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March 26, 1963
Filed Dec. 3l, 1959
iinited States Patent Ü F ?ice
Patented Mar. 26, 1963
member 11.
Minor members 13 and 14 are attached to
the nested unit of major members by interengaging means
Lido Albiani, Cicero, 11i., assignor to Korris Products,
comprising integral protuberances 2.7 similar to bayonets
which extend through openings 28 in major member 11.
The protuberances into position (FiGS. 3 and 4)
inc., a corporation of Iliinois
Fiied Dec. 31, 1959, Ser. No. $63,183
3 Claims. (Cl. 46-17)
to frictionally lock against sides of the openings and ex
tend therebeyond to abut iiat extensions 2S and co-operate
with said posts 26 to lock the major member 12 within
This invention relates to a toy and more particularly
to a toy adapted to resemble in miniature a utilitarian ob
major member 11 thereby to prevent disassembly of the
Fabrication and assemblage of the toy comprises the
following tive steps:
First individual molds are prepared for each member
ject, the toy having interengaging construction which per
mits component parts to be more authentically manu
factured and rapidly assembled.
Manufacturers of toys which are adapted to resemble in
or components thereof (as shown in FIG. 3, steering wheel
18, wheels 2i) and windshield 16 are separately molded
miniature a utilitarian object, such as an automobile, iind
it diíiicult to achieve a high level of authenticity if the
component parts are not made separately. Separate con
struction, such as individual molding of parts, promotes
components). Separate molding promotes a high degree
of physical detailing which would be hampered by unitary
molding and enables different colored molding materials
physical detailing and color arrangement. However, pres
to be used for different members giving a much more au
ent-day fasteners, such as screws or adhesives, which can
be used to secure the individual parts together in an as 20 thentic color arrangement. Next, the members are molded
using any suitable molding material preferably having a
durable unbreakable quality and pleasing appearance. Ap
sembled unit are excessively time-consuming in applica
tion and thus make such separate fabrication prohibitive.
It is, therefore, a primary object of this invention to
plicant has found that polyethylene plastic meets the above
needs and enables the interengaging means to maintain a
provide a new and improved toy construction.
Another object of the invention is to provide a toy 25 very efficient frictional lock by plastic to plastic contact.
Next, the members are finished separately and readied for
adapted to resemble in miniature a utilitarian object hav
assembling. The major members are fitted together, first
ing securing means enabling component parts to be manu
to form the basic unit. The minor members are then
factured separately thereby achieving greater authenticity.
placed into position on the unit having the protuberances
Still another object of this invention is to provide a toy
construction having an economical interengaging means 30 27 pressed into openings 28 of the major members and
frictionally locked against the sides thereof. The protu
fabricated as an integral extension of certain parts capable
berances 27 protrude beyond the openings to engage a
of holding the assembled unit together when pressed into
major member in a manner to prevent disassembly.
Greater speeds in assemblage, greater strides in econo
Still another object of this invention is to provide a toy
my, and greater ease of authentic manufacturing are made
construction having means which permit quick assembly of
component parts.
These and other objects and advantages will be more
apparent from the following detailed description and draw
ings, wherein:
possible by the above toy construction.
Although a specific embodiment of the invention has
been shown and described, it is to be understood that
such description is for illustrative purposes only. The
FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an assembled toy con 40 invention is to be limited only by the appended claims.
I claim:
1. A toy automobile having members individually
FIG. 2 is an exploded View of -the toy construction of
molded to promote authentic appearance, comprising: an
FIG. 1;
ßOuter body major member having a windshield and
FIG. 3 is an enlarged section taken substantially as
adapted to receive other members to form a complete
illustrated along line 3-~3 of FIG. 1; and
automobile unit, said body member having integrally
FIG. 4 is an enlarged bottom view of the rear end of
molded stops to hold other members in assembled spaced
the toy construction.
relation and openings in its front and rear; a chassis major
In the exemplary embodiment of the invention as dis
member having a steering wheel, front and rear axles, and
ciosed in the drawings, a toy car construction, generally
struction embodying my invention;
designated 10, is assembled from separately fabricated 50 wheels, said chassis member being insertable substantially
within said body member and having .iiat extensions ex
members to resemble in miniature a popular automobile
design. The component members are molded and finished
tending from the front and rear of said chassis to termi
nate adjacent and above the openings in the front and
rear of said body member respectively; a rear bumper
arrangement unattainable by unitary molding.
More specifically, toy 10 comprises major members 11 55 minor member having tail-lights; and a front bumper
minor member having head-lights, said rear bumper and
and 12 and minor members 13 and 14 fabricated to as
separately to enhance physical detailing and distinct color
semble into a unit as shown in FIG. 1. All members are
defined as separately fabricated parts or composite of sepa
rately fabricated parts which are to be assembled; the
front bumper members each having integral protuberances
member 11 resembles the outer covering 15 of a car having
Hat extensions thereby preventing inadvertent disassembly
adapted to fit into said respective openings when placed
into position on the outer body member and frictionally
lock against the sides thereof, said protuberances extend
members do not necessarily correspond to separated parts
of the actual object imitated. As shown in FIG. 2, major 60 ing beyond the openings to engage the underside of said
of the automobile.
2. A toy construction comprising: a first member de
vidually fabricated steering wheel 18, axles 19, and wheels 65 ñning a miniaturized replica of one portion of a selected
stucture other than a toy structure, said member having
20; minor member 14 resembles a rear bumper 21 and
a pair of depending spaced portions and an intermediate
adjacent tail-lights 22; and minor member 13 resembles
therebetween, one of said portions being provided
a front bumper 23 and adjacent head-lights 24.
with a iirst opening therethrough and the other of said
Major member 12. nests within major member 11 (FIG.
portions being provided wtih a second opening there
3) having flat extensions 25 extending outwardly from 70 through axially substantially parallel to said i'irst opening;
a separately fabricated windshield 16; major member 12
resembles the chassis and seats 17 of the car having indi
the chassis of member 12 »to be held in vertical spaced re
lation by posts 26 integrally formed to the inside of major
a second member defining a miniaturized replica of a
second portion of the selected structure, said second mem
ber extending substantially between said spaced portions
engaging respectively said first and second 'portions of the
and disposed generally parallel to and intermediate the
axes of said openings and said intermediate portion of the
second member for cooperation with said spacers to re~
tain said members associated.
3. The toy construction of claim 2 wherein said se
ieeted structure comprises an automobile, said first and
first member; a pair of spacers on at least one of said
members positioning said second member with a first
portion thereof closely adjacent said first opening of the
second portions comprise ‘oody portions thereof, and said
first member and a second portion of the second member
third and fourth portions comprise front and rear portions
closely adjacent said second portion of said first member;
a third member defining a miniaturized replica of a third
portion of the selected structure, said third member hav 10
ing a first protuberance formed integrally therewith to
project substantially perpendicularly therefrom, said pro
tuberance extending through Said ñrst Opening; and a
fourth member defining a miníaturized replica of a fourth
portion of the selected structure, said fourth member hav~ 15
ing a second protuberance extending through said second
opening, said protuberances being formed integrally With
said third and fourth members respectively and project
ing substantially perpendicularly therefrom, said pro
tuberances having frictional locking engagement with the
portions of the first member defining said openings and
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