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March 26, 1963
Filed Nov. 18, 1960
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by @2144. a’ M
United States Patent
Patented Mar. 26, 1963
carried by a stem 16 which is pivotally mounted at 17,
and said stern has rigid therewith an arm 34 which is con
nected by a connection 18 with the switch 8 so that as the
David M. Misner, situate, Mass, assignor to C. R.
Swaney Co., inc, Waltham, Mass, a corporation of 5
Filed Nov. 18, 1am, der. No. 70,206
2 Claims. (Ci. 122-4~5l)
water level in the boiler drops the connection 18 moves
upwardly, and when the water level in the boiler reaches
the prescribed low point the connection 18 will have been
moved upwardly into a position to trip the switch 8 in the
motor circuit 7 to its closed position thereby setting the
pump P in operation.
This invention relates to a boiler feed system. Such
Means are provided whereby whenever the water in
systems usually include a pump for pumping water into 10
the boiler 3 reaches said prescrirbed low level and the
the boiler and control means responsive to variations in
motor M is thereby activated to set the pump P in opera
the water level in the boiler and operative when said water
tion, the water which is delivered from the pump under
level falls below a predetermined low point, to set the
pressure becomes operative to open the supply valve 11
pump in operation, and to deactivate the pump when said
15 thereby allowing the pump to deliver water directly into
water level has risen to its normal point.
the boiler. When the water level in the boiler has risen
One object of this invention is to provide a boiler feed
to its normal point the switch 8 will be opened by the
system of the above type in which, while the operation
rising movement of the ?oat 15, the pump P will cease
of the pump is controlled by the variations in the Water
to operate and the supply valve 11 will be automatically
level in the boiler yet the actual delivery of said water
into the boiler is controlled by the pressure of the water 20 closed again and will remain closed until the water level
in the boiler again drops to the low point.
delivered from the pump after it has been started.
The supply valve is herein shown as in the form of a
diaphragm valve and it embodies a valve body 20 con
taining a valve member 21 by which the port 21a is
ing the pump to the boiler and also to provide means ren
dered operative by the pressure of the water delivered 25 closed or opened. Said valve is provided with ‘an elon
gated stem 22 that extends upwardly through a tubular
by the pump to open said supply valve.
housing 23 that is attached to the valve body and has at
In the drawings wherein one embodiment of my in
its upper end an enlarged portion 40 that provides a dia
vention is illustrated:
phragm-receiving chamber 24 into which the valve stem
FIG. 1 is a somewhat diagrammatical view of a boiler
30 22 projects. Said diaphragm~receiving chamber encloses
feed system embodying the invention;
a ?exible diaphragm 25 and the valve stem 22 carries
FIG. 2 is an enlarged sectional view in perspective
at its upper end a head 26 situated directly beneath said
showing a flow retarding device which is used in the
One way in which this may be accomplishedis to pro- - ‘
vide a normally closed supply valve in the pipe connect
vFIG. 3 is a sectional view of the supply valve; and
FIG. 4 is a more or less diagrammatic view of the con
trol means which responds to variations in the water level
in the boiler and operates to start the pump when the
water level in the boiler reaches a predetermined low
Referring ot FIG. 1, 3 indicates a boiler, which may
be used for supplying steam to a heating system, the
water level in the boiler being maintained by the device
diaphragm. Enclosed in the housing 23 is a spring 27
which is supported by a stationary collar 29 that is ?xedly
35 secured to said housing 23. The upper end of the spring
27 engages the head 26 and the construction is such that
said spring maintains continuously an upward pressure
against the head 26 thereby normally holding the valve
2-1 yieldingly in closed position as shown in FIG. 3.
Means are provided whereby when the condition within
the boiler calls for additional water and the motor M
and pump P are activated, the pressure of the water de
livered by the pump will function to depress the dia
phragm 25 and the head 26 and thereby ‘force the valve
scribed. 4 indicates a receiver which is piped to receive
stem ‘22 and valve member 21 downwardly thereby over
the returns from the heating system, the delivery end of
coming the valve-closing action of the spring 27 and un
such pipe being indicated at 5. Said receiver is herein
seating the said valve member 21 and thus opening the
shown as being vented to the atmosphere by means of an
supply valve 11.
open vent pipe 6, with the result that atmospheric pres
For this purpose an auxiliary pipe 28 is connected to
sure is maintained within the receiver, but the apparatus
could be operated if the pressure in the receiver was 50 the pipe 10 on the supply side of the supply valve 11, said
pipe 28 leading into the diaphragm chamber 24 above the
higher or lower than atmospheric pressure. The water
diaphragm 25. With this construction the water which
from the receiver is delivered into the boiler as occasion
is delivered from the pump when it is started will be de
arises, by means of pump ‘P which is driven by a motor
livered into the pipe 28 and into the diaphragm chamber
M. The operation of the motor is automatically‘ con
trolled by a control device responsive to variations in the 55 24 above the diaphragm 25 and will apply a downward
pressure on said diaphragm 25 which will press it against
water level in the boiler and for this purpose the motor
the head 2x5 with su?icient force to move the valve stem
circuit 7 is provided with a control switch, illustrated di
22 downwardly and unseat the valve member 21 and thus
agrammatically at 8, which is open so long as "the water
open the supply valve 11.
evel in the boiler is above a prescribed minimum point
The auxiliary pipe 28 also contains a second valve 30
but which is automatically closed when the water level 60
which is operatively connected to and actuated by the
in the boiler drops below said prescribed minimum level.
?oat 15, the construction being such that when said ?oat
The receiver 4 is connected to the intake of the pump
drops to the low position at which the switch 8 is closed
P by a pipe connection 9 and the discharge opening of
embodying the invention and which will be presently de
it will also open the valve 39 thereby providing an un
said pump is connected to the boiler by a pipe connec
tion it? which has a normally closed supply valve 11 65 obstructed passage from the pipe it} to the portion of the
diaphragm chamber 24 above the diaphragm. The valve
therein and also a check valve 12.
30, as herein shown, comprises a casing 32 enclosing a
The control means for automatically closing the motor
valve member 31 which is connected by a connecting ele
circuit when the water level in the boiler drops to a pre
ment 18 with the ?oat actuated arm 34-‘, which arm as
scribed low point includes a ?oat chamber 13 which is
connected to the boiler by pipe connections 14 so that the 70 stated above, controls the opening and closing of the
switch 8.
water level in said chamber is always the same as that
The pipe 28‘ is made in two sections, a ?rst section 28a
in the boiler. This ?oat chamber 13 has a ?oat 15 therein
that connects the pipe 16 with the casing 32, and a
second section 28b that connects the casing 32 with the
diaphragm chamber 24. The casing is provided with an
annular valve seat 30b on which the valve member 31
seats to close the valve and the opening through said valve
seat which communicates with the pipe section 28b.
The operation of the above described boiler feed mecha
nism is as follows:
ccssories such as the ?oat chamber 13, the ?oat 15, and
the switch 8, and the means by which it is actuated by
the ?oat, the supply valve 11, the valve 3%, the pipe con
nection 28, the flow retarding ori?ce 41 etc. These ac
cessories for the boiler 3a are identi?ed by the same
reference numerals as those used for the corresponding
accessories for the boiler 3, except that each reference
numeral for the accessories for boiler 3a carries the ex
So long as the- watcr level in the boiler is within the
ponent “a.” The water for the boiler 3a is supplied
normal operative range and the ?oat 15 is in its normal 10 through a pipe 13a which is connected to the pipe 1%), and
operative position, the switch 8 will be open as shown in
the boiler 32: has a return pipe 33a by which the water
FIG. 1, and both the supply valve 11 and the valve 30 will
passing through the restriction coupling 35a is returned to
be closed. If, however, the water level in the boiler drops
the receiver 4-. The switch 8a is in a branch circuit 7a
elow the prescribed low level point the resultant down
which is connected to the power circuit 2 in parallel with
ward movement of the ?oat 15 will close the switch 3 and 15 the circuit '7 for the switch 8.
also completely open the valve 36. The closing of the
A single pump P and motor M will thus serve both
switch 8 will activate the motor M and set the pump P
boilers and the feed system in each boiler will function
in operation, but because the supply valve 11 is closed no
independently. If the water level in boiler 3 falls below
water can be pumped into the boiler 3 when the pump is
the prescribed minimum point, the switch 8 will be closed
?rst started. However, delivery from the pump of water 20 thereby setting the pump P in operation and causingwater
under pressure will ?ll the pipe 1% between the pump and
to be delivered into said boiler as above described. This
the supply valve 11 and also ?ll the pipe 28 and the por
will have no effect on boiler 5a so long at its water level
tion of the diaphragm chamber 24 above the diaphragm
is normal because under normal conditions both the valve
25. The pressure thus applied to the diaphragm forces
and the supply valve 11a for the boiler 3a are closed
the head 25 downwardly thereby opening the supply
valve 11 as above described, thereby providing free ?ow
of the pumped water into the boiler.
As the water is thus added to the boiler the water level
therein will rise and when said water level has risen to its
and no water delivered by the pump P can reach the di
aphragm chamber of said supply valve 1.10.
if while the pump P is delivering water to boiler 3, the
water level in boiler 3:: falls below the critical point and
the ?oat 15:: moves downwardly su?icicntly to close the
normal operative level the resulting upward movement 30 switch 3a and to open the valve 30a, then water delivered
of the ?oat l5 and downward movement of the con
by the pump P will also be delivered into the diaphragm
nection 13 will have moved the latter into a position
chamber of supply valve 11a thereby opening said valve
to trip the switch 8 to its open position, thus de
to permit said water to be fed into the boiler 3a.
activating the motor M and stopping the pump P. Such
So long as either of the switches 8 or 8a is closed the
upward movement of the ?oat 15 will also move the valve 35 pump P will be operating and water will be fed to the cor
member 31 toward its closed position. The connection be
responding boiler, while if at any time both switches are
tween the valve member 31 and the ?oat 15 however is
closed then the pump will feed water to both boilers.
such that when the ?oat rises to the point at which it trips
When the water level in one of the boilers (boiler 3 for
the switch 8 to open position the valve 30 will not be
instance) reaches its normal level, the switch 8 will be
completely closed.
40 opened as above described, and the valve 30 will be nearly
Provision is made, however, whereby as soon as the
but not quite closed. If at the time of opening of switch 8
switch 8 is opened and the motor M ceases to operate the
the water level in boiler 3a is still below its normal oper
pump, the pressure in the pipe section 2811 and on the
ative level, the switch 8a will still be closed and the pump
diaphragm 25 will be gradually reduced su?iciently to
allow the spring 27 to return the valve member 21 to its
closed position, thus closing the supply valve 11. This is
accomplished by connecting the pipe section 23b with a
return pipe 33 leading to the receiver 4, and providing said
return pipe with a restricted ori?ce which allows a slow
leakage of the water from the diaphragm-receiving cham
ber 24 and said pipe section 2811 into the return pipe 33
thereby reducing the pressure on the diaphragm. As such
leakage takes place the compressed spring 27 automati
cally raises the head 26 and thus closes the valve member
21 onto its seat as described above.
If the valve 30 has
P will still be operating. Said pump will then be pumping
45 water into boiler 3a and also into boiler 3 ‘because the
pressure of the pumped Water in the pipe 28 will maintain
sufficient pressure on the diaphragm 25 through the par
tially opened valve 3b to hold the supply valve 11 open.
The water level in boiler 3 will therefore continue to rise
and when it has risen 1A" or so above the switch-tripping
level for switch 8 the valve 30 will have been completely
closed thereby shutting o? the water in the pipe section
28b from the continued pressure of the water delivered
by the pump P. The leakage through the restricted ori
55 ?ce 41 of the water in pipe section 28b will relieve the
not been completely closed said leakage through the re
pressure on the diaphragm 25 su?iciently to allow the
stricted ori?ce will relieve the pressure not only in the
spring 27 to close the supply valve 11 and thereby stop
pipe section 2811 and in the diaphragm chamber 24‘ but
the delivery of water to the boiler 3.
also in the pipe section 28a and in the pipe 10.
If the system is expanded to include three or more sep—
The restricted ori?ce may be provided in various ways.
arate boilers, all of which are served by a single pump
As shown in FIG. 2, the return pipe 33 has a coupling 60 and its motor, each ‘boiler will still be capable of receiv
member 35 therein which has a partition 36 that closes
ing water ‘from the pump independently from any other
said pipe except for the small ori?ce 41. The size of the
boiler as above described.
ori?ce is so small that when the pump P is operating the
Means are provided for adding make-up water to the
pressure developed thereby is not appreciably affected by
receiver 4 in case the amount of water which is delivered
the leakage through said ori?ce, but when said pump stops
to said receiver through the return pipes is not suf?cient
and the valve 30 is closed the pressure in the diaphragm
to maintain the proper level in said receiver. Such means
chamber 24 is reduced to the point which will allow the
may have any usual construction and ‘as illustrated dia
spring 27 to close the‘ supply valve 11.
grammatically in FIG. 1 of the drawings there is a supply
While the above description refers to a boiler feed
pipe 42 leading from a supply of make-up water and a
system having a single boiler yet the invention is adapted
for use in boiler feed systems which include two or more
boilers that are under the control of a single pump and
its motor. In the drawings a second boiler 3a is shown
which duplicates in all respects the boiler 3 and its ac
?oat operated valve 44 (shown diagrammatically in the
drawings) which is closed so long as the water level in the
receiver is above a predetermined maximum point but is
opened when the Water level in said receiver drops below
a predetermined minimum point. Hence when the Water
level in the receiver drops to a minimum point the valve
44 will be automatically opened and added make-up water
will be supplied to the receiver through the pipe 42, said
valve being closed when the maximum water level in the
I claim:
1. In a boiler feed system which includes provision for
a plurality of boilers, the combination comprising asource
of water supply, pipe connections adapted to extend be
tween said source of water supply and each of said boilers,
receiver has been established.
a single pump for pumping water through each of said
Inasmuch as this type of valve is well known and is in
pipe connections into the respective boilers, liquid level
common use it is not thought to be necessary to illustrate
actuated electric switch and pilot valve means for each of
said valve in detail.
said boilers and adapted to be activated in response to a
The receiver 4 is provided with an over?ow pipe 43
through which water may be discharged if the water level 10 predetermined minimum liquid level of the associated
boiler, pressure operated normally closed supply valves in
in said receiver rises above the maximum level.
each of said pipe connections, an electric circuit connect~
One of the important features of the invention is that
ing said electric switch means for energizing said pump
if it is used in a boiler ‘feed system which contains a plu
whenever the water level in any of said boilers is below
rality of boilers, all of which are supplied with make-up
water by the same pump, the system will function properly 15 said predetermined minimum liquid level, and a pipe con
nection extending from the outlet of said pump through
even though the pump runs continuously.
each of said pilot valves, means to supply operating pump
So long as the Water level in any boiler is at its normal
pressure to open the respective supply valves when the as
point, the supply valve 11 ‘for the corresponding boiler
sociated pilot valve means are actuated in response to said
will ‘be closed so that even if the pump is operating no
water can be supplied to said boiler. Each supply valve 20 predetermined minimum level adapted to supply water to
each of said boilers having a water level below said mini
11 is opened when the corresponding valve 301 is opened
mum liquid level, said supply valves having a pressure
to admit pumped water into the diaphragm chamber of
chamber for receiving pump pressure via said pilot valve
said supply valve, and the opening of each valve 30\ is con
means and a bleed line connected to said chamber, said
trolled by the water level conditions in the corresponding
boiler, said valve being opened when the water level falls 25 bleed line including means providing a reduced size ori?ce
effective to bleed operating pressure from said chamber
to a minimum point and being closed so long ‘as the water
and close ‘said supply valve only after pressure :from said
level in said boiler is at its normal point. Hence even if
pump to said chamber has been interrupted by the said
the pump which ‘supplies Water to all of the boilers is run
pilot valve means.
ning continuously, the supply valve 11 for any boiler will
2. Apparatus according to claim 1 in which said liquid
only be opened when the corresponding valve 30 for said 30
level actuated electric switch and pilot valve means is
boiler has been opened because the water in said boiler
adapted to operate in response to a rise of the water level
has fallen to its low minimum point. Although the switch
in the associated 1boiler to ?rst open said electric switch
8 is shown diagrammatically in FIGS. 1 ‘and 4 it will be
means and in response to ‘a further rise of the water level
understood that switches or" this type are commonly so
made that as the float 15 moves downwardly and the con 35 in said boiler to then close said pilot valve means.
nection 18 or its equivalent moves upwardly due to a fall
References Cited in the ?le of. this patent
ing water level in the boiler said connection will at the
proper point trip the switch to ‘a closed position and when
‘the water level in the boiler is rising as water is being
Mastenbrook _________ __ July 17, 1934
pumped into the boiler, the consequent downward move 40 2,288,223
Bomyer ______________ __ June 30, 1942
ment of the connection 18 will at the proper point trip said
Gschwind ____________ __ June 15, 1943
switch to an open position. Since switches of this type are
Hamilton et a1 _________ __ July 20, 1943
well known and in common use it is not regarded as nec~
essary to illustrate such a switch in detail.
Swaney _______________ __ May 3, 1955
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