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March 26, 1963
Filed Aug. 2. 1960
32922 .
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Wag/ham ,ihrapaala,
United States Patent 0 ”'
William S. Haivala, 1716 N. Sabin, Wichita, Kans.
Filed Aug. 2, 1960, Ser. No. 46,955
1 Claim. (Cl. 15—235.4)
This invention relates to tools for forming concrete
slabs and in particular an elongated hollow straight edge
having a vertically disposed longitudinally positioned web
extended from the center of the base, upwardly through
the upper panel, and having a handle pivotally mounted
on the web and supported laterally by diagonally dis
posed braces extended from the handle to points on the
straight edge substantially midway between the point of
Patented Mar. 26, 1963
FIGURE 2 is an end elevational view of the straight
edge with part of the handle broken away and with the
braces removed.
FIGURE 3 is a rear elevational view of the straight
edge taken on line 3—3 of FIGURE 1, with parts broken
away, and with parts shown in section.
FIGURE 4 is a cross section through the straight
taken on line 4—4 of FIGURE 3, with the parts shown
on an enlarged scale, and with the handle assembly
FIGURE 5 is a perspective view of the straight edge,
also with the handle and associated parts omitted.
Referring now to the drawing wherein like reference
characters denote corresponding parts, the improved
connection of the handle to the web and the ends of the 15 straight edge of this invention includes a channel-shaped
straight edge, and wherein the tool of the present in
vention may be used without the braces so as to permit
pivotal movement of the handle, or else the tool may be
body with a V-shaped leading side and having a vertically
disposed web extending upwardly through the body. The
channel-shaped body includes a base 10, a rear wall 11,
used with the braces thereon when no pivotal action of
and an upper panel 12, and the V-shaped leading side
the handle is desired or required.
20 includes a lower inclined wall 13 and an upper sloping
The purpose of this invention is to provide an elon
wall 14. The vertically disposed web 15 extends from a
gated straight edge for checking concrete slab Work in
point 1-6 on the base, and to a point 17 of the upper panel
which the straight edge is of light weight and durable con
12 to a point 18. The body is preferably made of mag
nesium although other materials may be used.
In checking concrete slab work for floor and roof slabs 25
The straight edge is provided with a handle 19 having
and for sidewalk and street paving it has been the prac
an eye 20 extended from a socket 21 threaded on a stud
tice in former years to use straight boards which are
22 extended from the end of the handle, and the eye is
short lived because of war-page and they were clumsy
pivotally connected by a bolt 23 to a tongue 24 of a
and hard to use. Steel bars also have been used for this
base 25. The base 25 is secured to the web 15 by suit
purpose, but it is extremely heavy and require extra labor
able securing elements such as rivets 26.
on the job. After experiencing difficulty with these
The handle is supported laterally by braces 27 and
various materials, square metal tubing has been used
28 which are connected to the handle 'by a clamp 29.
successfully. However, because straight edges for this
Outer ends of the braces are secured in the clamp by
use are relatively long, and because they are often used
bolts 30 and 31 and ?attened inner ends 32 and 33 are
to actually drag excess concrete from a slab, it has been 35 secured to the rear panel 11 by screws 34 and 35. The
found necessary to combine light weight with the neces
handle 19 may readily be made to pivot with respect to
sary strength to provide an absolutely straight checking
tool from job to job.
With this thought in mind this invention contemplates
the straight edge by removing the bolts 30‘ and 31 ‘from
the clamp 29, to detach the braces from the handle ‘19.
If necessary, the screws 34 and 35 may also be removed.
a straight edge for checking concrete slab work in which 40 When the handle 19 is used without the braces 27 and
the leading surface extends outwardly in the form of a
28, the V-shaped leading side or edge may be pointed
V whereby an inclined surface extends upwardly from
so as to scrape or level unset concrete, with
the leading edge of the base and merges into a surface
the web 15 overlying the adjacent portion of the handle
sloping downward from the upper panel of the hollow
section of the straight edge, and wherein the blade is re 45 19. Ordinarily, with the braces 27 and 28 attached, the
straight edge is used with the base 10 in engagement with
inforced by a vertically disposed web extended upwardly
the surface of the concrete and with the V-shaped leading
through the tube forming the body of the straight edge.
side or edge pushed forwardly over the concrete to
The object of this invention is, therefore, to provide a
smooth same.
straight edge for checking concrete slab work in which
Although the straight edge or blade may be ten or
the leading edge is V shaped so that it has the strength 50
and rigidity necessary to drag excess concrete from high
twelve feet long and one and one-half inches high, it
spots on a slab and still remain straight.
will be understood that the blade may be of any suitable
Another object of the invention is to provide a straight
length or height.
edge for concrete construction in which the straight edge
In use the straight edge is moved forwardly with the
is of light weight so that it may be handled by a single 55 inclined leading surface crowding concrete in under the
A further object of the invention is to provide a straight
edge ‘for checking concrete slab work in which the straight
edge is of simple and economical construction.
base whereby a smooth even surface is obtained.
It will be understood that modi?cations, Within the
scope of the appended claims, may be made in the design
and arrangement of the part swit-hou-t departing from the
With these and other objects and advantages in view 60
of the invention.
the invention embodies an elongated straight edge hav
What is claimed is:
ing an inclined surface extended upwardly from the
'In a straight edge tool for working concrete, a rec
leading edge with a vertical reinforcing web extended
tangular shaped body having a base, arear wall arranged
from the base through the upper portion, and a handle
attached to the web and supported by diagonally posi 65 at right angle with respect to said base, an upper panel
arranged in spaced parallel relation with respect to said
tioned braces extended from the handle to the straight
base, said body further including a front wall which is
V-shaped in cross section positioned with the vertex ex
Other features and advantages of the invention will
tending outwardly from said body and with the side por
appear from the following description taken in connec
70 tions thereof inclined to the leading edges of the base
tion with the drawings, wherein:
and upper panel, a vertically disposed web rising from a
‘FIGURE 1 is a plan view of the improved straight edge
point middle-way of the width of said base upwardly to
of the present invention.
the upper panel ‘and having an extension portion pro
jecting above the upper panel, -a handle pivotally mount
ed on the Web extension portion and extended rearwardly
therefrom, and diagonally disposed ‘braces extended from
References Cited in the ?le of this patent
the handle to said rear wall and connected thereto at
points ‘spaced from the point of connection of the handle
to the web.
Swanson __.-_*.‘-. _______ __ May 18, 1926
Whalen ____________ __ Sept. 2, 1952
Brough _____________ .._ Jan. 18, 1955
Levy _______________ __ Jan. 30, 1962
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