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March 12, 1963
Filed Nov. 29, 1960
E 15.4
John E. M. Allen
I '7'
Patented Mar. 12, 1953
of pressed tobacco, although other suitable material
could be used. The anchoring pin penetrates the ignition
dohn Earl Magwood Allen, Fenwiclr, @ntarro, Canada
Filed Nov. 29, 1%0, Ser. No. 72,504
1 Elahn. (Cl. 131-7)
The ignition paper consists of a sheet of paper not more
than .005 inch thick coated on one side with a formula
This invention relates to new and useful improvements
as hereinafter described in detail, and three additional
sheets of porous paper with a thin coating of the said
formula between each sheet of paper, the whole pressed
3,080, are
in a self lighting tip for cigarettes.
‘ ‘
Broadly, the invention comprises the. addition to a
standard cigarette of a self lighting tip which will become 1.0
ignited upon friction with a scratching surface and smol~
disc 13 and is secured in the tobacco beneath the disc.
down to a thickness of approx. .034 inch.
The ignition head 17 consists of a bulbous projection
mounted on the extremity of the anchoring pin 18. In
der without pulling so that smokers can light cigarettes.
outside on windy days which is not possible or practically"
preferably made of pressed tobacco of the same brand
impossible with lighters and matches.
as the cigarette.
The lighting tip is added, during manufacture to crgw 15
arettes and broadly consist-s of a disc of ignition paper
provided with an ignition head, an anchoring pin prefer
ably made of pressed tobacco and a suffering tube also:
of pressed tobacco to facilitate ignition of the tobacco.
The main object of the invention is therefore the manu~
facture of a cigarette provided with a lighting head to
enable smokers to light cigarettes outside on windy days.
Another important object of the invention is to’ assure
order to eliminate foreign taste, the anchoring pin is
When the ignition head 17 is rubbed against the scratch
ing surface II it ignites and slowly burns the ignition
paper, at the same time lighting the cigarette.
The formula used for making the scratching surface
and ignition head is as presently used on safety matches
now on the market.
Each sheet of paper forming the ignition disk is im
pregnated with a composition comprising 16 parts chlo
rate, 6 parts charcoal, 3 parts clay and 2 parts glue and
a smoker of a smoke when in possession of a cigarette
after the composition is applied to the sheets, the sheets
even though he may not be in possession of a match or 25 are pressed together to form a laminated disk.
It is believed the construction and advantages have
Still another important object is the elimination of
been fully set forth and that further detailed description
is not required.
the danger of carrying matches, which are sometimes for~
gotten in pants or coat pockets where they may be readily
While the preferred embodiment has been disclosed, it
accessible to children.
30 is to be understood that minor modi?cations may be
Another important object is that the ignition tips can.
resorted to without departing from the spirit of the inven
be added to standard cigarettes.
tion and the scope of the claim.
With these and other objects which may appear as the
The embodiments of the invention in which an exclu
description proceeds the invention consists in the novel
arrangement of co-operating elements as hereinafter more
specifically set forth, claimed and shown in the accom
panying drawing forming part of this application and in
sive property or privilege is claimed are de?ned as fol
I claim:
A cigarette having a lighting tip disposed in the end
thereof comprising a stiffening tube composed of pressed
tobacco disposed in the end of the cigarette, said tube
being adapted to contact the inner surface of the cig
FIGURE 1, is a perspective view of a package of cig
arettes showing the scratching surface for a cigarette pro 40
vided with a lighting tip;
arette wrapper, the major portion of the tube being ?lled
FIGURE 2, is a perspective View of a cigarette pro
with tobacco and a disk formed of laminated sheets of
vided with a lighting tip as hereinafter more speci?cally
paper, each of the sheets of the lamination being im
pregnated with a composition comprising chlorate, char
FIGURE 3, is an end view of a cigarette provided 45 coal, clay and glue, said disk being embedded in the outer
with an ignition disc and an ignition head; and
most portion of the tobacco ?lling the said tube and ly~
FIGURE 4, is a fragmentary side elevational view of
ing generally perpendicular to the axis of the cigarette,
a cigarette with the lighting tip in longitudinal section.
Referring more in detail to the drawing it will be seen'
a portion of the disk extending beyond the general plane
thereof to form a projecting surface adapted to contact
the invention comprises a cigarette box 19 provided with 50 an ignition producing surface.
a scratching surface 11 made as hereinafter more speci
?cally set forth.
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
A cigarette as shown at 12 of conventional construc
tion and size is provided with an ignition tip. The igni
tion tip consists of an ignition disc 13 immediately sur 5 (R
rounded by a stilfening ring 14 of pressed tobacco is
provided with an ignition head 17 to allow a cigarette
to be struck at any angle. The ignition head 17 forms
an integral part of an anchoring pin 18 preferably made
West et a1. ___________ __ June 3, 1890
Rodriguez ____________ __ June 8, 1915
Great Britain ______________ __ of 1890
Switzerland __________ .. Sept. 1, 1949
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