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March 12, 1963
Filed Dec. 2. 1960
3 Sheets-Sheet 1
March 12, 1963
FilGd D80. 2, 1960
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March 12, 1963
Filed D80. 2, 1960
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United States Patent 0
Patented Mar. 12, 1963
FIGURE 10 is a partial side view of the rear roller
and detent.
Robert C. Heisler, Pines Lake, N1, assignor to The
Heisler Company, Caldwell, NJ, a firm
Filed Dec. 2, 1960, Ser. No. 73,243
4- Claims. (Cl. 5-21)
FIGURE 11 is a perspective view of the upper frame.
FIGURE 12 is a perspective view of the lower frame.
FIGURE 13 is a perspective view of the lower sup
porting unit.
FiGURE 14 is a perspective view layout of the cable
This invention relates to an improvement in convertible
ype furniture and more speci?cally to those referred to
arrangement for maintaining alignment.
sleeping unit.
rollers 31 mounted upon brackets 32. In the front in—
Referring now more particularly to the drawings.
The upper frame 30 has side members extending be
as sofa beds or chair beds, in which are provided means 10
yond the rear cross member. On to these extensions are
for converting the seat of either a sofa or chair into a
Modern requirements are such that often it is desirable
for dual purpose furnishings to be utilized in the dwelling
cluded corner angle is leg bracket 33, which both strengh
and simple mechanical construction for easily converting
frame 4%. When upper frame 30 is pulled outwardly
ens the frame and furnishes a support for the legs. Holes
unit. One of the most needed and used facilities are those 15 34 are for the a?lxing of cable clamps to the upper frame.
Cable clips 35 are fastened to tie braces 36. Tie braces
which permit living room furniture units to be converted
36 are substantially parallel to the end elements of the
into beds or cots for sleeping. Good taste requires that
in so far as possible, the living areas do not appear to be
The middle or swing frame 40 is not as long as the
also sleeping quarters. For this reason, many dual pur~
frame 30. To the frame 40' is fastened the links 41
pose living room pieces ‘of furniture are made and used.
and 42 by means of headed rivets 43. Links 42 ‘are
To provide an economical, easily operable, decorative
longer than links ~41. Cable assemblies 44 are threaded
furniture unit is a prime object of this invention.
through holes 45 to form loops. These cables are looped
It is also an object of this invention to provide a novel
over the tie braces 36 of the upper frame 34]. These as
furniture unit which is highly satisfactory as a chair or
25 semblies 44 being slideable on tie braces 36 of the upper
sofa seat and also as a sleeping bed or cot.
frame enable the upper frame 30 to be at rest over swing
It is also an object of this invention to provide novel
these loop means slide on braces 36 until the clips 35
engage the loops whence the swing frame 40 then starts
to move forward. As the swing frame 40 moves forward
It is a further object of this invention to provide a
the links 41 and 42 will cause the frame to move up
mechanical construction that will permit the operation of
a seat means to a sleeping means, the mechanical con
struction to provide a trouble free, facile operation.
the device with little possibility of entanglement or jam
ming by bed linen.
To meet the requirements of modern decoration the
wardly until it reaches the level of the upper frame 30.
The bottom support unit consists of a platform plate
5d fastened to clips 51. To the clips 51 are runner angles
combination seating unit must appear as a desirable piece 35 52. to the front of which a bracket 53 is ai?xed and to
which is mounted a grooved roller 54. On the platform _
of furniture appealing as to both style and comfort, in
plate 50 are fastened two assist springs 55 which act in
addition it is necessary that a simple easy operation will
conjunction with tie braces 46 on swing frame 40.
convert the piece of furniture into an eminently satis
factory sleeping medium. Both these requirements are 40 In runner angles 52 are detents made by rectangular
cut outs 59‘. Mounted on rear of runner angles 52 are
ful?lled by my invention whereby is provided a struc
tural formed unit, a lower swing frame and a slideable
upper frame. Proper supporting means are provided
through legs and rollers to allow the expansion of the
rear pulley brackets 56- with upper grooved pulley 5'7 and
lower grooved pulley 58. Inaddition to fastening to
seat to form a sleeping unit, and by the provision of a
plate 63.
taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, in
seat or bed.
runner angle 52 the bracket is also fastened to rear frame ‘
In FIGURE 4 is shown the mechanism in an expanded
doubled cushion which unfolded provides a mattress upon 45
whereby the frame 64} is designated as of wood
said frame elements.
embodiment. vTo frame 60 are a?ixed
This invention further consists of various features of
front legs 61 and rear legs '62.‘ The rear frame stringer
construction and combination of parts, the advantages of
63 supports the back 64. On upper rollable frame 39
which and a fuller understanding thereof will be appar
50 is a spring section 65 if desired for greater resiliency of
ent by referring to the following description and claims,
If the spring section is omitted then_65 can be any sup
porting means such as plywood or pressed ?ber board.
FIGURE 1 is a partial top plan view.
To section 65 is fastened a resilient unit 66A, this unit
FIGURE 2 is a side view showing the arrangement of 55 66A in the preferred embodiment is of a foam rubber or
the various elements in a closed position.
similar construction. To complement cushion 66A is
FIGURE 3 is a partial front view showing the same
another cushion 6613 used for a mattress on the swinging
relative portion of the frame structure as in FIGURE 1.
frame 49. Cushion 66A may be fastened to 663 by
FIGURE 4 is a side view of the frame structure in an
means of a cloth hinge or similar arrangement, how
expanded position and with the frame structure placed 60 ever, this is not necessary unless desired in the general ar
in the furniture ‘unit.
FIGURE 5 is a partial top view of cable hook arrange
rangement; If a spring section 66 is fastened to top
rollable section 30, then a corresponding spring section
ment to raise the lower frame.
'68 is affixed to lower frame 40. This varrangement per
mits the two frames to offer the same sleeping character
istics when used as a bed. For the sake of design, it is
often desirable to have a board across the front of the
FIGURE 6 is a side view showing spring assist and
cable hook arrangement.
FIGURE 7 is a top plan partial view showing the lock
and stop arrangement of the leg construction.
furniture unit, whether for design upholstering or other
reasons a front face board 67 can be affixed to the rolling
FIGURE 8 is a sectional view along $—8 of FIGURE
frame 30.
7 revealing the location of the stop.
Within the frame 30 are two brackets 33 and these
FIGURE 9 is a partial top view of the rear rollerand
‘brackets 33 form a support for thefront swinging roller
legs 71_. Legs 7; are ailixed to a bent axle 70, and the
following procedure and mechanical functions are per
formed. 'The operator reaches under the front of the
facing 57 and lowers legs '71 by pulling forward and com
pressing spring 74 su?iciently to bring leg 71 forward of
stop pin 72, thus enabling the leg to be rotated 90° or
other end has a roller 73. A spring 74 exerts pressure
on the leg channel 71. This pressure keeps the channel
71 pushed back past stop pin 72. In the up position, the
bent arm or axle 70 lies to the back of the tab on bracket
53., Pin 75 is a stop for the leg in down position.
The FIGURES 9 and. 10 show the detent cut out 59 in
runner angle 52 and the rear roller 32 resting in the
more downward.
The downward motion is such as to
cause the leg 71 to go slightly past the vertical and come
to rest against stop pin 75. Since the unit is on a slope
detent S9. The roller bracket 31 supports the roller by
the rollers 73 do not touch the ?oor. The unit can now
means of an axle rivet 37.
10 be pulled forward. Grasping the front 67 if such is a
part of the design or any front part of upper frame 30
FIGURE 14 is a view of the cable layout and the rela
a small jerk will cause the rear rollers 32 to move out
tive motion of each element therein.v The rollers 54
of the detent 59, then continuing the pull the grooved
mounted on horizontal axles are for redirect-ing'the. cable
rollers, 54 and rear rollers 32 will permit easy rolling
80. The upper rollers 57 and lower rollers 58 are
mounted on substantially vertical axles. The cable 80 15 motion and upper frame 30 will continue to move up
and forward until the unit reaches a balance point over
is crossed by having the cable go from roller 58 to roller
grooved rollers 54. At this point the upper frame 36
57 and vice versa. As is illustrated cable 80 may be
will drop the wheels '73 of the legs 71 to the floor and the
made of one piece and joined by means of a cable con
forward progress will continue on these four rolling mem
nector 82, thus forming an endless cable means. On the
rear of frame 30 are clip holes 34. which are adapted to 20 bers. Before the forward motion is complete the cable
loops 44 engage the cable clips 35 causing the swing frame
accept clips 81. When thus used, the cable 80 will have
40, to move forward. The links 41 and 42 cause the
anequal movement in every element. Thus one of the
frame 40 to, lift the rear part more than the front. The
attached clips) 81 being moved to or away‘ from roller
upper frame 30 having traveled the maximum forward
54 will have an equal and corresponding movement on
the other clip 81, in this manner parallel movement of the 25 distance as limited, by roller 32 coming up to grooved
roller 54, the swing frame at} will come to rest against
upper frame 3%‘) and the links 42 and 41 are rotated past
the vertical effecting- a gravitational lock. The swing
As shown in FIGURE 4, my invention is. designed to
frame 46 is assisted in its lift by means of the springs
furnish a sloped seat and alevel sleeping surface. Fur 30 55 which in effect make the swing frame nearly weightless
ther the unit‘is a combination of elements. whereby the
and permit as nearly an effortless operation as practical.
furniture frame is strengthened and reinforced by the use
The cable assemblies 80 assures the constant alignment
of my unit. By utilizing the strengthening feature and
of the. upper frame 39 and the grooved pulleys 54 limit
providing a lateral support the lower- support unit- 50
the side play of the upper frame 3ft. After the comple
permits the use of a furniture frame 60 with or without
tion of the opening of the unit cushion 66B, is either turned
frame 20 is maintained,
a front piece.
As the unit is constructed to permit the design of a
sloped seat so also are the locking devices. To prevent
or placed on the springs unit 68 or a board section sup,
port in place of the springs. In this manner the sleeping
unit is converted, from the seating unit. To convert to
any rolling of the upper frame while being used as a
a seating unit the opening procedure is reversed.
sitting means, the detent retains the rear roller and thus 40
It is thus shown that a convertible article of furniture
restricts thev upper frame from tending to roll up the slope
is economically provided for home or o?ice whereby
both seating and sleeping facilities are easily provided
particularly when a person leans against the back causing
a forward- motion on the seat. To prevent any consider
with a minimal amount of inconvenience and effort.
able. thrust to. cause the. upper frame to roll out, of the
The above disclosure is by way of illustration and while
detent, which is a minor retardment, the leg locks. prevent 45 a speci?c embodiment has been shown and described it
the unwanted, opening of the unit. The double lock thus
will of course be understood that various. other modi?ca
afforded prevents children or others from accidental 013511‘.
tions may be devised by those skilled in the art which will
embody the principles of the invention and found in the
in a proper down position for rolling before the unit is, 50 true spirit and scope thereof.
What is claimed is:
able to, be rolled outward.
l. A convertible seating mechanism comprising in com
Ease of operation is provided by the rollers 31 at the
ing. A further intent is. to, make sure that both legs are
rear of the upper frame30 and the grooved rollers 54 at
the front- of the bottom support unit 50. The upper
a. av bottom framework structure and a ?rst roller sup
frame 30 is kept in alignment by the two grooved rollers
5471 and the affixed cable 80- as assembled, and as illus
trated in. FIGURE, 1.4. The upper cables 80 operate in
b. a swing frame which is link connected to the bot
tom framework and adapted to rest thereon,
the same direction, thus by having a taut cable assembly
c. an upper framework with a second roller means at
and the upper frame 30 ai?xed at the rear point 34, to the
cables 80, permits the. upper frame 30. toroll in and out
and; still maintain alignment. This condition persists, no
matter where the upper frame is grasped’ in order to open
or close.
As shown in the ?gures, in a seat: construction either
sofa or upholstered chair, the upper frame 30 is pushed
in so as to permit the rear wheels 32 to rest in detent
59. In- addition, the unit is locked against unintended or
accidental opening by means of the bent rod 70 which en
gages bracket tab 53, when the legs 71 are in the up 70
position. Further in the closed condition the cushion part
6613- rests upon cushion part 66A. Whether hinged by
a cloth tab or separate, the double thickness of the cushion
66 gives a, most» comfortable seating medium,
To open and" prepare as a sleeping accommodation the 75
port attached thereto,
tached thereto, said upper framework being sup
ported on the ?rst roller support means and second
roller means, whereby the upper framework is move
able laterally out and in.
d. a tie brace attached to the. upper framework, and
having cable engaging clips attached thereto,
e. a cable loop means attached to the swing frame and
engaging and slideable on the tie brace so that as
the upper framework is moved outward the cable
loop means slides on the tie brace until engaging the
cable engaging clips whence the swing frame is
moved forward and upward on links,
1‘. a parallel cable assembly comprising a cable formed
into an endless cable, the cable co-acting in roller
guides affixed to the bottom framework structure,
the cable also being attached to each end of the upper
framework whereby as the upper framework is
moved out and in, the parallel cable causes an equal
movement in both ends of the upper framework.
2. Structure according to claim 1 wherein a spring
means is attached to the bottom framework structure,
said spring means adapted to urge the swing frame into
a predisposed position above the bottom framework.
tents are formed in the bottom framework, the detents so
3. Structure according to claim 2 wherein the upper
framework has a manual operated leg support, said leg
in the detents preventing unwanted movement of the
support comprising a channel member one end of which
has a roller the other end having an axle attached, the
axle being at right angles to the channel member, the 10
xle member further having one end bent at an angle,
the axle being retained by a bracket bearing support, the
bent end of the axle adapted to engage a bracket at?xed
to the bottom framework structure when the leg support
is turned to a position parallel to the upper framework, 15
and further that the channel member of said leg support
engages a stop pin to prevent the accidental turning of
the leg support.
4. Structure according to claim 3 wherein shallow de
arranged as to engage and receive the second roller means
of the upper framework when the unit is used in a closed
seating position, whereby the weight of the persons sitting
on the structure will tend to hold the second roller means
upper framework.
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