se
pouring spout so as to retain the carton and the can in
curing the end Wall panel 28 to the ends of the side wall
panels 24 and 25, these flaps being hinged to the ends
of the side wall panels 24 and 25 on the score line 2'1.
The‘ end Wall panel 28 is separated from the one connectf
ing flap 29 by a cutting line 31 extending diagonally
from the score line 21' and from the other connecting ?ap
30 by a V-shaped cut- 32. An aperture 33 is provided in
the outer, extension ‘forming portion 34 of the end wall
panel 28 for engaging over the can spout’ 15. The exten-'
sion portion 34 is generally rectangular in shape and off 10
.set in the lateral ‘direction relative to the back or bottom.
forming side wall panel 23;
The portion of the blank at the other end thereof
beyond thewtransverse score line 22 is divided ‘into end
plied across the bottomtof the package or elsewhere,de
In the modi?cation which is shown in FIGURES 7
to 12, the carton 50 is of generally triangular cross section
and is attached to a can 51 of square or rectangular cross
section which has a capped pouring spout 52 in one of the
corners thereof. The can 51 is recessed at the top and‘
bottom with the top and bottorn'?anges ‘or bead formations
53 and 54.
The carton 5!) is formed from a blank 55 of paperboard .
stock which is cut and scored or creased as shown in
FIGURE l0.~ The blank 55 has a generally-rectangular
center portion which is divided by longitudinally ‘extend
ing, transversely spaced score. lines. 56,57 andv SS'into
wall panel 35' and two connecting ?ap forming panel 15 an outer back or bottom wall forming panel- 60, aside
members 36 and 37 which aread-apted to hinge about the
transverse'score line‘22'. The end wall panel 35' is sep
arated from the one connecting ?ap l36 by an outwardly
extending diagonal cutting line 38 and from the other con
necting ?ap 37 'by a V-shaped cut 39.- The end wall panel 20
35 is provided on its outer edge with a semi-circular ex
tension forming panel or ?ap 40 which is separated from
the end wall panel 35 by a transversely extending score
line 41 about which it is adapted to hinge.
wall forming panel 61 and an inner cover forming panel 62
which is'provided on its‘ free‘ edge with‘ a' rectangular
tucking ’?ap'63. End wall forming panels-64 and 65£ex
tend from‘ the ends of the panel 61 and arelseparateds
therefrom by longitudinally spaced score lines ‘66 and 67.
which are parallel and extend transversely of the blank56.
The score lines 66'and‘67 also‘separate from the outerrwall
forming panel‘i?tl a pair of end wall connecting ?aps 68v
and 69 whichare freed from the end wall panels 64. and
Two hinge forming score linesv 42 and 43 etxend in 25 65. by outwardly opening .V-shapedcuts‘ 70iand 71. The
end wall panels 64 and 65 are providedlwithscore 1ines172
converging relation from the ends of the longitudinal score
line 19 to spaced points on'the outer side'cdge of the
reinforcing and sti?’ening'panel 27 permitting the outer
and 73 which extenddiagonally outward from the‘ ends '
of the‘ score line'56 and divide the endlwall panels 64'and'
65. approximately in half to. permit? these panels to be
lines onto the main center portion of the same. At the 30 collapsed upon themselves. The'one end wall panel .64 is
provided with an aperture‘. 74 for receiving the vcapped
other side of the blank, two hinge-forming diagonal'score
spout 52 of the can‘ 51. The other end wall panel 65 has
lines‘44 and 45-extend in converging vrelation from the
extension formingv outer'portion 75*which is generally
ends of the longitudinal score line .18 to spaced points on
triangular in. shape and divided from the main'portion'
the outer side’ edge of the side Wall' stiffening panel 26.
The blank 16, when out and scored .as'shown in FIG 35 thereof by a diagonalscore line 76' which extends from
the end of the score linev 67 to a point at‘the outer: edge
URE 4, is adapted tobe glued and folded, as indicated
ofthe ‘end wall panel 65. The diagonal score line iscon
in FIGURES 5 and 6, to form the carton 16 in knocked
tinned through the end ‘wall extension 751 The back wall
down or- collapsed condition. The four corner portions
of the blank'are folded about the score lines 42, 43 and 44, 40 panel 61‘is cut away at 77.‘
In'settingup the‘blank‘ 55 to form the carton 50, the
45 as shown in FIGURE 5 and a suitable adhesive is ap
end wall panel ‘64 and the connecting?ap 68 at the one
plied to the end wall connecting‘?aps 29, 30 and 36, 37.
end of. the blank are folded; inwardly about ‘the score
Thereafter, the end wall panels 28 and 35 are folded in
line 66 while the end wall panel ‘65 and the connecting
wardly about the score lines 21 and 22 into overlying rela
?ap 69 atthe other end of the blank are 'folded inwardly
tionwith the corner iconnectingw?aps 29, 30 and 36, 37
about the score-line 67. The end wall panel 64 and“
which completes the assembly of the ‘carton and brings the
are also folded upon themselves about the score lines 72
same into ?attened or collapsed conditionas' shown in
and'73. This brings these panels into overlying relation
with theyends ofthe back wall panel 61 as shown in
In using the carton, it is set up by hinging the end walls
FIGURE 11. Thereafter, glue is applied to portions of
28‘and 35 about the score lines 21 and 22 into planes
the‘ uppermost faces of the end wall ?aps ‘68' and 69, as '
normalto the back Wall 23 which causes the side wall
shown, and the‘ panel 61 is folded inwardly‘aboutrthe
panels 24 and 25 to hinge about the score line 18 and 19
score line 56 into‘ overlying relation with... the panel 60
into upstanding inclined relation with the back wall 23.
so that the outwardly folded portions of the end wall panels '
The side wall stiffening flaps 26 and 27 are turned in
64 and 65' are adhered ‘to the glued surfaces of the end
corner portions of the blank to be folded about these score
wardly after the applicator device '12 is placed in the tray 55 wall?apsv~68 and'69 leaving the inner: portions ‘of these
panelsfree. of the end wall ?aps 68 and‘69. This com-g
pletes the assembly of the blank and brings it into collapsed
' formed by the open carton and the can vretaining flap 40 is
hinged downwardly about the score line 41. In this con
dition, the carton may be attached to the can 11 by‘ ?rst
carton forming condition as illustrated in :FIGURE‘ 12.
inserting the can spout 15 through the aperture 33 in
In using the modi?ed form of the carton,’ the collapsed
the extension 34 on the top Wall panel 28 and then swing 60 carton 50 is opened upby pulling outwardly on the back
ing the carton toward the can to position the can retain
wall panel 61 which hinges the end wall panels 64 and .65
ing flap 40 within the bottom recess'of the can 11 so that
into upright position and brings them into planes normal
the infolded ?ap 40 engages with the inner periphery of
to the side wall forming panel 60. The wax applicator 12
' the ?ange or head 13 at the bottom of the can 11. The
or other device may then be placedon the side wall form
inclination of the end Wall panels 23 and 35 relative to 65 ing panel 60 after which‘ the inner cover panel .62 is folded
the back wall panel 23 provide the carton with a paral
inwardly about the score line 57 with the tucking flap 63
lelogram shapeor cross section as shown in FIGURES
being folded about the score line 58 and into face engaging
2 and 3 when it is set up. This accommodates the wax
relationship with the wall panel 61. The can retaining ?ap
75 on the bottomor end wall panel 65 is then folded
applicator 12 which is of generally curved form as shown.
The side wall stiffening ?aps 26 and 27 are forced in 70 inwardly about the score line 76 after which the carton 50
may be attached‘to the can 51 by inserting the spout 52
wardly, into inclinedrelation with the side walls 24 and
through the aperture ‘74 in the top or end wall panel 64
25 of the carton whenthe carton and can are connected
and thereafter inserting the can retaining ?ap 75 onthe
together as shown in FIGURES l to 3. The carton 10
bottom Wall panel 65in the recess in the bottom of the
may be held against rotation relative to the can 11 by a
'strip'of adhesive tape (notshown) which may be. ap 75 can where itengages with the inner edge of the peripheral
?ange 54- and retains the carton 50 and the can 51 in
assembled relation.
The cartons shown in the forms of the invention illus
trated are shaped to accommodate the wax applicator 12,
but they may take other shapes to accommodate other
2. A package comprising a can which is characterized
by having a peripheral ?ange forming a recess in the
bottom end and an upwardly projecting pouring spout on
the top end thereof, and an article receiving carton com
prising side walls and end walls connected so as to form a
articles or products, the particular shape depending upon
collapsible tray-like container with an open face in which
the nature of the latter.
a portion of a side wall of the can is seated and with the
While speci?c materials and particular details of con
struction have been referred to in describing the forms of
the carton illustrated, it will be understood that other
materials and di?erent details of construction may be
resorted to within the spirit of the invention.
end walls foldable into ?at engagement with the side walls,
said end walls having outer end portions which overlie the
top and bottom ends of the can, the top one of said end
walls having an outer portion with an aperture receiving
the pouring spout and the bottom one of said end walls
I claim:
having an outer portion reversely folded against the inner
1. A blank of foldable paperboard or like sheet material
face of said end wall and engaging within the recess in
which is cut and creased to provide, when glued and 15 the bottom end of the can with the free edge abutting
folded, a collapsible open sided tray, said blank being
against the ?ange whereby the can and the carton are held
divided by parallel, longitudinally spaced, transversely ex
together by the outer portions of said carton end walls,
tending lines into a generally rectangular center section
and two end sections, said center section being divided by
and a panel hinged to the edge of the side wall at one side
of the open face of the carton and reversely folded into
parallel, transversely spaced, longitudinally extending 20 the carton and extending along the side wall of the can
hinge forming crease lines into at least three hingedly con
and separating the contents of the carton from the wall
nected wall forming panels, a relatively narrow edge ?ap
extending outwardly of the one wall forming panel, the
of the can.
3. A package as recited in claim 2 and said carton hav
end sections of said blank each being divided into an end
ing a triangular cross section and a tucking ?ap hingedly
wall forming panel which extends from the end edge of 25 connected to the opposite edge of said inner wall panel
one of the wall panels and at least one adjoining corner
which is folded along a side wall of the carton and forms
connecting ?ap which is cut free of the end wall panel
a closed compartment for the contents of the can.
and which is hinged to the end of an adjoining wall panel,
said end wall panels having outwardly directed extensions
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
thereon with one of said extensions having an aperture 30
therein and the other of said extensions being separated
from its associated end wall panel by a hinge forming
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wall forming panel diagonally across each of said end wall
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