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March 26, 1963 .
Filed March 21. 1961
United States Patent O?ice
René Lucien, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, assignor to So
ciété a Responsabilité Limitée: Recherches Etudes Pro
duction R.E.P., Paris, France, a corporation of France
Filed Mar. 21, 1961, Ser. No. 97,300
Claims priority, application France Apr. 6, 1960
1 Claim. (Cl. 103—162)
Patented Mar. 26, 1963
pump, certain members being however shown without be
ing sectioned for the sake of clearness.
The pump comprises a stator 1 formed with a ?xed
shaft 2 and an end-plate 3 incorporating the oblique
plate 4. The rotor, rotating on the bearing 5 and in
the bearing 6, is driven by a splined shaft 7 provided
with ?uid-tight sealing devices 8 and 9. It comprises a
plurality of cylinders 12 (for example 7 in number),
with their pistons 13. These cylinders 12 are provided
The invention relates to barrel pumps and engines, 10 with ori?ces 14, constituting an admission and delivery
distributor with a slide-face 17 orientatable on a spherical
that is to say pumps and engines which have a plurality
bearing surface 13 by means of a three-ball suspension
of cylinders arranged parallel to each other and to the
19. According to the invention, the barrel 15 of the
general axis of the machine. The invention relates more
cylinders 12 is in two parts 21 and 22 located with re
particularly to an improvement in the drive of the pis
tons of barrel pumps and engines, the pistons of which are 15 spect to each other, for example, by three studs 23 and
actuated by a plate (or a cam, or an abutment) mounted
assembled, for example, by three bolts 24, the part 21
being bored at 25 in known manner to constitute the
obliquely on the pump shaft. It should be clearly under
cylinder 12, and the part 22 being bored to form the
stood that the invention is concerned both with pumps
second bearing 26 of the piston 13. It will be observed
and engines in which the barrel rotates and the inclined
plate is ?xed and also pumps and engines in which the 20 that the relatively large space between the guide-bear
ings 25 and 26 of the piston 13 insures accurate guiding,
barrel is ?xed and the inclined plate rotates.
since the bearing surface is considerably increased with
In the known types of barrel pumps and engines, the
respect to the single conventional bore 25.
guiding of each piston is necessarily limited, since it
In addition, according to the invention, one of the
is provided solely by its bearing surface in its cylinder.
This limitation imposed on the guiding of the piston is a 25 two mechanical drives of each piston 13, in this case the
suction drive, has its point of application on the piston
drawback, because the thrust (for delivery) and the pull
(for suction) of the piston are necessarily oblique with
located between the two guide-bearings 25 and 26. For
respect to the axis of the piston, since these efforts are
example, the rotor 15 comprises a cap 27 mounted on a
provided by the inclined plate. This inherent defect be
spherical head 28 of the body 21 and held against a
spring 29. The cap 27 controls the pistons 13 on the
suction stroke by means of rings 30. The spring 29, on
the one hand applies the barrel against the slide-face 17
and forces the latter against its spherical bearing sur
face 18 and, on the other hand, the spring 29 applies the
comes serious and even prohibitive in certain applica
tions such as, for example, with machines working at high
pressure and/ or high speeds of rotation, the limited guid~
ing of the piston becoming inadequate with respect to the
magnitude of the alternating transverse reaction produced
by the obliquity of the plate.
The invention has as an object the elimination of
this disadvantage or this defect, by providing the piston
35 shoes 31 with spherical heads 32 of the pistons 13 against
the oblique plate 4. The drive of the pistons 13 on the de
livery stroke is insured, in known manner, by the oblique
plate 4 and the shoes 31 with spherical heads 32. In ac
with a guiding and bearing surface which is considerably
cordance with the invention, this second mechanical
more extensive, and further by bringing the point of ap
plication of one of the two mechanical drives of the pis 40 drive of each piston is placed as close as possible to the
body 22 of the barrel 15 (as can particularly be seen in
ton (the suction or delivery drive) into the actual interior
the lower part of the ?gure, which corresponds to the
of the said bearing surface, the other drive of the piston
top dead-center), this arrangement being made possible
being located quite close to the said bearing surface. A
by the transfer of the other mechanical drive of each
further object of the invention is to provide an improved
pump structure which is compact and readily manufac 45 piston. As a consequence, the overhang of the pistons
13 caused by their operation by the inclined plate 4,
is reduced to the lowest possible minimum, which per
In accordance with the invention, the pump or the en
mits a much greater inclination of the inclined plate 4
gine is provided with a barrel in two parts, thus enabling
on the general axis, and thus an operation at much higher
the providing of the piston of each cylinder with two
guide-bearings relatively spaced apart from each other
What is claimed is:
and thereby insuring a considerable improvement in guid
Pumping apparatus comprising a barrel de?ning an
ing. In addition, the invention provides for housing
axis and provided with a plurality of cylinders parallel
one of the two piston drives, for example its suction
to said axis and located in a circle thereabout, a plate
drive, between the said guide-bearings, and for locating
the other piston drive, for example its delivery drive, as 55 having a surface inclined relative to said axis and axially
spaced from said barrel, means supporting said barrel and
close as possible to one of these guide-bearings.
plate for relative rotational displacement, said barrel in—
These arrangements, and also the corresponding ad
cluding a ?rst portion de?ning said cylinders and a second
vantages, will be described in more detail in the text
portion de?ning bores coaxial to said cylinders and axially
which follows below, reference being made to the sole
FIGURE of the accompanying drawing, given by way of 60 spaced from the same, pistons slidably accommodated in
example and Without any implied limitation, which illus
said cylinders and bores and including extremities ad
trates the application of the invention to a hydraulic
jacent said plates, said extremities de?ning respective
pump with a rotating barrel.
The sole FIGURE is an axial cross-section of the
sockets, shoes having ?at surfaces slidably engaging said
plate and including spherical heads rotatable in said
sockets, said displacement of said plate being effective
through said shoes and heads to drive said pistons, said
pistons including spherical portions between said cylin
ders and bores, a cap including rings engaging said
spherical portions, a body supported on and displaceable 5
axially relative to said barrel, a spring between said body
and barrel to urge said cap and rings against said spheri—
cal portions and thereby said pistons and shoes against
said plate, said body including a spherical bearing supporting said cap for universal pivoting movement, said 10
cylinders and bores de?ning a space therebetween, said
spherical bearing being con?ned to said space.
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