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March 26, i963
Filed Aug. 14, 1961
Marvin M. Kahn
@él/3 <9. wél/¿e4
United States Patent O "” ce
Marvin M. Kahn, Trenton, NJ., assigner to The Acme
Hamilton Manufacturing Corp., Trenton, NJ., a cor
poration of New Jersey
Filed Aug. 14, 1%1, Ser. No. 131,318
7 Claims. (Cl. 9-11)
Patented Mar. Zâ, 1953
ter. The platform portion is made up of a plurality of
sections which are foldable or otherwise reducible in bulk
for storage or transportation, yet are readily extended «for
The ñoat means tak-e the form of flexible tubular con
duits which are longitudinally extendible and contractible;
such conduits interconnecting the platform sections in a
manner to cause contraction of the conduits when the plat
This invention relates to collapsible buoyant devices,
form sections are folded to their collapsed condition, and
and more particularly concerns rafts, floats and the like. 10 ’being self .inflating to their extended condition when the
Known buoyant devices which may be collapsed or
platform sections are permitted to unfold; the extension
folded when not in use, to decrease their bulk for stor
of :the conduits automatically causing the platform Sec
age or convenient transportation, take the form of inflat
tions to assume their operative condition.
able rafts or collapsible folding boats. Inflatable rafts,
Thus, as shown in FIG. 1, 10 designates a raft em
made of coated fabrics have little structural rigidity, even
bodying the invention. The same comprises a platform
when inflated, and their ystability and maneuverability in
water, is severly limited, particularly as compared to that
of conventional boat designs. Furthermore, such rafts
require either hand pumps or compressed gas cartridges
to inilate the same. In either case, full inllation of a rea
sonably sized raft will take a considerable time.
Collapsible boats are based on a rather complex design
of a jointed frame Work of wood and metal, and an asso~
ciated skin of coated fabric. While such boat may be col
11 made up of a pair of panels or sections 12, 13 of rec
tangular shape which are hinged 'together along opposed
longitudinal edges 14, 15 thereof, by hinges 16, 17. The
panels 12, 13 may thu-s be folded toward each other to
Panels 12, 13 are formed yof wood,
ycomposition board suitably waterproofed or of other suit
able panel material.
20 reduce their bulk.
The platform panels 12, 13 are further interconnected
by ñoat means generally indicated at 18. Such float means
lapsed to materially reduce the bulk thereof, erection of 25 takes the form of hose or ducting which may be resiliently
the frame and application of the skin fabric thereto, is an
and longitudinally compressed to 1A’. or less of its fully
involved, time consuming operation. Also, the complex
extended, normal length. Thus, float means comprises a
details of fthe framework may present diiüculties in the
helical wire reinforcement 19 having longitudinally spaced
assembly operation, and thus further delay the erection of
convolutions which are encased in rubber or plastic coated
the same. Folding boats »are necessarily relatively high 30 fabric 20.
in cost.
The ducting forming float means 18 is made by con
Accordingly, an object of this invention is to provide an
ventional procedures Well known in the art, -as by helically
improved buoyant device such as a raft, which is of sim
winding the coated fabric 20 in tape form, together with
plitled construction; is collapsible to a condition of mini
wire 19 over a mandrel to provide fabric plies above and
mized bulk to facilitate storage or transportation thereof; 35 below the wire 19, followed by suitable corrugating and
and is quickly extended from its collapsed condition to
curing procedures known in the art. The wire 19 has a
its operative form; andwhich is economical to manufac
small diameter compared to the pitch of the helical wire
i convolutions, thus allowing for substantial longitudinal
Another lobject of this invention is to provide a buoyant
compressibility `and resilient elongation thereof. Wire 19
raft having expansible float members which are collapsible 40 may be of galvanised high tensile steel or of a tough plas
when the raft is not in use, -said float members being self
tic such as polypropylene.
inilating to quickly place the raft in an operative condi
Float means 18 are disposed transversely of the hinged
edges 14, 15 of panels 12, 13 and are secured at their
A further object of this invention is to provide a raft
opposite ends 21, 22, to the underside 23 of said panels
comprising a plurality of platform sections interconnected 45 and `adjacent their outer longitudinal edges 24, 25 re
in a manner to allow the same to be Imaterially reduced in
bulk when the same is not in use, together with float means
spectively. Securement of the float ends to the panels 12,
13 is facilitated iby discs 26, 27 having a diameter equal
extending between the ñoat sections and being self ex
to the LD. «of the float means. Discs 26', 27 are secured
panding when the platform sections are permitted to be
to the underside of panels 12, 1‘3 and float ends 21, 22 are
extended to their operative condition.
in turn secured to the respective discs by adhesive or the
Yet another object of this invention is to provide a raft
of the character described, wherein the platform sections
Disc 27 is perforated as at 28 and panel 1‘3 is formed
may be extended from their folded or collapsed condition
with a through opening 29 registering with perforation 28,
to form a structure simulating more conventional boat
to establish `an air inlet and Ioutlet for float means 18, for
structures and thereby impart to the raft improved sta 55 the purpose hereinafter appearing.
bility' and maneuverability in water.
Float means 18 are of a diameter and length, as well as
Other objects of this invention will in part be obvious
and in part hereinafter pointed out.
in the drawings, FIG. 1 is a top plan view of a raft
num-ber and distribution, to provide suhicient buoyancy
for a given load when device 1t)Á is in the water.
doubling the diameter and length of the iìoat means, the
60 buoyancy factor is increased 8 times.
embodying the invention;
FIG. 2 is a transverse sectional view taken on the line
When device 10 is not in use, the panels 12, 1‘3 are
2*2 of FlG. l;
folded toward each other, `as shown in FIG. 3, thereby
FIG. 3 is an end -view of the raft in its collapsed condi- ’i
compressing float means 1‘8 therebetween. A cord "30 ex
tending between eyes 31 on the end edges 32, 33 of panels
PIG. 4 is a sectional view showing a detail of the float 65 12, 13, hold the panels in their folded condition, thereby
portion thereof;
facilitating the storage or transportation thereof.
When device 10 is to be put to use, restraining cord
relationship; and
30 is removed and floats 18 will extend longitudinally
FIG. 6 is a perspective view of yanother form of raft.
and simultaneously displace the folded panels 12, 13 away
Essentially, the collapsible buoyant device of the in 70 from each other. Preferably, as_shown in FIG. 2, panels
stant invention comprises a platform portion and float
12, 13 are disposed in a dihedral relation and retained
means for main-taining the platform portion above the wa
in such relationship by cord 30. With panels dihedrally
FIG. 5 is an end view ofthe raft in an alternative panel
related, the device it) when in Water takes on some of
the characteristics of a conventional boat structure, mak
ing it more stable and easier to maneuver.
-Alternatively, as shown in FIG. 5, the panels 12, 13
may be left in their coplanar relation. The length and
extensibility of float means 18 are selected so as to allow
tended length, the tubing extending in a resilient manner
vfrom its compressed state.
As various changes might be made in the embodiments
of the invention herein disclosed Without departing from
the spirit thereof, it is understood that all matter shown
or described herein shall be deemed illustrative and not
limiting except as set forth in the appended claims.
What is claimed is:
l. A water buoyant device comprising platform means
toward each other, collapsing the iioats 18 therebetween, 10 including a pair of movably interconnected members fold
able toward each other and float means for supporting
air from Within said ñoats can escape by Way of the
said platform means, said ñoat means comprising a plu
registering openings, 28, 29. Also, when the folded
rality of flexible, longitudinally compressible and exten
panels are reiieved of their restraint, the self inflation of
sible tubular members extending transversely of the fold
floats 18 through airl admitted to the interior thereof by
able connection between said interconnected members,
way of openings 28, 29, will permit the automatic ex
means for fixing one transverse end portion of said tubu
tension of the floats and displacement of the folded
lar members to the underside of one of said platform
`panels. A removable plug 34 in each of the openings
members, and means for securing the other transverse
29 will prevent leakage of Water into floats 18.
end portion of said tubular members in the extended con
The buoyant raft of the instant invention, may take
dition thereof to the underside of the other of said plat~
an alternative form, asshown in FIG. 6, wherein plat
form members.
form 11A. is not only foldable yas previously described,
2. A Water buoyant device comprising platform means
but is also longitudinally contractible, thereby further
and float means for supporting said platform means, said
Vreducing the bulk of the device when the same is not in
platform means comprising a plurality of hingedly inter
Thus, platform 11A comprises a pair ofV frame mem 25 connected members foldable toward each other, said float
means comprising a longitudinally and resiliently com
bers 35, 36 which are telescopically related and also fold
pressible and extensible tubular member having one trans
able. Frame member 3S comprises parallel tubular
the panels 12, 13 to assume such coplanar relation, in
>the normal extended condition of said float means.
It will be apparent that Vwhen panels 12, 13 are folded
members 37, 38 and 39 which are closed at their outer
ends and open at their inner ends. The outer member
verse end portion thereof secured to the underside of one
of said platform members and the other transverse end
37 and intermediate member 38 `are ñxedly interconnected 30 portion thereof secured to the underside of the other of
said platform members, said tubular member being dis
by cross struts di), 41 which are welded in place at their
posed relative to the fold line of said platform members
outer ends as at 42 and have collars 43 at their inner
whereby hinged movement of said members toward each
_ends which encircle member 38 and are welded thereto.
other will longitudinally compress said tubular member
Outer member 39 is hingedly related to intermediate
member 38 by means of cross struts 48A, 41A which 35 to substantially reduce the normal length thereof and to
decrease the volume thereof, and hinged movement of
are welded at their outer ends to member 39, while their
said platform members away from each other will auto
inner ends include collars 43A which are rotatable with
matically extend said tubular member longitudinally to
respect to intermediate member 38.
Frame 36 comprises similar tubular members 37A, 40 increase the volume thereof.
3. A buoyant device comprising a pair of platform
38A and 39A, also closed at their outer ends and open
members, means hinging said members together for rela
at their inner ends which .are telescopically received in
tive movement toward and away from each other, float
the open ends of members 37, 38 and 39 respectively.
means comprising liexible, resiliently and longitudinally
Outer member 37A and intermediate member 38A are
ñxedly interconnected by a cross strut 44 by welding at 45 compressible and extensible tubular members, said mem
bers having one tubular end thereof secured to the under
its outer end 4,5 and a collar 46 on its inner end Welded
side of one of said platform members and the other tubu
in place on member 38A. > Outer member 39A is hinged
end thereof secured to the underside of the other of
_ly connected to intermediate member 38A by a cross
said platform members, means'for venting said tubular
strut 44A which is welded at its -outer end to member
39A and has a collar 46A on its inner end which is ro 50 members at one end thereof, said platform members be
ing movable toward each other into folded form, said
tatably mounted on member 38A; the enlarged end of
member 38A keeping collar 46A in place.
It will be apparent that frame members 36, 35 may be
telescoped to reduce their longitudinal dimension, and
tubular members being longitudinally compressed in re«
sponse to the movement of said platform members toward
each other, the air within said tubular members escaping
further folded to reduce their transverse dimension, the
through said vent means, and means for retaining said
used to render platforms 11, 11A buoyant may be varied
panels, means for hinging said panels along opposed lon
platform members in their folded condition whereby re
teiescoped members being held iu their extended condi-moval of said retaining means will automatically cause
`tion by suitable detent means, not shown. A canvas 47
said compressed tubular members to resiliently elongate
or other suitable platform covering may be stretched
their compressed condition and to move said plat
over frame members 35, 36 and detachably held in place
by snaps indicated at 48. Floats 18 are secured to the 60 form members away from each other to an unfolded re
lationship thereof.
underside of `frame members 35, 35 by means of end
4. A device as in claim 3 wherein said platform mem~
discs 49. The canvas 47 will hold frame members 35,
bers upon movement away from each other are disposed
36 in their dihedral relation or coplanar relation in ac
in dihedral relation to each other, and means «for retain
cordance with the predetermined width of the canvas.
ing said platform members in their dihedral relation.
It is understood that the number of float means 18
5. A buoyant device comprising a pair of platform
in accordance with the load to be carried and the overall
g1tudinal edges thereof, ñoat means comprising a flexible,
dimensions of the platforms. While ñoat means 18 is
resilient, water impervious tubular member having a
>shown asa combination of helical wire reinforcement and
corrugated Wall structure to allow for resilient longitu
a coated fabric carcass enclosing the same, the, iioat 70 dinal compression and expansion to vary the volume
thereof, said tubular member having one transverse tubu
lmeans may take other forms.
Thus, the ñoat means may be formed of tubular plastic
lar end thereof secured to the underside of one panel and
such as polypropylene which is premolded to provide a
the other transverse tubular end'thereof secured to the
helically corrugated wall whereby to render the same lon`
underside of the other panel, said tubular member extend
ing substantially transversely of the hinged connection of
gitudinally compressible to a fraction of its normal ex
said panels, vent means in one of said panels communicat
ing the interior of said tubular member, said .panels being
hingedly movable between a folded, compacted condition
for storage and transportation, to an extended unfolded
operative condition while said tubular member passes be
tween longitudinally compressed and longitudinally eX
panded conditions.
6. A device as in claim 5 wherein said platform panels
comprise longitudinally extensible and contractible
said platform means may be longitudinally telescoped
and folded to reduce the bulk thereof, and means for re
taining said frame sections in their unfolded and extended
condition; said float means comprising a longitudinally
compressible and extendible tubular member having the
opposite transverse tubular ends thereof respectively se
cured to the underside of said hinged frame sections
whereby said tubular member is longitudinally com
pressed between said hinged sections when said sections
frame members which are extended in their operative 10 are folded toward each other.
condition and contracted in their inoperative, bulk re
ducing condition.
References Cited in the file of this patent
7. A buoyant device comprising platform means and
ñoat means for supporting said platform means, said
platform means comprising .a pair of frame sections hav~
ing parallel tubular members in respectively longitudinal
ly telescoped relation, each frame section comprising
laterally related and hingedly connected portions whereby
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