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March 5, 1963
2 Sheets-Sheet 1
Filed Sept. 19, 1960
WaHer B. Deam
BY “Henry W'Wessells 111
Benjamin Labama
WM .79.
March 5, 1963
Filed Sept. 19, 1960‘
2 Sheets-Sheet 2
Walter [3. Dean
BY ‘Henry \MWesszlk H
Ben} (1mm Labaree
WP“. R
United States Patent O??ce
Patented Mar. 5, 1953
normal or radial to the hub parts thereat and are welded
thereto on each side at annular arc weld lines 21, 22, 23
Walter B. Dean, Nat-berth, Henry W. Wesselis III, Ard
more, and Benjamin Labaree, Philadelphia, Pa., assign
and 24. To insure tightness the web members may be
Another object is to provide improved and simple
The web ‘members 16 and 17 are formed with a plurality
20 of radial spoke portions or elements 16b and 17b respec
force-?tted on the hub members before Welding and the
parts will be accurately held in a jig during welding.
ors to The Budd Company, Philadelphia, Pa, 2 corpo
This arrangement avoids axial web ?anges along the hub
ration'of Pennsylvania
parts with consequent tendency to break loose; and the
Filed Sept. 19, 1960, Ser. No. 56,710
annular weld lines without axial displacement at any
10 Claims. (Cl. 301-64)
point relative to the hub members assures very strong
This invention relates to a fabricated spoked wheel and 10 durable connections. These welds on both sides of the
web ?ange edges are made possible by ?rst forming the
method of making it and has for an object the provision
web-hub member assemblies separately and securing these
of improvements in this art.
sub-assemblies together as a later operation. As shown
One of the particular objects is to provide a wheel which
in FIGS. 2 and 3 the weld 21, 22 and 23, 24 penetrates
is very strong and sturdy.
Another object is to provide a wheel which is very 15 into the hubs 14 and 15 so as to provide a rigid joint
over the bearing seats connecting the web members 16
and 17 to the ?ared portion of the hubs approximately
Another object is to provide ‘wheel structure which is
easy to make and assemble.
normal thereto.
means for making an attachment to the wheel.
Another object is to provide an improved method of
making a wheel.
tively and between spokes have facing radial ?at plate
portions or elements 16c, 170 respectively which in ?nal
assembly are secured together in face~abutting relation
The above and other objects and advantages of the in
vention will be apparent from the following description
ship, as by resistance welds 25 or other well known weld
of an exemplary embodiment, reference being made to 25 ing methods.
‘the accompanying vdrawings wherein:
_ FIG. 1 is a side elevation of an automobile wheel em
bodying the invention;
The web stampings 16 are formed with ?at radial faces
having inwardly-punched conical projections 16d which
are tapped to take threaded studs 26 to secure the brake
' FIG. 2 is a transverse section taken on the line 2—2
drum unit 12. The ?at faces can be easily machined for
of FIG. 1;
the brake unit ?ange. Ledges 27, having arcuate outer
surfaces to position the inner edge of the brake drum unit
?ange, are secured to the spokes as by stud welds 28
FIG. 3 is an exploded view of the sub-assemblies prior
to ?nal assembly;
FIG. 4 is a partial transverse section taken on the line
4—4 of FIG. 1;
(FIG. 1).
The spoke caps 18 are preferably secured to the spoke
FIG. 5 is a transverse section taken on the line 5—5 35 ends by ?ash welding and for this purpose the caps are
‘ of FIG. 1;
FIG. 6 is an end view of a spoke prior to the time a
spoke cap is ?ash-welded thereto, the view being taken on
provided with inward projections 18a adapted to mate
with radial untapered projections 16a, 17e on the spoke
ends. The projections are burned down during welding.
I the line 6-6 of FIG. 7; and
The inner ?ash metal remains but the outer ?ash metal
FIG. 7 is a partial side elevation taken on the line 7——7 40 is trimmed off after assembly. However, the caps may
of FIG. 6.
be secured by other welding techniques.
The invention is illustrated in connection with a
It will be noted in FIGS. 2 and 3 between individual
stamped-component are welded automotive truck wheel.
spokes the facing radial ?at plate portions 160, 170 are
The wheel in general is indicated by the numeral 10; a
connected to the radially directed inner peripheral edge
dual rim unit assembly is shown in phantom lines and is 45 portions 16a, 17a by axial and radial inclined portions
generally indicated by the numeral 11; and a brake drum ,
unit is partially shown in phantom lines and is generally
16]‘, 17]‘.
The caps are tapped to take studs 30' for securing the
indicated by the numeral 12.
rim assembly thereon.
The wheel comprises an axially inner or inboard hub
In making the wheel the parts 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18
member 14, an axially outer hub member 15, an inner 50
web 16, an outer web member 17, and a rim-supporting _
are ?rst formed; then the web parts 16 and 17 are welded
the axially medial plane of the wheel toward opposite
at 21, 22, 23 and 24 to the hub parts 14 and 15; then
the hub parts are welded together at 20 and the plates
16c, 170 are welded together at 25; and then caps are
access for making a ?nal assembly are weld 20 as will be
each including an annular generally radial inner periph
spoke cap'member 18.
The hub members 14 and 15 both ?are outwardly from
ends. The hub members are preferably formed by rolling 55 ?ash-welded or are welded on the spoke ends.
It is thus seen that the invention provides an improved
up formed sheets into truncated cones, flash-welding or
wheel construction and an improved method of making
fusion-welding the edges together, trimming off the ?ash
metal, and forming the members to ?nal shape by suc~
While one embodiment of the invention has been de
cessive die operations. The interior is hardened and
scribed byway of illustration it is to be understood that
shaped to take a spindle and bearings, or a spindle only
there may be various embodiments and modi?cations
if the wheel is driven by a spindle. ' The hubs may bev
within the general scope of the invention.
made by other well known die forming and/or swagging
What is claimed is:
l. A welded stamped vehicle wheel structure, compris
The separate formation of the hub members makes it
easy to form an outturned ?ange 15a on the outer member 65 ing in combination; two mating hub members inter?tted
one into the other, each ?aring outwardly at its outer end
to provide tapped holes 15b for a hub cap mounting. The
to provide a recess for bearings; two mating web members,
inner hub member 14 has a wide opening to provide easy
eral edge portion closely ?tting on one of said hub mem
The web members 16 and 17 are preferably formed as 70 bers, a plurality of circumferentially spaced spoke por
explained later.
stampings and have radially directed inner peripheral edge
portion 16a, 17a respectively which stand tpproximately
tions extending outwardly from said inner peripheral por
tion, a plurality of ?at radial facing plate portions be
tween ‘the spoke portions, and axially and radially in
ends to provide contact with the tubular hub ap
proximately normal thereto,
clined portions joining said ?at radial facing plate por
tions with said radial inner peripheral portion; said radial
inner peripheral portions being continuously welded on
a formed portion on said web members extending ra
both sides by ?llet welds to said hub members; said ?at
radial facing plate portions being welded together; and
said formed portion having radial and axial spoke
dially and axially from said radial annular portion,
?at radial web portions between spoke portions,
and radial and axially inclined connector portions
connecting said spoke portions, said ?at radial
portions and said radial annular portion,
said hub members being welded together by a continuous
interior annular weld to provide an integral hub wheel
2. A vehicle wheel as set forth in claim 1, further char
acterized by the fact that'one of the web members is
formed with a ?at portion on each spoke element to seat
a brake drum ?ange and a conical tapped recess within
the ?at portion to take a stud to hold the drum ?ange.
3. A vehicle wheel as set forth in claim 1, further 15
characterized by the fact that one of the web members is
formed with a ?at surface on each spoke element to seat
a drum ?ange and with a lug secured inwardly on the
and annular continuous welds connecting said ?at ra
dial annular portion on each web member to said
hub at said ?ared ends approximately normal
said welds on said ?at radial annular portion of said
webs being located over ‘said vbearing seats,
and welds connecting the ?at radial web portions of
said web members at their intersection. ,
9. A ‘pressed steel spoke wheel according to claim 8
20 being further provided with rim retaining spoke caps
welded to said spokes to close off the ends of said spokes.
4. A welded-stamped vehicle wheel structure com
10. A welded stamped vehicle wheel structure, com
prising in combination,_two unit sub-assemblies, each in
prising in combination;
cluding an outwardly ?ared‘ hub member and a web
hub means comprising two outwardly ?ared hub ends,
member having an inner peripheral annular edge welded
said ends providing seats for bearings;
on both sides to the hub member, the web members hav
two mating web members,
ing radial spoke elements extending from said edges and
each including an annular generally radial inner pe
between them facing plate elements, the plate elements
ripheral edge portion closely ?tting on one of said
being welded together and the hub members being tele
?ared ends of said hub member;
scoped and welded together at their inner mating edges;
a plurality of circumferentially spaced ‘spoke portions
and a rim-retaining 'cap member secured to the end of
extending outwardly from said inner vperipheral
each pair of facing spoke elements to form an end seal
portion, ,
a plurality of ?at radial facing plate portions between
5. A welded-stamped vehicle wheel structure, com
the spoke portions,
prising in combination; an inner hub member ?ared out
spoke element to position the inner edge ‘of the drum
and axially and radially inclined portions joining said
flat radial facing plate portions with said radial
wardly to form an "axially inner ‘bearing seat; an outer
hub member ?ared outwardly to form an axially outer
bearing seat, said hub members being telescoped one
inner peripheral portion;
said’ hub member;
spoke element extending from peripheral annular-edges
of said web members;
substantially-normal to and concentrally ?tted to said ‘
hub members at the bearing seats for transferring the
bearing load directly to the spoke elements; and continu 45
ous annular welds on both sides of said peripheral annu
lar edges connecting said web members to said hub mem
6. A vehicle wheel structure as setforth in claim 5
further characterized by the fact that said spokes are in 50
terconnected by segment shaped ?at face web elements,
and continuous welds connecting said ilat face web ele
7. A vehicle wheel structure as set forth in claim 6
which further includes a rim-retaining cap welded to the 55
open ends of said spokes to form a sealed end spoke.
8. A pressed steel spoke wheel comprising,
bearing seat at each end of said hub,
Welds connecting said ?at radial facing plate ‘portions
web member, said web members being provided with
a tubular hub,
?ared ends formed on said tubular hub providing a
tions of said web members to said flared ends of
ing joint; an axially inner web member; an axially outer
?llet welds connecting said radial inner peripheral por
upon the other to vprovide an inner mating joint; an annu
lar weld connecting the hub members at ‘their inner mat
and forged rim supporting capswelded to said spaced
spoke portions of said connecting web members.
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a ?rst web member,
a second Web member,
a ?at radial annular portion on each said web mem
ber closely ?tted to said tubular hub at said ?ared 65
German printed application 1,081,330, May 5, 1960.
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